Monday, January 16, 2017

MLK Holiday Weekend Musings

It's been an extremely busy Holiday Weekend at our Antique Mall... and all the Vendors had re-foofed their Booths for the Big three day Sale and brought in new Inventory.  I Loved this Vendor's Old Saw Starburst, what a Clever way to Display them!

My Friend Ken also Displays his Mantiques in Interesting Displays, especially the Old Tools.   Even as an Estro I happen to Love Mantiques and Old Tools... not that I know how to utilize most of them, I just Like Old Creative Tools.  I'm still the Gal that will hammer a nail into a Wall with an Ice-Cream Scoop if I can't find a Hammer handy... and that drives The Man Crazy!  *LOL*

But Old Tools fascinate me... there are so many types for similar uses... how do Men keep that shit straight in their Heads I often Wonder?  *Winks*  I think I was halfway thru my Teens before I even realized a Phillips Screwdriver wasn't a Brand but a Type of Tool!  I found this out when my Dad sent me to the Store to Buy one and didn't explain that fact and so I asked the Clerk where the Phillips Brand of Screwdrivers were?  *No Lie!*

But anyway, my friend Ken has an Impressive assortment of Old Tools on the Walls of his Mantiques Booth and I Love the Look of it all Displayed like this en mass.  Even if I don't have a Clue what most of them are for or what they might be called??!   Yes, I know what a Wrench and a Hammer are basically... but the various Types, Forget about it!!!  *Huh?*

Mantiques actually Sell very well tho' so I always pick them up when I can find Old Specimens of anything a Guy might have or want in his Man Cave, Garage or Workshop.  When describing them I might have to ask the advice of my Male Vendor Friends or that description is gonna get mighty vague tho', like "Old Tool"!  *Bwahahaha*

Ken's Old Insulator Collection is Impressive too and Creatively Displayed like all his other Inventory.  I tend to only Keep the unusual Colored ones for myself and Sell the rest.  I turn them upside down for Votive Holders and try to find a Stand they'll fit inside of... I've Sold all the ones I had for Sale even tho' mine were not Displayed nearly this Aesthetically Pleasing.

I myself did not have such Creative Displays because since I consolidated two Showrooms into just one, it's been rather a Hot Mess of too much packed into one Space!   Hopefully the Sale will Cull some of the Inventory and pare it down so I can eventually re-foof and Create some actual Vignettes?!?  The Sale runs 'til 9 p.m. Tonight so we packed some more Inventory in the already overcrowded Space this Weekend for it!

I Worked Sunday Night, which is my usual Shift, but on Sale days it's a lot busier and I therefore try to take some 'Me Time' before my Shift since I've been so Shut Down lately emotionally and lethargic physically.  So, I was at Dillon's Restaurant at the Wildlife World Zoo sitting right up against the enormous Saltwater Fish Tank this close to the above scene... eating and Enjoying my delish Fish Dinner... it just felt so Wrong...  *LMAO*  Eating Fish in front of living Fish... what Irony, huh?

I swear they were looking at me with contempt and disgust in their creepy, Cold, beady little Fish Eyes as I ate my Amazing Catfish Dinner right in front of them!  *Smiles*  The Rays especially glide by and really have an unsettling Judgmental look in their Eyeballs!   Fish Eyes can seem rather Emotionless tho', kinda how I've been Feeling lately actually.   I apologized out loud to each one that was clearly Eyeballing me... the Family at the Table behind me probably thought I was a total Nut Job?!  *Winks*

Watching Fish in a Fish Tank is Soothing tho', I don't even know why, especially since this one was filled with Sharks and other Marine Life that could actually kill or eat us if we were in the Tank with them!   And I was an inch away from the Glass of this enormous Oval Tank Enjoying my Meal, so it's rather Surreal when they swim right up that close to you or by you.   Well, at least I was eating Catfish and not Shark in front of them, so mebbe they were just jealous I wasn't Sharing the Meal, I dunno?   *Smiles*

This here was the Ray that had the most Judgmental Look and spent a lot of it's time Eyeballing me and getting close enough to give me some Attitude.  Sometimes it would just sit on the bottom as close to me as it could get and just Glare!   I'm one to talk to my Pets so it's really hard for me not to just talk out loud to any Living Thing in close proximity to me.  Yes, the Family behind me was probably quite Sure I was a Nut Job by the time they left since I'd been conversing with Sharks and Rays thru my Meal while sitting alone.  *Bwahahaha!*

But having had the Soothing effects of a delicious hearty Meal beside an enormous Fish Tank for about an hour had set the Tone for me being much more unwound and relaxed for my Shift.   Meals at Home are neither relaxing nor able to unwind during since feeding The G-Kid Force and The Man usually entails some kind of Drama unfolding between some of them at some point before, during or after said Meal.  So sometimes when I know I've got to Work I'll fix a Meal for them before I leave and wait to Dine Solo on the way to Work!

Some remnants of the Holidays remain in some Vendor's Spaces and if any of the Adorable Vintage Christmas Kitsch Decor had been on Markdown I might have had to succumb and get some for next year.   They didn't... and I resisted during the Sale to get 15% Off either.  Tho' the two Precious little Pink and Turquoise Vintage Teacup Displays with Deer have been so Wanting to come Home with me!  If I see that Vendor I'll have to see if we can Negotiate a Deal if I buy both?

Well... that's my MLK Holiday Weekend Musings... and how it unfolded for me... it's been a busy Weekend and now it's just time to try to relax and try to unwind...  and I'll leave you with a couple of my Favorite Profound MLK Quotes:


Amen and Amen!!!


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Good idea to enjoy some just me time (With the fish) And including a solo meal even better! Yes the cup arrangements are cute!

  2. Have a great sale...and yes, eating fish in front of fish---is bizarre. Thanks for the tour, Sandi

  3. I too would go for the teacup ornaments, they're too awesome to not have! Oh, I have to laugh at your eating fish while being watched. . .that's why I don't want to sit by the tanks in the Chinese restaurant, and probably why I always order chicken!

    Such great words from Rev. King. We really need him today. I worry that with each year, not enough attention is given to his great work, it seems to be coming more of just another day off for some people. . .


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