Friday, February 3, 2017

Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing

I suppose Valentine's Day can be a very depressing day... it's never been so for me... but in talking with others I now realize that for many people it's not a day they look forward to Celebrating and it's not Romantic for them.  Sometimes it's even a Painful Day for them to get thru.  Perhaps they've never experienced True Love... perhaps they have and it has been Lost?  I never know the particulars since it's none of my business unless they choose to Share why they don't look forward to the Holiday.

I therefore feel very fortunate indeed that for me Valentine's Day has always been Special and Memorable in only the best of ways all of my Life.  I've always been Loved and have Loved Freely, so my Life has never had a Void where Love should occupy it.  Or in the giving of Love away, which is always the best part even if the reciprocation is not guaranteed.  Some people have trouble Loving in the Traditional sense of the word... some profound Disabilities can make it so that your Love has to be unconditional... and not count upon or based upon receiving it back without barriers a Disability might cause.

I couldn't even imagine feeling unloved or never having Loved deeply... to me Love is a many-splendored thing.  And true loneliness and isolation from giving or receiving Love is the greatest Poverty. But even though it is a couple of weeks away, I've come across those that are already dreading that Valentine's Day is on the horizon and they'll have to endure another one!   I Wish I could relate so that I'd have proper empathy, but I can't since I have no point of reference to draw upon so sympathy will have to do and be extended instead and allow them to at least Feel the Love of Friends who Care.

To be sure there are many like me that look forward to the day, not for what we can get out of it, but in the Love Language of Giving to those we Love.  I've already begun my Valentine's Day Shopping in earnest for my Loved Ones.  I Delight in picking out something I know they will Love receiving.  My Crew have a Love Language of Enjoying receiving of Gifts and they actually were circling their Valentine's Day boxes of Candies so I didn't have the Heart to make them wait!  *LOL*   The G-Kid Force don't know there is a 'lil somethin-somethin they will also receive Valentine's Day which is hidden away in a Secret Stash.  *Winks*

Over the years I've gotten many Wonderful Valentine's Day Gifts myself as well, though for me Gift receiving is never necessary.  Some have been Humble, some have been Extravagant, all have been equally Appreciated because it's come from the Heart of those who presented them to me.  Just about all of my Valentine's Day Gifts have had a certain Sentimental Nostalgia associated with them.

And Yes, sometimes I've given myself a Love Gift, why not?  *Winks*  You should Love Yourself, otherwise, how can you properly Love anyone else?  Self Love is very Important in my opinion... those who don't even Love themselves typically are quite Jaded about Love in general I've observed.

The hurting have a tendency to hurt others... the deeper their own hurt, the more apt they are to to Guard themselves by pushing others away and building up walls to keep everyone out.   Love is a basic Need but not everyone's Need is being met.   Some even seem confused about why they find it difficult to express Love appropriately or receive it graciously.


And indeed we all have our own Love Languages if you will, things that to us show and represent Love or are ways we show our Love to others.   I used to have a Book that detailed various Love Languages and it was interesting, because I hadn't realized up until I read it, that not everyone has a similar one or a preference for giving or receiving Love.

I actually discovered my own preferences were more in line with what people DO to show their Love towards me than what they might Give in the way of Gifting.   After all, in my Mind you can give a Gift without a lot of Emotional Investment or attachment really, all you need is the money to purchase it.   But an Act of Service towards another does show more Investment and Self Sacrifice... well, that or Creating a Gift which also infuses your Essence into it and is a Labor of Love.


Besides, speaking for myself only, some of the best Gifts I have received have been those Simple Acts done with Great Love... or made with Great Love and presented with the excitement of beholding my reaction to it.   Think along the lines of those Love Gifts your Children might have made you and Surprised you with... or some Sweet Act of Service done for you quite unexpected and with Great Love by anyone.

And tho' I don't eat Chocolate, so I never received Valentine's Heart Boxes filled with Chocolates, I do Adore the Vintage Valentine's Chocolate Boxes, they just don't make 'em like that anymore.   I remember liking to receive Mom's after she finished eating all the Candy, because all I was interested in was the Box!  Yes, I'm not just a Strange Adult, I was a Strange Child too!  *LOL*

And I was talking to some of the Older Friends and reminiscing about how much we all Enjoyed the Valentine Card Exchanges at School when we were Young Children.   We all recalled Decorating Quaker Oats Canisters or Shoe Boxes to make into Valentine's Day Mailboxes in Class and then painstakingly picking out just the right Cards to give to each Schoolmate and laboring at writing on them. *Smiles*

Maybe I'm totally biased, but I think our Old School Era Vintage Children's Valentine's Day Cards we exchanged were so much better than the one's you can buy today.   Mostly the Vintage Graphics were so Corny, Whimsical and Cute.  Tho' in hindsight some Eras of Vintage Children's Valentine's Card Graphics I Googled were so inappropriate, so offensive and downright racist it is unbelievable to think they were actually Commercially made and given to Children to exchange or deemed humorous by anyone with an ounce of humanity in them!

I tried to find Graphics that I kinda remember being the Type I either gave or received as a Child and Cherished, often keeping them for years.   There were always those Cards you favored... either because of the Graphics or perhaps because of WHO gave it to you.  *Winks*   Since everyone in the Class presented one to each other it was a stretch to think the one you received from certain 'Crushes' were Personal, but didn't you kinda Feel they were anyway?  *LOL*

Sometimes your 'Crush' wasn't in your Class and because back then most of us Kids only just signed OUR first name on the back of each card, often my Friends and I would swap Cards if we had one their 'Crush' had signed or they had one your 'Crush' had signed.  *Smiles*  I remember Cherishing a swapped Card given to me by a Friend from a certain Boy I had a Juvenile 'Crush' on... ah, the Imagined Love Letters of Childhood!  *Winks*

Or, we'd swap Cards if we wanted some of the Cards we thought were Cutest... so a lot of Valentine's Day Card Swaps went on in those days.   I don't know that Kids Care so much now about such things, I dunno?   I do know that Princess T agonizes about what Cards to buy and who to give each one to and it brings back fond Memories of Childhood Valentine's Day Card exchanges at School.

This year she's a little apprehensive about bringing her Cards in since she's not sure if 5th Graders still exchange Cards or not?   She desperately wants to, so I've told her that even if the Class doesn't, since this is the first year they have several Classes with different Teachers... and I'm not sure what the Age Cut Off is for exchanging Valentine's Day Cards at School *LOL*... she can still hand them out to her Friends if she wants to?

This year she chose Shopkin Cards for the Girls and Cards with Rubber Bugs for the Boys.   I still think that compared to Vintage Cards the Modern ones aren't nearly as Creative and if it wasn't so hard to locate the best ones with Graphics I particularly like, I'd build a small Collection of Vintage Ones to Display during Valentine's Day.  These I gleaned from Pinterest to Share in this Post were some of my personal favorites others had preserved for posterity.  I applaud whoever Saved them from being discarded over the years!  I do Wonder what small percentage got Rescued from being thrown away?

I do have some Antique Valentine's Day Postcards {like shown in the lead Post Image}... but it's so hard to even find the Old Valentine's Day Cards that Kids exchanged at School since few people Saved them forever.   I knew that eventually I threw all mine away and those my Children received and had kept... which actually would be considered Vintage now too!  *Ha ha ha*

So, we talked about and mused over Valentine's Days Past with heavy doses of Reminiscing and Nostalgia... those of us who had Fond Memories of it.   And I listened to some Friends who really don't like Valentine's Day at all, or even profess to Hate it, and often are very depressed about the Holiday actually for whatever their personal reasons.

I do Wish everyone could Enjoy every Holiday, but statistics do show that almost any Holiday Season often brings with it a lot of raw Emotion that isn't necessarily Positive nor Happy for many people.   It's a Shame but a Sad Truth for quite a substantial segment of Society apparently.

So I'd personally like to Embrace each hurting Heart with some Virtual Love extended this Valentine's Day.    And Hope that as it nears the actual day you can find a way to move thru it with Grace abounding so that it is not so difficult or Emotional in an unpleasant way for you.

We too have Lost some of those we Love over the course of a Lifetime and so it can be bittersweet to get thru any Holiday when someone Important is Missing and the Void is there where they used to fill that Space in our Hearts and Lives.  Those absent during the most Heartfelt Holidays can make it tough even if you are typically Joyful during the Holiday Seasons.

I choose to focus upon all of the Wonderful Memories I had Shared with those who are no longer around and especially during the Holiday Seasons.  Typically every Holiday coming up I take a trip down Memory Lane and peruse the Photo Archives for past years of that particular Holiday... to fondly Recall the Joy Shared.

And look forward to the Present Holiday and the Special Time Shared with Loved Ones during it now.   The making of New Memories and Shared Expressions of Love for one another.   Yes, Love is a many-splendored thing and I for one wouldn't miss any opportunity to show and express mine to those I Love... not just during a particularly Holiday, but every day if possible.


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love decorating for all the holidays. Valentine & Christmas Halloween & Independence Day are my Favorites!

    1. I used to decorate for all Holidays but in recent years have found myself not so much decorating for Valentine's Day since I don't really have an abundance of Decor for it anymore. Even the Decor for major Holidays and Holy Days has been seriously downsized and so mostly I just enjoy the day. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. That blue heart shaped box with a pink rose on top, just wow! This post is a lovely musing on love and Valentine's Day. I especially enjoyed all the vintage cards, they bring me back to a simpler time.

    1. Yes, a simpler time indeed... I'm hopeful we're returning to simplicity again, things have become way too complicated in Modern Life. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. This is the first year that my brother will be without his sweet wife, and I know it will be hard for him, so I will take him to lunch and spend some time together with him and our sister. Love the old valentine's you have here, boy do they bring back memories!

    1. I'm so sorry to hear of your Brother's Loss, it will leave a void on the most Romantic of days for sure, but I think what you and your Sister are doing to include him will still make it memorable in a good way. Dawn... The Bohemian


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