Monday, June 26, 2017

False Alarm

So it started out the Plumber was coming to do the annual maintenance check on the plumbing and flush the hot water heater... and then at the last possible second of the five hour vague time span they designated for his potential arrival, they cancelled and re-scheduled!  Well, at least we'd gotten the whole house cleaned and tidied up, so I couldn't say it was a completely wasted day staying in waiting on him for nothing!   So I couldn't even get upset, even after the Epic Cleaning Frenzy that almost made me lose my Mind, because at least I had a clean and organized Home for a change, Yay!  Even if nobody else would Witness it after all.

Yes, I'd "Used" the Plumber coming as my excuse to rally The G-Kid Force and The Man into helping me to get the house finally in Order and presentable.  So mebbe it was a good thing the Plumbing Co. waited 'til the end of the five hour window of when he should have shown up to cancel and say he wasn't coming out Today after all?  *Winks*  Oh, hey guys, false alarm, but now you gotta KEEP everything tidy and clean until the re-scheduled five hour time span on Wednesday!   So, it gives me the tidy Home I want for almost three whole days!  *Contented and Yes, Delusional, Sigh*

I Love when my Home is in Order, Tidy and presentably Clean... I don't function well in Chaos or visually distressing environments.  One would think I would have learned to tolerate the capacity for a mess and absolute Chaos with having raised two generations of Children, especially four having been Special Needs Children, I have not.   It is distressing to me when the house is a mess and the rest of them wander around it like Zombies seemingly oblivious to it all.  It's like being in one of those Horror Movies where you're the only Civilized and Sane one left in your World!   Well, mebbe that's exaggerated, but not by much!

Now rather than appearing post apocalyptic our Home actually looks as it should be.   I would actually Love for it to look this way all of the time, but I'm not completely delusional, it won't... it might not last even thru the Wednesday deadline?   If the Plumber feels Guilty about the Cancellation Today and shows up closer to the 8:00 am than the 1:00 pm portion of the vague arrival time frame on Wednesday, well, the Fam may not see much point in restraint so that the house doesn't get messy all over again that very day? 

"Do I have to stay 'dressed' or can I now get back into my Sweats and take my Shirt off?, promptly says The Man directly after the cancellation call!   "Stay dressed since I'm dragging you and Princess T along on some belated errands now that I know the Guy isn't coming.", I respond.   Geez, just keeping them dressed and not wandering around all day half dressed or in mismatched lounging clothes, undershirts or Jammies is a big deal during the Summer!  Okay, I Confess that after the errands I got back into my Jammies too... if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  *Smiles*

I think The Young Prince's ensemble all day has been Cat In The Hat fuzzy flannel Jammie Pants with a Heavy Metal Tank Top with Ouija Graphics and un-brushed hair that looks like he just Invented something... clearly he won't be Modeling for GQ anytime soon.  *LOL*   He had absolutely no Shame that the floor of his rooms Upstairs were littered with worn underpants, how does that work, do they just fall off or fly off his ass and land everywhere, sometimes even on top of furniture, I don't get it?!?   Mine have just never done that... EVER... and he was Clueless as to why I was having a Fit up there this Morning about the bowels of Hell his Living Spaces had become!!!

As he Calmly says... and I Quote, "Gramma, mebbe you should just leave before you have a Heart Attack, I don't even know why you're so upset and venting your anger at me?"  I think I stopped mid-Rant with that one and assessing the level and magnitude of empty food wrappers, beverage containers, dirty dishes, dirty clothes, wet towels, video games, toys and other Chaos that looked like it had exploded all around his four rooms up there... I had a vivid Mental flashback of a particularly horrendous Hoarders episode and how the Client had reacted to the condition of their Home, obvious to everyone but them!   OMG, say it ain't so!!!

I took a deep breath and logically attempted to breach the divide between the Planet he is on and Earth as we know it.  Do you suppose, when the Guy comes to check out your Plumbing in the Bathroom, that he will want to walk the entire way thru your four rooms across dirty Chonies and the minefield of Garbage you have in here?   He blankly stares at me, as he does when there is that disconnect in a conversation between a Sane person and one with Serious Mental Illness.  Finally I realize it's futile, so... lets not dwell on me explaining my logic of the situation shall we, just clean this shit up before I go Mental Okay?  That got through... and he complied... as me going Mental is never Pretty and needs no further explanation!  *Winks*

As it is I'm trying to keep Grandpa dressed Downstairs so he's not wandering around again without a shirt and in ratty Sweat Shorts!  *LOL*   Those with TBI like their Routine and The Man's was definitely being interrupted by the possibility of a Plumber showing up and having to break his Routine for a few hours of the day to help Clean and Tidy Up, so he was getting Anxious and agitated!   In hindsight, I was never so Glad that the Guy didn't show up, mebbe I'll be Calmer on Wednesday?  Mebbe I won't be having an out of Body experience and feel like I left my Body and was hovering around the room over the Surreal scenes unfolding and surveying the Asylum gone Mad that the day was handing me!!!?

Princess T walks up behind me, and assessing her Brother's carnage tritely says, "Well, I got my Bathroom and Hallway Cleaned, and all my Stuff from Downstairs cleaned up too... but if you think this is Bad, mebbe you shouldn't go into MY Room.  The Guy won't need to go into my Room will he?"   It really was too early to have a drink to take the edge off at that time and Mercifully, No, the Guy won't need to go into her Room, Thanks be to God!   How long does it take for Special Needs Kiddos to Grow Up and Move Out... that was the Question bouncing around in my Skull at about that time, I don't know how many more Years I have left in me for all this?!

But the Home, she is Clean and Tidy now... and I managed not to have a complete nervous breakdown in the process of rallying the Troops together while we still thought a complete Stranger would be coming in.  Why is it when our Dear Friends or Family come in we aren't as Anxious about it looking post-apocalyptic, but Strangers... well... mebbe they're likely to call the Authorities?  *And I'm only half kidding about that!*  Despite Caregiving for three people with various disabling factors full time with no Staff, the expectations of how your Home should look can get totally skewed.

 Okay, so perhaps my hyper vigilance and skewed perspective as to what IS Clean and Tidy enough is due to almost 16 Years of having various Social Agencies scrutinizing my every move and breath during Kinship Placement of The G-Kid Force with us since their Birth, I dunno?  With the laundry list of requirements even thru their Adoption, it just made me OCD about conditions of the Home being The Ideal to be in total Compliance with any Caseworker, no matter how fussy and critical they might be or how many different ones came.   All kidding aside, I'm sure it has given me lingering PTSD of some kind!

Besides, you never, ever, know what to expect from this Trio... or what you might walk into after your back has been turned for a nanosecond!?!  If you have never been the Caregiver of a higher maintenance person, or especially multiple persons of that ilk, you might not have a point of reference as to how far Left things can go in a Heartbeat or on the turn of a Dime.   But when things do happen to work to your advantage, as things managed to this day, well, you luxuriate in them for as long as it Holds... even if briefly.   Because it will be back to Insanity before you know it, that you can count on and take to the Bank!


Coming to you Today from the Arizona Desert and a Tidy Home... for now... Dawn... The Bohemian

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