Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Blogging Frenzy

Lately I've been in a Blogging Frenzy, wanting to Blog but having the dilemma of not getting out very much and thus not Pathologically Picture taking for Blog Fodder either.   Lately Life has just taken a very Simple relaxed turn and flow to it and I'm Content to stay at Home and not do very much except having the compulsion to Write... but about WHAT?!  What seems relevant right now when I'm doing absolutely nothing and avoiding whatever needs to get done... ie: housework?  *Smiles*

Sure I could Write volumes about the Art of avoiding things like housework that I don't have any Interest in doing, but it's just one of those necessary unpleasant tasks I put off as long as possible.  But I do like a tidy, clean and orderly Home... so this makes me a very conflicted person at times!  *Ha ha ha*  There are those times I will read the Blogs of the Domestic Goddesses among us and Wish I could be more domestically inclined and find some Joy in the doing of it, but I just don't.

So, acknowledging that will never be one of my strengths, I'd rather spend languishing Summer days doing as much nothing as I can get away with!  Today is one such Morning since tackling housework before my Shift Tonight at Work doesn't Appeal to me at all.  I did wash and palm roll each and every one of my Dreads this Morning, pampering each one of the 48 of them like Pets on my Head!  *LOL*  It's very soothing this palm rolling ritual, so I Enjoy the doing of it.  I Love the heady scent of my Dollylocks Nag Champa Dreadlock Shampoo, it layers well with my Nag Champa Essential Oil Perfume and evokes a sense of Calm and Well Being.

The sounds of the Birds outside is soothing as well, Doves cooing, the chirps of those Colorful Desert Finches, the shrill vocals of the Hummingbirds and a Mockingbird that has a repertoire that is quite Impressive of all the other Birds it's imitated in sets of three calls of each.  Why sets of three of each call, I don't know, but it's methodical with it's tri-count of each call it's mimicking and I like to see how many different calls it will regale me with Today?   In the early hours the Desert just comes Alive and Communing with it is a great start to each Day.

I had Imagined I would sleep in later, with the G-Kid Force being out of School, but I find myself not wanting to miss the Cool of the Mornings and that Special time when everything is waking up and Life is unfolding for a new Day.  If I don't sleep in then I find myself more energized even tho' I haven't spent as much time sleeping.   The Force is sleeping in so late that I find myself checking in on them to ensure they're Okay, because it's so unexpected and yet rather sublime!  *Smiles*   The Man is very much a Morning Person and I can almost never wake up before him, his internal clock is set to daybreak!

I've been contemplating what type of Adventure we want to experience when we finally make our Trip to Cali to see my Brother this Summer?   Accommodations near a Beach seem out of reach so we're devising a new Plan for our itinerary, perhaps visiting one of the Asian Communities like Cambodia Town in Long Beach, Little Saigon in Westminster or Chinatown in San Francisco?   If we get any Motel with a Pool the Kiddos won't mind so much that we might not make it to a Beach.  Tho' I would have Loved to spend some time by the Ocean and Beachcombing for Shells, Sea Glass and Driftwood washed up on the shoreline.

Not that I Need to drag Home more Souvenirs, but I just have a compulsion to, so why fight it?  *Winks*   Besides, I'm finding that with the Great Culling going on most of my Storage Drawers and Cabinets lay empty!  *Gasp!!!*  It's True, I have more empty Storage than filled Storage so clearly I'm making good progress and disposing of what isn't most Beloved or Necessary.   I don't mind having emptiness, it's a different experience for me to have plenty of unused Storage and Space.   I'm not finding a Need to fill it up either, so that too is a Metamorphosis taking place.

I did find a Vintage Designer Hat and cannibalized this Amazing Millinery spray from it, which was the only reason I bought the Hat, and for a pittance.  The Hat was Ugly, Black straw with a wide brim and two ridiculously large Satin Bows on it.  But a Fancy Vintage Designer's Label from New York, so it was probably an Expensive and Desirable Hat at one time so I couldn't bear to throw it away.  I put a cheap price on it, stuck it on a Mannequin Head in the Showroom and someone promptly stole it the first day!  I think that is hilarious, since I thought the Hat so Ugly that I couldn't Imagine who I could even Give it to as a Gift without offending them?!  *LOL*  So now some Hat Thief is wearing this Ugly Old Hat, that makes me Smile, I Hope everyone thinks they look ridiculous?!

I have also found numerous Hand Displays lately, it's kinda Weird how you find things in Cycles sometimes, right now for me it's Hand Displays.  I'm finding them seemingly everywhere when I go Junquing lately!!!   This one was rather Exotic with lots of bangles and a Meditation Room Vibe to it, so it may end up there eventually, holding a Talisman? 

This pair had evidence of having come off a Mannequin since the mounts were still visible, yet they are both Left Hands and I couldn't locate any Right Hands or other Mannequin Parts, tho' I tried in vain to!   Right now they're doing a Jazz Hands Display near an Antique Beaver Top Hat that sits atop my Dad's Old Military Foot Locker from the Fifties.  Right now even most of my Trunks and Old Suitcases are EMPTY!  *Gasp!*   I know, Surreal, huh?  *Winks*  I don't know if I'll eventually fill them up with things I want Stored out of sight or Organized... but I could... and having that Option is nice.

In this Library Room I also Blog in, I've finally run out of room on my enormous wall of Bookshelves again.  I had Culled my Book stash considerably last year, but I so do Love Books and have accumulated some new ones that are Awesome.  Usually I buy my Books secondhand for practically nothing... but this Month I have splurged on a couple at the Bookstore, on Sale of coarse... and with the additional Membership Discount I get.   Retail a new Book can be a crazy price nowadays, even Magazines can now be a crazy price... but there are just some I'll Pony Up for because the odds of finding them secondhand are slim or next to none.

This one I got 60% Off at the Bookstore so I was Jazzed, it's an enormous Book filled with bold Imagery of Dia de los Muertos History and Celebrations.  It has a wealth of Information and the Images will Inspire us on Creating our own Altars, Costumes, Face Painting and Sugar Skulls for our own Celebration of the Holiday.   The Holiday is gaining in popularity so now you can Source a lot more Decor without having to go South of the Border to obtain it or having to always Create your own.

One of my Skullies is very much like those Black ones on this Altar in the Book and this Year I will probably install a Candle on it's Head to get this Look.   I can be such a Pyro so The Man keeps a close Eye on how much Fire I'm playing with!  *Winks*  Do you know that Kat Von D once burnt a Gorgeous Historic Castle-like Rental down with an unfortunate incident involving her Passion for Candles melting to get that Wonderful Goth drippy Candle Look?  If I'd been the Owner of that Home I'd of had a Stroke!  So it can happen and Yes, you have to be hyper vigilant especially if you have Pets, Kids or are getting some of that Old Timers Memory Lapse thing going on... I have all three... so... we go light on the Candle burning.  *LOL*

The Sugar Skull Girls in the Book are Gorgeous and I'll probably have The Young Prince replicate one of the Face Paintings from the Book for this Year's Celebration.   He Loves doing Special Effects Make-Ups and is quite Talented at it, he also is adept at Creating the Crepe Paper Flowers for the Celebration.  I'd like to use Real Flowers in my Hair or Frida Style Headband, but Arizona is still relatively Hot even in October so they'd wilt too soon.

The other Book I have been Jonesin' for a while to have so I just bit the bullet, Ponied Up and got my Membership Discount to ease the sting of paying Retail.  Ellen is not only a Talented Comedienne but also an extremely Talented Stylist and Decorator, this Book, on every single Page, will blow you away.  I could just move right in to any of the Homes and Feel completely At Home.   I know you're probably thinking, well, they're Homes of the Wealthy... but that's not Why, I've seen Homes of the Wealthy I don't like the Styling or Decor of at all, just not My Style.   Ellen's Aesthetic for Styling is just something I could easily Live with.

Well, the Architecture of this particular Villa Style Home was Fabulous enough it could have been completely Empty and I ain't gonna lie, it would still have been Ideal as a Dream Home!  *LOL*   But Tastefully Decorated, well, it was just Sublime!   I have this Thing for Stone Walls... Stone Houses... if I had the Resources then New Villa Boheme' would have a lot of Stone facade added to it's interior and exterior to give it that Ancient Tuscan Villa Feel!

I particularly liked this Kitchen and Dining Room, but even when she Styled a Contemporary Room I liked it and that's saying something since I don't usually like Contemporary even if it's done well.   But when something is just done exceptionally well, I can Appreciate it regardless of Aesthetic... and the pieces chosen, well, each was a Vibe I really could Connect to.

Meanwhile, back at Home, I have been uncovering more trinkets, bits and bobs that I will sort thru into Keep, Sell or Donate piles.   This little one is a Keeper, even the Asian Inspired Gift Tag compliments it.   I've been dragging in Vintage Train Cases and Small Vintage Suitcases from the Hoarded Garages that are chock full of items I'd completely forgotten about stashing in there during the Big Move.  When we ran out of Moving Boxes I was tossing things into almost anything that would unceremoniously carry them over here!  *Smiles*

Alright, and a Confession... directly after The Man's Catastrophic Accident and subsequent lengthy rehabilitation and recovery period, which were some of the worst of times in our lives, I indulged in too much random Junquing Retail Therapy as a Coping Mechanism.   So some of those stashes were probably from that time period so I had no recollection of even Sourcing those tiny Treasures in my intense stress induced Fog, which I didn't spend much money on, but which kept me adequately distracted so I didn't have a complete breakdown. 

 And so I could spend some time outside of Hospitals and Nursing Homes at his Bedside, which was a constant during that horrible time frame.  There is a definite difference between spending time in that setting with someone getting Well, and spending time there with someone you're being told won't recover and is a Hopeless Case and probably won't make it!  It was certainly cheaper than Therapy and I must say, now I'm wading thru them, I Sourced some pretty Cool stuff up under duress and extreme Stress!  *Bwahahahaha!* 

 And he did recover and he did make it in spite of all the Professional naysayers who kept trying to convince me I was delusional to think otherwise and should just accept their grim Hopeless prognosis.  I like my Delusions, they often Sustain me and help in the Manifestation of Miracles because you give them room to happen when you Believe anything is Possible.  Besides, I rarely operate in the Realm of what IS and like Alice, I've Believed as many as six Impossible things before Breakfast!   Sometimes more... *Winks*  After all, many things can seem Impossible until it's been done.

Like piecing together my Lil Dik-Dik after she jumped off the Wall when we first moved in and the Kiddos slammed the front door!   She really required extensive reconstructive surgery and me with my E-6000 and not a Clue how to do it didn't deter me from trying.  She doesn't look none the worse for my Amateur Surgical Maiden Voyage in Taxidermy Repairs, especially her Horns which I'm very Proud to have reconstructed out of the smitherines that they were broken into during the tragic Fall!  It was like a bad jigsaw puzzle with no Photographic Guide as to which piece should go where?!   I had leftover parts, but it was one of those Mysteries since the Horns look Complete and yet there were all these leftover pieces?!?  *Smiles*

A certain Princess has been pacing the floor behind me like a Caged Lioness asking when I'll be done with my Blog Post?  I Suspect that a Game of Minecraft or various U-Tube Videos of other Kiddos Creating Art or showing off their LPS and Shopkins Collections is Calling to her?  *Smiles*   It slays me the amount of things people create U-Tube Videos about, but I suppose they could say the same thing about the random shit I Blog about, right?  *Ha ha ha*  Especially when I am in a Blogging Frenzy and just NEED to Write even if I don't have a Clue what the Topic will be until I'm sitting here Creating a Post spontaneously!

And in the randomness of the Thoughts, Images and Topics I suppose it's much better results than when you try to contrive something.   I never want anything I Post to seem phony, feigned or artificial anyway.   When anything seems that way to me it's a definite turn-off and I just don't Believe it.   Haven't you ever had someone tell you something and it just rings false, manufactured or unnatural to the point you instantly think REALLY???!???   I do that a lot lately when I'm watching the News, especially anything Political and coming out of Washington, what a Circus and not nearly as Entertaining. 

Oh Mylanta, there are times I just have to NOT go there and watch any of it, even tho' it's rather like that Train Wreck you don't wanna see the carnage of, and yet... you wanna keep yourself informed of what epic tragedy is unfolding and what collateral damage has been done!?   The Man cannot watch any of it, he told me he's fought too hard and sacrificed too much for his Country during his lengthy Military Career to watch it going to Hell in a hand-basket now and feeling like it was all such a waste given the present outcome!

But being the incurable Optimist that I am, I tell him that everything will be alright in the End... and if it's not alright yet, clearly it's not the End yet.  And here, have some Home-Made Soup Honey, it can make you forget about almost anything not right with the World... Nom-Nom...


Blessings, Love and Optimism coming to you from the Arizona Desert... now that I've gotten my Blogging Frenzy for the Day out of my System... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Happy you have your cool quite mornings! Blessings on you and yours! Hoping for a great vacation for you all!


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