Friday, April 21, 2017

Sweet Salvage ~ Color Stories ~ Part II

So we're back at SWEET SALVAGE for more of a Feast for the Eyes in the 'Color Stories' series.   I'm not really sure yet whether or not I'll get a chance to go back this weekend with the Family?  So this could be the final Post... or not... *Winks*

I'm really contemplating, since I Love Photography as a Hobby, whether or not to Invest in a really high quality Camera to get the quality of Imagery that I really would like to graduate to?  If only I could find a user friendly hand held Camera that takes the sharpness of Image like my Smart Phone!

I'm Tech Challenged so nothing with too many gadgets and settings, something to basically point and shoot but with superb quality, is that even possible?  I'm also thinking of upgrading my storage space online since this too is a Favorite Hobby, even tho' Blogging seems to be falling out of favor nowadays.

I tend to hold onto Favorite Hobbies and Things long past when everyone else is 'Over' them.  If I really like doing something or having something, I don't really Care if it's Trending or fallen out of favor actually with everyone else.   I like and enjoy what I like and enjoy... regardless of popularity.

The trouble with that of coarse is interaction... if it's not relevant to hardly anyone else anymore I usually end up with a Solitary Hobby.  I'm rather saddened really to see Blogging falling out of favor and so few doing it compared to a few years ago when there were so many Awesome regular Blogs and Bloggers here in The Land.

I really Enjoy Blogging, but I also equally Enjoyed visiting the Blogs of other avid Bloggers.  I made many Friends thru doing this actually and received tons of Inspiration and good advice.   There are some of us left who might remain regardless if the population wanes further here in The Land of Blog.  It's akin to one of those Charming little Towns where everyone begins to move away though.

Haven't you ever driven thru one of those Charming little Towns and Wondered why so many left?  What exactly was the tipping point that made them move on and abandon the place?   I am supposing there are a myriad of valid reasons, but mostly I think that Technology in the realm of Social Media just has so many New Things all the time to replace something else and everyone hops onto the next New Thing.

It's like Phones now, one is hardly out before another one replaces it and almost everyone ditches the one before it, even if they haven't had it all that long or Invested a lot in it.   I'm not sure that I like that everything is so disposable now, that's the Dinosaur in me talking.  I don't need every New Thing that comes out or have the Desire to even explore it on Social Media sites, so I often get left behind... way behind.  *Smiles*  I am Aware that Social Media is one of the fastest changing Industries out there!  I can't keep up and I don't even Want to actually!

But I like to Maintain things and use them a lot and not cast them aside habitually... Maintaining a Blog is kind of like Maintaining anything else actually that I have.   If I'm NOT going to Maintain something then I do dispose of it and lay it to rest rather than neglect it.   That includes Relationships with me... if a Relationship is not going to be Maintained reciprocally, it bothers me when neglect sets in.  I simply don't have the Time nor the Energy to keep trying to revive it or resurrect it from a dead or dying place.

One of my Favorite Quotes in fact is: Never make anyone a priority that merely considers you as an option.    Someone ceases to be a priority to me the moment I feel I'm optional to them, I can happily move on and drop em like a rock.   But I do have Loyalties that are tenacious, especially to anything that really matters and is relevant to me, even if it isn't to anyone else.

I am a Loyal 'regular' to all of my favorite Businesses for instance.  Most of my Favorite places 'know' me, my Favorite restaurants know my order before I even order, I am rather a creature of habit that way. *Smiles*  I've met some of the best people thru my regularity of habit that have become Friends over the years.  I don't have any problem with situational Friendships in fact... it's different than the Ride or Die Type, but precious nonetheless in it's own distinctive way.

I therefore do thoroughly Enjoy those Venues where some of the same people make the regular pilgrimages there and you see each other at the regular Events.   I might only ever see them there... but sometimes I see them around by pure Serendipity elsewhere too, which is always a nice Surprise to catch up in between Shows or Events.

I have also had the distinct Pleasure, on numerous occasions, to meet someone in person for the first time, at places I've Covered here on my Blog.  They will walk up, introduce themselves as a Blog Supporter, and because they've followed my Blog, it's almost as if we already 'know' one another rather than meeting someone 'cold' for the first time!!! 

In fact, one of my Local BFF's and I Joke that she met me thru my Blog first... and then in Person.  When by pure Serendipity, we both became Vendors at the same Antique Mall, meeting in person for the first time before it actually even opened!!!   She was also my very first Customer, buying a Retro Kitchen Step Stool I was just carrying in when she introduced herself as a Blog Supporter!  Life can be very random like that sometimes in a Mysterious kinda Connective way!

I always marvel at that Connectivity, because it happens with such frequency in my Life that I do not Believe it to be pure coincidence, but more of a Divine Appointment of sorts that can be so Surreal!   I have some True Stories that would raise the tiny hairs on your Arms about Connective Serendipity with some people that came into my Life or that of my extended Family's!!! 

For example, there was one fellow I met and became Friends with when we were both in our Twenties and his Family were stationed out here at Luke AFB too.  We got to talking about all of the other PCS Assignments our Dad's had in their lengthy Military Careers and what Bases we'd lived on and when.  Turns out his Family had lived in EVERY single Base during the SAME years we were Stationed there and more coincidentally, often only ONE STREET away!!!  What are the Odds?!??!  We'd never actually met before this last Assignment to Arizona where our Dads finally Retired!  Goosebumps!

Mom once met another European Gal married to an American GI and they became Besties for years.   It wasn't until perhaps four years into their Friendship when her Friend showed Mom her Wedding Album, taken probably 17 years before their Friendship began.  There was my Uncle, Mom's Older Brother, as Best Man in her Friend's Wedding Album!!!  It startled them both and it turns out that during that particular time my Uncle was actually Engaged to her Friend's Cousin!!!  So... had the Relationship worked out {it didn't}, they would have been Relatives via a Marriage and mebbe would have met years earlier!   Small World, huh?!?

I'm sure you might have those Connective Surreal Type of Stories yourself?  I just find it to be Comforting really, how Connected so many things really ARE!  And how tight the Circles can actually be, especially regarding Kindred Spirits.  I have always Wondered how people stumble upon just the Right Blogs too, you know, without even really trying to, just Pure Serendipity and Chance in the vastness of Cyberspace!

And I don't know how you might have arrived here, but I'm certainly Glad you showed up... and for some of you, visit regularly and Connect.   It's a Priceless part of the Experience.   And when you can Relate to a Post Topic... or be Amused... or be Inspired... or Touched by one, then my little Hobby has been beneficial to more than just me, which is a nice warm fuzzy, isn't it?  *Smiles*

And I want to Thank all of the Bloggers I visit regularly who have done the same for me during my visits to their Wonderful Blogs!   In the Sharing of the Life Experiences, so much can happen that is beneficial, for the Writers and for the Readers.   So I do Hope that Blogging doesn't just go away like Letter Writing has... because Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, well, they just don't Do It for me and they'd be a Poor substitute for The Land of Blog!  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You are not alone .....I've had a Blog for years too and got to know so many here and followed lots of Blogs which have sadly been abandoned. I myself got busy with my days running my own brick and mortar and being on FB which is a great tool for businesses. I tried joining art groups through FB but never got the same feeling from them that I did from blogging. So ...... I am back ......or slowly joining back in and checking to see who is still around and discovering new blogs.I love this little world and have been missing it for a while . I would never want to see it totally disappear . I love all of your photos and I've been reading your blog for years .....please stay :) - Sue

    1. Thank you Sue for the compliment and Welcome Back to the Land of Blog! I don't intend to abandon mine, I really Love doing this and have met so many Wonderful people thru this Community and a core group remain who seem committed to The Land. *Smiles* Running your own Brick and Mortar is indeed consuming, which is why I only have a small Showroom in an Antique Mall, which is all I can handle right now along with Caregiving... it's Just Enough for me. Dawn... The Bohemian


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