Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Christmas Countdown

When it gets this close to Christmas Day do your little ones begin the Christmas Countdown?  You know, reminding you of how many days are left... talk about Deadline Pressure if you haven't gotten everything done yet!  *Whew!*

I got The Son and Family this Humorous Christmas Card, knowing they'd 'Get it'... since by now I have a canned Pina Colada chillin' in the fridge myself just to take the Edge off!   This Santa on the card has it right, we're in need of a drink right about now... and it ain't Milk my Friends!  Well, unless it's laced with Kahlua or some Baileys!  *Winks*

To pay Homage to my Dearly departed Mom this Christmas I put her Cheesy Kitsch Swan Planter she gave to me on the exterior display with a Wreath around it's neck.   Yeah, compared to the upscale exterior Decor in Luxury Home Suburbia it's standing out in all it's Kitsch Gloriousness... in the Immortalized Words of Princess T... We don't Care!   *LMAO*

And speaking of The Beast Princess, the Gingerbread Cookie Production goes on... and on... and on... and on.   She takes about a full Hour to meticulously Decorate one Cookie, her OCD is apparent.  She even made a Dark Goth Addams Family Style Santa, very Proud of that one she is!  *Smiles*  The Man said that then she is so Proud of each one completed she stands back and looks at it for the rest of the day!  *LMAO*  

You see, The Man has been hovering around them like a frustrated hungry Hyena on the Serengeti.  I Warned him, don't you Dare until you get her Permission!!! *Smiles*  He's convinced we will never actually get to eat these Cookies... we're just supposed to Admire them endlessly and heap Praises on and Worship their Creator!   He could be Right?!?  *Winks*

He's also worried that to complete all Seventeen of them she's likely to be Decorating them well into Spring?!  *Bwahahaha*   She has Eight done so far and her Cousin should be coming over to help her with Production... Princess A should knock them out in no time I figure... with the Asian Factor and all. *Winks*

I think all my extra Holiday Shifts are over and I can relax now and just Enjoy the ending of the Countdown 'til Christmas Day?   Since Christmas falls on a Sunday this year I also don't have to go into Work that Sunday Night either since Christmas Day is the only day of the year our Antique Mall is Closed.

I've actually been Gellin' anytime I'm not actually at Work and can languish at Home.   Something about Winter puts me in hibernation mode even if our Seventy plus degree Weather is still Glorious.   My next door Neighbors have been busy as Beavers cleaning out and organizing their Garages, I'm impressed with their results and Work Ethic, they're Tireless!  Mine desperately Need de-hoarding but I just can't become motivated enough 'til after the Holidays are over to tackle it.  Just watching my Neighbors do theirs from Sunup to Sundown several days in a row made me Feel Tired!  *LOL*

In fact, Winter always makes me Feel Sleepier, I don't even exactly know why since I'm clearly not a Bear?   But I could languish in Bed all day if the Family but let me.  Alas, The G-Kid Force have to be up by 5:00 am {him} and 6:30 am {her} respectively and then I have to drive them to School.  This week is Finals for him and Holiday Festivities for her with half days and no School on Friday... then Winter Break.  *Yay!*   I don't know whose Happier about Winter Break, them or I?!  *Winks*

Lately The Young Prince has been dragging Friends Home with him after School so at least it's motivated him to clean up his Living Spaces Upstairs some.  *Winks*   With that Bonus I don't mind having Stray Teens in the house, to Impress said Friends it morphs him into this sort of Idyllic Rent-A-Kid I barely recognize but I definitely prefer.  *Bwahahahaha!*   What can I say, he can Clean Up Well for brief periods of time when he has to!  *Winks*

I'm Hopeful that when her Cousin comes over for a Visit I can talk the Grand-girls into tackling Princess T's Living Spaces Upstairs as a sort of 'Game' with some kind of Incentive Prize to earn?   I'm Scheming about all that as we speak since 9-11 year Old Girls can still be bribed if the Incentive is Tempting enough.  And her Living Spaces definitely need some 911 attention, I can't even Look or my pulse starts racing and I feel my blood pressure rising dangerously high!

I am quite certain this is why Women my Age under NORMAL circumstances still aren't raising Children??!??  God knew that at this Season of Life we're so Over the raising of Children Thing.   *Smiles*   Don't get me wrong, Love Children... Grandchildren especially... but sometimes I'd Like the usual Grandchild Visits where you can send them Home with their Parents when you've had enough Fun.  *Winks*

But, since I don't have and have never had that option with these two Grands...  and have now Adopted them ta boot... and have been raising Kiddos consecutively and concurrently for two Generations now... I'll just have Santa pass the booze and dig into those Nachos... that oughtta take the Edge off just Fine for yet another Christmas... *Winks*


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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