Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Guarded Optimism And Fantasy That Unity Is Still Possible

I have always been an Incurable Optimist... but in these Crazy Times we find ourselves in I have had much more Guarded Optimism.   I just don't like what I see going on... I just don't like what I hear going on... in general and I won't even bother to go into specifics.  Since the whole World sees and hears, so it needs no explanation as to what or why... it should be self-evident how upside down and sideways things have twisted!  I'm not even sure which way is Up anymore or what is going Down?  It's all so subject to Change without Notice and loose cannon thinking, action and talk seems to be the order of the day now all around!  It's way too impulsive and reckless for my taste... there is sure to be collateral damage and fallout!

Collectively Humanity seems to be on the Verge... the Polarization in Politics has gone to such extremes that I really am not certain if it is now a Fantasy that Unity is still possible?!   I don't like extremes in anything because by the very nature and definition there seems to be no Balance or Moderation in extremes of thinking or of behavior.  Yet that is what I'm seeing playing out across the board and I find it alarming!  Extremes often lead to Chaos or risk even complete demise... cessation of existence, contemplate that for a moment.  

Once something is said it cannot be unsaid, once something is heard it cannot be unheard, once something is done it cannot be completely undone, once something is seen it cannot be unseen.  We must Deal with the consequences of it and we bear Responsibility for it... whatever 'it' is!   I have no Shame in my Game of being Labeled a person with a definite preference for Balance and Moderation in ALL things if at all possible.  Consistency and accuracy typically are results of Moderation and being a Moderator.  It promotes Peace and Goodwill, it instills Trust if you are Balanced enough to predict an Outcome.  Unpredictable behavior and actions can make everyone on edge or close to the edge!

I actually have a tendency towards extremes in thinking and behavior.  I am acutely aware of it and of having a potential in addictive behaviors that I must constantly monitor, Moderate and seek Balance... so that the Outcome is predictably better than any extreme would create.  So my Lifelong Quest for Balance and Moderation is a lengthy one, I have a lot of Experience and I am still a Work in Progress.   I like to think that with Maturity and Intelligence I have over the course of a Lifetime finally come to a place where Right and Wrong are now apparent, I'm not a Child anymore and haven't been for a very long time.  I don't delude myself or justify doing or saying something clearly Wrong or defending it in others either.   

I can agree to disagree and I don't expect everyone to Share my outlook nor try to coerce my point of view upon anyone.   Though I have to draw a line about some points of view and distance myself when I see it being so very extreme as to be harmful and destructive to anyone or anything.  I am not willing to overlook what I clearly Believe to be Wrong, Immoral or Illegal... I just don't and won't, it's my Code of Ethics and I stand by them firmly.  It is Okay for me if I don't chose a 'side' so to speak if the Choices are not something I have any Peace about.   I can and often will stand on my own rather than jump aboard or form an alliance with something or someone I have nothing in common with and can find no common ground to stand upon with them.

It seems as tho' when extreme thinking and behavior prevails that there is the illusion there are only two sides, the two extreme sides... there are NOT!!!  And there are many of us not prone to wanting to be extreme one way or another and so we're not.  We often become the invisible ones since Balanced Moderation doesn't make as many waves or as much noise as extremism.  I am fortunate I suppose that being fiercely Independent and boldly comfortable in my own skin has made it so that when I take my Stand I haven't met with much, if any, resistance from the extreme Right or the extreme Left of ANY Issue.   And it doesn't have to be a Political one, it could be a Moral one, a Humanitarian one, or just any Topic actually.

I will hear people out, since from the abundance of the Heart the Mouth will always eventually speak and it gives you a Heads Up about what really any person is all about and made of and erases all Illusions, Doubts or Facades.  I also pay close attention to Action and Behavior... since that speaks louder than any of their Words... what do they Act upon and more importantly Why?  How are they Behaving... or Misbehaving?  What is the Intent? Everybody does something for a Reason... there's a Payoff for every Action.  Action... that usually is the direction of Passion or Agenda... I do see a lot of Passion and a lot of Agendas playing out.  Which if directed appropriately and for the Common Good can be a very Good thing.  So I Pray that the Passion of the People just doesn't spiral out of Control or have dubious or despicable Reasons behind it or bad Intentions?

You never know tho'... some of the worst Consequences have come out of the best of Intentions.  And then there are Intentions that never had anything Positive aligned with them at all and if they dominate, well, History is doomed to repeat itself in a most unsavory way typically.   The Young Prince once asked me why we need to Study History since it's the Past and all them people are dead anyway he says.   I told him because Success always leaves Clues... and Failure likewise.  What we don't want to repeat and relive can be hopefully avoided by reflecting back upon what went so horribly Wrong or twisted?  Or so that mebbe it is Revealed it didn't even seem or look so Wrong at first and most got on board and were led astray or simply turned a blind Eye... but then... too late!!!

And an Eye for an Eye only ends up making the whole World Blind... so we do need to know how to Work with even our Adversaries in ways that Hopefully are mutually Beneficial and not mutually Destructive.   Uneasy Truces can exist, if a more Calm and Balanced approach to things can be reached.  We can Negotiate something that isn't all or nothing in it's most extreme sense of one side 'Winning' and one side 'Losing' or everyone freakin' Losing because they couldn't come into any kind of Agreement at all and mebbe nobody is left standing after the dust settles in the melee?!?

I have learned in my Role as a Caregiver, in dealing daily with the Mentally Unstable who suffer from Extreme Mental Illness and Brain Damage, that to co-exist when Logic isn't always possible or probable, well, it's no easy task but it can be done and some Harmony and Safety restored to Chaos reigning.  I can still choose Love towards any Human Being who may not be Rational or Lovable all of the time or have even the capacity to be Lovely and non-confrontational all of the time... or even some of the time.  That is more a Testimony of my own Character than theirs even tho' I give no Good Excuse for Bad Behavior since there is none in my humble Opinion.  Because it is so easy to Love when there are no Challenges to doing it and choosing it over Hate and other Negative reactions is a conscious Choice.

The Hate and the Negativity, I suppose that is what disturbs me the most actually.   And sometimes from the most unlikely and surprising sources to see it springing forth and spewing out is tragic and shocking.   It is not coming from a Good Place in one's Spirit and Tortured Souls seem to be Hurting so much that the venting of that inner turmoil is erupting like dormant Volcanoes and doing just as much damage in the wake of the explosions!!!   So many seem Hell bent on the Need to be Right at the expense of seeking any Peace.   Well... you COULD BE RIGHT... I'll leave it at that.  That is how I always respond to someone who NEEDS to be Right all of the time.  Or is defending a Wrong.  It's the only way to disengage them actually in a Peaceful way without compromising your own Values and Point of View... or defending or debating it incessantly ad nauseum!

I am more intent on Doing the Right Thing, that which I know is Right, is in the Fruits of the Spirit and which is Pleasing to God so that I can be Accountable when I eventually stand in Judgment before Him.   I want to have clean hands, I want to know that I placed the Humanity of every Living Being before any differences we might have had on this side of Time and Eternity.   I am not so Arrogant as to Imagine I KNOW what Living in YOUR skin is like, since I can only Live in mine and KNOW what that is like.

We all have different filters that have been Created by how our Lives have played out and our Environment, our Experiences that are Unique to each of us and how we Responded to those Experiences, Good and Bad.  How those Environments and Hand Dealt Shaped and Molded us?  Perspective is Deeply Personal, it always has been and so we can be the only ones to change OURS!  I Challenge you this day to Meditate upon your own... I know I have been Meditating upon mine a lot lately and attempting at least to try to see and Understand better the Perspectives that aren't aligned to my own and are Polar opposites in fact.

I don't know that I'll come to a Clear Understanding... I don't know that we'll ever be able to Stand in Unity?   But I'm a Dreamer and so even something that appears to be Pure Fantasy I still Believe has a Possibility... however remote.   Just because something hasn't been Done yet doesn't mean that it's Impossible... and so with Guarded Optimism I will continue and have the Fantasy that Unity is still Possible... even tho' I'm really not Sure.  So I'm Believing Purely by Faith and not by Sight right now... it's the Substance of things Hoped for and the Evidence of things not yet Seen.

Right now there is no Unity in America... it is Gone... there are factions coming into Unity with one another AGAINST one another... but we are no longer a United States of America.   We have become a Divided States of America and I Pray that won't be our downfall?   A house divided against itself just cannot stand.   And the World is indeed watching... some in terror and fear... some perhaps in glee to see a Great Nation come against itself so that no Enemy really has to!!!!!!!!!!   I do Believe America is Great because she has been Good... when we cease to be Good we will IMO cease to be Great.   Nations that are not Good and have a track record of Bad or despicable Leadership and destruction, oppression or persecution of their own People and others are Clear Evidence of that Fact! 

You don't even have to go far to see the Outcome of that kind of Karma playing out in those Nations as they War, they fall apart, their People suffer greatly and are led astray or dominated by Evil forces, extreme Agendas and twisted Ideology.   And typically they also try to Force or delude the dissidents among them into compliance... into Mindless following rather than Free Thinking.  Through fear and intimidation, with threats and violence there have been many Cultures that self-destructed or are at Risk of doing so even Today.

May we never face some of those same Horrors... I've known Survivors of such Horrors... I still know Survivors of such Horrors in other Cultures and other Countries.    Some are within our own Family and are Loved Ones... and they see, they hear and they Remember the echoes of similar Warning Signs and it does make them very nervous we could be heading in a similar direction... tho' I Pray not... with every ounce of my Being I Pray NOT!

I find it very difficult to even turn on the TV lately and hear it all playing out in Real Time... of going to Websites and seeing Drama upon Drama unfold in the most Unlovely and Hurtful ways.   It makes me all the more Aware of why Humans are indeed the most Dangerous Creatures on this Earth.  No... it is not the Beasts at the Top of the Food Chain of the Wildlife Kingdom that are the most Dangerous my Friends... it is US... and the Beasts that can be Within any and all of us.   Sometimes the Beast Within comes out of hiding and is revealed... with it's fangs and claws sharpened and the carnage it creates without conscience is really shocking sometimes!

You would expect such vicious attacks by the likes of a Shark, a Predatory Land Animal, or maybe even a Demon!   But from a Person, often a Person who doesn't look or perhaps normally even act so vicious, well, it's all the more insidious and you never know from where or who it might come from and pounce?!?   Who will be it's next Victim(s) and Why?   And I would have to ask that Attacker... is it really worth causing such Carnage?  At the expense of Peace... at the expense of Whoever is being Hurt?  What has happened that the Conscience is somehow relieved of Responsibility so that a Beast can be unleashed so viciously towards another Human Being?   I Question how one Justifies that and reconciles that in their own Head and Heart... just sayin'?

And the Reflection of it upon that Individual is quite Damaging lemme tell you!!!  It certainly isn't Flattering when such things as Venom, Hate, Prejudice, Self-Aggrandizement, Self-Righteousness, Ignorance... so on and so forth is mirrored just because someone else is 'doing it' and so now it's 'Okay'?  But is it... REALLY?   No, no it's not... I don't Care who you're emulating, it's never Pretty... it is Damaging not only to others but to yourself to behave in such a way... and it's a terrible Role Model any way you cut it or try to Spin it.

And Yes, we all can succumb to the Unlovely Behaviors... the Negativity... following a Herd right over a cliff if you will... but should we?   Dare we?  At what Expense and with what final Outcome?   We really better Reflect upon that very, very Carefully because hindsight will be 20-20.  Who we form Alliances with is very important... who we Alienate is equally important... so be discerning and use Wisdom in that Process and Pray our Leaders do too.  Too much is at stake not to really want the very Best Outcome.  Put Ego aside and look towards Common Good of ALL.

We are all in this together whether we like to Believe that or not... the Good of the Planet depends on how well we ALL are Stewards of it.  Not just for our Generation, but for Future Generations, we Owe them the Right to have a Planet sustainable to Live upon after our Watch is over!!!   So that they aren't Inheriting such a Hot Mess that it's post-apocalyptic!

One of the scariest things for my Grandchildren to watch are the Movies where the Story Line is post-apocalyptic because it hits too close to Home for them as they view how precarious the World around us is evolving.   The ones with the Monsters, the Dinosaurs or even the Ghosts don't Scare them as much as the ones where Societies cocked everything up so badly that all that was left was barely sustainable to Life... or Quality of Life.

Where Humanity ceases to Exist and everyone is relegated to a Number or how worthy someone in Charge deems them to be... or not to be and now disposable or dispensable they are!?   Those types of Genres Frighten them because they Believe it could happen... to them... and it's hard to Comfort someone when that Possibility actually Exists and you see the telltale Signs rearing up.  History has actually had instances where it HAS already happened... or is happening in some parts of the Globe... so it's not some imaginary scenario that could never happen.

I try to instill in them that they can choose... to be part of the Solution or part of the Problem... because you will indeed be one or the other!!!   There is no neutral ground about that... if you're not part of the Solution then you, by default, are part of the Problem... even if you didn't mean to be or want to be you see.

Let us therefore at LEAST be Unanimous about trying to BE a part of the Solution to the Problems of this World my Friends, as best we can.   Even if you don't Find a Solution if you're at least Seeking it then you don't become part of the Problem itself.   Us Humans are resilient and Creative Creatures as the Divine Creator Intended for us to be and all we have to do is draw upon it... that Reserve is Within us... co-existing with The Beast Within us if you will... so which one will you release into our World?!?   Which will be most dominant within YOU?

I'll choose to Adapt, to Improvise, to Create, to Love, to try my very Best to be part of the overall Solution any way that I can and am able.   I won't have to come into complete Agreement with any or all in order to do that part and stay the course of doing the Right thing consistently, in a Balanced way with Moderation in it rather than swinging to an Extreme.  I won't have to Compromise my Values and Ethics in order to extend Love, to Exist as a source of Light and not allow the Darkness to consume me too... even if it's all around me.

I don't have to Feel like I'm 'Winning' or 'Losing'... since I don't see my Life Journey as any kind of Competition at all where the "I" has to supersede everything and everyone else.   I don't have to attempt to diminish anyone in order to make myself feel increased and my Best Self.

I can be Anonymous and Faceless as I perform any Good Works... since I don't need the recognition, applause, the accolades or the spotlight to Feel Secure that I'm making a Positive difference in my own small way.   Whether you are Seen or in the Shadows doing your part, you are Valuable to the Whole.  We don't all Need to do Great things so long as we do the small things with excellence, because the little things do matter and make an impact as well.

And I know I've gone Long... but a lot has been on my Heart and my Mind lately as I watch... and listen... and make my Observations in these Crazy Times we find ourselves in... and I don't want to just Feel discouraged about it all... it's hard not to, but I would rather feel Guardedly Optimistic instead and Fantasize that Unity is still Possible!!!   I am rather Fed Up being TOLD what "I'm Gonna Love"... so let me just make that decision for myself Thank You!  *Winks*  And don't just TELL me... lemme FEEL THE LOVE... then it will be Real!

With Blessings, Love, Light and Prayer from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You are right Dawn! Very Frighting Times!

    1. They are, it grieves me for the Future Generations, hopefully they will have the Wisdom to make Positive Change during their Watch. Thanks for coming by for a Bloggy visit my Friend, I look forward to them... you are indeed one of the Positive Lights here in the Land of Blog and I'm sure, in the World at large... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Your right about watching the news "the sky is always falling". Your blog is full of beauty and love. When I need a mini vacation from all of the "the world is ending stuff" besides looking at your blog, I love watching videos of pandas. They are so cute and roly poly.

    1. I know that I too prefer to look at the Beauty of things, the Good in people, and Believe that the Positive Energy put out in the World can clean up so much of the Negativity that has been toxic to it and polluted this Beautiful Planet. Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Dearest Dawn, thank you for such a thoughtful and thought provoking post. I think you have spoken for the vast majority of us who are simply trying to live as quietly and gently as possible, and harming no-one. Blessings

    1. Exactly Lesley, Harmonious Living with Peace and a quiet gentle approach should at least be an option without being provoked constantly by those whose approach is in direct opposition to it. Alas, such is the Human Condition that there will always be those who cannot or simply refuse to allow Harmony to exist at all and wouldn't be at Peace with themselves, never mind anyone else. Thanks for coming by for a Bloggy Visit, I always enjoy you dropping in... Dawn... The Bohemian


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