Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sky Zone and Zen Zone

I'm really having a Zen Zone kinda day and I didn't actually expect to, so that's been a Welcome Surprise!   Today was The Day you see, to make amends for not having The Day At The Beach Vacay Experience, and taking Princess T instead to Sky Zone, her choice for a pleasurable activity in lieu of a vacation.

We opted for the One Hour block of time rather than the Two Hour, her decision, I wasn't gonna argue.  *Winks*   The place was difficult to find and access, you could see if off the Freeway but couldn't access it off the Freeway, since it was in a large Warehouse District.  My Smart Phone said we were only 3 minutes away at one point and it took 45 more minutes to find access INTO where it was!  *LOL*

But we persevered and finally found our way in, after that everything exceeded my expectations for it.  Actually it was very large, very Trendy and very nice inside, not to mention much less expensive than I anticipated and even the food and refreshments were super reasonable and of good quality!  There was plenty of seating for Adults not wanting to Jump around and good Music was playing, so it was quite Festive and a Fun atmosphere for the Hour we stayed.  Which was more than enough for both of us.

After a mere 15 minutes of strenuous Jumping she said she was Done... I said we had 45 more Paid minutes on the Clock, Jump some more Kiddo!  *LOL*   She later told Grandpa I MADE her jump for 45 minutes longer than she really wanted to!  *Ha ha ha*  Actually the Child has respiratory issues and cannot always keep up with her peers in stamina so she just has to pace herself.  She had an excellent time, I Enjoyed seeing her having such Fun and a Joyful Countenance, we would do this again.

I got to come Home much earlier than expected and browse Pinterest, so now I'm just Enjoying a Zen Zone Afternoon, and she's taking a Nap after being totally spent with an Hour of Jumping strenuously.  *LOL*   This is one of my current Fav Pinterest Images with a spectacular Collection and Grouping of Loving Cup Trophies!   It puts my own Collection of them to Shame, one day I'd Love to have a Grouping as Impressive as this one!

I have chosen to mostly Collect the Bronze and Brass Hued Loving Cups en mass, but after seeing this Impressive Display of the Silver and Silverplate ones I think I might add to my Silver ones over time now.   I have always had a strong Appreciation for Old Trophies so I've Collected them for years and got most of mine on The Cheap.  But, now that they're Trending as a Collectible, you can no longer get the nicer ones for a Song like back in da day when nobody saw Value in Owning or Displaying them.

In fact, years ago when I began my Collection of them it was thought to be rather Weird to want a Trophy that you hadn't Won yourself.  Folks would Wonder Why?   I just always found them to be Attractive and the engraved ones Honoring a Win or the Presentation to some Athlete from long ago made me Imagine what the History of that Individual was in Competition?

Given how spendy they are now when you CAN find Nice ones, I only Wish I'd Collected more of them when they were inexpensive.  I have my little Grouping on top of a Cabinet and given the Inspiration of the Pinterest Image, I may find ways to alter the heights of them to add more Interest and Display them more effectively up there now.

The rest of my Collection is scattered all over Villa Boheme' so the Impact isn't as Impressive as when you Group them together as an entire Collection.  I have some dating from the early 1900's, some Sterling ones and some lesser valuable Metals all the way down to Pot Metal.   I don't really Care so much about the Metal they're made from as the overall Appearance and Design, Embellishments or Engravings.

Some aren't even complete anymore, or in the best Condition, but I don't Care about that either so long as they look Cool and Appeal to me and my Aesthetic of Decor.   I do regret having passed up some specimens over the years that would have been a Wise Investment, but who knew they'd soar in popularity and Value, certainly not I!?  I never bought any of mine with the Intention of them being any kind of lucrative Investment, or making a buck on any of them, since they're one of my more Cherished of Collections I'll not part with easily, if at all.

 I thought I might be the only Weirdo that liked them enough to Display them around the Home and not consider them worthless Junque from an obscure Event or Competition Won by a little known Individual nobody even remembered anymore!  *Ha ha ha*   I am Glad they have Trended tho', no telling how many of them were Lost and Scrapped, literally, by Scrappers and melted down when nobody could make money off them as a Collectible or Antique?!

Some of mine were actually Saved from the Scrapyards when I'd go to turn in my Aluminum recycles of Cans and Trade the Scrapper some bags of Aluminum Cans for the Old Loving Cup I spied and he'd paid Cents for!  *LOL*   I'd leave Happy, he was Happy he didn't have to exchange Cash for Cans, it was a Good Gypsy Barter where both of us were satisfied with the Swap!  Most Scrappers BTW do have a Good Eye and set aside Good Junque they instinctively Feel might be worth more NOT melted down.

Most Scrappers and Salvagers, like me, also are inclined to want to Save pieces of what looks like True History and just Stash it for a while until others recognize the True Value one day.  Most view the Cache' as a Retirement Fund of sorts.  I think I should have been in the Scrap, Salvage or Junk Yard Business, I really do, I have an affinity for the Work!  *Ha ha ha ha*   I Hoard up Cool Junque too... so a Dreamy existence to me would be to own Acres of Land I could just Hoard up the Coolest of Junque with Value upon, without being harassed about it by anyone.  *Smiles*

One day I may even look for that elusive Acreage that doesn't need Maintenance and has some nifty Outbuildings like Old Barns or Warehouse and Haul my Stash out there and Live Happily Ever After, who knows?  *Winks*  I'd live in a Shack or Airstream if I had a large enough Outbuilding or set of them, that was spacious and Cool enough to just Arrange and Categorize my Cache' of Fabulous Old Stuff I've accumulated and am slowly Selling Off when Needed!  *Smiles*

In fact, turn me loose inside of a Salvage Yard or Scrap Yard and I'm Happy as a Clam at High Tide!   I guarantee I wouldn't leave without finding something Awesome that someone else had thrown out long ago... probably a whole truck load of Awesome actually, which is why it's probably Good I stay away from such places since right now I have nowhere to really put it!  *Winks*

In England during the Sixties and Seventies the Show was called "Steptoe And Son" and I watched it religiously.   Albert and Harold ran a 'Rag And Bone' business and of coarse the Son wanted to better himself but the Old Man was set in his ways and a Die Hard Junker... I could always relate more to The Old Man even when I was Younger.  *LOL*

And of coarse here in the United States in the Seventies the equivalent of the Show was the much Beloved "Sanford And Son" with Fred and Lamont.  I have always thought Redd Foxx to be one of the funniest Comedians in the business during his Era.   Both Shows I Loved, not only for the hilarious Comedy, but also because the Junk Business just always Appealed to me too, I thought that would be a Cool way to eek out a Living doing something you just Enjoyed and if you didn't necessarily Care about becoming affluent doing it.

In fact, WHAT would you choose to do for a Living if you could make a comfortable enough Living in the Doing of it my Friends?   I know I went the Corporate Route for the Salary and Success, which I attained.  But in my Heart, I would have rather of been the proverbial Starving Artist or Junque Dealer all along... if it could have made a comfortable enough Secure Living to Support a Family upon.   Now I am more in a position to follow my Bliss and Dreams, since I'm Full Time Caregiving anyway, and thus was forced into Early Retirement from my Corporate Lives, by Life's Circumstance, so why not... I had nothing to lose... *winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sweet, sweet trophies. . .I have one small one that was passed down to me from my late (ex) mother-in-law who was a major collector. Some things she gave me I held onto through my divorce. The little loving cup she gave me is from 1919 and is dented, but it is so SWEET! Now, I've been collecting sugar bowls in the SHAPE of loving cups/trophies, and they're on display in the house. But a true trophy. . .yes, those are pricey! You have a good eye, Dawn, for spotting things ahead of the trend.

    1. Thank You, I think if you buy what you Love you almost can never go wrong really... and I've Loved some peculiar things that just happened to have become Trendy many years later, who knew? Certainly not I, but it's been a pleasant Surprise when it happens!


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