Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The MLK Holiday Haul

Actually on MLK Day I took the G-Kid Force into the City and we went Junquing.  We hadn't done it in a long while so they were badgering me that they needed additions to their Wardrobe since they're both growing like Weeds!   I did 'Score' them both some gently used Designer Duds, they 'Scored' some small Toys and I also came Home with some decent 'Scores' for myself as well.  Like this Betsey Johnson Sailor Tote in excellent condition.   Love me some Betsey, this is a Keeper!

Another Great 'Score' was this 1993 Grateful Dead Tee... quite worn but the graphics are still Awesome on back and front and I Plan to make an Altered Art Shirt out of it for myself anyway.  So I didn't need it in pristine condition since I will Gypsify it with Vintage Lace, Trims and Doilies, so I want that Aged Vintage look to it.

Love the Deadhead Graphics so I was totally Jazzed to get this Tee for a mere buck and in my Size!  Oh the Stories I'm sure this Shirt could tell!  *Winks*

It was the April Fools Tour in Nassau.   Notice I also 'Scored' a 1959 Pippi Longstocking Children's Book for just a Quarter... I remember loving that series of books when I was a Kid.   And a nice Small size Vintage Leather Suitcase.  I also Scored some items I didn't photograph because I immediately took them to my Showroom for the MLK Holiday Weekend Sale still going on and didn't have my camera with us.  Including an Antique Amish Rural Scene Painting in an Ornate Gilded Gesso Frame, a large Hand-Made and Hand Painted Chinese Checker Game Board carved out of Wood, and a Vintage Schlitz Beer Advertising Sign.   I thought about Keeping the Game Board because it looks way Cool, but don't even remember how to play Chinese Checkers.  *LOL*

Here's the back of the Grateful Dead Tee with the Taro Deck Graphics, Location and Date of the Concert... a double sided Tee with Great Graphics is perfect for Creating Altered Art Shirts for my Wardrobe and this is just My Style.

And here's some of the rest of my part of the Haul which included some items I'll Keep and some I'll Sell.   Probably Keeping the Wooden Box filled with fragrant Incense Sticks and Cones, the Red Scrabble Tiles {got the whole Sack full} and the Chocolate Brown Ostrich Feather. 

Since the larger items are already in Inventory at my Showroom I'm in no great Rush to price the Smalls to take in since they're all low dollar items.  And I need to try to clean up that Vintage Bear Toy and sterilize him by putting him in the Steam Cycle of the front loader Washer.   The Vintage Santa in a beaded Air Balloon Craft Tree Ornament is Cute so I'm waffling on whether to Keep or not?

I don't know about you but I rather Enjoy Photographing my Hauls.  I'm like a Pirate Gloating over my pillaging!!!  *Smiles*   And I'm Loving the Interior Satin Color of that Vintage Suitcase so much that I will probably opt to Keep that one to use for Storage since the Interior is like New, has no Odors and the Leather Exterior is in great condition too.  Usually I Sell the plain Brown Leather ones but I like this small size, which I don't come across as often.  I'm low on Suitcases so need to Source some more... Wish there had been a Set with this one.

It was a very inexpensive Haul considering how much we got, including a bunch of small Toys and several Clothing Brand Name items for each Grandchild's Wardrobe and a Marines Tee for The Man.

I just haven't had the Desire nor the finances to really go out Junquing so it was a Rare Treat to spend the day doing it with The Force, they had a Big Time and were Delighted with their own Hauls.

We came Home quite Content and dead Tired, so along with Miss Priss we all took a long Winter's Nap!  *Smiles*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. That shirt will be awesome.....great haul. Cheap suitcases here, have dried up. I mean I haven't seen one for 9 months, NOT ONE!. Very cool haul, grins, Sandi

  2. I want to see that shirt when you finish!!! Please don't forget to put it on so we can see it. I would have loved your day.

  3. Glad everybody was happy and scored well!


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