Friday, January 27, 2017

That's A Sketchy Looking Peace Pipe...

Okay so I totally baited you all with that Hook Line Blog Post Title... clearly it's not a Peace Pipe at all, but it was Macabre enough that the very thought of it being presented as one tickled me... Gallows Humor Style!  *Smiles*  I could Imagine some Peace Treaty being in the works and those around the table saying when it was passed around, "That's a sketchy looking Peace Pipe?!"  Yeah, I know they don't really do that anymore, but I have this Wild Imagination, what can I say!?  *Winks*  Or perhaps we'll go all Hamlet, "Alas Poor Yorick, I knew him well..." *Smiles*   Anyway, when I saw it... because it is a Skull, well, it was Love at first sight!

And it certainly is a pretty Cool Meerschaum Vintage Skull Pipe with a bowl small enough that I Imagine it probably wasn't used for Tobacco... wink wink... and made me think of either a Turkish Hashish Pipe or perhaps an Asian Opium Den Pipe more than anything.  *LOL*   So when I bought it recently from a Friend of mine I wanted it wrapped up Good on the ride home lest I get stopped for some random reason again and not have to seem sketchy and lie saying, "No, it's not my Pipe Officer!"   *Bwahahahaha!*

Because tho' I've never smoked anything a day in my Life, somebody clearly had bubbled up on this one quite a bit over the years, so I wasn't taking any chances sketchy residue might remain and cause me some Drama?!  *LOL*  The Skull has some slight damage on the Thumb side of the Graceful Hand holding it {Right side of Skull on this Image} but I got an excellent Deal on it from my Friend so it didn't inhibit me from Jonesin' for it to add to my Cabinet of Curiosities!

So, here I was tooling around Villa Boheme' at Six this Morning finding the best way to Show Off my New Old Pipe for a Photo Op, because things do get just that Weird around here sometimes!  *LMAO*   Though Blonde Bear looked really Whimsical and Relaxed Posing Smoking it, the Pipe looked kinda washed out since there was no real dark contrast to showcase it properly using this backdrop and prop.

But I'm tenacious and kept at it, not one to be easily discouraged I kept trying frame by frame until I was quite sure and it was quite clear this wasn't going to be the best way to show the intricate Details and the skill of Carving the Meerschaum, tho' it would perhaps make you Smile?!  *Le Sigh*   And tho' the nice Stand to cradle it is protective, it too was a distraction.

So, I change Models and we went with Black Bear instead.  Tho' that proved to be only slightly better since Black Bear didn't seem to be a dark enough backdrop either and his countenance was such he's not appearing to be Enjoying Pipe Smoking nearly as much as Blonde Bear seemed to look!?  *LOL* 

And I was fresh out of Pipe Smoking Models and it just wasn't so humorous anymore anyway... so I switched gears and decided to just try to get some good close-ups of me holding the Pipe and then just zoom in on them so you could get a decent gander.  The real Irony being this is my Valentines Day Gift to Self and I don't even Smoke nor ever have I wanted to!   But put a Skull on anything and I'm likely to think I Need it and not be able to resist!  Yes, I'm Bat Shit Crazy like that... sketchy Skull Pipe as a Valentine's Day Gift to myself!  *Bwahahahaha!*

The Man just sighed and said, "You know, most Women just want Jewelry, Flowers or Chocolates..."    Well, I'm not most Women clearly and honestly he cares not what the Hell I pick out for myself as a Valentine's Gift since at least then he doesn't have to be taken Shopping for it and Mama's Happy!  *LOL*  This is a close-up of the side that has damage and you can't really notice right away, since I didn't... and I don't really care about such imperfections anyway... shows it's had a Story and a previous Life... no pun intended... well, mebbe a little!  *Winks*

The undamaged side of the Skull... and of coarse it's been Aged to a Lovely Ivory Hue which is more apparent in the Close-Ups than when I try to Photograph it further away and it seems a brighter White, which it isn't.  I know if it's a Turkish Pipe {very likely even tho' it's not Signed} they sometimes have a protective finishing by waxing using Beeswax that gives it a lovelier Honey Hue.  And of coarse with regular use over the years they often take on darker incremental shades of Amber, Orange or Red from the base on up.

And here's a Close-Up of the full frontal of the Pipe.  The Skull really has Personality with how Masterfully it has been carved, I only Wish I knew who the Artisan was that Created it and how Old it really is?   But since I don't, I'll Imagine my own Story I'll assign to it... since Good Storytelling and Embellishing from what you Imagine about the Unknown History of a piece is just as much Fun, isn't it?  That's how Legends and Myths are born and passed along thruout the Generations!

I remember both of my Parents being Great Storytellers and I Loved their recounting... even if I couldn't discern Truths from Embellishments, Myths and Family Legend all blended together to make a Delightful Story!   When added to our Cabinets of Curiosities each piece we have has a Back Story of some kind, very few pieces have documentation to prove their Story and we don't really Care.  Sometimes the Seller had a Great Story, sometimes we just Imagined our own.

And anything really Cool, Weird, Wonderful or an Oddity will end up Displayed on our Cabinets of Curiosities Shelves thruout the house.  They are the Favorite Collections that The G-Kid Force like to show their Friends... and Kids always think it extremely Interesting and Fascinating.   Most Adults do too even if it Creeps them out since most Humans have a Curious Nature, why do you think they rubberneck so often when there's a catastrophe or accident of some kind?!  They simply can't help themselves!

I just own my Curious Nature and embrace it fully, so if something intrigues or fascinates me, I might just add it to my Collections of freaky things.  *Smiles*  Many of my Favorite Collectibles have been those really Oddball things I've Found and managed to acquire and many I've also received as Gifts since if any of my Family or Friends ends up with something Weird and Wonderful, they know where it can Find a Home!  *Winks*

You wouldn't Believe the Cool 'Haunted' or Creepy Collectibles I've received from Friends and Family because they just couldn't keep it in their Homes but didn't want to dispose of it.   Now don't get me wrong, there have been items I didn't have a Peace about and they'll never cross our threshold, nor will I buy them if the Vibe is all Wrong.   There are some things out there that have their Bad Mojo and I wouldn't touch 'em with a ten foot pole... and they might not even look Creepy... a lot of Bad Mojo looks quite benign in fact!

Some of my Creepy Dolls... I just Love Creepy Dolls and yet Oddly enough, I find the usual Collectible Dolls many folks Collect and find Adorable, well... Creepier than Hell... as does Princess T!   *Bwahahahaha!*   And if someone has like a Doll Room festooned with those types of Collectible Dolls it would Freak us out to be in that room, how Strange is that?  *Ha ha ha*

It's quite Funny because we have a lot of Creepy Baby Doll parts scattered around... mostly disembodied Heads... doesn't bother us one iota... but those Porcelain Collector Dolls, especially the reproduction ones, with the Freaky Old Time Victorian Style Pristine Wardrobe, shivers me timbers!!!  *Smiles*

Another Confession... tho' we dislike a lot of living Insects and find them Creepy for the most part, Entomology Exhibits absolutely Fascinate us and we J'Adore the Displays and have several!   Most of these Bugs in my Entomology Collections, if they were alive, and one got in the house, I'd be hopping around and freaking out all over the place trying to kill it before it got on me!   *LOL*  I'm fairly certain if I looked down and one had landed on me I'd fairly have a Heart Attack until someone got it off of me and killed it!  *Smiles*

And tho' Taxidermy of Wild Things doesn't bother me one iota, I was recently totally Creeped out when a Vendor had a Taxidermy Dalmation Puppy for Sale! *Yikes!*  At first I thought it was only a Statue, but when a Vendor Friend showing it to me, coz he thought I'd really dig it said, No, it's REAL... I was more than a bit mortified actually!  Domestic Pets, I dunno... that's even too Creepy for moi and I don't Creep Out easily my Friends!   Now if it was someone's Beloved Pet that they wanted to Immortalize it might be Okay for THEM, I'm not gonna Judge.  My Mom kept the cremated ashes of her Beloved Dogs in Memorial Boxes and it gave her Comfort... but my Bro' better keep all that Ashes of the "Baby's" #1, #2 and #3 coz it ain't coming here!   Yeah, Mom Named ALL her Dogs 'Baby'... kinda like George Foreman and all the Sons Named George!  *LOL*

 And I know if I'd done something like Taxidermy to any of my Beloved Fur Babies, having it around daily to behold would ensure I'd never stop Crying or Grieving about the Loss and moving thru the Grief Process properly, it would just be forever Traumatic!   That's why I couldn't be a Farmer either tho', could never eat the Animals I'd raised from babies!  Probably even given Names to because I couldn't resist NOT giving them an Identity.  And I'd have to become a Vegetarian if I had to butcher or Hunt anything... The Man has to do all that kinda stuff and make it look like it came from the Store!  *LOL* 

True Story, when we were first Married, because he comes from an avid Hunting Family and all my Female Relatives on his side of the Family join in the Hunting... he thought he would take me Hunting with him.   Well, he knows how I am and that I wasn't keen at all on going... so first he asked what I would do if we crept up on an animal he was about to kill?   I said I'd yell to it, "RUN!!!"   I wasn't joking, he knew I wasn't joking, so he's never taken me Hunting in all the years we've been Married... tho' I gladly cook and eat the cleaned and sanitized version of whatever he's Hunted and brought Home as food.  *Smiles*

I don't even like to look at his Hunting Pictures... spare me the carnage... I don't wanna know what it looked like just after it gave it's Life for the Family Meal.  I know, sounds totally hypocritical and is... but I'm a hard core Carnivore and I do Love my Meats and Fishes.  I've tried becoming a Vegetarian and it just wasn't for me... and forget about becoming a Vegan, I'd rather take my Meals intravenously given the Vegan Dishes I've tried over the years, it's just not for me either.  So I'll stick with the Diet I've had all my Life, which does include various Wild and Domestic Livestock Critters... and Yes, I've even tried Insects and Liked them, go Figure!  I'll try anything once, twice if I like it!  *Winks*

In fact, I'm a Foodie... and so my New Year's Resolution, once again, is to try to eat Healthier and with better portion control.  So far I'm doing pretty good and don't feel at all deprived because I Love Fresh Foods and don't have much of a Sweet Tooth so I don't Crave them at all, which is good when you're Diabetic.  Because my Numbers are Crap even when I do everything Right trying to Control this Diabetic Numbers thing... so frustrating!  I'm trying some new Herbal Remedies in Hopes it helps bring the Numbers down to acceptable levels so I don't have to take Insulin Shots again?

It's not that they're that painful, I just don't like giving myself Shots and was Glad I only had to do it a short while when first Diagnosed years ago.  But lately the Oral Meds aren't working so well anymore even tho' they keep switching them up.  And I would really rather go get Treatments from my Eastern Medical Doctor but stupid Insurance won't pay for Alternative Medicine since they consider 2,600 Years of the Practice as still 'Experimental'... Really?!?  Humphhhh... I know Bullshit when I hear or smell it being a lame excuse with no validity whatsoever!

But anyway, I digress and got Off Topic again didn't I?  *Winks*  We've gone from Peace Pipe Talk to Diabetes and an Insurance Rant, Wow, what a Leap, huh?  *Bwahahahaha!*   See, you just never know what you're gonna get in a Bohemian Valhalla Post coz I'm all over the Map aren't I?  *Smiles*   If you think trying to follow my Story Line is difficult you should try Living with me... The Man is Confused almost all of the time since his Mind cannot Race along with mine!   What are we doing or talking about NOW he often says?  Because he's Clueless as I've switched Topics and Itinerary at warp speed!  {ie: In the middle of a deep heavy Conversation, Oh, Look, a Butterfly!}  *LOL*

Now, those of you similarly afflicted 'Get It'... I once had a Friend Share a Humorous Confession about being in a Prayer Circle and having the ADHD kick in so badly during a particularly long Prayer that she began musing how much Taller she was than everyone else in the Circle!!!  *LMAO*  Coz I 'Got It' and didn't Judge... becoz THAT would be ME... no matter how Serious I was about whatever I'm doing or saying... staying On Track is virtually Impossible!  Can't do it... don't even realize sometimes when I've left the Track momentarily!   And I can jump back on without missing a beat either!  *LOL* 

If you ARE similarly afflicted, what are some of the Funny Confessions you have my Friends?   I wanna know the Stories and the Hilarious Details!   We can pass around my Peace Pipe while we Compare how afflicted we each are Okay?  No... just kidding... we wouldn't actually do that becoz I don't Smoke and we don't Need THAT Confession from you.  Just the ADHD Stories... not how you might Manage it Holistically and all... wink wink!  *Bwahahahaha!*

I know, we're having entirely too much Fun now aren't we?  *Smiles*  But isn't that the Point of it all?   It is for me anyway, that's why I Blog actually... it's my little Happy Place to Retreat to... where I can choose whether to have Fun, Share or just Vent and Rant away because it's cheaper than Therapy!  *Winks*  Sometimes I even do it ALL... in a Single Post... because I CAN!  And I think that's Fantastic!

And my other Fantastic Thing to Share is the Reveal of the Good News I was holding back on until it was a Done Deal.   I had held out a long time but Finally found the Perfect Buyer for our Old Historic Home!!!   A Lovely Local Family who had lived there all their lives in the Community, fell in Love with the place, plan to Live there and keep it Original but completely Restore it!!!   That my Friends is answer to Prayer and Today we finalized everything with a very quick Closing and Transfer of Ownership.   Yes, it was Bittersweet since I will always Love and Miss our Beloved Old Property... but he's already Invited us back to see it in about Six Months to see the completed Restoration.  And the fact he Loved it and said it just felt like Home the moment he walked in made me know he was The One I should let it go to.

I had turned down numerous other offers from Greedy Developer and Investor Types that had zero interest in History or Preservation of the Historic Structures.  Numerous Deals fell apart at the last minute because of bait and switch tactics many of those Types use to try to convince you that they mean well and you should Sell it to them.  But then they want to re-structure Contracts at the last minute to have the right to raze everything and lift the stipulations originally agreed upon.  I would rather have kept it and sat on it forever than be a part of it's demise for any amount of money... because I knew I didn't want that on my hands, destroying History and a place I Love with all my Heart would have been something I could never have a Peace about.

Keeping Vandals, Vagrants and Thieves out of a Vacant large Property in Old Town was never easy either... Inner Cities have lots of unscrupulous Types as well slithering around looking for opportunities to commit Crimes.  So it's been quite a Journey to come to the place and Patiently wait for the Right Buyer, the one I'd Prayed fervently for.  Meeting him I knew our Mutual Love of Old was identical, we talked for a very long time after he bought it and he wanted to know it's Back Story and all the History we'd gleaned about it. 

  I could tell his Excitement and it reminded me of ours way back when, as we first Purchased the wreck of a place and intended to fully Restore, but had to halt along the way as Life happened.   I felt like the Old Place had Patiently waited for this Family too... and mebbe Scared Off the others... since some had confessed being Scared and Intimidated by the magnitude of The Project! 

 Or had 'Experiences' during a Viewing.  Remember, to the Locals it was allegedly 'Haunted' for Reals!  *LOL*  He had seen it thru Eyes like our own... ignoring the daunting Challenges and Feeling a Connection to the Spirit of the Home that it is and can become with TLC and being totally Invested in giving an Old Home a New Life and a 2nd Chance to be the Jewel it once was and longed to be again.

So... Today was a very Good Day as we Passed the Torch to another Family to complete what we had begun.   To know that the Old Sentinel and last Bastion of the Original Avondale Ranch would stand for perhaps another 100 years or so and give other Generations the Joy of Living there which it had for over a Century already.  It deserved to Shelter other Happy Families who would Love and Appreciate it's Quirkiness and it's Rich Early Settler Pioneer History as part of a once Grandiose Working Ranch from the turn of the Century.  It is part of a Community and not just a Commodity and I for one cannot wait to see what he does with her inside and out!!!

What will I miss most... well, in a Word... EVERYTHING!   Tho' I now own a Luxury Home and do Love this New Villa Boheme' in a more affluent Community, in a Perfect World I would have preferred to remain where I was, in an Older Historic Neighborhood in the City, finish what we began and have had it be our Forever Home.  That was the Desire of my Heart, but logically it was not what was best for our Family and thus I had to make one of the most difficult detachments I've ever had to make.

It was as Quirky, Eccentric and as much of a Glorious Mess as I am... and I Embrace every bit of that!   And I will Miss every totally Weird and Wonderful Detail very much Forever.   But I Cried Tears of Joy Today for the first time in a long time instead of Tears of Frustration and Sorrow.  I was Happy for my Old House... I entrusted it to someone I knew I could Trust to Love and Cherish her... and sometimes the Greatest Act of Love is in the Letting Go... to someone who can do what you cannot for something or someone.

I Thank my Family for being particularly Patient with me about the Sale and Trusting me thruout this long difficult Journey.  I think for a while they didn't think I would do it and would back out and just Keep it or even Sell this place and move back.   But they also didn't Question any Decision I made to turn down Offers, some quite Tempting, because it was the Wrong Buyer and I knew it would mean it would be Forever Lost like so many others and none of the Family wanted that outcome for any amount of money.  Some things you cannot put a price upon becoz it is Priceless TO YOU.

I had one Developer ask me what would it take to allow him to Buy it to tear it down?   The price went up considerably to where I knew he couldn't have the margins he Needed because frankly I didn't want to Sell it to anyone who would admit that as their intent. 

 But I'm really only Interested in the Land, Location and Zoning I would often hear... so go buy you some Vacant Land I'd say and shut down the Negotiation completely... why waste my time and theirs.  Plus, don't you just HATE Dealing with Developers and Investor Types... I'd rather NOT ever and was Delighted to get a Cash Buyer who was a Regular Person wanting a Family Home and a Project!  *LOL*

I will particularly always Mourn the Loss of my Beloved Art Studio Cottage which was the Old Converted Carriage House in the back Acreage.  I J'Adored that Building and had so much Fun over the years Transforming and Reclaiming it every time an Adult Child moved out of it!  *Smiles*  The Adult Children always knew they had The Cottage to move back into if things got rough for any of them or they wanted to come Help me with their Dad's Care or with The G-Kid Force's Care.

I will Miss my Color Palette of Blood Red and Black Walls in there... don't know that New Villa Boheme's Juliet Room could pull off such a Bold Look since it doesn't have the Character, Charm and Historic Features to meld well with Extreme Decorating?   Not to mention it is supposed to become a Meditation Room so perhaps Blood Red isn't an Ideal Choice?  *LOL*   And the Studio Loft Space here has the tranquility of Tuscan Warm Toned Walls which go Well and so I want to leave alone in my Main Studio Space now... each Space and Home has it's own peculiar Personality and nuances.

That said, my New Studio Space shall never have the Ideal Look that this one had no matter how hard I try.   It just won't Compare or measure up and it is Comparisons that Steal Joy so I won't even try to Compare Spaces and thus Torment myself about that Fact.  To have Loved and Lost is better than never to have Loved at all is certainly True... I Loved this Creative Space and tho' it has been Lost, I have had the privilege of once owning it.

Of coarse all of my Beloved Treasures and Decor came over with us to New Villa Boheme' and now Occupy their New Home with us... but it's put together differently now to Compliment these Spaces.   I was Bolder about Decorating and Styling the Old Place because it had Endured 100+ years so I didn't feel timid about anything I did with it... not so Sure about a New Build so I'm more Restrained and skeptical!   I mean Seriously, I've had Taxidermy jump off Walls here with vibrations of slamming doors!  An Earthquake wouldn't shake the 14-16 inch thick Walls of Old Bohemian Valhalla so that was a non-issue!  *LOL*

Because it was so Quirky I could go Full On Boho Gypsy there, which is very ME to my Core.   Here it just would look rather ridiculous and not go with the Lovely Tuscan Architectural Vibe so that has been an Evolution of sorts for me... but I'm Embracing it quite Well actually.   This is not as Funky and Exotic, but it is Calming and Relaxing, which is Good too... mebbe I Need less stimulation in my Old Age in the Environment?  *Winks*

I want to replicate some things and a particular Vibe I Miss so much... yet I haven't been able to here and so I have resisted the Temptation to.   Have you ever done that during a Move my Friends?   I've mos def had to with this Move and such a drastic Change... and I'm still Adapting to some extent until I meld more with my different Environment, which will take some more Time I suspect.

I will certainly always Miss having a full Antique Cast Iron Sink with built in Drainboard and Kitchen in my Art Studio!!!   The Young Prince has a Kitchen and Sink in his Mother-In-Law Suite up there next to my Studio Loft, so I KINDA still have a Sink and Kitchen area.  So IF he ever moves out... and IF she doesn't move into her Brother's domain whenver he does... well... I might have solved that Sacrifice!  *LOL*

Yeah, there had to be that Nostalgic Look Back whilst moving forward and Closing this Chapter of our Lives.  And Thank You for Indulging me with the Walk down Memory Lane as I Sell Off a piece of History and have a wide range of Emotions about it all actually... mostly Good now tho', so that's the Bittersweet part of it.   But I'll always have the Memories to Cherish.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh Dawn I am so happy for you! I'm actually shedding tears of happiness and sadness as I type this! God bless both you and them as you move forward!

    1. Yes indeed it is bittersweet Marlynne... but now I am able to move forward without looking or being held back. Thanks for all of the Encouragement you've given along the Journey... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. That is the best looking pipe I've ever seen, and I'm so happy you found someone to sell to who appreciates the old homestead. I'm beyond happy about that, actually. <3

    1. I'm beyond Happy about it too... I had worried so much that I might not find that appreciative Buyer and the longer it stayed Vacant the more vulnerable to decay and vandalism, so it is a Relief in so many ways and I cannot wait to see it being brought to Life as the Restoration is completed by this Lovely New Family that owns it! Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I know your feelings of leaving a 1905 historical home behind. We once owned a three story limestone, turret, ala Adams'Family home in a small town in northern Wisconsin on a quarter of a city block. The carriage house was my clay studio. We struggled to update and keep it together in a town with NO cultural diversity--and questionable priorities in their school systems. We were both teaching in the community. We sold and moved to a more diverse area---because I didn't want my boys growing up in that type of environment.

    It was very hard to leave behind, 12 foot ceiling, original wood work, 16 stained glass windows and hardwood floors. A huge yard and an art studio inside the house and in the carriage house.

    But you do what you have to do, what is best for your family. And from the demographics by county from the last elections, I am so glad we did.

    Your quirky self (you have to name the pipe, Keith Richards) can be quirky anywhere. But your family can't be safe and cared for---everywhere, so hopefully
    the Villa will fill that need. Grins, and congrats on Opening new doors today, and not just closing them. Sandi

    1. Oh Sandi I can so relate to the reasons why you had to move, that was paramount for us as well since older neighborhoods can often become so blighted and neglected by the governing boards as they focus upon all that is shiny and new. The demographics changed over the years and too many troubled Souls began to make it not so safe an environment and the school systems declined tragically. So yes, some of the most Lovely Historic Homes are now sadly in areas that would take a lot of fortitude and toughness to endure the environment of. As we age and since we are still raising young ones it was more important we all be Safe and have the best possible environment to live a Peaceful Life and not be constantly victimized. I like the Name for the Pipe! LOL Thank You for Sharing your Story, it helps me to know others have been where I've been and had to make similar sacrifices out of necessity. Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. You are so on my wavelength. It won't surprise you to hear that I've just booked myself on a "Death and Commemoration" all day course next month....everyone has looked at me askance when I've told them!

    1. Oh how Cool, a Death and Commemoration Course sounds so Interesting and Macabre! Thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Oh this post made me smile. I adore the pipe and all your whimsical shots of it. Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you for stopping by for a Blog Visit and I'm so Glad to hear I made you Smile with the Post. Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian


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