Saturday, January 7, 2017

Winding Down From The Holidays

I confess that winding down from the Holidays takes me a long while.  No matter how early it began to make it's appearance publicly and commercially, I'm always sad when it's all over and has to be taken down and put away.  I rather enjoy those who linger like I do and after New Year's it's still somewhat evident, though dwindling.  'Til finally there is no evidence of it whatsoever for another year.

The Festive Atmosphere, the Sparkle, Fairie Lights, Enchantment and Magical Imaginings that went into Decorating for it just makes me Feel Happy.  I also Feel the same way after a Faire, Carnival or Festival leaves Town... it's somewhat of a letdown to get back to Real Life so to speak.   It's akin to how you Feel after coming Home from a Wonderful Vacation and having to get back into the groove of everyday Life after so much Enjoyment and a break from Reality or the mundane.

They always have the bulk pickup of spent real Christmas Trees and such, this year a Neighbor was tossing out the most Beautiful huge and thriving Cream Poinsettias!  I fairly gasped at seeing the wanton waste of these Living Lovelies being tossed to the curb along with the bulk trash when not a leaf had yet died off!!!   I couldn't stand it, I HAD to rescue at least some of them that hadn't been crushed by the other debris piled on top and around them!  Poinsettia plants thrive in the Desert, being Native plants of Mexico, I've kept some plants alive and blooming abundantly for years as Garden plants.  

I pulled up alongside the enormous mound of bulk discarded stuff, so much of it looking well cared for and donation worthy that I shuddered at the wanton waste not even trying to go to the less fortunate of Society!   I don't understand the throwing out of nice items that could go to a Charity instead of a landfill.  Many Charities even leave notices that they'll do local pick-ups, the Disabled Veterans being one of them I often donate to when they come around.  I try not to let it bother me as much as it actually does to see such abundance wasted or usable items many in lack could use or might be in Need of... waiting to be landfill bound instead.

The G-Kid Force was mortified, but Gramma... what if somebody sees us gathering these up from the curbside trash... this isn't the Hood!  *LOL*  I didn't Care, I insisted that at the very least we rescue at least two plants, a huge specimen and a mid-sized one, they reluctantly agreed.  Leaving behind several more was killing me... but I acquiesced that two would have to be enough so that I didn't cause them undue embarrassment and humility of possibly being 'seen' by any neighborhood kids.  *Smiles*


I'm not too Proud to Salvage stuff that has Value or Care what anyone else thinks about it, but I was at the wheel and it was easier for The G-Kid Force to jump out and rescue a plant each.  *Smiles*   I looked at the expensive Gas Grill, very well cared for, sitting beside the pile... such a shame... but you cannot be the Savior of all of the landfill bound items that are being thrown away and someone in Need or who doesn't have one could use.   Does it bother anyone else that we've become such a spoiled Nation that our abundance is often squandered rather than Shared when we no longer Need it, want it or get something shinier, upgraded or newer? 

So anyway, I hadn't been able to splurge on any Poinsettias this Christmas so I was Delighted to have some to Enjoy in our Home now and for Free, better late than never, right?  *Winks*  I have a penchant for Living Plants, Gardening and preservation of Nature and Living Things... it deeply disturbs me when it's carnage or waste is evident.   Now I'm not talking about tossing out something dead or unable to be resurrected.  Tho' to be sure I have in the past rescued plants that appeared to be in their death throes and discarded by others. Nurtured them back to health and vitality, some are still alive and Well at Bohemian Valhalla to this day years later in fact! 

I've been known for having a Green Thumb, but I do realize some plants aren't so hardy or are delicate and not so easy to keep alive and Well.  My inability to even make some survive in spite of TLC has been evident over the years... Orchids being a prime example.  I do however want to try my hand at Hawaiian Anthurium for example.   Being a Tropical Plant I don't know how Well it will do in a Desert environment even indoors, but I'm willing to give it a try next time I invest in some Fav Exotic Indoor Plants for New Villa Boheme'.

And I confess that I'm also still eyeballing some of Vintage Christmas still on display at our Antique Mall.  Tho' I don't have Plans to purchase any, I still Love to look at what is still available from the year round Vintage Christmas Vendors.  I too pick up Vintage Seasonal Items to re-sell mostly, whenever and where ever I can find them, since the scarcity of such things when you go Junquing is painfully evident now and they always Sell well.   If you keep at it thruout the year by the time you're ready to hawk it for another Holiday Season you might have amassed an impressive stash of Vintage Seasonal Inventory.

For me the Vintage Seasonal Market was lean for re-sale in 2016, I just hadn't amassed as much of it as I could have easily Sold for Halloween or Christmas.  So for 2017 I Plan to be on the lookout for more of it to put into Inventory during the 2017 Holiday Season so I don't miss out on the window of opportunity to profit from it.   It seemed that during the Holidays this year it was either Seasonal Decor, Sports Memorabilia or Jewelry that was flying out the doors in our Antique Mall.   I don't really do Sports nor Fashion Jewelry so for me the Vintage Seasonal would be the only Inventory I'd want to carry in my Showroom.

Though I continue to load it up with anything Weird and Wonderful I can Source or have stashed away in the Hoarded Garages that now are Organized and de-cluttered enough to begin Pricing and Culling again in earnest!   This Vintage Aunt Jemima Mammy Note Holder is older than me and in Mint condition given her Age and that she's made of fragile plastic!   Black Americana and Black Folk Art items, if you can even find them, are always a Hot Collectible with demand always exceeding supply.  I've been busily re-stocking the Showroom since the New Year and vow to Work it more consistently this year.

And to eat healthier... so tho' I've been Admiring the Bakery section, because the Decorating of the Cakes and such is such a Beautiful Art Form, I'm not buying nor eating much in the way of sweets or desserts.   I don't really miss it because I don't have much of a sweet tooth anyway.  And really the main reason I haven't bought as much Fresh Veggies and Fruits, which I Love, is that they tend to spoil before I can get them all eaten and don't go to the Stores Grocery Shopping often enough to keep Fresh in stock daily.  Out here the nearest Grocery Store is quite a lengthy drive away... so I make even fewer pilgrimages to it.

And Yes, New Villa Boheme' still looks very much like Christmas since I've only thus far taken down my exterior Holiday Decorations and haven't even begun to take down or put away the interior ones yet.  I'm winding down from the Holidays but as usual it's taking me a long while... and that's Okay, the Family is used to it and there's no great sense of urgency to and no actual deadline we strive to meet to have it all banished by.

So... the Stockings are still hung by the Chimney with Care... *LMAO*  Tho' the Family has long ago consumed the contents of any and all Stockings and sent me on a Recon Search for any after Holiday discounted candies I could glean.  *Smiles*  This year tho' it seems as if the day after Christmas the retail Shops were barren of After Christmas Inventory!  So it was either a very good year for them Selling it all by Christmas... or the After Season Shoppers hoarded it all up by the day after Christmas??! 


But I'm pretty sure that by the end of the Month, if that, Villa Boheme' will be back to it's non-seasonal state of Being.   I'll probably reluctantly take down the Main Tree by next week in fact, tho' the glow of the Fairie Lights in the Evenings is so Enchanting it is really hard to want to do away with that Atmosphere and linger a while longer.   How long does it take you to wind down from the Holidays my Friends?   Are you a Tortoise about it like me or a Hare?  *Winks*  And what eager Changes have you made thus far in the New Year?


Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I just took the tree down all the decorations boxed up yesterday...but I still have to drag everything to where it needs to go to be stored. But it felt good putting less stuff out this year and I enjoyed it just as much. I am surprised to see such beautiful poinsettias in the trash pile. I have two small ones (Lowes had small ones for 99 cents on black friday!) and I put them in my kitchen but now they will go out onto the patio, you are right these plants do beautiful in arizona. And those look like some big pricey ones! Glad you snagged them to enjoy, they look like they got a lot of life in them!

    1. Yes these were the really spendy Poinsettias I'd Admired at the Nurseries prior to Christmas and couldn't possibly splurge on so I was Jazzed to have been able to rescue at least some. In fact, if we drive by that pile again today and the others are still there I might have to convince The G-Kid Force to jump out again and do another Rescue Mission for Gramma! *LOL* I decorated less too so when I do take it all down it won't take long and I did enjoy the Simplicity of a pared down Holiday Season. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. "Does it bother anyone else that we've become such a spoiled Nation that our abundance is often squandered rather than Shared when we no longer Need it, want it or get something shinier, upgraded or newer?" Yes, I'm raising my hand right now to be included in this group of people who are bothered by this. Bravo for the sentiment.

    1. I don't mind people being indulgent if they can afford to be Colette... but when they are wasteful and squander their excess rather than being Mindful how many are hurting and in lack that could use it and just donate their castaways instead of considering it disposable and filling up our landfills with perfectly good items, I just get a really sad and sick to my stomach feeling about that. I've worked with Ministries for years, so many would be able to place these items in the hands of the less fortunate, those with lack and the Families finding it hard to make the ends meet and doing without. I just wish as a Nation our moral compass about such things were more in tune and wanton waste of valuable resources would just cease. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I am so glad you were able to rescue a couple of the plants for your enjoyment. I know that here when people put 'good stuff' out they know that someone will come along and claim it to love and enjoy. Sometimes people barely get stuff wrestled to the curb when someone comes by and snatches it up. I am always happy to see that and might have been one of the 'snatchers' a few times myself.
    It is sad that we have now live in such a disposable world..although I do like paper plates for picnics! lol xo Diana

    1. I agree Diana that in many neighborhoods the Curbside Posse do come out and rescue much... but in the more affluent areas or Gated Communities that is not so common nor even always possible and the wanton waste I have seen firsthand since moving to a Luxury Home Development is really quite disturbing since few, if any, items are rescued and enough Charities leave flier asking for donations that it would just take a call and for the items to be tagged for those Charities Pick-Up to rescue it all and have it distributed where it would do the most good. Yes, the disposable world is alas, more the rule than the exception... tho' many Families are now trying to leave a less evident footprint on Purpose and going Green. Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. I put up Valentines Decorations as I take down Christmas so it stays exciting! Twinkle lights all year! Yesterday I put a small strand in my new red glass pitcher, Enchanting!

    1. Wonderful Tradition Marlynne... I too leave some small Tree up to put my Metal Altered Art Heart Ornaments for Valentine's Day to be hung up. I also have several Wooden and Fabric Art Hearts that I use for Decoration for the Romantic Holiday. Guess that will be my next agenda after Christmas is taken down and put away. Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Like you I can't stand to see good things go to waste. We typically store our no longer wanted/needed items and have an "everything free" garage sale come Spring. It's amazing to me that everything goes and people share such great stories about how they are going to creatively reuse stuff. In my town, discarded xmas trees and plants are collected separately and then mulched. Residents can then come and take the mulch for their gardens. A much more dignified end to living things I think.

    Love your photos!


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