Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It Smells Like Old Ladies...

Kids say the funniest things... Princess T is out of School on Summer Break so she's my constant Companion and Sidekick now.  She was helping me choose an alternate Votivo Candle Scent, since we couldn't find my "Forgotten Sage" favorite fragrance of the line.  She picked one up and wrinkled her nose saying, "Ewww... it smells like Old Ladies!!!"  I HAD to take a whiff to see what an eleven year old thinks smells like Old Ladies?  *LOL*  It wasn't a bad fragrance, just a Classic Floral Blend... like the Perfumes a lot of Elderly Ladies prefer to wear.  Sooooo... THAT'S what Old Ladies smell like huh?  *Winks* 

Now she's piqued my Curiosity... "So, do you think I smell like an Old Lady?" I query.   "No, Gramma, you smell like this one..." and she hands me the "Champaca" fragrance, which I didn't even know was in the Votivo Line.  Indeed, for the Gal that smells like Nag Champa, she was spot on... this aromatic blend of Sandalwood and Champaca Petals is reminiscent of my signature fragrance I've worn in what seems like Forever and everyone says they know me by! 

  It has often been said by my Family and Friends that they know I'm somewhere nearby if they smell Nag Champa in the air!  *LOL*   I didn't think I'd find a scent I'd like as much as "Forgotten Sage" in this Votivo line, now I know there's a great backup scent I simply J'Adore equally!!!  We bought it immediately, I only Wish it had been available in more than the Travel Candle size.

We've been having a big time doing the Girl's Day Out thing together actually, she's getting to that age where hanging out together isn't as draining for me.  She's quickly Blossoming into a Young Lady before my very Eyes, as so many of the Grand-Daughters have been doing.  Though she'll always be our Baby Girl, the Youngest Child we've raised since Birth.   And tho' she's our Grandchild, when you've raised them, it's a relationship bond more similar to raising a Daughter... since we're as close as a Mother and Daughter would be.

Our Antique Mall was having a huge Memorial Day Weekend Sale and I did very well during it.   So I did treat myself to a little pressy while everything was 20% off... since I'd been Admiring this 1930's Era Carnival Kitsch Chalkware Girl and she was begging me to take her Home!  *Winks*   She's a particularly large specimen and still has much of her paint, tho' she does have some condition issues, as most of them do after this many years.

I was still digging her and she's now added to my extensive Vintage Carnival Kitsch Chalkware Collection.   It's getting harder to find these at a bargain like I used to be able to, they've had a resurgence in popularity as many things Vintage Kitsch have.   And since my Collection is considerable I don't always buy every one I see anyway.  I've Curated the Collection and become much more Editorial, as I have with most everything I'm Keeping now.

The same with my Library, now a Book has to totally Rock before I'll add it to our Library shelves.   This is one such Book, by Selina Lake, called "Botanical Style".   I have several of her Books and I Love them all, but being I'm very 'Into' Botanical Style I'm having an absolute Love Affair with the Imagery in this Inspirational Book, which I had to buy Online because I couldn't find it Locally at any Book Store!   *Swooning!!!* 

I mean there's an entire Chapter devoted to Boho Botanicals for Heaven's Sake!   I'm Boho to my Core... and so a blend of Boho Style and Botanical Style is right up my Alley and leaning towards my Aesthetic!   The Photography in this Book is luscious... it just makes you want to visit these Spaces and spend time there on the Canvas of your Imagination!!!

And there's an entire Chapter devoted to Industrial Botanicals too... and so as to accommodate The Man's Aesthetic as well we've been moving to a Vintage Industrial Vibe blended into our Home's Decor.   I totally Love the Vintage Industrial Vibe myself so there's no compromise necessary. So I just have to put my Spin on it for the Home so that our Essence is apparent.

One more peek into the pages... I mean you HAVE to buy this Book too my Friends, every single Page is Swoon worthy, I Promise you!   This Simple exposed Brick Wall with Futon Bed and Warehouse Loft Botanical Style has me re-thinking how I want to eventually upgrade our Boudoir Space in the Future.

But here in the Present I've been still busily unpacking boxes and crates in the Hoarded Garages.  Most items have been whisked off to the Showrooms to be Sold... or have been Donated to Charity Shops if they're not what I want to Sell in my Showroom... but I am rediscovering some Keepers as well.   I've had everything in the Garages packed away as Storage for just shy of two years now, so it's like a Treasure Hunt of my own Stuff I had entirely Forgot about!  *LOL*  I found some of my extensive Rosary Collection still packed away, so that being one of my most Beloved very early Collections, I'm having Fun finding places to Display them around New Villa Boheme'.


My Rosary Collection was one of my first extensive Collections that I spent many years accumulating and I have so many Memories of when I got each one.  I have Rosaries from many Eras and from all around the World.   By the time I finished expanding the Collection I had refined my Search to procuring only the most unusual or Rare Rosaries I didn't already have in the Collection.  It still brings me endless hours of Pleasure beholding my Rosaries and other Spiritual Collections, so I've Kept a great many.   But I have also Sold Off a great many as well, so the Collections are about half of what I used to Own.  Religious and Spiritual items have held their Value well and only significantly increased over Time, so it was a Wise Investment.

Of coarse my Quirkier items are Keepers, regardless of real or perceived Value... I don't really Care what the Profit Margins would be, because I don't have any immediate Plans to part with most of them.   But I have parted with some of them... Yes I have!!!   I recently Sold a couple Canning Jars filled with Porcelain Doll Heads... they didn't stay in Inventory long, so I suppose 'My People' have Found me and become Regular Visitors to my Showroom?!?  Just in case I part with my Oddities, Curiosities and other Weird shit, right?!??!  *Winks*

Yes, I'm that Kooky Gramma they used to talk about in the lead Introduction to the TV Reality Show "Oddities" from New York's Shop 'Obscura'.  Damn I sure Miss that Show and it's Sister Show from San Francisco's Shop 'Loved To Death'!   Those were mos def MY kinda People!!!   I could hang out endlessly with a Crowd like those folks, we'd have so much in Common!!!   And... even tho' I'm a Weirdo... at least I don't smell like an Old Lady... *Winks*   Nope, I'm still the Gal that smells like Nag Champa and my Grand-Daughter said that because of that, I'm a GOOD smelling Gramma!  *Awwww... Smiles* 

Yes Kids can say the funniest things and also the Sweetest things as well, can't they my Friends?   And that is why it's always Amusing to Hang Out with them, you just never know what will fall out of their Mouths???!!?!??!!  *Smiles*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Glad you enjoy each others company! Happy Summer outings and projects!

  2. Think how many earnest and sincere prayers were said, and by so many people, on your rosary collection!

  3. The book looks real cool. . .I'll have to look it up! Love what your Grand had to say about "Smells like Old Ladies" - LOL! It's so true, too! :)

  4. I cracked up just at the Very thoughtful post, I'm so happy you can have some enjoyment, and nothing is better than having girls. I had boys, but now I have two beautiful, smart, loving D-in-laws, I adore. Fun post. Oh and Old Lady smell---is pancake makeup---noxema--and Midnight in Paris---lol. My first job was in a department store, and this lady came in once a week to buy hose---and that's what she smelled like. Maybe a little moth balls too. Grins, Sandi

    1. Oh how funny about your dept store Customer! I now live closer to a Retirement Community and when I'm out and about the fragrances the Elderly prefer is more evident and tho' not a bad aroma, it is a more distinctive one associated with an Era from the Past. LOL Dawn... The Bohemian


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