Monday, January 9, 2017

I'm Too Cheap So Some Get Away!

Tho' some things I am so Obsessed about when I see them that I couldn't walk away even if I had to Sell a kidney to fund the purchase... more often than not I'm too Cheap, so some get away and I have the reverse of Buyer's regret.  I have non-buyer's remorse, which is way worse... because with Buyer's regret you can always recoup some squandered funds by re-selling said item and reclaim your dignity.

And to add insult to injury, I often photograph those Special items I was too Cheap to spring on and thus torment myself incessantly about the ones that I let get away and only now have a photo of!  Okay, so even tho' the Vintage Gypsy Dolly was ridiculously overpriced, I had SOOOO wanted her that I regret not haggling my ass off trying to talk the Vendor down out of the stratosphere of price point to claim her.  I still can't Believe someone bought her at full price... more money than common sense I suppose... Okay, so I'm just bitter and being bitchy that they got her and I didn't!  *Winks*

And some fierce haggling doesn't work out and I have to just cave and pay what they want... like in the case of the matching pair of Carnival Kitsch Sailor Doll Prizes.  The Dealer wouldn't budge and seriously, I knew I'd never find a matching pair ever in this lifetime from that era.  Ergo I would kick myself in the ass forever if I didn't just suck it up and Pony Up... not getting the price down where I felt I was getting a Deal even tho' the Ask price was Fair and Reasonable.   Sometimes we just get spoiled or stubborn and don't even wanna pay Fair and Reasonable don't we?  *Ha ha ha*

And then there are the ridiculous Deals... that you think must be some mistake... and they aren't... and you feel like you're stealing the stuff because it was so under-priced.  Like this Antique Vanity set that I Scored for under Twenty bucks!   On the way to the register another Dealer Friend saw me and tried to buy it off me in a bribe by offering me a lot of cash to just hand it over so she could buy it...and I refused.  I can be totally Stupid and Territorial about a ridiculous Find like that sometimes and not make easy fast money.  Which is so not like me since almost everything has a Price and can usually be Bought!  *Smiles*

But I was temporarily in Lust... even tho' Lord knows I needed another Antique Vanity Set like... not at all!!!!!!   I have a small Hoard of them actually so why I didn't make some major profit off of something I hadn't even bought yet and already had enough of, well, we'll blame it upon temporary Insanity!   And had The Man or The G-Kid Force known how much I turned down, they would have had me Committed for reals!  *LOL*   Yes, yes, it was worth more than the impressive Offer... but that wasn't even the point.  I was on an adrenaline Rush of having found it for under Twenty... so it would have been like trying to take some Crack from a Junkie on a High to pry it out of my hands!

And then guess what happened?  I got REALLY Stupid... because days later... that very same Vendor brought in the rest of the Vanity Set but wasn't Selling it as a Set like all this had been.  Nope... individually priced... and not at a ridiculous bargain like before.   Mebbe someone told them they were pricing too Cheap... mebbe they got a revelation on their own that individually they could get more... or Sucker in whoever had bought the Set, to pay more for the additional Accessories to it, I dunno?   All I know is I was way too Cheap to now pay Eighteen bucks apiece for the other pieces.

Nope, Pride was now involved... didn't matter that I could get a whole freakin' huge matching Antique Vanity Set and that as a conglomerate I'd still be getting such a Deal!   Since I'd Scored the Tray, Comb, Brush and Mirror for less than Twenty no way was I paying Eighteen bucks apiece for the other five pieces that went with it and matched perfectly!  I just couldn't justify that outlay... not on something I clearly didn't Need... even tho' it would mean the whole Set would be broken up... tho' nobody would really know that since my initial Score looked like a whole Vanity Set.

But the Temptation was killing me to get it all... but I'm too Cheap... so I knew some would get away.   But not all... because a few weeks later there was a Big Sale and I managed to rescue some of the rest of the Set from being split up forever.   So I got the covered Jewelry Box with Lid and the Picture Frame, which I haven't Photographed but it's a 5x7 Size and I don't have it displayed yet or with the Set because who puts Photos in a steamy Bathroom anyway?  *LOL*  Well, my Vanity is in the Master Bathroom Suite and I take steamy Showers and Spa Baths so any Photo would get ruined by the humidity!

And Yeah, some of the pieces Sold so now I couldn't accumulate the entire Set anyway and it's Okay because now I'm not Tempted to anymore... not even the pieces left unsold.   I've gotten Over It... which happens too... where that carnal urge passes and fades out so that I can Live with my decision to be too Cheap and let some get away.  I suddenly get more altruistic... where Okay, others can have some of it too... or all of it in fact if I didn't buy any of it... go ahead.  *Winks*

And sometimes I get a Miraculous 2nd Chance.  Where something I wanted I didn't buy because I was:  A) Either too Cheap ... or B) Couldn't afford it at the time... or C) Was Saving up to Buy it but someone else was more flush first and beat me to it... or D) It was an Auction and I wasn't the highest Bidder.   And then they decide to Re-Sell it, at a slightly higher margin usually.  But Hey, are ya gonna let a Coveted Item you regret NOT Buying the first time around get away AGAIN?!?   

This Fav MP Bag is a Prime Example of such a Miraculous 2nd Chance... you see, I couldn't decide between this bag and the one I initially bought instead of it directly from the Artist... and I HAD to choose just one because it was an indulgent purchase dammit!   Fast forward Years later, after losing out on it to someone else years earlier that bought it before I could Save up to buy another.  That person was now Selling it so I bought it at a slight markup!   I chalk it up to that it was meant to be mine and someone else had to hold onto it for me a while before realizing it shouldn't be theirs.   Okay, so I confess I put my freakin' Mojo all over the item and so it HAD to eventually come back around to me and into my hands where it rightfully belonged, Karma right?  *Winks*

And then there are the Super Weird Purchases that seem to have Future Destiny I cannot even understand at the time of the Purchase.   Like this Mehndi inspired Painting I got at a super close-out Deal and just Loved when I bought it many years ago.  But... I not only had no place to put it at Old Bohemian Valhalla, but it matched none of the Decor nor Color Palette at the Historic Homestead!  So it just sat in a Closet, virtually Forgotten for all those Years so I didn't even know consciously WHY I'd even bought it?!? 

 Then fast forward to Years later I buy New Villa Boheme' here... and the Painting EXACTLY matches the Color Palette and Decor of the Master Bathroom Suite!!!   I know, cue in Eerie Music because that was just too freaky spooky to buy Art years in advance for a Property I didn't even know I would own and it would go perfectly in!  *Goosebumps!*   I never anticipated Moving in fact nor putting Old Bohemian Valhalla up for Sale and going looking for the Tuscan McManse!  Which wasn't even in a Style of Architecture I usually gravitated to before!   In fact, if I deliberately sought out Art for my Master Bathroom's Zen Decor it couldn't match any better than this piece, which is Perfect and like it was Created for this room!

And then of coarse it set me off to seeking out more Zen Decor, right?  *LOL*  Because one thing ALWAYS leads to another... and another... and yet another when you're an incurable Collector.  And now I'm on a Mission to convert the Upstairs Juliet Room into a Meditation Room as well in 2017 so we're going full on Eastern Promises aren't we now?  *Smiles*

Not that I haven't always had a penchant for the Exotic... but I've usually tempered that Attraction to the Style of Eastern or Moorish Decor and Jewel Tones for my Weird and Wonderful Addams Family Dark brooding Style with loads of Sepia and Black as my Neutrals.  But Why Not live with both was my epiphany this New Year's??!  And so I will...


Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Very Interesting Dawn! Glad your feeling better and Happy again with your New Bohemian Valhalla!

    1. I know it's been a difficult transition from the Old and Familiar to the New hasn't it? I think profound Change becomes harder in our Season of Life? LOL Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. LOL, I shouldn't read your blog just before I go downstairs with the intention of purging my hoard, and my mom's, grandma's, etc., etc.,etc. Very cool post and sometimes, you just have to grab it, and bite the bullet or pocketbook. I used to make long distance phone calls to my mom---asking for an anniversary, birthday, present, months too soon-when i found something I couldn't let slip through my hands. Grins, loved your post and yes---all those things are definitely you!. Sandi

    1. I know... I'm a very conflicted person too... I do continuously edit and purge... yet, there are some things that I just cannot, in good conscience, pass up at the right price. *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I have caved a few times, too, and paid too much for something I know I will never find again...and...on the other side of that coin, I have bypassed something I should have bought and kicked myself afterwards (for years sometimes). Hope you have a great rest of the week, Dawn. xo Diana

    1. You as well Diana, I think we've all done that on both sides of the coin. I still recall years ago passing on a Yellow Ware Antique set of Mixing Bowls that stacked, complete set of five in mint condition at a Charity Shop... but they wanted Sixty Bucks and I was too stubborn to pay it even tho' I KNEW the value was probably about $500 or more... non-buyers remorse about that to THIS DAY! *LOL* Sometimes we get foolish about what actually IS a killer bargain... Dawn... The Bohemian

    2. Ooops I think the correct terminology for those Bowls was a Nesting Bowl set... graduating sizes that fit one inside of the other.


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