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Vendor Christmas Party 2016


Our Antique Mall is loaded up with Vintage Christmas Goodness and so most of the Post will be devoted to those Images I snapped prior to the Vendor 2016 Christmas Party beginning.  Food was being served at 5:00 and 6:00 pm and the entire 55,000 square feet of the Antique Mall was wafting with the Delightful aromas of a huge Holiday Buffet upstairs being prepared in the Loft area of our Mall.

I always look forward to the gatherings because it's when most of the Vendors and Staff get together all at once to Celebrate the Holidays and have Fellowship.   Holiday Vending is always so hectic except for at the Christmas Party, because the Season brings with it our busiest time of year and so Vendors and Staff are Working at breakneck pace all thruout November and December.

THE BRASS ARMADILLO is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. seven days a week except on Christmas Eve and only Closed on Christmas Day.  So staggered shifts and everyone coming and going constantly is more the norm than a big sit down together kind of gathering.

We really Enjoy the Fellowship with all of our Friends there, we are all Kindred Spirits with a Love of Old and discovering Found Treasures, so the commonalities of our Passions makes for really Special Relationships with them all.   When anyone Shares your Love of Old, of The Thrill Of The Hunt, Collecting, Salvaging, Saving History one piece at a time... well, there's nothing quite like it when you all get together!

And for us it's a Family Affair... and for most of the other Vendors and Staff as well, so we get to know one another's extended Families like you wouldn't at most other Jobs.   Typically with our Tribe we're all cut from the same Cloth so we're like one big Happy Family anyway even without the biological connection.

And another thing we all have in common... Loving a Good Party, Good Times and Good Food!  *Winks*   Our Mall Hosts these Vendor Parties and provides everything so Generously... quite the Labor of Love goes into Planning and Preparing for them and we all Appreciate all that effort and hard work.

The majority of the dishes are Home-Made and brought in by various Employees and lemme tell ya, some could be Professional Caterers because their Recipes are Divine!   There was a Creamed Corn recipe I HAVE to have... but seriously, everything was exceptional and delish... Nom Nom... and Served with a Smile by our Friends!!!

These are peeps I Work with and also see at other Venues around Town because when you do what we do, well, it's a Small World really... our Tribe is tight and close knit.   From the exuberant Youngsters to us Old Timers in the Biz, the Generation Gap simply doesn't exist when you Love what you're doing and have common Interests and Passions, teaming up with Kindred Spirits of ALL Ages.  

We have the Best Young People, we really do... and it's heartwarming to see the Younger Generations embracing the Love Of Old and the desire to Preserve at least some of it for Future Posterity.   They put their own distinctive Spin on it and usually set many of the Trends that are now searging the popularity of making everything Old New again!

I didn't Photograph much of the actual Party in Progress since they were feeding the 5,000 so to speak... Smiles.   Well, hundreds anyway, we have probably about 500 Vendors in our Antique Mall and the feeding went on in two entire shifts!   The Fam was allegedly starving so they didn't want to languish with me in Pathological Picture Taking Mode either.

Besides, this is the quality of Image and what happens when you're trying to Photograph with one hand and hold an entire plate of loaded Christmas Party food fixins with the other hand!  *LOL*   And it's the only one the Fam was willing to have taken to interrupt the food, so I hadda Work with it!  *Winks*

And lets face it, not many of us wants our pixs taken while we're stuffing our faces so I respected that.  *Ha ha ha*  Suffice to say a Good Time was had by all and the Mall was offering a Vendor Discount for any Purchases that Evening so everyone went Christmas Shopping after Dinner!

Since I had tapped out getting the Christmas Shopping done for the Family I couldn't indulge like I wanted to with my Vendor Discount.  I would have Loved to have indulged in my Obsession with Vintage Christmas Kitsch and so since I couldn't, I Fixated upon Photographing it instead!  *Smiles*

One Vendor in particular has such a Wealth of it in her Cases that I was mesmerized and Pathologically Picture Taking my little Heart out!  *Smiles*  So the balance of the Post will indulge you in a saturation of Vintage Christmas Kitsch too.  If you're a Lover of it as I am you will thoroughly Enjoy the overdose of it!  *Winks*

Alas, I don't have much Vintage Holiday Kitsch actually, though I J'Adore it, I don't actually own very much of it in my Collections anymore.  When I downsized Seasonal I Sold Off most of my Vintage Christmas Collections because I just didn't put them out so much anymore.

And since they Sell well, it was hard not to send them off to Good Homes that might Display them every year rather than the rare occasional Holiday that was happening here.   I've severely Edited and Culled what I put out for the Holidays now, especially the tchotchkes.


But I still like looking at them in the Collections of others or in the Retail Displays of them when they're all massed together and looking like such Vintage Enchanting Wonderment that I recall from Christmases Past.

Photographing them thru glass was a particular challenge tho' so I apologize for the poor quality of Imagery, it doesn't do the tiny little Vintage Kitsch Treasures any Justice.    There is a strong Market for such Treasures but since mine Sold Out and it's difficult to Source them in bulk, well, now I mostly just Enjoy the Collections other people have amassed.

I'm Happy that all of mine found Good Homes and went off with Happy Customers who Appreciate such things too.   In due time I might just Create some Vintage Kitsch Holiday Decorations since it would be such Fun.  But at the moment Time does not permit such indulgences Creatively either.  *Pouting*

I particularly want to Create some Wreaths Created from Vintage Baubles and Shiny Brites... I just J'Adore these.   I'm always running across Old Ornaments and Vintage Holiday bits and bobs that would incorporate so well into these types of Lovely Vintage Past Inspired Projects!

There seems to be a lot of Work involved in the Creation of them, but when Time permits I know this would be a Delightful Project Artistically for Holidays.  I've always Loved Creating Holiday Arts and Crafts, don't you?   So much more Interesting than Store Bought product.

And sometimes the individual pieces have not fared well with the ravages of Time and so when they're put into little Art Projects it brings them back to Life again.   Just look at that little Fiddling Elf beside the Fawn and Bottle Brush Christmas Tree nestled in a Milk Glass Bowl... Vintage Cuteness overdose!

This Christmas I was too busy to even Hand-Dye any Bottle Brush Trees!  *Gasp!*   So I have a tiny Hoard of un-dyed and un-decorated Bottle Brush Trees left over from last year, when I only dyed a few...  that I never got around to finishing up this year either!   This is what I mean about NO TIME for Artistic endeavors!  *Le Sigh*

Where does all that time go once the Holiday Countdown begins?  I don't know about you but my Time Warp begins and it fast forwards like an Old VHS player!  I never seem to have the Time to do all of the Wonderful Holiday Projects I'd like to get around to... NEVER!

And so when I spy a Vendor that proliferates during the Holidays with all of this Enchanting and Magical Goodness, I bow down in Awe of their production abilities!   They must be these Organized Artist Genius Beings that can bend Time... because honestly I don't know how they do it and pull so much Fabulousness off before every Holiday Season!?!???!  And get it into Inventory! Bravo and a Standing Ovation from the Peanut Gallery here! 

I mean it's one thing to Create anything for yourself because you can pull it off and put it out just before... but when you're Selling... you have to think FAR ahead... and I just barely can think into the next moment or breath I'm taking!  *Bwahahaha!*   Christmas Vignettes in Retail really should be weeks before... and the Planning probably Months beforehand... I'm just too spontaneous to be that structured in my thought or Planning Process!

I'm more of an Oh Shit it's almost Christmas I better haul ass to get any Seasonal Inventory in there in time to Sell it before the Holidays have passed or nobody is buying Decor anymore!   *Winks*   And Creating entire Vignettes in my Showroom... yeah, on the Canvas of my Imagination is where all that is left languishing, I'm lucky to get our Home Decorated in time for the Holidays!

Princess T was Feeling Lucky this day tho' and she Won a Black Gumball with the Five Dollar Gift Certicate it comes with... then she found Five Bucks too... I shouldda taken the Kid to Vegas, she was on a Lucky Winning Streak for sure! *Smiles*    But... this Kid who will spend HOURS agonizing about her ensemble and hair to even go to the freakin' Mailbox, for the Vendor Christmas Party, looked like a Poor Refugee Orphan!!!  I don't 'Get It'... she made no attempt to look like she was attending a Party or even presentable!  I think she slept in these clothes???  Kids can be so Weird sometimes! 

But honestly, getting this Crew out of the house on time to anywhere is such a major accomplishment slash Ordeal that I often don't Care how they look or what they're wearing!  *Smiles*   I just load 'em up and move 'em out like a Cattle Drive and when we arrive we often look like we've all been on one too!  *Whew!*

This day just trying to keep them from snacking too much so that they wouldn't ruin their appetite for the big Christmas Buffet was an ordeal.   Because you KNOW what will happen... if they don't eat at the Party, the moment you get Home all of a sudden they're ravenous and expect you to Cook!

Hell, this is why I never miss a Party, because I don't have to Cook or clean up Guys... so I practically starved them ahead of time and ensured they'd eat when they got there!  *LOL*   Well, two of them anyway, wouldn't ya know The Young Prince claimed to not be feeling well again, coming off all his meds has been brutal, his eating and sleeping patterns are all jacked up now!

He's more stable Emotionally than I expected him to be... but unmedicated his Bipolar and Clinical Depression cause him to either eat too much or not eat at all... sleep too much or not sleep at all... or have a very Odd Schedule.   Like he'll be up at 3:00 a.m. fixing something to eat, animated and acting like it's already a Brand New Day!

And I knew "The Call" would come in... eventually... typically on our way Home... but sometimes during the Event... Gramma, when will you be Home?  What, are you my Warden now?  *Winks*   Well, No, but I'm HUNGRY!  Sheeyit, yep, I was Cooking that Evening even after having attended a rockin' Buffet that should have precluded such domestic drudgery and fed everyone... dammit!  I never catch a break!

And after eating wayyyy too much myself... and Partying the Night away with The Man and Princess T in tow and me riding herd on them, which is like herding Cats... you can only imagine how thrilled I wasn't to be coming Home to feeding anyone!  Especially since he'd sprung and swung back from Feeling like Death to animated again so I barely Cared if he ate at all!  Yeah, I know, clearly I'm not making Grandmother of the Year or earning Domestic Goddess Status yet again... oh well!  *Ha ha ha*

But insisting that Child go anywhere when he's on a downturn is never a Wise Idea and so it was still best we left Brother Darkness Home while attending a Festive Party and Socializing with Friends.  *Winks*   Better to just feed him when he comes out of his hibernation Den like a ravenous Grizzly ready to devour anything and everything... or bite someone's head off!  *Ha ha ha*

And of coarse The Other One couldn't wait to rub his nose into what he'd missed in the way of delectable Cuisine at the Christmas Party... and taunt, "And you're getting Top Ramen!"   Hey, it was late... that's what he was getting if he expected me to Cook that day after I'd thought I'd get to slide out of head Cook and bottle Washer Duty!   *Smiles*

I know... I shouldda stopped at another Dept. first on the way Home to take the Edge off, huh?  *Winks*


Happy Holidays from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your Amazing Dawn! Yes you deserve Grandmother of the Lifetime!

    1. Awwww, Thanks for the Kind Words my Friend, it means a lot to hear that! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. OH I'm starting to really love all that 50's kitsch....I know I have a stash somewhere, still unearthing from Mom's Gramma's...and so it goes. Fun stuff Dawn, going down to the catacombs now and see what I can find, lol. Sandi

    1. I know, it's such Fun isn't it? Whimsical and Cheerful, you can't help but Smile when you see it... perfect for the Holiday Spirit! Hope the trip to the catacombs turns up some Fab Kitsch for Christmas! Dawn... The Bohemian


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