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Highland Yard Vintage ~ Merchant Square ~ February Event ~ Part I

So we made the Pilgrimage to the Far East Side to attend this Month's HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE Event and MERCHANT SQUARE 'Sale and Flea Valentine's Event'.   Always well worth the commute since you get two for one Venues and tho' I typically would like to attend without an entourage, on the Weekend it is difficult to and during the week School schedules get in the way of commuting that far.

The Young Prince is still having considerable Angst about the School situation so he opted to just stay Home and Sleep the day away again, which he needed since he wasn't in a good Head Space to do anything much.   But Princess T and The Man thought they wanted to attend with me.  I say this because once there they instantly got overwhelmed by Sensory Overload and had to be sat outside, but it was a Lovely Day out there to soak up some Sunshine.

Princess T probably could have managed it but once Grandpa began having Anxiety it transferred to her and besides, she wanted to stick by his side and make sure he was monitored.   So I appreciated her voluntarily taking one for the Team.  *LOL*   After all, we'd spent well over an hour driving there so turning right around and going back Home would have seemed like a total waste and The Man didn't want to ruin the Experience for me.  So... so much for my delusion that them tagging along would be Enjoyable for all!  *LOL*

Sometimes it happens tho', they want to come along and think they are going to Enjoy or be able to Handle something so they insist on tagging along with me.   I don't mind taking them along if they can Enjoy themselves, but then it turns out they can't or instantly aren't having Fun anymore and asking when we're leaving already!  *Audible Huge Sigh since we just walked thru the doors, literally, no exaggeration!* 

So I knew we wouldn't be staying long or getting to visit with my Designer Friends very long, so I did the Marathon Shop, Photograph and Visit thing!  My Gracious Friends know the challenges The Man and The G-Kid Force face so they're always very Understanding of those days I'm whizzing in and out frantically and unable to properly Enjoy the Experience like I usually would without an entourage in tow!

It made for effective no-nonsense Shopping tho' since I scooped up what I knew I had come for hastily and without ceremony.   So this gorgeous Nosegay Bouquet of Vintage Millinery came Home with me...

And this one that has smaller Rosebuds dangling from underneath it, I was in the Mood for Romantic Stuff, being it's getting close to Valentine's Day and all.  I don't Decorate for it much but I do like to have some nuances of it around the Home... and I can hardly ever pass up very good quality Vintage Millinery since it's getting scarcer to Source!

So here's the two exceptional Vintage Millinery Bouquets spread out at Home on the Antique Leather Hatbox... you can see the dangling Rosebuds better on the Dusty Pink Bouquet.

I also picked up one of the Gorgeous Sacred Heart Creations by my Talented Friend Tricia Samsal of VINTAGE BLISS.   I had wanted one last Month at the Event and Photographed them then completely got caught up in Visiting and forgot to purchase one!   *LOL*   So, I was more focused being Rushed by my entourage actually!  *Winks*   My Heart is the lower one...

Tho' seriously that upper one Wanted to come Home with me also... *Winks*

And probably this Virgin Of Guadalupe Necklace one too... *LOL*

And probably The Man's Anxiety was intensifying since by then he had wandered back inside only to see me eyeballing all of this as I visited with Trish.  *LMAO*  I'm pretty Sure I audibly heard him say, "Oh No..." or mebbe "No!", but I was trying to ignore him best I could!  *Winks*   Actually he didn't really Care, if Mama's Happy everybody's Happy so he wasn't gonna protest if I wanted more than one but I think he was relieved I restrained myself to a single one!?  *Winks*

I mean seriously, I couldda gone a bit berserk, huh, with all of this Tempting me?   So he realized the amount of Restraint I was exhibiting and didn't give me any flack.  After all, if I pick something out for Valentine's Day that means he doesn't have to FOR me and he's Golden with that Relief!  *Winks*  He'd gotten all his Chocolates his little Heart desired since I restocked his Valentine's Day stash of them recently after he devoured his first round.  It's a Wonder he isn't in a Sugar Coma actually!  *Smiles*

And my last purchase was this Amazing Vintage cut Velvet Tapestry Queen Sized Bedspread from Italy for a mere forty bucks!   Not that I NEED another "Vintage Cut Velvet Anything" at all... but hey, for that Bargain it was not being left behind!

Honestly I didn't even open it up until I got Home because when I saw the Price Tag I didn't even Care if it was a Cutter!   However, it was even more Glorious and Pristine than I Imagined it would be once I did get it Home and opened it up and laid it out in the Guest Room on the Bed!   WOW!  S-C-O-R-E!!!

Dancing Gypsies... hey, could the Design be any more ME, right?!  *LOL*  Even The Man was duly Impressed with the Find because he has been to Italy numerous times during his Military Career and knows how much these fetch even there!

It is in immaculate condition and goes from the Deep Jewel Tones of Velvety Goodness...

To the Luscious Pastels of Velvety Goodness... so I was so Delighted with all of my Purchases that it took the Edge off of being Rushed and having to leave so early.   Though we did stop and have a lovely discounted Luncheon at the Cafe' there, which has the best Smoked Meats!   The Man really liked the Pulled Pork and I had the delish Tri-Tip... Princess T whined that it wasn't Kid Food... yeah, the usual Experience of Wonderful mixed with Eye Rolling when a Generation Gap collides in what constitutes a Good Meal!  *LOL*

Yes, when you have Grandkids in tow you will rarely get to eat Adult Food in Restaurants that would be your first choice, so The Man and I savored our Sammies while she held out for the Promise of Fast Food later.  *LOL*   She did Confess that the Ambiance was top notch tho' and we really NEED sliding Barn Doors like that Gramma... somewhere in the house...

And a Salvage Brick Wall just like this too... on that long wall in the Living Room behind your Recliners... yes, I know... it's on The List already Kiddo... *Winks*

Take a Close-Up tho' of these Brick Colors Gramma because it would be better than Dark Red ones... duly Noted... done... did I tell you she's The Stylist of the Family and my Personal Stylist Assistant?  *Smiles*

Now, what did I leave behind that pained me to do so?  Well, this Cloche of Quail for example, not within the Budget this trip but mebbe they will wait for me?  I put my Mojo all over them in Hopes they might be there for the next Pilgrimage?   But other than that I got everything my Jones thought it Needed.

And I was totally diggin' the New Garden Area Entrance to Highland Yard...

And tho' it was a Marathon Shop-A-Thon this Month done in record time due to my entourage we had a very good time and I did manage to pop off enough Visual Delights thru the Eye of my Lens that I can squeeze out perhaps one more Post for you... so be sure to come back for Part II.


Blessings and Valentine's Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You have to teach/video an episode of putting "MOJO" on something to make it stick around until the pocketbook is ready...LOL. Great side trip here, love that, ps---I'm getting sick of restaurants that serve pancakes---as that is what our Grand exists on---chocolate chip with whip cream whenever possible, which narrows the list even smaller. Grins, Sandi

    1. Mine are stuck on Asian Food fast food almost exclusively, so Panda Express is where they almost always want to go... I don't mind the food so much, but every once in a while The Man and I want to go somewhere with Ambiance and more variety since Kids do 'exist' on a very limited range of favorites that become their staple dietary intake until they move on to something else they fixated upon! *LOL* I can't eat Chocolate, so if mine exclusively needed something with Chocolate I'd starve to death! *smiles*... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. That bedspread is totally you, and looks terrific on the bed! Love the millinery pieces also!

    1. Yes, I J'Adore that Italian Bedspread and couldn't believe thew price, which the Mall discounted even more due to their Sale! Dawn... The Bohemian


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