Monday, May 8, 2017

Do You Love It... Or Just Like It?

I am super deep into the Purging and Culling Process... therefore, the Primary Question I'm asking myself over and over again as I wade and sort thru my Possessions is: Do you Love it... or just Like it?   Some Loves are abiding and a no-brainer for me, such as hand dyed Seam Binding... I could have the entire house festooned with it and not think I had Too Much!  *LOL*

Bohemian Bling... another no-brainer for Keeping indefinitely, I just never tire of my Collection of Antique and OOAK Artisan Created Bling.   I almost feel like a Pirate with their Treasure Chest anytime I'm wading thru my Bling, so there's no actual Editing, Purging or Culling going on when I'm with it, I'm just Communing with it!  *Winks*

Antique Hardware is another Hoarded Up Keeper... Sure, I have more than enough to part with some... I just don't wanna!  *LOL*   Some are Amazing and some are just Plain and Simple, but all are from that bygone Era when even something as utilitarian as Hardware had a Beauty to it that Modern Hardware just lacks.   I have been known to re-dress my Old Doors with Hardware swaps since to me Old Hardware is like Wardrobe Accessories when it comes to Styling.

Then we come to my Obsession with Vintage Fabrics... which knows no bounds, but Believe it or not, I've actually begun parting with some of my Fabric Hoard!  *Gasp!*   Yep, it's True, just had Too Much and knew it, time to Pare it down to just the absolute Loves and not just the Vintage Fabrics I Liked but didn't have a strong Attachment to.   Who knew that Vintage Fabrics would Sell so well... guess I'm not the only one Obsessed with them!?  *Smiles*

So Yes, with recent days having returned to unseasonably balmy Seventy to Eighty degree Weather suddenly, after the triple digits had already set in... I've opened up the Garage Doors and secluded myself in there to Edit, Purge and Cull like a Woman Possessed!!!  I've blasted thru over a dozen Boxes and Crates and hauled box loads into the Showroom to refresh Inventory.  I've Let Go and been True to the Chant of Love it or just Like it?

Though the Loves will stay for now, once the entire Edit and Purge Project has gone thru an entire Round One... I do fully Intend to have at least a Round Two... or perhaps Three... who knows how many?   I am Confident that what will stay permanently will be only the most Beloved of Objects when I'm finally Done and finish whatever will be the Final Round.

And I'm staying very True to myself when bringing anything In now... if it isn't a Love or absolutely Essential and Useful, well, it isn't being dragged Home as something to Keep in our Possessions.  It goes straight to the Showroom and was Sourced with Inventory in mind to go Home with someone else and make a Profit from it.  I'd rather Save Up and procure the Primo Loves, like my Friend Cyndie's Line of Meerschaum Reliquaries, which I know when I buy them are indefinite Keepers!

I'm also staying True to the five-to-one Rule and for every one item I Keep, a minimum of five must go Out... in order to keep myself Accountable to successfully Edit and Cull Personal Possessions.  Some items I have no worries will ever actually end up becoming a significant Hoard in this Lifetime.  Vintage Millinery is so hard to Source now that I have been Collecting it for YEARS and still only have a Modest, but impressive Stash of it.

And Taxidermy, well, whenever I find it Cheap I pick it up because it's something that has been both a Keeper and a Hot Commodity to Sell... and a lot more difficult to Source now that it's Popularity has returned.   Would I Love to Source an entire Collection of someone's Taxidermy in a Bulk Purchase... well, Hell Yeah, that's the Stuff my Fantasy Dreams are made of!  *Winks*

But I am very Proud of myself that what I had begun as a self-improvement Project and to Simplify Life, in order that our Children and Grandchildren wouldn't be burdened with Dealing with it when I'm gone, is down to just some Garage Space Boxes and Crates now!  Will it be Done by the end of 2017, I'm not entirely Sure, but it's certainly looking like a Possibility if I keep up the present pace!

And if the Weather holds for a while longer, I won't have to wait until Fall to continue Enjoying the Process right there in the Garages, sitting with the doors opened to the Fresh Air and hearing the Birds serenade me with their Beautiful Chorus!   With an 'Office' space like that to Work in, well, it just doesn't get any better than that my Friends...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Ah, you have inspired me to head to the basement to weed through the 4 generations of 'Schmutz' and good stuff. I need to get listings in my shop. I know there is at least ten biscuit jars wrapped up, that I'm sure someone may be interested in. Sigh, I do get your process, now I just need to follow through, though I may start with 1 to 3...instead of 1 to 5, LOL. Sandi

    1. So Glad you received Inspiration to begin your own Culling Process, it's actually Fun to rediscover objects you completely forgot you even had! *Smiles* And to have all that Instant Inventory to hawk without any outlay! My Hidden Treasures usually do quite well once I finally get them priced and into the Showroom rather than Hoarded up in Storage where nobody is Enjoying them! And Yes, start modestly and work your way up to the Epic Purge... I've found that if I just give myself a reasonable Goal each day I usually exceed it and then feel quite accomplished! Dawn... The Bohemian


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