Thursday, February 9, 2017

Internet Rant... Clearly I'm Not A Patient Person

My Internet has been acting up all day for several days now and it's been beyond frustrating.  It's been a while since it's been problematic and I forgot how pissed off it makes me when it freezes, buffers, won't load and the like!  My Computer system is ancient, it should be donated to the Smithsonian when I'm done with it.  But, upgrades can be spendy and I worry enhancements will make how Tech Challenged I am all the more apparent?! 

 After all, enhancements often are filled with their own myriad of glitches and bugs to work out.  I was reminded of that Fact the other day when my Bank ATM Machine, newly enhanced, ate a considerable Check and yet said it hadn't processed my transaction... uh oh... right to a Human Teller I went!   Thank God they still have Humans... for now... *LOL*

Clearly I'm not a patient person, it's just never been one of my Virtues this Patience thing they talk of.  *Winks*   Do I Wish I was more patient, No, not really, when something is Wrong I want a Solution and I don't really have a lot of free time to sit around waiting for one.   I'm the one that would bury a Customer Service Dept. in Negative Feedback when whatever they charge for is not up to par!  *LOL*

Suffering in Silence is so overrated, I just don't do it generally.  *Smiles*  If I've got to suffer thru something I'm probably going to be very vocal about it in fact.  A good Rant or Vent does wonders for decreasing Anxiety or Stress about some injustice, whether Real or Perceived.  *Winks*  If I'm pissed off about something or someone it's not going to be a well kept Secret or sanitized... I'll Feel better just getting it off my chest and out into the open, so I do.

Right now it just happens to be an Internet Rant, tho' Thankfully I'm able to Create a Blog Post without Problems, the Visiting of other Blogs and making any Comments is near impossible Today.   I don't even Visit nor Comment that much anymore so I don't know why I'm so irritated actually, do you ever do that too?  Get really wound up about a trifle that doesn't really matter but for some reason you're intensely irked!?   I'm probably irked at other stuff really more Important and can't be fixed... so fixating instead on something trivial that bothers me and doesn't matter so much and is fixable, is just easier to digest.

There's a lot going on in the World lately that could be a real Downer and so I choose not to be Obsessed about it.   Many are at the exclusion of everything else it seems, I just can't live my Life that way or it could rob me of my Joy and nobody's getting that... voluntarily anyway!   There are some conversations I won't engage in nowadays with certain individuals because they are so Raw.  Or sometimes so extreme in any direction that I just can't go there... not Today... probably not Tomorrow... likely Never in fact.  My Peace is more Important to me and the Opinions of others not so Important to me and there it is in a nutshell.  *Smiles* 

Setting off someone has never been Wise and so I avoid the obvious Triggers, it's just more Peaceful that way and avoids un-necessary conflict and Drama I don't have time for.   I'd rather Agree to Disagree and leave it at that.   Besides, there is that patience thing that isn't so strong within me, so my patience for difficult situations and people being difficult is limited and once I've lost patience completely, it isn't pretty.   I'd rather stick with what is Calm and going Well as my primary Focus and Magnify that!

In fact, lately things have been Well with us and lots of Positive things have been happening and so I'd like to just savor it for as long as we can and bask in it.  In our World that is usually fraught with Negative things happening and coming against us it's so refreshing to have a string of Positives to Celebrate for a change!   I realize some people even Live like this on a consistent basis, I can't even Imagine what that would be like, but I could mos def get used to it, that's for sure!   I'm already thoroughly basking right now in ours and even an Internet situation can't dampen it hardly at all... hardly... well... somewhat.  *LMAO*

Do you know I almost let it derail my deliriously Happy string of Positive Events!  Almost... not quite... so a little Blog Rant was in order to dispel any Negative Energy building up and creeping in to sabotage the Bliss.   Which is why I just changed gears and decided that rather than frustrate myself further by stubbornly trying to Visit other Blogs or Comment when the glitch wouldn't let me right now, I'd just do a little Ranty Post about it instead.   I think when anything is bothering us to the point of Obsession or Distraction we should switch gears to ascend and rise above it rather than descend into Madness!

Right now Politics is driving some to utter Madness it seems, I'm sick to death with Politics and Politicians in general, even during an Election year... I can only take so much of any of it before stepping off.   I don't want to discuss it anymore because Emotions run too High on all sides.  I don't want to listen to the melee since it gets so Ugly and disrespectful between those with different points of view.  So if that's the only Topic in a Conversation, count me out or my Head will explode since it's so very divisive and probably always will be.  It's like watching War, how long do you want to see Humanity pitted against Humanity endlessly?  

The Man was watching a Special on Vietnam Revisited and I had to ask him Why and was this really Good for him?!  Being he'd already Lived it once, up close and personal during his numerous deployments there in his Special Forces days, and wasn't that ENOUGH?!  I knew it was a Bad Idea and finally he agreed it definitely was and turned the channel before he had a total Flashback and a full blown PTSD Incident!

 Revisiting that horror and having it dredge up old wounds, old Anxieties, the intense Suffering of all Humans involved, the difficult times of our lives getting thru it when it was in Real Time... serves no Positive Purpose for those who've been thru it IMO.   Some of those Images are etched so deeply in our psyches as it is that I don't need to have it replayed for Real in a revisitation of it on TV and drilled deeper!   I can never Forget too much of it and yet I don't really want to Remember either.  Too many Loved Ones of mine were scarred by War.

If just getting thru this Crazy Election and the way it's playing out daily is the very Worst thing that's ever happened to you, consider yourself Fortunate.  As for me and mine, we've Survived worse and we're still here and doing mostly Okay, so we're pretty sure we'll Survive all this too.   And if by chance we don't Survive it, well, then if I'm on borrowed Time anyway... I'm sure as Hell not gonna squander a minute of it, Life is too Precious!   I'm not running about like Chicken Little and for now my Sky isn't Falling.

Could it?  Well, Yes, it could... anybody's COULD... the Future isn't Promised to any of us and just about anything COULD happen or take us out.  But do you really want to dwell upon it day in and day out and forego Enjoying any of your Life?  I don't.  I will Live in and Enjoy my Moment.   I suppose having lived thru numerous hard times and Crisis has taught me to just Savor each Moment that isn't horrible, even those that don't last long and are fleeting.  Time enough to hit the Wall when the shit is hitting the Fan for Reals, as it often does.  If the fan isn't even on and the shit isn't flying yet, I'm basically Good having no shitfest for a even a Moment.  *Winks*

See how I have Calmed myself even tho' before beginning this Post I admit I was getting agitated about a trifle?   My Internet Rant now isn't even on my Mind at all... Gone... laid to Rest... over and done with.   Everything is as it should be and when you come back to Center it's all Good.  I try very hard, even in Mi Vida Loca, to come back to Center at least by the end of each day, no matter how horrible a day it played out.   And for the not horrible days it's easier to just stay Centered and not let your Calm be disturbed.

I Hope that for you this day has remained Centered and Calm.   And if it hasn't been, the day isn't over yet and you could get back to Center if you Focus on that being your ultimate Goal to restore your Calm and choose Happiness.  After all a Good Day is far Superior to a Bad Day isn't it?   And a Bad Day Fishing is still better than a Good Day at Work as they say... so it's all relative.  *Winks*


Blessings, Peace and Calm from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. That was a fun post. I certainly can relate about not being patient – I have never been one with that quality. Now, of course it is very hard for me with my husband with Alzheimer’s disease – he asks me the same thing constantly – it is not easy. I try to be calm but I often cannot stay calm – of course he forgets in about 10 seconds if I lose my cool (then I feel bad.) I like all the pictures you show throughout your post – eclectic and lovely. Thanks for coming to my blog a while back. I have so little time with my care giving 24/7 and trying to clear out 40 years of accumulation for our move that I don’t go on blogs often.

    1. Oh I can so relate to your dilemma! As a full time Caregiver too and The Man's TBI he too often asks things over and over again since it can't stick anymore. Hopefully you do take some 'Me Time' every so often to Connect to Blogs or Socially, it's vital for Well Being and to avoid Caregiver Burnout. Virtual Big Hug to you... Dawn... The Bohemian


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