Monday, April 24, 2017

Happiness Maiden

Saving up for her wouldn't be the problem, I am tenacious about Saving up for what I want and selling off enough to fund whatever I'm upgrading for.  But transporting a 300+ lb. Stone Happiness Maiden Statue however, would be!  And getting her into the Inner Courtyard where she would Create Happiness is logistically a huge Challenge!  *LOL*  

I thought about asking The Son if he and a couple of his stud muffin Friends would be Game for the task whenever I Save up enough to bail her out?  But I'm thinking I might just have to hire some Professional Movers when the time comes.  Or see if the Shop Owners offer Delivery Services or know of some?  She is the Ideal for what I want to do in the Inner Courtyard Styling... so I'm determined eventually... Happiness Maiden will reside at New Villa Boheme'!

I saw something else very Inspiring... this Bedroom in a Home for Sale Downtown.   In it's Simplicity it was captivating.   I am no Minimalist, however, this Style of Minimalist Decor I could Roll with.  I'm contemplating doing A Room in a Tranquil Styling like this just to see how I can Live with it?  I'm eyeballing a lot of my things that must Go... moreso than usual lately actually.  It's a shame I hung so many things up already on Walls and now think I may Sell much of the Art, I'm just not Sure I want to Keep it all?

I'm just Feeling a definite Shift and I can't quite explain it yet, but I know that I'm becoming restless to do something completely different.  Not so much as an Experiment, but just because I Feel it is necessary right now and so I want to begin moving in that direction with Purpose and determination.  I'm thinking I might clear out the Juliet Room Upstairs and go in a different direction than initially I was thinking.  I haven't painted any of the walls yet, they're still White, tho' I have both colors of paint I had thought I was going to use.  Colors that were more Nostalgic for the Missing of my Old Art Studio Cottage than they were Ideal for a room transformation here actually.

I haven't so much procrastinated as I've hesitated and had a very long Pause, on Purpose... not certain Why at first, but now I think that I know.  That Tranquil Zen Room is very likely the reason behind Why, I am being drawn to Rooms such as that lately as I Let Go of what Was more completely.  I Believe I've been Needing a Room like that and the blank canvas of the Juliet Room would be the Ideal place for it actually.  I'm having a Moment of Clarity now about what I should be Focusing upon... and that makes taking Action so much easier.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You have a wonderful collection of interesting things, but shedding feels 'oh, so good', too!

    1. Thank You, I've enjoyed many of the items for years but shedding does feel very good indeed! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I wish you the settled feeling you are looking for!

    1. Thank You my Friend, feeling very conflicted lately about the Styling of some of the rooms I haven't tackled yet, would prefer to do them just once and will begin with the Lighter Decor with Minimal Styling initially. As I purge possessions it's helping to decide what I want to surround myself with that is Just Enough and not Too Much. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Sometimes when our lives are chaos, we need a space, a wall, even the bathroom, to just sit and be alone and think and feel and decide what the next move/emotion should be. I can totally understand your wanted at least one space that isn't overstimulation.
    Something to be said for that, and summer when it's hot is the perfect time to find a spot that is cool for the mind as well as the body. Sandi


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