Thursday, June 8, 2017

Summertime Visual Fantasies And Frivolous Days

Summertime... a Season of Visual Fantasies and frivolous days ahead.  Once the temps soar I find myself sequestered indoors more after about Noon... because, well, only Mad Dogs and Englishmen would be out in the Noonday Sun of a Desert Summer, right?  *Winks*  So, because any kind of Work would also work up too much of a sweat after the relative Cool of the early Morning, I gel, mostly soaking in Eye Candy online.   I haven't made a significant purchase online in like, forever, but I can indulge in Visual Fantasies of what I'd like to have.  The Web is an infinite source of Lovely Imagery isn't it?   And that's Free for the looking at and Pinning, so you can't beat the price!  *Winks*

I've seen some Vintage MP I'd like to have, it comes up every so often, usually not in my size if it's a Top... the Girls are too bodacious for all of the Line... and so, therein the temptation to splurge is tempered by practicality.  *LOL*   Not that I haven't bought the occasional Inspirational piece I can't or don't wear, I have.   But it's Rare I will splurge if I'd just be tormented by owning something not large enough to actually fit and wear!  *Smiles*  Though with wearable Art it is pretty enough to just Display and be Inspired by the Beauty and Form of, like a Lovely Painting hanging on one's Wall.  So I could justify, in my Artistic Eye, of just Owning a piece one of the Mannequin Gals would have to Model rather than moi tooling around in it.   

I particularly have a penchant... no, an outright Obsession... for Altered Art, especially if it involves Vintage Fabrics.  This particular piece was Stunning in it's intricacy, it's attention to details and how many Beautiful layers were combined.   I actually have pieces like this, but I could always make room for more, you know, so I keep a lookout for when anything might come up at the right price point one day.   I've been playing with my own Fabrics again for a while now so I suspect that sometime in the near Future I might feel compelled to sew again.   I do miss sewing, but I've been 'Off' for some time now and know I'd have to be 'On' to really get into the Zone of Creativity I Desire to move in the realm of.

Over-the-top Fashion is my preferred Aesthetic, I can tolerate Simple Style, or Classic Elegance, but it's just not Me to fill a Wardrobe with a yawnfest of things that I'm 'Meh' about.  Unless it's in Black... something about Black will appeal to me even in it's Simplicity, otherwise tho', something along this line is the mainstay of any Statement pieces I'd want to actually Invest in or Keep in my Closets.  And I'm a total Fashion Snob about OOAK pieces being far preferable to mass produced items, even from any Designer label. 

  Once anything becomes mass produced I completely lose Interest, the Quality of fabrics and workmanship are usually inferior to OOAK pieces Created by an Artisan.  And because, well, I can go to a Thrift Shop and buy mass produced Fashion so cheaply I could throw it away in a Month and start all over with a completely Fresh Wardrobe... so what would be the point of ponying up if it's not OOAK, Hand-Made or Couture?   That said, I will pay up for Quality, Stunning Artisan Workmanship and for Vintage Lines of Statement Pieces for my Wardrobe Created by my Favorite Artisans.  So this Vintage MP piece would be such an Investment and contender whenever budget permits.  Damn budget, totally cramps my Style!  Right now it's not permitting a lot! *Le Sigh*


And sometimes I just want something for the sum of it's parts.  A Vendor in our Mall has a complete Antique Sewing Machine with Cabinet Desk for Sale.  It has the most Amazing Drawers with Ram's Head handles and carved Barbola.   But I'd have to cannibalize the piece just for the Drawers and that just doesn't seem right even though I could probably Sell Off the parts I don't want and make Bank.  Many items are now worth far more for the sum of their parts than as the Whole.   For a non-functional Antique Sewing Machine that is a very large piece, most folks are going to Pass... no Use, no Function... no Room to put it just for Display... Sad but True.

But those Drawers are mighty Fine and I'd like to Own them so if the Vendor was agreeable to just Selling Off the Drawers I'd spring and they could Sell Off the rest by parting it out, probably more profitably than trying to Sell as a Whole.   I often do that with many pieces that don't sell well as a Whole... or as a Set... and I always Profit more from breaking it up as the sum of it's parts being more desirable and more profitable parted out.  I am a Fan of individual pricing rather than group pricing because it works for me and the client base I serve.   Often a Collector already has something and is just completing it or expanding it and not buying an Instant Collection.  Instant Collections are also often overpriced due to the volume being rather a rarity.

And for me right now I just spent on my Dreads, on some Family Emergencies, and am Saving up for a Family Trip to Cali so that I can visit my Bro'... so... the Summer budget was delegated strictly and prudently.   No regrets about budget delegation for the kickoff of Summer though, it was spent on what mattered or was necessary.  Absolutely Loving my Dreads, I should have done this years ago... so Carefree and Liberating, I actually Like my own Hair now and have a Peace about it.   Those of you who don't have thin, fine, high maintenance and low option, slow growing or thinning Hair might not understand Hair Envy and Hating your Hair.   Those of you who have had no Love Affair with your own Hair will totally understand that once you find a Style where you and your Hair now Happily become One in Unity and have Peace, well, you totally 'Get it'.  So, it's like that... my Hair in Dreads cooperates and doesn't fight with me anymore, so we finally get along!  *Smiles*

And speaking of getting along better, Princess T has finally moved to the Maturity Phase of us being able to really Enjoy each other's Company too.  We have some frivolous Girl Time that we both thoroughly Enjoy so long as the Guys are excluded.  She's entered the Phase of not particularly liking the Male Species at the moment and considering them quite a pain, clueless and an annoyance.  *Ha ha ha*   I Hate to inform her of how long that Phase could last... so for now I'm holding my Peace and she's not asking.  *Bwahahahaha!*  Lets just say she'd rather enter the mouth of a Great White Shark right now than Deal with any Testosterone laden Man Drama, especially from her Big Brother and Grandpa!  *LMAO*

I have become the Mediator when they clash... and they do... often... so I try to get out with her to do Girl Time as often as we can Escape and not have a pesky Male entourage in tow!  Ooops, did I just say that out loud?!?!?!  *Winks*  In all fairness to the Guys, they don't tolerate our Bitchfests very much either... I mean they've got one entering Puberty full on and one on the downside of Menopause, so we aren't the loveliest Female Creatures either should they wind any of us up!  *Smiles*   And with one of them Dealing with SMI unmedicated and the other one Dealing with TBI unmedicated, well, they've got enough of their own Issues to Deal with sans any Female Drama, you know?  *Ha ha ha*

And in case you assume this Sweet Little Thang is so Adorable butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, you have never unleashed The Beast Princess in all her ferocity and Wednesday Addams 'Charm'.   If there were a Poster Child for pre-pubescent Attitude, she'd be their Spokesperson and Ringleader no doubt!  Actually that Great White should be afraid of messing with HER!  *LOL*  But she does have her Redeeming Qualities and so its hard to stay mad at her for long.  Though you probably should remain Guarded and on your Guard constantly since she can switch on you like Jekyll and Hyde so you might never see it coming until it's too late!   Thus having her as my sidekick can be both the best of times and the worst of times, depending on how lousy her Mood Regulation is for that given day?  *Rolling my Eyes*   This day went from being the best of times...

To getting to be a bit dicey and seeing a shift in countenance that indicated she could Go Off at any point in time and disintegrate into either Tears or Sullen Mood where we're not having Fun any more!   This is why Grandpa tends to opt out to stay Home anyway if Invited out to join us, he just can't handle the strain of not knowing which sides of Her we're going to be rolling with?  *Bwahahaha!!!*   And The Young Prince, well, being an SMI Teen Male his Moods can turn on a dime as well so it would just be double the trouble and we'd have The Clash of The Titans on our hands, so we usually avoid that scenario whenever possible and I take one or the other... rarely both!!!   They Delight in winding each other up as siblings often do, especially if one is just being too Peaceful, Cheerful and Content, well, the other one then can hardly stand THAT, right?  *LOL*

But you know, when she has a Moment like this, where she professes her Love for me by Carving this Love Note Reminder on her Chocolate Fountain covered Strawberry at the 'Golden Corral' Buffet, well, my Gramma Heart just melts, you know?  And I have to just Smile at the tender innocence that a Grandchild displays and you just have to receive with Gratitude and a Thankful Heart and Joyful Spirit.   I'm not saying that Raising them hasn't been quite the Wild Ride that my Season of Life isn't quite up to sometimes, which is why Women my Age don't still breed... *ha ha ha*  But I bought this ticket and I'm on for the whole damned Crazy Ride!!!

And Yes, Princess T, Gramma will continue to Live... Love... and Laugh... and you have my Heart too... Besos Mamas...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So happy for your Good Times Together! Oh yes do create some fantastic pieces t share with us! I'm sure yours would be every bit as good if not better than on the web! And I'm not familiar with how the upkeep is on Dreads? How often do you have to have it redone? can you wash it regularly between redos?

    1. Wash it as often as you like and maintenance is about monthly or longer at first, then less often, because you only need new growth tended to once they mature, but at first you want to keep them tight and tidy so I'll have Monthly Pro Maintenance until they're matured. Palm rolling keeps them tidy and it takes about a year for maturity of the Dreads so that the hair is locked up well. You don't spend as much on hair care products and I buy a special Dreadlock Shampoo that smells divine {Nag Champa} and has no residues. No bad hair days since there is no brushing or fussing with it and it stays put, wind doesn't bother it and it's cooler in the heat... lots of pluses for me. Dawn... The Bohemian


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