Thursday, December 1, 2016

Winter Lethargy

As Winter now rolls in we find ourselves having to fight off Winter Lethargy.  I don't know why, but as soon as Winter arrives, even here in the Desert where it's not so fierce, we almost grind to a halt as far as energy reserves seeming to just be depleted.  It's harder to wake up, it's more difficult to jump start the day, we just seem to want to hibernate more in our lairs.

Now this is very Strange in this climate because one would assume we'd be more inclined to have Summer Lethargy when the triple digits rise to unreal levels on the thermometer!?   But No... it's still during Winter, even here, that we just yearn to curl up in a fuzzy blanket, perhaps with a nice hot drink or cup of Soup, and snooze the day away if we can get away with it!!!  Or do absolutely nothing... nada... even if the Laundry List of things to do is Epic... and mine IS! 

The G-Kid Force began School at the tail end of Summer when it was still insanely Hot, yet we had no trouble rolling them out each Morning.  Now, it's not only a huge battle to roll them out, but I don't really wanna even roll myself out, you know?!?  *LOL*   I have often languished in my Pajamas all day if I don't hafta go to Work!  Yes, I already wrote the Post about taking them to School in my Pajamas... because it's ever so much easier to crawl back into bed if you're not dressed!!!  *Winks*

So sometimes I Force myself to come in here instead, to the computer and at least check in at The Land of Blog so I can be among the Living and not the Hibernating!  *Smiles*   Sure, there's piles of Laundry actually waiting patiently for me to sort and throw into the wash... and that could be equally stimulating to the Body, but not the Mind... and Lord have Mercy this Mind needs to be shaken Awake!!!   I'm still Yawning... and still languishing in my Pajamas... and one Kiddo has already been transported and one more to go!

Yet the Urge to go crawl back beneath the Down Comforter is so Tempting... but if I do it then SHE will want to do it and I've already heard Grandpa incessantly riding herd on her to keep Awake and get ready for School!  So I suppose I better set a Good Example... well, an Example... it would be a stretch right now to call it a Good one!!!  *LMAO*  I always think that dropping the Teenager off in the Dark at High School much earlier when it's too Cold to Feel Lethargy will Wake me Up sufficiently... apparently NOT!

And you ought to see HIM, Poor Soul, he's an absolute Zombie as he shuffles out of the vehicle, I'm surprised he even finds his way across Campus to any Class because clearly he's not among the Living yet!   No wonder I often get calls from the History Teacher, his first class, that he nods off sometimes.  I mean History {stifling a Yawn myself} and Lethargy combined... coupled with a Kiddo who already has a diagnosed Sleep Disorder and can no longer Physically tolerate his Meds... not so Surprising!!!  *Bwahahaha!*  


At least the Lethargic Genius seems to be able to absorb knowledge whilst snoozing, which still drives this Teacher absolutely Crazy!  I don't understand Why, if he's waking him up and getting all the Right answers out of him regarding the lecture he just slept thru, how is that then MORE of a Problem than the Kiddos who stayed awake yet don't know any or most of the answers?  I guess it's the Principal of the thing and thus The Young Prince's School Transcripts remain dismal in spite of his alleged Genius Status.  I'm learning to Live with that coz it sure ain't changing, it's akin to waiting for Hell to freeze over!

And then there's The Other One, that I just got back from dropping off at School. At least it's Light once she's being dropped off... and considerably Warmer, so I don't hafta throw an Exotic Wrap on over my Pajamas, which is as Fancy as I get once Winter sets in.  *Winks*  Now once you FINALLY get her Awake she's very Animated and raring to go.  In fact, her Energy Level once fully Awake makes me want to just go back to bed because she exhausts me!  A little bit of that Child can go a very long way!  *LOL*

 She saw a Red Headed Man walking across the Crosswalk in front of us and excitedly pointed him out as her new CCR Teacher.  What's CCR I inquired?   I don't know, but he Teaches it... she responds.  *LMAO*   Yeah, clearly she's not allegedly Genius Status, which is why she has Special Needs Classes she hasn't got a Clue what they're Teaching her in?!   The Man suggests it probably stands for some kind of Correctional Custody Rehabilitation thing... well, it matches the letters anyway... and well, it's HER we're talking about... so... could be??!!!   *Bwahahaha*

And apparently there's many more where she came from.  I was talking to her Daddy on Facebook about sending the Christmas Money to him in Mexico for her Sisters who are being raised by he, his New Wife and his Mom.  We discussed the Challenge of providing Christmas Gifts for every Grandchild now that we're up to Fourteen of them last count.   Well Mom, he says good naturedly, you do know you have way more than Fourteen actually... because I have a total of Fifteen Children and Five Grandchildren?   That Man is rivaling the Duggars, only with more Baby's Mamas... so mebbe more like Kody Brown but without marrying them all?  *LOL* 

 But I Love him Dearly, he's a Good, hard working Family Man and an Excellent Daddy.  He has been a Saint with our Daughter, even to this day, tho' they're no longer together by her choice, fully embracing her extreme Mental Illness and all of it's extreme Challenges.  He's an Only Child so his own Dear Mama, who is in her Eighties, is Delighted to have the Blessings of so many Precious Grandchildren.   In many Countries and Cultures a Man's Wealth is measured by his Children.   I know that my own Parent's respective Cultures, especially back in da day, had extremely large Families for that reason... and in my Husband's Culture it is Common and preferred too. 

 But Yes, it's True, ranging in Ages from 27 year old Twin Grandsons to the one year old newest Grand-Daughter, Princess T actually has a slew of other Paternal Siblings... Eight Sisters and Six Brothers... not including this Brother I'm raising who has a different Daddy!!!  Prolific bunch this blended Family we have... Glad I'm not providing Christmas Gifts for every single one... guess I should actually change my profile stats to include them all?!  *LOL*  But I don't know them all, not even all the names, and that many actually would be hard to remember at this Season of Life and is rather Mind Blowing... and well, my Mind is already struggling with this Winter Lethargy thing!  *Bwahahaha* 

Due to Illness, Life's Issues and Immigration Issues our Family Unit is filled with Complexities and particular Challenges.   But at the Holidays especially we circle the wagons tighter and draw all the more closer.   I suppose in part the Winter Lethargy thing has something to do with Seasonal Change... where you just Instinctively Feel the Need to Insulate.  To Rest and Renew Internally, so that come Spring... well... New Growth can take place and New Life becomes more abundant and evident in Nature.   The Natural Cycle of things after all is very Instinctive and Carnal no matter how Cultured and Civilized we think we may have become.  And there's something rather Comforting in that really that I don't even wanna try to Resist!

And so I don't... Nope... I'm actually rather Glad that Winter has begun now and things have slowed way, way down, almost to a standstill in many ways.   Where our Activity level has diminished... well... after we get all the Christmas Decor and Gifting squared away... which is why I do all that Early, before Winter is Official.  And we can languish and luxuriate in Winter Lethargy and only fight it off when we absolutely Need to in order to get on with Life.   Between having to sometimes fight it off and Luxuriating in it when I can, I do prefer the Luxuriating, I ain't gonna lie!  *Winks*

Though this Morning, now that all Grandchildren are securely corralled in School I should really get out of my Jammies and dressed.  So that I can convince The Man to be my Partner in Crime and glean some Cotton Boll Plants from the Harvested Fields to put into my Vintage Olive Buckets and Create Wreaths and Garlands out of for the Winter Decor.   Did I just say that out loud??!?  *Smiles*   I'm incorrigible I know... Pray for me!  *Winks*


Holiday Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I was surprised to find I still had the winter blahs after moving from NYS to Sunny Florida. I was glad to read this and find out it may be "normal."

    1. I know, it's still kinda weird tho' isn't it? *LOL* I don't get the Summer lethargy at all and one would think when it exceeds 116 degrees that would make you want to hibernate more than when it's in the 70's! *Smiles* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I don't usually go through the winter blahs until January. This year they came early.


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