Sunday, January 15, 2017

Shut Down Mode... Ever Have It?

I went heavy on the Imagery in the previous Post and light on Words because I just wasn't in Prime Bloggy Mode.  Yes, I could have spread the Event out over a few days in several Posts and probably should have in hindsight, to do it Justice.  But so many of my Panoramic Images to Showcase the entire range of Gorgeous Vignettes didn't turn out, apparently I wasn't in Prime Photography Mode either that day. *Le Sigh*  I wasn't really in Shopping Mode either *Gasp!*... or I would have picked up at least one of these Killer Sacred Heart Necklaces my Friend Tricia of "Vintage Bliss" Created... LOVED THEM BOTH!

 But a lot of things I looked at without really Seeing... because I was there and not there all at the same time.  Physically Present and Emotionally not as much as I should have and could have been.  I really Hate when all that happens and I can't really rally myself and pull it together.  When I've got things to Cover that are really Interesting and just don't Feel much like Blogging.  Or take a bunch of Images of a Great Event only to have most turn out not very Editorial at all and have to ditch them due to poor quality.  And BE there and yet not Feel like I'm ALL there, you know?

  I Confess that lately I've been in "Meh Mode" where I'm rather Emotionally Shut Down and thus Writer's Block, Bloggy Block and Photography Block just tend to reveal the effects of my overall stall.   Yes, I've still forced myself to do some things that are Fun and Sociable, but it's FORCED... and I can tell my lack of usual enthusiasm is hampered by feeling as tho' I'm just not running on all cylinders right now.  

Not that Yesterday's Post was an awful one... but I just kinda didn't have my Heart in it and I knew it.  Which usually Blogging is Enjoyable for me, so I don't like to just do it when I'm Shut Down and Half-Hearted about anything I'm doing.  I was Half-Hearted Yesterday and very much Shut Down even Today... it shows... at least to me it did.  Mebbe you picked up on it too, mebbe you didn't, but Confession is Good for the Soul so I'm Coming Clean about it.  I didn't even Share with you the small haul I got while there.  I bought a Decor Book "The Private House" by Rose Tarlow.

I've never seen this Book before even tho' it came out in 2001 and I thought I already had every good quality Decor Book from that Era!  *LOL*  It was almost Forty bucks retail way back then so must have been Popular, I got it for only Ten bucks.  It's still quite relevant and I Love her sense of Style which is quite Timeless.   I Loved that she allows Spring Vines from the exterior to creep inside to her interiors and just take over both Spaces, that's something I'd do too.   As you can see my Baby Gator is Enjoying the Good Read too.  *Winks*

I know that I will... of coarse I poured over all of the Imagery last Night and will Read the whole Book when I have more Time to soak it all in.  Right now I'm quite aggressively Editing and Purging my Library here to Cull my Decor Books. To Sell many that I'm no longer as Inspired by, making room on the shelves for Fresh Inspirational Reading. 

  Decor Books Sell very well and it gives me additional Funds to buy more Decor Books that are relevant to my current tastes in Styling and Decor.  Retro Styling is Trending so it doesn't matter if some Eras of Style seem Dated in older Books because many are Decorating from previous Eras now.  Being able to see how it was done back in da day is helpful to make it more Authentic to any Era.  So the Cart is being loaded up to take in Tonight when I go to Work.  Yes, I still Love the Dust Jacket Imagery of some, and some interior Imagery too... but to have a Book be a Keeper, the whole shebang has to Wow and Inspire me now.

Do you know the best part about being in 'Meh Mode'?   I can Cull like nobody's business when I'm totally Shut Down and Unemotional because I just don't Care, so it does have it's perks and I take full advantage of it.   I can make some of the harshest and hardest decisions when I'm Feeling like this because my Sentimental Side is completely absent.  In Shut Down Mode I can find my hidden Editor who can both Edit and Purge like a Pro!   I can plow thru possessions ruthlessly when I'm Feeling this way and banish them easily and without an ounce of remorse or indecisiveness.  And No, I won't have any regrets later either, this side of me gets the job done in short order.

There won't be any Impulsive buys either when I'm like this and not at all in Shopping Mode.  So I only came Home with two Carefully Edited Sale Items that I REALLY wanted.  In fact, the second item was this Embellished Ice Bucket I'd Admired during the Christmas Show but couldn't splurge on due to Saving for the numerous Grandkid's Gifts for the Holidays.   But at this Show it was marked down close to half price, so it mos def was coming Home with me and not being left behind for a second time!  *Winks*

It kinda reminds me of a Scottish Sporran and I was totally Loving it so I was more than Jazzed to see it drastically marked down so that I could easily afford it!  Booyah!!!   Sometimes the Shopping Karma is just working in your Favor like that.  Right now it's holding an Ostrich Egg just because for the time being I don't have anything specific I want to Display in it as a Table Centerpiece in the Kitchen Dining Area.  And for the time being I'm not chillin' any bottles of Wine either. *Winks*

Had to include some Jazzy Scottish Sporran Imagery so you could see why it kinda reminded me of one... loosely of coarse... since I'm a very Abstract Thinker like that.  *Winks*   I'd so wear a Sporran even if I wouldn't wear a Kilt!  And the Dead Head Sporrans really could be something I'd build a Collection upon... natch!!!  *LOL*

I really regret not having the Funds to buy this Old Dress Form Torso while I was at the Event.   She was at a very reasonable price but not within my current paltry Post-Christmas budget... dammit!   I do Hate when you see something Ideal and at a decent price but can't Pop on it, don't you?   I thought about splurging for it and then Selling Off some others I already have and don't like as much as this one... but I Resisted that Temptation, tho' I now don't know Why?

And I do Wish all this yummy Vintage Millinery hadn't been glued onto some Display Stand because I would have bought it ALL!  I'm not even certain the Display Stand was an item for Sale or just a Display of some Sort for the Booth... but my only Interest was in the Millinery which was Velvety and Lovely.

And the Santos Crown, also firmly affixed to the Display Stand... which had some other Elements I wasn't Feeling at all.  Since it wasn't My Style but more Cutesy and Whimsical in Pastels... which would not go with nor fit in with Villa Boheme' Decor at all.  Oh well... such is Life, huh?  And since I wasn't in Shopping Mode I really didn't Care one way or another about purchasing much, if anything, that wasn't absolutely Idyllic AND on Sale!  *LOL*  Yeah, I'm one of THOSE Customers when I'm in 'Meh Mode'... the Ambivalent Shopper.  *Smiles*

I can walk or saunter away from virtually anything when I'm Shut Down Emotionally because it would take a lot to make me Feel anything at all.  It's particularly Good then when I'm Sourcing Inventory to Re-Sell because I'm totally Emotionless about any potential Purchase and can be Cold and Calculating about it.   If I'm Negotiating any Deals when I'm like this I Morph into the Ice Queen at the Negotiation Table... my Poker Face isn't even a put-on, it's just my countenance in Shut Down Mode for Reals.

I'm trying to snap out of it somewhat before I go in to Work Tonight, since I'm not really Feeling going in to Work at all either.  *LOL*  Expending any Effort right now is just too much Work in and of itself really... Ha ha ha.   I mean Seriously, if I had trouble expending any Effort to have Fun, how much less do you think I Feel about expending any Effort to Work, right?!  *Winks*  But I missed all my Shifts last Week due to the Mother-In-Law Passing and staying Home for The Man to be Supportive in his profound Loss.   So I really couldn't blow off Tonight's Shift... calling in due to Indifference and Ambivalence, right?  *Bwahahahahaha!*

It's really hard to be Inspired when you Feel like this too... tho' I was surrounded by loads of Inspirational Treasures the other day, it didn't make me want to Rush right Home and Create anything myself.   So I really MUST snap out of this and shake it off soon... well, AFTER I get some Serious Culling done which is the only thing it Motivates me to actually DO and be aggressive about accomplishing!  *LOL*

These little Inspirational Words Created with Bling bits and bobs was really Cute.  I could see them in a Hollywood Regency Style Decorated Space, couldn't you?  A little Inspirational Word Glam for the Nostalgic Silver Screen Era Hollywood Diva Devotees!

So anyway... call this my 'Make-Up' Post to make up for the earlier one that I just wasn't Feeling even when I was Creating it... so Sorry!  So it turned out rather lackluster in Effort or Enthusiasm even tho' the Event totally ROCKED so that had nothing at all to do with it and I apologize for rather lackluster Coverage therefore.   I have been asked if I'm Feeling 'depressed' and I have to be introverted enough to explore that, but don't really think so... unless you can be and yet don't actually think you are???!!?  *LMAO*  I guess it's possible to think you're not a certain kinda way and actually be experiencing effects of it, I dunno really?   I just think I'm probably Worn Out from the Holidays, it was all such a whirlwind you know and now it's over...

And mostly put away now at Villa Boheme' so only a few remnants of it remain and will soon be packed away as well whenever I Feel like getting around to it.  And I still haven't Won the Lottery... so Life goes on as Usual... thus that Trip to Bora Bora still sits atop at No. One on the ole' Bucket List... *Winks*  While at the Event we hadn't even been there five minutes when The Young Prince, who had opted to stay Home not Feeling Well, called to tell me he'd fallen in his Kitchenette and smashed his mouth on the counter top knocking some lower teeth askew!!!   I couldn't even get really worked up about another Crisis, clear across Town.  So I told him to straighten them out if he could after the bleeding stops, eat soft food and I'll try to get him in for Dental Emergency after the MLK Holiday, since I don't even know what might be Open?!?  Boys and Men, you can't leave them Alone without Crisis unfolding!  Anyway, his Teeth look Fine to me Today and he's got no ill effects, so we'll just do a Dental Check Up Visit post Trauma now.  *Le Sigh*  As Roseanne RossanaDanna would have said on the old SNL skits, IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING!


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Meh----chortle. Been there, doing that---part of the winter/postholiday/blahs. Passion is a fickle---byt@h and needs to be ignored when being cantankerous. Culling paper/mags is a great idea---she says as her house tips to the west from the weight of surplus images...LOL. Keep on trucking', Sandi

    1. You crack me up... house tipping to the West with surplus... mine is tipping to the East since that's the side the hoarded Garage is on. *LOL* You're probably right, part of the post holiday Winter hibernation thing starting to kick in... just so hard to motivate myself, would much rather curl up with a blanket, hot drink and do nothing. Not an option tho' so I must try some Tantric Yoga Pose to kick myself in my own ass to get going... smiles. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Inspirational treasures, indeed! What fun.


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