Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Winter Break... Or... The Great Sleep-In

The G-Kid Force began Winter Break just before Christmas... I like to call it The Great Sleep-In.   We can go to bed late and wake up whenever we want to, which is much, much later than a School Day!  Yay!  Out itinerary is Open and Free as a Bird!  *Double Yay!*  No rushing Home, no rushing anywhere!  We can do those decadent things like Road Trips anywhere around the Valley... and so we do!   This day is was Uptown to Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall to window shop and Imagine Shopping High End.  *Smiles*

Princess T and I could be very High Maintenance Gals *Winks*... actually I think she will be... her Man better have deep pockets because this Child has exquisite Taste already!  *Ha ha ha*  She can spot the Good Stuff as if she has built in Natural radar for it and be discerning about Fashion and Decor like any Professional Stylist... so we often call her The Stylist or The Fashionista!

So in Neiman Marcus she almost lost her Mind when she walked into the Little Girl's Department and saw The Fashions!  *Think akin to Rachel Zoe's Obsession with Fashion!  LOL*  Of coarse her instincts gravitated her to the most expensive of the Party Dresses... this one was seventy-nine bucks, but it was exquisite and our unanimous favorite!  I'm just surprised she didn't make me photograph her faux-modeling every dress in the entire department!  *Smiles*  We also People watched and Critiqued the Fashions as if we were the Fashion Police!  *LOL*  But truly it was a Treat to see so many folks with exquisite Taste and High Fashion in one place... like a breath of Fresh Air!

But the three story Mall was packed with Post-Christmas Shoppers and a madhouse so we didn't stay long since really we weren't intent on buying anything and we both Hate crowds.  We were hungry and lines at the Food Court were insane, so off to The Spaghetti Factory we headed to inner city Phoenix... it's our Fav Haunt, loaded with Antiques and Historic Ambiance plus great food.

Over Dinner we discussed The Mall... she agreed that the High End Malls are her absolute Favs since most Malls around the Valley have mos def jumped the shark in recent years and so we tend to avoid them like the plague.   When a Mall circles the drain the vacancy rates are epic and the stores that are left aren't Selling anything we'd remotely want to Buy or are of questionable taste in merchandise.  We laughed that we're just not in the market for assless pants and such. *LMAO* 

 I am actually relieved her Taste level in Wardrobe and Style is of a higher standard and caliber since she's Blossoming into a Young Woman quite early!  *Whew!*   Early Bloomers are nerve wracking when you're Parenting, she's only Eleven but already beginning to Look and Act like a Young Woman and not a Child... scary stuff for The Man and I!!!  When it comes to a Girl Child I would much rather raise a Late Bloomer!  *Winks*   I know that sounds totally Gender biased... and it is... but since both of our Daughters were Teen Moms it just scares me when Young Girls Mature too early!   BTW: I Want one of those Urns with large Orchid Displays in my Master Bathroom en suite!

The Images are totally crap since I had to shoot them thru two panes of glass at a distance {sorry}... but I had to show you the bling miniature Christmas Window Shadowbox Displays at Tiffany's!   Those mini Chandies were off the hook Fabulous... and I know I now want to Create some of those blinged out Christmas Tree Cones utilizing Orphaned Antique Bling.   I've seen them around Pinterest and various Blog sites but to see one in person was Stunning and our Eyes Danced with Delight beholding them!

Our noses were pressed up against the exterior Windowpane glass like excited Children and she insisted I keep snapping off shots just so we'd have some Inspiration, however vague, for the ones we now intend to Create at Home for a Fun Winter Project right up our Alley.  I've got all kinds of Salvaged Antique and Vintage Bohemian Bling so our Bling Christmas Tree Forrest will only lack the mini Chandies... Lord knows I don't know where you'd Score those?!?  *Smiles*  

via: Pinterest

We'd also seen Mehndi Artists at The Mall and decided that she and her Brother need to start honing their Mehndi Skills practicing on Gramma.   We have all of the supplies and Inspiration Books galore on Body Painting Styles so I'm Game to be their Muse.  *Winks*  I've always been a Fan of Body Art and the temporary kind like Mehndi gives you much more Artistic Expression without a sense of permanence to having to wear just one Design for a lifetime.  I rarely wear the same Wardrobe daily so my Body Art I like to be more varied as well.

 via: Pinterest

Having enthusiastic Artists at Home willing and able to Art me up is an In-House Bonus.  *Smiles*   Both of The G-Kid Force are already quite accomplished at Art and Practice can only improve upon those Natural Skills they possess and thoroughly Enjoy when they're Creating anything.   So Yes, Winter Break is giving us the opportunity to indulge in The Great Sleep-In as well as indulge ourselves in our Fantasies and delve deeply into whatever Inspires us during our days when we finally roll out of bed.  How about you my Friends... what Post-Christmas activities have you been immersed in?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. So good you enjoy similar interests!

  2. Hi Dawn! We are working on the great sleep-in too!We are not big mall people either. The Scottsdale mall never disappoints at Christmas, always so pretty. Adore that lovely dress she found, yes she has great taste. We always like to say we have champagne taste on a beer! We started putting a few Christmas things away (got the outdoor decor put away) so that we could reorganize the garage at the same time least favorite project. My pretty and delicate stuff stays in the house (I have had things ruined by the heat) so those things will stay up a few more days. Upcoming plans are a painting project and a trip up north to go sledding with friends, and we had a game night of Yahtzee with our best friends last night which was a blast. Enjoy your Christmas break!


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