Monday, May 22, 2017

Rust & Roses ~ Quiet Meanderings

While out and about during my two day foray I did seem to have better luck with the Photography I took at my Friend Shelly's Shop RUST & ROSES, every Image turned out!   So I didn't feel like a total failure for the Photo Shoots taken both days, the good Imagery helped me save face with myself!  *LOL*

Well, some weren't as crisp as others, but they were presentable enough to Share at least and not have to ditch while Editing for my Post!   Lately I have been pushing myself hard to accomplish a lot before the weather gets too brutally Hot, so perhaps I'm just more fatigued than usual?

The Young Prince will be attending Comicon for four days at the end of next week, he can hardly wait... and I'll be getting my Dreads next Sunday, I can hardly wait either!  *Smiles*   I ordered some Nag Champa scented DOLLYLOCKS Dreadlock Shampoo and it smells Divine, just like the Essential Oil Perfume I always wear, so it will layer nicely with my signature scent.

Princess T's last day of School is Wednesday and she only has a half day... alas, The Young Prince doesn't get out of his Charter School for Summer Break until early June.   I will be so glad to have the Freedom to sleep in, do what I want without having to rush Home to retrieve Children from School, do so much commuting to get Kiddos to and from School, or deal with Homework and IEP's for Summer Break!  I don't know whose Happier, the Grands or I?!?  *Winks*

Of coarse the New Challenge will be Child Boredom, which will set in quite quickly because Modern Children seem to lack Imagination when it comes to entertaining themselves.   Modern Children seem to require megadoses of stimulation and an entertainment Director at their disposal or they're claiming they can't find anything to do!  Doesn't matter if they own everything under the Sun, it's apparently not sufficient to hold their interest for long!?!

Their definition of Go Play and mine are apparently Worlds apart, they seem to think I should be involved in this Play, as they define it... when was the last time you saw Seniors at Play?  *LOL*  Yes, I will Play various Board Games, but beyond that I'm just not in my Prime anymore for Playing.  *Smiles*  The first words out of their mouths on any Day Off from School is always, "What are WE gonna do Today Gramma?"  Usually those words are spoken in my ear while I'm still asleep... it seems to bother them to see me still Sleeping past Sunup!!!

Yes, some of my Senior Friends who aren't raising their Grandchildren like to remind me that quite soon enough I'll miss that they don't want to Hang Out with me anymore and consume all of my time.   I want to slap them when they say that... I've been Hanging Out with this duo daily for almost 17 years and almost 12 years respectively... I miss having NO time to myself, that's what I miss!   I want to Hang Out with Grandchildren like a NORMAL Grandparent... mebbe an hour or so once in a Blue Moon, spoil 'em rotten and then send 'em Home to torment their Parents like you're supposed to!  *LMAO*

Because hanging out with this duo is not your average Hang Out with your average Kiddo and even if I were of a Normal Parenting Age it would still kick my ass!   Children in general possess infinite Energy... Hyper Children with Mental Health and/or other Special Needs not only have infinite Energy, their inability to Mood Regulate or possess any kind of Stability means they can turn on you on a dime!  You can go from having Fun and being their Bestie to NOT having Fun any more and being The Enemy in the blink of an Eye!!!  

It's like Hanging Out with Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde... or Pod People whose bodies get snatched and replaced by demon spawn at any given point in time during any given day... and you never know when it's gonna happen!   Your Sweet Docile Grandchild whose gushing over how much they Love you and want to go have a Good Time with you can suddenly take you to Hell and back for no apparent reason!!!  And when that Switch happens, you don't have any desire to Hang Out with them anymore and especially in Public!   Yes, I Love unconditionally... but Hanging Out with The Force can be a double edged sword so much of the time with either of them.

He's a bit easier now that he's almost 17 because most of the time he doesn't want to spend time with any of us... unless he has a hidden Agenda and ulterior Motives... and we're Okay with that!  *Smiles*   When he's too Nice to me and sucking up I get instantly suspicious and on guard!  *LOL*   He knows it too, so we usually just cut to the chase and drop the facade... whaddya want NOW and just lay your cards on the table Boy... I'm on to ya!  *Winks*

I'm Bankrolling Comicon so he's being particularly Pleasant to me, I have leverage.  *Winks*   It's harder to have leverage with the Other One, she's a slippery one when it comes to finding the Currency that will Control her successfully and gain the upper hand.  *Dammit!*   She'll punish her own self if she thinks it will punish everyone around her... she's The Punisher like that... and revels meting it out!   Sometimes I swear that Child actually Enjoys being Miserable, Malcontent and Morose!??!??

Of coarse she's at that stage of Puberty now where we knew it was coming... when the Ratchet Bitch Mode would come forth out of the once Sweet Child who could be our absolutely Adorable Princess.  *Le Sigh*  Now she's become The Antagonist... the proverbial Queen Of Hearts that drags you down her Rabbit Hole and is demanding Off With Their Heads when she doesn't get her own way!!!  In fact they had a Play this past week at her School and they cast her as The Queen Of Hearts, I'm not kidding!  The Young Prince dryly says, "Well, that's appropriate..."  *Bwhahahaha!!!*

She was just Happy to be cast as a Powerful Queen, regardless of if ferocious and evil!  *LOL*  Oh Yes, The Princess T is quickly growing up into The Queen Of Hearts my Friends and is a Force to be reckoned with.  This is why Hanging Out with her, even tho' she always wants me to, is dicey!   We have yet to get thru an entire Hanging Out day without things going Left you see... so it's a Wrap the moment she gets Unlovely.   Because two Powerful Queens clashing can be quite the spectacle otherwise!  *Winks*

And yet, I STILL have delusions of actually sleeping in during Summer Break... and not having to go anywhere Under Protest or coercion... of having Quiet Meanderings and Me Days... Uh Huh... Dream On!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I love the madonna in your friend's shop.

    It is easy to raise children these days, and it sounds more challenging if you are older. Of course summers here are hard! xoxo Su


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