Friday, June 9, 2017

Tiny Hoard No. 877,975

As I continue my Quest for Order and the Culling of Possessions I keep coming across Tiny Hoards, they appear to be everywhere, like they breed!  The above estimated figure of the Post Title is probably a gross exaggeration, but mebbe not.  Every container, well, it contains a Tiny Hoard I completely forgot about!   I think some of these contained forgotten Treasures even before we packed up and Moved!  I come across something like this Vintage English Tin... and... it appears unusually heavy...

Because... it's filled to the brim with bits and bobs... and I never know what anything might contain because I've completely forgotten what I stashed in anything so it's like finding buried Treasure and is a little bit exciting.  Especially given it's been now Stored two years AFTER the Move... and no telling how long it was Stored in it's little Vaults PRIOR to even Moving?  This Tin was actually even much fuller than this, I took some things out before I decided to even Create this Post about the Topic.   Random Treasures that have been Squirreled away for God knows how long?!  It's a bit like a Shipwreck Salvage Recovery going on around here!

So, even when I might Think I Need more of something, now I'm questioning the Sanity of that thought once I find a long forgotten Stash of whatever it was I thought I might have Needed more of!  *LOL*   Especially in the realm of Architectural Salvage and particularly because I find it difficult to Let Go of some Stashes and pare them down sufficiently.   Antique Door Knobs, Hardware and Door Plates, case in point... I could probably open up an exclusive Shop that Sells nothing but Architectural Hardware and have sufficient Inventory to keep it stocked a considerable while.  My Obsession with Architectural Salvage knows no bounds and therefore Purging is pointless.

I Purged an Epic amount of Architectural Salvage before the Big Move... yet, if there is an Orphan Old Door, Knob, Door Plate or any other Antique Hardware that I can Rescue from a Demolition site, it's being dragged to a New Home... namely ours!  *Smiles*  So the cycle of re-stashing is ongoing until I reach Critical Mass again and have to Let Go or realize I'll have to become an Immortal to Create all the Killer Projects I can do with these Awesome Supplies!   I no longer Own a Historic Home that I'm Restoring so I no longer have that justification... but do I really even Need an Excuse... Naw... and I'm incurable about Collecting it when it can be had for Free or for a Song, I just can't Help myself!

And I ain't gonna lie, it's more than just a bit of a Thrill and a Rush when I discover Cool Objects that I don't even recall HOW they came into my Possession?!??!   This Tribal Ceremonial Belt being a prime Example... haven't a Clue how I obtained it, didn't even know I had it, so it must have been a long time ago and mebbe in a land far, far away... like my personal Twilight Zone?!?  *LOL*   I Love it tho', definitely a Keeper, I'd actually wear it as an Accessory even tho' I don't know what it is used to Celebrate?  Is it an Afghan Kuchi Tribal Belt... a Hmong Ceremonial Belt... tho' the Coins seem to be Middle Eastern currency so I'm leaning to an Arabic Origin rather than Asian? 

I'm finding Bohemian Bling long stashed away, as pretty as most of the pieces are you would think I would have noticed them MIA, but I didn't.  In fact, this one Bracelet I cannot even tell you when I might have Scored it because I never recall ever wearing it and probably would convert it to a Necklace instead.  And the chain it's on is kinda Odd so I'm not even entirely certain it even is a Bracelet or a Necklace that needed an extension piece?

 It looks very similar to pieces I've purchased from a very Talented Friend who Creates Jewelry from Old Door Knob Hardware... but I usually always buy Necklaces, not Bracelets of this Style... so it's a complete Mystery of How it came into my Possession or even When???!!   I totally recall this Necklace Purchase and yet that other piece, a total Blank!   Sometimes I Need a Clue and if there are none then the provenance of the Score is eluding me.

Even in the Hoarded Garages there are Clues as to what might be Missing and hidden among the Hoard.  Now that's it's gotten so much warmer... Okay, freakin' Hot as Hades in there... the Intoxicating Aroma of something Divinely scented permeates the air.   So I've re-discovered several Pillar Candles I forgot I hadn't packed away somewhere Cooler.  Tho' they aren't melting into oblivion so I may just allow them to scent the Garages until I want to scent a room of the House with their pungent Aromas!  *Smiles*   These too were Hoarded up from when my Favorite Candle Factory was Moving and had an absolutely ridiculous close-out Sale years ago.  I still Miss that place terribly, tho' now a Fav Antique Shop has taken over the Delightful Building and kept everything Wonderful about it's Quirky Architecture!

I've re-discovered Tiny Hoards of Vintage Nativity Sets, most being Italian sets by Fontanini or Anri that I found at Charity Shops for a Song over the years. These are very spendy at Retail price points, pick them up whenever you see them Cheap even if it's not a complete set because individually they still have Collectible value!   I've Sold Off numerous Nativity Sets but I always Rescue any that can be had at a Bargain and Enjoy Displaying them until I'm ready for them to find a New Home.   Or unless I forget where I stashed them, like this Fontanini set, one of two complete Italian sets I re-discovered in one day!  Yeah, it kinda WAS like Christmas in June!!!  *LOL*

And just when I think I've Found all of my Vintage Tablecloths... I unpack a box or crate and re-discover some more!   I think these might be propagating on their own left together and alone too long, like Wire Hangars used to?  *Bwahaha!*   I know that one day soon I shall have to wade thru the Insane amount of Vintage Tablecloths I've Obsessively accumulated for dozens of years and Cull some more of them, they always Sell well and rather quickly.   I rarely, if ever, pick up more nowadays simply because they've Trended and can't be had at the rock bottom prices I used to pay.   And even when one comes along Cheap, I have to remind myself how many I have yet to dispose of to appear like a Sane Woman?!   Tho' in Reality it may take way more than that... for me to APPEAR Sane?!?   *Winks*

Yes, I am getting slightly better at putting things away and finding a Place for them at New Villa Boheme' if they're going to be a Keeper.  But I Confess I have procrastinated greatly on that Project because, well, it involves putting shit away or finding a suitable Placement for it and that's Work!!!   Or confronting the Fact that I should just Let It Go... and sometimes that isn't an effortless or painless decision of detaching and thus is Mental Work which can be equally exhausting!  *LOL*   I'm way better at not having the level of Attachments to stuff that I used to have, but I'm still a Work in Progress.  Plus I still have and keep finding Cool stuff I'm not ready to break up with.   How much would it take to break up with certain things... well, in dollars and cents that varies!  *Winks*

Some things are Priceless to me and even when I've had generous offers, I'm just not ready at any price.   Those are the items that likely will end up in the Inheritance left behind as my Legacy.   Other things, well, they can be bought... perhaps reluctantly, until that Magic figure is agreed upon, because lets face it, almost everything has a Price, right?  *Smiles*   I do like Money after all... but it isn't everything... and I always have to ask myself, can I replace this?  If the answer is No or Unlikely, it would have to be an offer in the stratosphere presented before I'd even consider it.   Because, hey, I have more years behind me now in The Thrill Of Hunting for Found Treasures than I likely have before me... so Where or When would I Find another one is key?

But I'm not just concentrating on what must Go... and I haven't been a total Slacker about Styling small portions of the Home along with running damage control in the Housekeeping department simultaneously and Caregiving, so my Dance Card is quite Full.    So it's not as if the Lazy Days of Summer have me sitting eating Bon-Bons in front of a TV Screen all day long like Peg Bundy in 'Married With Children'... tho' it probably Helps that I can't eat Chocolate and I don't watch much TV at all anyway, even when I can choose to.  *Smiles*  BTW: How DID Peg keep that Killer Body doing practically nothing all day?!?!!  So not fair!

So... the Meditation Room, which is still in it's Infancy Stages of being Transformed, is slowly giving Birth to some Progress being made in there.  I can't pan the camera since this is about the ONLY Progress in a Meditative Direction so far, but it's a start and you can't begrudge or discount your Small Beginnings.   Baby steps Dawn... baby steps!   I could actually sit there in that spot and Meditate and ignore the rest of the room, so it's even semi-functional.  I'm toying with the Idea of Creating some gossamer Exotic Curtains out of Vintage Sari Fabrics to drape across the French Doors leading out to the Balcony of Death.  I have a substantial Hoard of Vintage Sari Materials that are Gorgeous and of coarse I'd Gypsify them with various Adornments.

I don't want to obstruct the Wonderful Natural Light that this Juliet Room receives all day {that's our Nickname for said Room right now}... nor The View, which I Love, so Ethereal Curtains that I can tie back are the direction I'm going.    I am still wrestling with whether or not to make shredded Rag Curtains or solid ones with many different Saris and with loads of Embellishments tho'?   I Love both Styles so I may just make both Styles and swap them out now and again for a Change in the Ambiance... why not... it's not as if I don't have a gazillion other Projects, right!?!?!  *Bwahahahahahahaha!!!*

And this Exotic Table I recently Scored and I just Love everything about it, inlaid with Abalone Shell in a lovely Sunburst almost Floral Motif and with it's Moroccan Moorish Design it was exactly what I was seeking to place my Buddha upon.   Yes, my poor thick Resin Buddha whose knees blew out from the intense Heat of the Inner Courtyard and had to be Rescued and Relocated to the Meditation Room!   Clearly the Courtyards will have to be Invested with Stone Statuary and a Fancy shade Pergola one day in the Inner Courtyard!   So many Home Improvement Projects waiting in the Wings, is it any Wonder I've slowed way down to percolate the Vision on the Canvas of my Imagination?  And not too hastily dispose of a great many hidden Treasures that might end up somewhere Special right here at Home?!?

And remember in a recent Post I was lamenting about not remembering where my Green Glass Beer Bottle Buddha was or if I even still had it?   Well, guess what turns up... a totally different one in Clear Glass that used to be some kind of container for something... which was some handy Serendipity for now... until the Green One shows up?!?   I like when the Laws of Attraction are grinding away and Surprise you like that when something very Specific is on your Heart or Mind!

And lately The G-Kid Force and I have been having Tiny little Celebrations just because... we'll find anything to Celebrate for Summer.  So I was totally Jazzed to go to a local Bakery that has some madly Creative Cakes and such and find these Adorably Creative Cupcakes imitating a Hot Dog and a Hamburger for only 99 cents each!   Aren't they so Cute and realistic looking!?! 

The Chocolate one that is the Hot Dog is for The Young Prince and the Vanilla one that is the Hamburger is for Princess T.   And you know what each said when I excitedly showed them said Cupcakes... and I'm not Joking folks, these were direct Quotes and it kinda scares me a little bit!!!

He deadpans and looks at said Cupcake in total disgust, so I think he was totally Serious folks, "But I don't LIKE Hot Dogs Gramma..."  {True that...}

And she wrinkles up her nose and equally Seriously whines, "And you KNOW that I don't LIKE Hamburgers Gramma!!!"  {True that...}

OMG I'm thinking in my Head, since I didn't expect the response... they're Intelligent Kids after all!!!  But Ummm Seriously you two,  I mean, they aren't REAL guys, they are Cupcakes imitating a freakin' Hot Dog and a Hamburger... they're not gonna taste like what they look like!   Still, they sit there, untouched, and I doubt I can convince them otherwise that these are going to taste like regular yummy Cupcakes... so The Man will probably have to eat them!   And their response did scare me just a little bit, because when you have Special Needs Children that are High Functional it is easy to fall into the trap of forgetting their unexpected deficiencies sometimes... until it crops up in ways that make it glaringly apparent and more 'Special' than you care to acknowledge.   And makes my Heart ache and feel a bit heavy at the painful Reminders, no matter how subtle.  So much for ever buying imitator Foods!  At least I could also find the Humor in it, always a Lifesaver... Gallows Humor! 

And as the Sun sets in the Meditation Room {I almost subliminally typed MEDICATION Room just now folks... Yeah, it's been one of THOSE days with The Crew... bwahahahaha!!!}, we'll still hold a small Celebration, even if it isn't with faux looking Cupcakes they won't eat!  *Winks*  At least the damned Cute Cupcakes made good Blog Fodder, and a semi-funny not really completely ha-ha Story line to the Post, right?  And Today is the last day of School for The Young Prince and he earned some much needed Credits, so that's certainly something to Celebrate... his Junior Year didn't end in complete disaster and failure!  So... it's all Good!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Well Dawn, building/designing those curtains, might be a great idea---I would love to watch as your brain works. Might be a great project for you and the Princess. Window painting is always an option also??? My boys loved doing that years ago, and it's easily removed. Grins, love your post---stashes are the best, lol.

    1. I've seen some great window painting too but the Sari Curtains would be best for that room since the only light comes in thru those French doors and when I'd open them the breeze would easily catch the light Sari material and give it a billowy beauty as well as not obstructing the Natural Light. With it being Transformed into a Meditation Space I want everything to seem Light and no heaviness. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Dawn, since you posted previously about the rag curtains, I looked them up and fell in love with the idea. Our guest bedroom is one that I've been remodeling for several months, and it has a late 1800's - early 1900's Parisian/Bohemian look to it, with all the vintage that I seem to find/attract. . .Anyhow, I am making the rag curtains, and one of the fabrics I'm using is sari silk, which I've cut into lengths @ 3 inches wide.. It frays quite easily, if you like that kind of thing. I'm sure whatever you do will be awesome!

    1. I Hope you will Share some Imagery of your Rag Curtains and the Room, it sounds Divine! And yes, the fraying is part of the appeal of the Sari Silks... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. such delightful treasures! especially the Vintage tablecloths!

    1. Marlynne I am such a sucka for Vintage Tablecloths but I have far too many now to properly display or use so it is now time to Cull the Hoard of them and have some be Showroom bound. I recently Sourced a nice wrought iron Quilt Holder for the Showroom so I can display about 6 at a time on it... IF I manage not to Sell the Display!? *Winks* I don't like to put NSF on pieces because Customers call anyway pleading to buy displays, so I usually put an "I don't wanna Sell it" price on them, but sometimes folks will pay the inflated price, go figure?! *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian


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