Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day May Day

So... I can't Believe that May has already rushed up on us... April was but a blur... a blip on the radar it seems!   So while you Enjoy some pixs I took while at RUST & ROSES while UBER CHIC HOME was there for the European Container Sale in April, we'll chat randomly, since I want to Create a Post but don't really have a solid Topic for one!  So lets just have a conversation! *Winks*

Anyway, so here we are in May already and Spring will be over by Month's End and Summer will rush in!   Is it just me, or is Time warping lately in an accelerated pace!?!   One that I'm struggling to keep up with actually because I like my Pace to be more leisurely.  I don't like to feel rushed anymore, tho' I am still quite a hyper person and don't like anything or anyone to move too slowly either!  Lets not run and lets not lollygag, lets just stroll thru our days.

But it hasn't been a stroll thru April, it's been rather more of a marathon actually with too much and not enough time and now it's already behind us and on to a brand new Month!  *Whew!*   I'm catching my breath from April and wondering where the time actually went since it sped by so fast at warp speed?!?

On a positive note, I did finally find a qualified Loctician to put in my Dreads at the end of the Month and ironically the Salon she works at is right next door to RUST & ROSES so I needn't have trawled the whole City seeking one!  Serendipity at it's best since I'll need Maintenance and this will be super convenient for me since I'm in the Melrose District all the time anyway!

It's more than about my hair actually... it's more symbolic of all of the Changes I've had to embrace in Life and the Lifestyle Changes it has had to require of me.  I won't even bore you with the Laundry List of Changes, most being involuntary or forced... but absolutely necessary and mostly deeply personal in content.  I've always been more of a Soul who likes the Familiar and is a Creature of Habit, so significant Changes are a Process for me.

Life can throw some Changes at ya that you never remotely Dreamed you'd be Dealing with... but you do... because you simply have to... no Choice.  Doing this one Change FOR ME then is significant, because it involves Free Will and Conscious Choice not being forced upon me or involuntary yet necessary.  Yet it is in fact a big Change, a Commitment and part of the Lifestyle Change Process I am already on the Journey of and have been for some time now.

It is also an Investment into something previously unfamiliar, which I'm quite used to doing, and have done many previously unfamiliar things that required significant Change very much On The Fly for a long time now.  This I could prepare myself for... in many ways, and for a while as I contemplated it carefully.  So different than other Changes which just often got dumped on me and Lifestyle had to just accommodate it all and morph instantaneously.

I don't know how you feel about significant Change in your Life or Lifestyle?  But as for me, if I have adequate time to Prepare, to Anticipate, to Adjust, then I can usually do pretty good no matter how difficult or Negative it could be.   Of coarse one always Hopes any significant Change can and will be Positive, but in our case that hasn't necessarily been the norm.  Making a Positive out of a Negative therefore is usually more typical.


On Purpose I have chosen a Free Will Change that will at first not be Easy nor Quick... and will require Patience, Growth and Commitment on my part.   I want to Grow in any Journey I'm embarking upon that requires Change and really that is the only way to do it.  To adopt the Change as a Lifestyle more than a Style or a different way to have to be and not be completely on board about it or Committed to it.

In Modern times I find that few are ready for any deep Commitment to anything or anyone... things are just much more superficial and desiring instant gratification or some Pay-Off and Reward with very little personal Sacrifice.   The 'Whats In It For Me' Mentality is the best way to describe how I see a vast majority of people behaving when they make any Choices now to allegedly 'commit' to anything or anyone. 

 I've never wanted to be that person... I doubt that I ever will be that person... it's just not how I'm hard-wired I guess.  When I Commit to anything or anyone, it's Serious to me... even if I didn't have Time to adequately prepare or have it turn out 'Just So' as I'd prefer for it to be and play out. 

 I guess we each have our Journey and our Path to travel... mine has required a great deal of Stamina and Commitment to continue upon... and it hasn't always taken me where I WANTED to go, but that's Okay.  I don't always know where I'm going or where it's taking me, but I'm on my way.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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    1. I'm just anxious... ha ha ha... seriously, I'm rather excited, tho' nervous since I know it takes time and patience for the end result, it's not something that looks mature for quite a few months but right now my hair isn't the way I'd like it to look anyway, so what the hell... winks... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I think the dreads are going to be very cool. It's a great idea! Hope you'll be keeping us in on the process.


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