Monday, June 5, 2017

On What Planet? A Rant...

I am having an Issue with the way some Young People are apparently being raised, so this is a bit of a Bohemian Rant Post.   Lately in our Antique Mall it is becoming more common for groups of Young Adults in their late Teens to Twenty-Something year olds, hence old enough to know better, to come in and act like they've lost their Minds by the outrageous behavior, manhandling of merchandise and general disruption of a business by going rouge in public.  

With total disregard for real Customers, no respect whatsoever for what doesn't belong to them and they have no intention of buying, and obsession with recording their outrageous antics, they are becoming a scourge to the retail community... or really any community for that matter, with their out of control bad behavior and intentional vandalism.   We often have to keep a close eye on them, ask them to Calm down as if they are small Children incapable of Self-Control, or simply ask them to leave the establishment since it inspires Customer complaints and often damages merchandise.

I have to Wonder on what Planet do they assume such out of control behavior, especially in public, is acceptable?   I have to Wonder just how they've been raised to have come to a point, as a Young Adult, that their behavior is less acceptable than the average Two Year Old that doesn't know any better and is still in Training for Socially acceptable behaviors?  That the level of immaturity is still that extreme at a Young Adult Age, because frankly, I've seen many acting like complete imbeciles.  Believing they are impressing their Friends or that they're somehow Amusing acting the Fool to an extreme, rather than actually making a complete spectacle of themselves in a very unflattering way?!!

I am not at all talking about having Fun, I am all for having Fun and an Enjoyable Outing with Friends or Family, but there is a line crossed when you are simply out of control.  And Yes, some do come in with their Family acting in a similar manner and then there is no Mystery as to the flaws in how they are being raised, it's sadly apparent!  As you are raising someone imparted values, morals and respect are important foundations that will serve them a lifetime.  Having a moral compass as to what is right and wrong to do, say and present yourself is Priceless, without it you could become a Socially unacceptable individual.

And I suppose they could have been raised right and just gone haywire, that is always a possibility too.   No telling how they might act in different company, because bad company corrupts even good Character.   But at a certain age you shouldn't need a babysitter and require intense Supervision to do the right things and require constant reminders of how to act.   At a certain age you should just know how to Act and have a measure of Self-Control and at least some respect for yourself, for others and preserve your dignity.

You should be able to clean up well enough to be taken somewhere without becoming a spectacle and a complete nuisance because you can't control yourself.  If you spiral out of control that easily when with certain people you should have at least the budding maturity and introspection to contemplate and ask yourself Why?!?   You shouldn't be punching holes in the breastbones of expensive Mannequins in an Antique Mall... for God knows what logic, or lack thereof?!??!  Yes, that happened to one of my expensive Mannequins Yesterday, fist size hole in an area that couldn't be accidental by any stretch of the Imagination!

I had been told by other Vendors that several groups of Rowdy Young People had been in the Mall and become problematic again.  They had to be watched closely and reprimanded for unacceptable behavior in the Mall.   I am fairly certain they are the culprits, this is a 1960's Era, very thick molded Department Store full sized Mannequin, it would take a lot of force to punch a hole through it like that, a mere fall wouldn't do it, especially not in that location. 

  And lets not even go deeply into the loss prevention issues of those of a similar ilk doing the five finger discount at Retail Shops, it's become epidemic!!!  It should be prosecuted more stringently, because the only thing stopping a Thief from Grand Larceny opposed to Petty Theft is opportunity.   And personally I don't believe any Theft is 'Petty' and a Thief is a Thief so cannot be Trusted around anything of any Value.   Vandalism makes even less sense to me than Stealing, because, what IS the Pay-Off?   A Vandal perhaps isn't possessing the Intelligence of a Thief maybe, because they destroy any Value something had and Profit not from the Action of committing the Crime, so I dunno, that just seems like Stupidity in a high form? 

Or perhaps these Individuals are extremely Starved for Attention and the only way they know how to get it is to behave badly, I'm just not entirely sure?  Maybe they Feel invisible unless they're creating a Spectacle of themselves?  Maybe their 15 seconds on U-Tube they video recorded doing something Stupid or Ignorant means something to them because they suddenly Feel Noticed by Society and somewhat of a Social Media Celebrity?  Hey, look at me, I went Viral... so I don't Feel like such a Loser!  Maybe Mom didn't hold them enough, maybe Dad ignored them too much... who knows... but perhaps seeking Therapy to sort that shit out as to why one would act this way would be more in Order than going out and running amok in Public... just sayin'!!!

And don't give me the Lame, "Oh they're Young..." excuse... I was Young, you were Young {or still are}... and I never acted this way on my worst day, even when I was a mere Child, never mind a Young Adult!!!   I was raised better than that, I had more respect for myself and others than that, Thank God!  I would be Ashamed and Humiliated actually to have to Confess otherwise and I can only Hope, that with Time, they will become Ashamed of being that out of control too and too Humiliated to not be able to reel themselves in and get their shit together further into Adulthood.  

 Because I cannot even Imagine them continuing to grow Older and assuming the Planet we all reside on, and most all of Society, think this is Okay?   It's simply NOT!   And I for one am tired of losing Money over their ridiculous and irresponsible antics and allegedly 'Petty' Crimes.   Society 'pays' dearly for such actions... and I Work too hard for my $$$ to be tolerant of it.  When the actions of the irresponsible or criminally inclined begin to create any financial hardship for my Family and touch our lives in any kind of way, it just pisses me off too much to coddle the Offender(s) or make Excuses for them. 

  I expect there to be consequences for the action, it's perhaps the only way they MIGHT learn... or mebbe not.  Penal Institutions are sadly filled with those who never learn and can't get along and play well with others or integrate into Society successfully.   But to allow it, to excuse it, to tolerate it, is as unacceptable to me as the behaviors themselves.   I refuse to accept it as the 'cost of doing business' and eat the losses, I'm the one that will Prosecute when any Crime is committed against me or mine.   Because behavior tolerated is behavior accepted... and isn't likely to inspire any Change in a Positive direction.

I shall step down off my Soapbox now I've had a little Rant... as I consider how to Salvage an expensive Mannequin, if I even can, and how that will affect my bottom line this pay period?   And if the Offenders are Stupid enough to Post their Mannequin Bashing on Social Media... well, rest assured if I find out about it we'll ensure they have consequence to the Crime they committed and Foolishly documented.   Yeah, a lot of Criminal 'geniuses' out there document themselves committing Crimes, unbelievable, that's a Special kinda Stupid!!!  And I won't have any more conscience about them catching charges than they had in committing the Offense.  

 And if it's someone's Little Darling that would make any Excuse for such behavior, well, clearly you were part of their dysfunction and the outcome, perhaps even an Enabler?   Because if it was one of mine, I'd be as Outraged as whoever they Victimized... absolutely no Excuses... because there is NEVER a Good Excuse for Bad Behavior!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh Dawn I'm sorry people can be such assholes especially when it comes to your personal treasures. I'm catching up to all the blogs and posts. I love your dreads!

    1. Thank YOu for the compliment and yes, it is a sad commentary of the decline of social standards when this kind of unacceptable behavior becomes so common as to be expected and worse, tolerated. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. What a timely rant Dawn! I rent a space in a vintage clothing store and we're having a really hard time with the same thing. The stealing, the awful behavior...I worked yesterday and it was totally stressful trying to watch them all!

    1. I agree, it has become a scourge to the Retail Community to have delinquent and criminal behavior so rampant and so little done in the way of prosecution and harsh consequences of such crimes. In fact, Managers of the Mega Stores have told me that due to liability issues, they opt not to try to detain individuals in most cases now! Unbelievable that Criminals have more Rights and protection than the Victims they prey upon! And it is stressful and bad for business, if groups of delinquents roam around the real customer begins to stop frequenting the shops because they don't want to deal with it or risk becoming victimized too. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. That's awful, just awful Dawn! No excuse for behavior like that. We might have been goofy when we were young, but I don't ever remember going into a store and manhandling/breaking things. Maybe it's time to just tell them before they enter the store that they can't afford anything in there, so no reason to come in. I know it sounds "rude", but someone has to tell them. And the "selfie" has gone to extremes. . .some young people old enough to know better (late 20's - 30's) are doing selfies on Monuments including those which are erected to pay respect to lives lost during WWII (Auschwitz).

    1. Yes, the lack of conscience or consideration is becoming the Norm for so many people now... and not just the Young... I expect goofy behavior from immature Children, but when one becomes a Young Adult, it's time to grow up and behave like a grown person rather than a Child with no self-control. The lack of respect for Authority though must surely be a learned response since there seems to be a total disregard for paying respect to anyone deserving of it? I have to think some poor Parenting might have created the self centered beasts that society now has to try to manage? We have banned some disruptive sorts and thieves {some have been caught red handed} from the Mall... Dawn... The Bohemian


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