Tuesday, December 20, 2016

So... What Does Santa Bring To The Eccentrics?

So... what does Santa bring to the Eccentrics?   Well, it's not gonna be what he brings to everyone else, that's for sure!  *Winks*   For me it will be Bliss if it's more Weird and more Wonderful than expected... and Santa came thru again this year... early in fact!   Who knew?!

Well, my Friend Michael kinda looks like Santa... Cheerful, got the White Beard and all anyway... and if Santa were really Hip, Handsome and Artsy, he would look like Michael.  *Smiles* So anyway, Michael has been bringing in my kinda Antique Lamps.  He digs the same type of Bordello Fringed Antique Lamps that I do and he Scored a wealth of them when Bill Johnson's Big Apple Restaurants Closed around the Valley.

And he gave me a Killer Deal on two of them that I was seriously having a Love Affair with and couldn't Risk waiting 'til after Christmas lest they went Home with some other Eccentric, you know?  *LOL*  Yes, there are some of My Tribe around the Valley and I didn't want a Cool Old Fringed Lamp Showdown... it wouldn't be very Goodwill towards all men during Christmastime!  *Winks*

And anyway, this Shade would be more like Smackdown than Showdown since I'd go to the dirt to ensure I Scored this... just sayin'!  With or without the Cool Old Lamp actually!  *Ha ha ha*  Derelict Decorating Shades that are Real Deal decrepit Antiques and are Miss Havisham Wonderful is what us Eccentrics Dream of Sourcing for our Lairs!

Seriously, when my Family & Friends see a Lampshade like this they instantly think of me... not anybody else they know... ME!  That's who they think of first when they see this Style... because well... who else, right?!  *Winks*  So I'm certain Michael set me up since I'd just bought a Cool Old Fringed Shade Lamp from him only last week and he replaced it with this one... MICHAEL!!!  No, it's Okay, I'm Glad you did my Friend... and worked with me on the Negotiation.

Michael's Lamps are Cheap, but he knows I am too so he'll still work with me on that First Cousin kinda Deal.   After all, everyone I know realizes how many Grandkids I gotta buy for during the Holidays and that usually Santa has to bring my Eccentric Stuff later on... unless... well... you know, we can work something out to make it hard to walk away from.

I know, like I was gonna walk away from this, I would have been as tenacious as a Pit Bull with a freakin' Bone I tell ya!   So mebbe that's why my Friends just work with me early on before I wear everyone down to a nub with tenacity in getting what I want!   Yes, I'm worse than a Fixated Grandchild asking for something... I never outgrew the Gift of wearing folks down Cutely and with Charm, what can I say... how can you resist me, right?!  *Winks*

And I'm so Fixated on the Fab Old Lampshade that the Lovely Double Candelabra Style Lights and Jade Accented Base barely get a mention... but they're Pretty and just My Style too.  In fact it throws off a lot of diffused Light casting an eerie Glow that sufficiently illuminates and yet sets a distinctive Mood that I always go for.  The first Image captured it Beautifully in fact, when Night falls and I'm in here Blogging, Great Ambiance and just the right amount of Illumination.

Now, because the Old Silk Shade has Condition Issues there might be some that would be repelled and replace the Shade and see no Value to that Look.  But Santa knows that bringing something like this for the Eccentric at Christmastime is exactly what we Love and didn't necessarily even ask for in advance.  So the Serendipity of getting it is as Exciting as Christmas Morning for a Kid!

If I hadn't been picking up all these extra Shifts at Work I might not have even seen it in time but he'd just brought it in... you know, to replace the one I bought last week.   Yes, don't even know if I Shared that so I'll mos def put that Lamp in the Post as well, why not, it's part of my Selfie Christmas Pressy.

I don't have to receive something Fantastic on a certain Special Day anyway, when I see it... and can afford it or work out a Deal to get the price to where I can... well, it's coming Home with me... simple as that!  *Smiles*  This room of the house gets some of the most use and because it's a large room with high vaulted ceilings the overhead Fan Light just isn't enough illumination.

And the Decor is evolving to just how I want the Style to be, so the Metamorphosis is almost Complete in this room, which gives me incentive to slowly go on to another.  With the Big Move I've been very picky about how I want each Room to evolve so I'd rather proceed slowly and Edit carefully as I go rather than running damage control later.

After a year and a half I don't have a whole lot of any of the rooms Styled completely, just a few and this is one of them.   This is closest to being exactly what I Envisioned... along with the Formal Dining Room... a couple Hallways and two Bathrooms, that's it!  *LOL*   I know... but I get a Rush each Room that comes together no matter how slow the Process!

So... this is The View just to the Left of me as I sit here Blogging and I really Love it now.    Some 1800's Antique Botanicals are waiting to be hung on the Wall above the Computer Desk and then this South Wall of the Library should be done!  Yay!!!  For convenience sake I should have hung the Botanicals before installing the Desk and Computer but I was Sourcing enough Old Clipboards to Display them on.  Since I wasn't nailing or Washi Taping 120 year old Botanicals to a Wall and risk damaging them. 

And the Old Fold Up Card Table was intended to be temporary but I kinda dig it now so I just left it up, sometimes Styling works out that way by Pure Accident!  Same with my Antique Mirrors, each as heavy as a Boat Anchor, too Scared to hang them on these Modern Walls that vibrate when doors slam so I just lean the larger heavier ones.   Less holes in the Wall... less Risk... and I can change it up whenever I want for a Fresh Look.

And now that you've seen like a gazillion angles of said Lamp that clearly I'm so Proud to have Scored that I Photographed it to death... I'm sure by now you're thinking, Okay, so what else does Santa bring to the Eccentrics?  *Winks*

Well, the first Funky Antique Bordello Style Lamp that I got from my Friend Michael and which Princess T affectionately has dubbed Gramma's Ugly Lamp.  *Bwahahahahaha!*   Well I happen to Love it, especially the Velvety Fabric Fringed Shade and it's Hue which she calls Ugly Orange and I prefer to say is Deep Amber.  *Winks*   Which match the Amber Jewels in the Ornate Filigree Base perfectly as well and Michael told me it isn't even the Original Shade, it's one he already had.

Our Living Room is cavernous and tho' bathed in abundant Natural Light during the Day, at Night it was rather Cave Like and needed way more illumination.  And until we install some Custom Lights we're using Table Lamps for Ambient Lighting in there too.

And the main reason I was drawn to this particular Antique Lamp is that I have the similar matching Antique Vanity Set that goes with it... really, I do... what are the Odds?!?    I'm going to look up my Photo Archives to see if I have any pixs of that Vanity Set just to prove it to you... and I've had that Set for Decades... so finding a Matching Identical Lamp... WOW!   BTW: Ignore random Earrings they didn't come with the Lamp... ha ha ha.

Okay, so here's the Brush of the Vanity Set that has matching Amber Stones and Filigree that the Lamp reminded me of.   Not as identical as I originally thought... but, hey, close enough.   *Winks*   And I don't Care that the rest of the Family now calls it my Ugly Lamp... I'm totally diggin' it!  *LOL*

I also found a very large inexpensive Vintage Suitcase to add to my Collection of them, I think I might have already Shared this?  It now elevates our smallest Champagne Tinsel Christmas Tree in the Informal Dining Room.   Got it super Cheap and the interior is pristine so can hold lots of Storage discreetly.  And who doesn't need extra Storage for their Stashes of what they are loathe to get rid of, right?  *Winks*

And I found two Books that I've been wanting for a while, secondhand, so got them for less than half the retail price.   Santa can always bring me Decor Books, I have a bigger Library of Decor Books than any Book Store in the City... no Brag, just Fact.  *Winks*

The first Book, ETCETERA etc., is by my Favorite Stylist Sibella Court who owns THE SOCIETY INC., her Style and Aesthetic is so close to my own I Love everything she does, she's definitely of Our Tribe.  I also Love the way she writes her Books and this was one of her older Books I hadn't been able to find anywhere so I bought it at an Online Used Bookstore.

Now I think my Library has all the Books she's ever written, but if I find that there's another one, Santa can bring me that one too!  *Winks*   Sibella doesn't just do Cabinet Of Curiosities Style, though she does that Sublimely well... she does many Styles, and she has a way with Color and the Art of Arrangement that is Superb no matter what Style she's profiling.  And the way she Photographs it for her Books has you lingering over every page.

I also Like that in her Books she goes over the 10 Color Palette way of Styling.   She'll show a Series of 10 Color Palettes that go together well and then have a Chapter on Rooms Styled with those Hues.   I haven't seen a 10 Color Palette she's used in any of her Books to Style with that I wasn't Attracted to, because when the Palette goes together so well, it Works and is Attractive and very Appealing.

The other Book was a less known Book that I stumbled upon and just had to have after I opened it up and saw the Styling.   It's called CREATIVE WALLS by Geraldine James and I found it at BOOKMANS in Phoenix, I Love that Bookstore and Entertainment Exchange.   They Sell used Books, Music, Instruments, Movies and Video Games along with various Collectibles and Accessories.

As you can see, the Style of Writing and Photography in the Book is very similar to Sibella's and why I just HAD to have this Book!   I'd gone to BOOKMANS with the Young Prince since he wanted to pick out some of his Christmas Pressies there and while he was choosing them, I found this, so got a Pressy myself. Because Santa brings Books like this to the Eccentrics.  I mean, he knows we'd actually hang Alligators on our Walls!  *Winks*

Now this Book doesn't just profile the Eccentric Tastes for Decorating Walls... it has all kinds of Creative Ideas to Display what you Love upon your Walls in it's various Chapters.   But the Eccentric Styles did dominate and few Books cater to us... so I'm Assuming this Author could be of Our Tribe?  *Smiles*

So, No, I didn't put the Books from Santa actually under any of the Christmas Trees in the house... but they're close enough by some that the G-Kid Force wasn't giving me Grief about it.  *Winks*  I've Secretly been reading them early in the Informal Dining Room after the Kiddos go to Bed. *Shhhhh, don't tell!*  I've got them discreetly stashed behind the Fabric & Trim Baskets I have in there for when I'm working on Projects at the Dining Table.  

And just Why am I Creating anything Downstairs you might be asking, when I have large Art Studio Spaces Upstairs?  Because Upstairs is a Hot Mess still and The G-Kid Force's carnage is all up in there so I do my Heart and Blood Pressure a Favor and only go up when I absolutely have to.   With enough prior Warning they can run some damage control first so I don't have a Stroke when I see it and have to confront the Horror.  *Winks*  

And so that my feet can actually touch the ground in their Spaces... because Lord have Mercy, those Kids have Chronic Disorganization in their Personal Spaces like I haven't seen since our Youngest Daughter still lived at Home!  She's their Mama, so those little Apples didn't fall far from that Tree lemme tell ya!  *Le Sigh*   They have Baskets too... loads of them, just like this... only all their Organizational Baskets lay practically empty... don't ask, I don't know Why?!?  It's one of the Mysteries of Our World here at Villa Boheme'!

Also Princess T is supposed to be Vacating my Loft Studio Space, since her Stuff has Migrated in there and rather Taken Over!  I'm presently Serving Eviction Notice that it has to Move Out and back to HER Spaces!  I may have to get the Sheriff involved... God, this is reminiscent of my First Corporate Life when I handled actual Evictions for REO Properties!  *Bwahahaha!*  This is a Child who will spend Hours helping me Clean, Organize and Categorize any of MY Spaces... who will endlessly Delight in Styling the Whole House and move her Elf On The Shelf around daily... but her Spaces, Forget about it, they look ransacked!

Her Stuff Migrates often, like it has a Life of it's own.  Remember that Old 1958 Movie THE BLOB... well, that's what her Stuff reminds me of!!!  And it's equally Terrifying... since Yes, it's Indescribable... Indestructible... Nothing can Stop it!!!   We've tried, it's like turning back the Tide, just Impossible and you'll wear yourself out Trying.   She CAN be very Organized and get it all up under Control... and then it spirals back out of Control quickly into Chaos, because she is a Child of Extreme Contradictions in Behaviors... just like her Dear Mommy is.

But I digress and have gone completely ADHD Off Topic again haven't I?  *Winks*  Actually that's about all Santa has brought this Eccentric for Christmas and that's more than enough... well, except for the Commercial Letters I've got sitting in the back seat of my Truck in a large box right now that spell out BAKERY.   My Friend Wheeler Dealer Hugh struck a Deal with me to get them all for under Twenty Bucks, what can I say, they came Home with me last Night after my Shift.  *LOL*

I know, I'm terribly Afflicted like that, Pray for me!  *Smiles*   I cannot pass up a Killer Deal on Great Junque... because if I make my Money on the Buy... well, when I decide not to Keep it anymore, I make Money Re-Selling it... so it's kinda like the Circle Of Life, you know?  *Winks*   You DO know, right?  Otherwise you probably wouldn't even be a Regular here... because I Suspect you could be of Our Tribe as well?  Or wanting to Join?  I could Officiate your induction into becoming one of Us and make it Official if you'd like?  *Smiles*

In fact we have Members all over the Globe, those of us who want it ALL... random Treasures, Eccentric Tastes in what we Love and have become Incurable Collectors of, Stylists and Decorators of the Absurd in the Eyes of The Masses.  You don't want to be one of THEM do you... The Masses?  *Gasp!*  Heaven Forbid... I'd rather be called Crazy than Boring like that!  Better to be one of The Eccentrics... that's a Nice Polite way of describing what many view as Crazy People.  *LMAO*


  1. 1.

    (of a person or their behavior) unconventional and slightly strange.

    "my favorite aunt is very eccentric"

  2. 2.
    (of a thing) not placed centrally or not having its axis or other part placed centrally.
  1. 1.

    a person of unconventional and slightly strange views or behavior.

    "he enjoys a colorful reputation as an engaging eccentric"

    synonyms:oddity, odd fellow, character, individualist, individualfree spirit;

Yep, in fact that is a very Accurate Description of me and I wear the Label Proudly in fact.   All of our Tribe usually does, because we really don't Care what anyone thinks about our Style, our Sensibilities and our Peculiar Tastes... why would we?  *Winks*   Besides, it gives Santa a place to bring those things he doesn't know what to do with that The Others don't 'Get' in more ways than one... and that my Friends is FANTASTIC when he drops some of it off here!

May Santa load up your Stockings and stack all kinds of Delightful Pressies under your Christmas Tree this Holiday Season... regardless of what Tribe you ascribe to my Friends!   Merry Christmas!!!


Happy Holidays from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh my, oh my! I love your lamps!! And, I don't mind the ripped silk at all. I collect hand fans and parasols (among other things), and those that I can actually afford usually come with some "issues" from being well-loved. It's all okay with me. And I have to laugh at your description of your "tribe". . .possibly I may be related, because I am nodding my head in understanding. And yes, I do want it all!

    1. Well, Cynthia, as one of The Tribe I know you totally have a Kindred Spirit outlook towards most things I'm sure! Hope you Share some of your Fan and Parasol Collection, would Love to see them!? Merry Christmas and Thank You for stopping by for a Holiday visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I love that first lamp, Dawn! I have a few of those myself, some with only the trim left intact. I sold one to a friend once, and always regretted it. Ended up buying it back off her at one of her garage sales, and she made money off me on that transaction lemme tell ya! lol But it's okay - she gave me some amazing deals on the last batch of goods I bought from her, so it all worked out.

    I'm afraid I'm in Princess T's camp about that second lamp tho. ;)

    1. Ha ha ha, so it's Unanimous that my 2nd Lamp is Ugly! Winks I know about Seller's Regret myself, sometimes you just think you'll easily be able to replace something Sold Off if you change your mind and then realize... Nope... it's at a Premium now! Did that with Vintage Elves On The Shelf from the 50's, Sold them all last Christmas and THEN Princess T became Obsessed with the Elf On The Shelf thing and I hadda pay a small fortune for a Modern one not nearly as nice as the Real Deal Vintage ones I apparently Sold way too cheaply! Ha ha ha... Live and Learn... Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Wow...that's an amazing lamp, torn silk and all. I personally think that the wear adds to its charm, to its story. Your book collection is one that I could see myself getting lost in. Dishes or decorating? Hmmm? Not really a choice!! Isn't it nice when a room comes together the way you want it to? Enjoy it!!

    1. I know Kim, I get Lost in my Book Collections all the time so I think I will stick to Old School Libraries and not the Video Book thing since I always go back and re-read my Favorites over and over and real Books, there's nothing that can replace them IMO... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Sorry I haven't been by in awhile. Lovely lamps and other decor. Brightest Blessings to you on this Winter Solstice.

    1. You too Holly, Glad to have you come for a Holiday Visit and I Hope your hiatus from the Land of Blog was for Good reasons and not anything that kept you away for any of Life's Issues?! Dawn... The Bohemian


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