Friday, December 9, 2016

Cross-Holiday Decorating


No, I didn't say Cross-Dressing for the Holidays, tho' that would be Fun too *Winks*... I'm talking about Cross-Holiday Decorating!!!  *Smiles*  So I'm taking an informal survey to find out how many of you do it too... Cross-Holiday Decorating or Cross-Dressing for the Holidays, whatever?   Whether in the Home or in your Retail Spaces, do you habitually tend to Cross-Seasonally Decorate because you never fully transition from one Season or Holiday to another seamlessly?  Either on Purpose or just because... well... you know... stuff doesn't get put away and other stuff just comes out and joins it and there you have it?!?!!   *Smiles*

Yes, our Elf On A Shelf will come out of Storage and end up sitting beside the Autumn Velvet Pumpkins which just won't leave the Vignettes thru the other Seasons of Change going on when I Style for the Holidays coming up.  And I'm totally Okay with Cross-Holiday Decorating, it doesn't bother me one iota actually, guess I'm not a Holiday Purist??!  *Winks*

In fact, since I prefer Autumn most when it comes to Decor a LOT of that will stay out way past it's Season and I don't Care.   Some of my Favorite and Prettiest Displays are in fact my Autumn Treasures, so why not?!   I like to surround myself with the most Beloved of my Objects and your own Home is for you anyway.  And for some Reason the Autumn look is a lot more Generic Looking than Christmas so I Feel like I can get by with it as not seeming so Lazy?!?  *Ha ha ha*

I decided to Look Back thru the Christmas Archives of previous years to see just how much Cross-Holiday Decorating had gone on in the Past.  Well, that was a mistake, coz now I realize MORE of what I haven't located this year to Decorate for Christmas with... like the Santa Hats!!!  *Bwahahaha!*  Yep, they're in Christmas Limbo or Holiday Pergatory somewhere with the elusive Christmas Stockings I also cannot Find!!!   Thus, all the Mannequin Gals, save one, isn't wearing their Santa Hats this Christmas.

And re-visiting Images from Christmases Past and seeing some of the MIA Stockings I can't for the Life of me Find this year has my OCD Brain scrambling again to try to think back and recall what kind of a container I might have stashed them in?  *Ha ha ha*   If only I could get a Mental Picture of the container you see, perhaps it would stand out to me when I walk into the Hoarded Garages?   You know, in those floor to ceiling freakin' towers of containers... right... I know, I'm totally Mad as a Hatter like that!   *Smiles*

Because Dammit, even MY Stocking is MIA this year... this is mine, from when it wasn't in Hiding last Christmas!  So I guess Santa won't be filling a Stocking for me unless I buy another one for myself.   Which you can Trust and Believe I will... because, hey, any excuse to find another Killer Stocking like this one will do, right?!  *LOL*   I LOVE this Christmas Stocking, it's my all time Favorite one... so perhaps I should revisit the Shop that had the Naughty Girl Stockings too?  That's Real Mink and Vintage Bling... so ME!

And then a Christmas Miracle happened, an Epiphany... as I'm typing this and perusing the Archives of Christmases Past I stop mid-Post with an Aha Moment! Because the OCD-ADHD addled Mind works in most mysterious ways as this, the prompting of that container they might all be in suddenly came thru with great Clarity... like a Vision!  Angelic Hosts were heard singing!  Oh No sighs The Man, now he was recruited into entering the Hoarded Garage while the Image of THAT contain was laser sharp in my Mind! 

 It was a Banana Box I says triumphantly... as if we only have one, you know... he sighs deeper!  Don't suppose by some Miracle it was a Labeled Banana Box he queries?  You know, to make it stand out from the gazillion others we have in there stacked to the ceilings!?  *LOL*  Could be I says, I wasn't deterred, Saint Anthony had been Prayed to and my Memory was jogged awake, I was so Excited!  The Man was mos def NOT... this is Futile he's muttering under his breath... you know I can hear you I says... *Bwahahahaha*  He never tries to talk me out of my Insanity, THAT would be Futile!  *LMAO*

I was wheels off the rails Fixated now and a Mad Woman on a Mission... and yup, there it was, even with a half-ass Label barely still taped to it... THE BOX!!!   At the very Pinnacle of a Tower of Banana Boxes, which were now totally obstructed by an equally hefty Tower of rolled up Persian Rugs and other Hoarded miscellany!   He's audibly groaning now because I'm scrambling up a Mountain of Persian Rugs and asking him to stabilize me so I don't fall and break a hip or something!   Sorry, on an adrenaline Rush the ADHD of us just act impulsively and recklessly like that, it's a Wonder we Survive to Adulthood, never mind Seniorhood!  But that's another Miracle entirely! *Winks* 

High Five I had located them ALL my Friends!  *Insert Happy Dance!*   The Man was just relieved I got down off of the Persian Rug Mountain without mishap. And that the Box was light I had to stretch to reach and pull down, since it only held Santa Hats and Christmas Stockings and not a Boat Anchor or something.  You never know when I pack a Box so he was leery of a catastrophic accident unfolding just before Christmas in the Quest for MIA Christmas crap!  *Smiles* 

And Yes, I've gone completely Off Topic now on this Post since my Epiphany totally interrupted and sidetracked me from Blogging for about 40 minutes, but I'm in total Celebratory Mode now!  I have the Victory... I have Christmas Stockings and Santa Hats now freed from the Land of the MIA Christmas Decor everyone else had given up on and I was still determined to try to locate... since well... I couldn't just Forget about it now could I?  *Ha ha ha*

I didn't even totally unpack the Box, I didn't Need to... I just took out the ones I'd been most bugged about NOT locating for this Christmas.  You're only going to use FIVE, after all this Drama he says dryly??!??!  *Bwahahahaha!*   Yep... and No, he does not even try to fathom the OCD complexities of my Mind anymore nor question the absurdity of my Fixations however extreme!  Or Why I'd be willing to Risk Life and limb to scramble up an unstable Mountain of rolled Persian Rugs to just retrieve five Stockings out of an entire Banana Box full of them?!??!?   *LOL*

Okay, since he'd reluctantly been my Minion in this Insane Quest I appeased him by taking out every Santa Hat that was in said Box and bringing them inside.   And I probably won't even use them on the Mannequin Gals this Christmas since now they're all wearing Lovely Vintage Winter Hats instead... but Shhhhhhhhush, that will be our Little Dirty Secret tho' Okay?   *Winks*  I arranged them all over the Library Shelves Ladder and he won't know that wasn't my initial intention for them... since I'm just that Crazy about how I Decorate with anything!  *LOL*

And Honestly, like he and the Kiddos really Care how the Hell I Style any of this for the Holidays, really?   *Ha ha ha*  It will be like, Oh... she's Decorated the Library Ladder with Santa Hats now... Meh and a shrug... kinda Reaction if they even notice?!?  *Winks*

And now if any of us Feels inclined to go Festive and actually wear one somewhere... well, we can... choosing from the In-Home Santa Hat Showroom!  *Smiles*   And I'm kinda diggin' it actually, though I'll HAVE to hang up those five Stockings after losing my Mind about them for days now, right?  Otherwise they all might have me Committed if I just leave them laying around now after all that Fuss, rooting thru every corner of the Home and Hoarded Garages and being totally Obsessed about locating them!

I do Hope you've Enjoyed my little Sidetracked Holiday Adventure Post my Friends?   And Yes, I still Cross-Holiday Decorate every single year, it's become rather my Signature Style of Holiday Decorating actually... well, that's my Story anyway and I'm sticking to it...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I really like your leopard skin stocking. It made me laugh out loud. So glad you found it.

    1. It makes me Smile every time I see it too which is why I Love it so much... Naughty Girl Stockings totally ROCK! *Winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I just didn't have the energy or desire to decorate as I have done in the past. What I did, I did for my family who will be visiting us during the holidays. I have alway also done a lot of lighting in the past outside but this year we cut back by 75%. This year our neighborhood, for the very first time, is having a Christmas decoration contest. For 14 years, my home has been a bright spot on my street. This year with my lights much dimmer, they decide to do this. The competitor in me is rethinking my decision..

    1. Give in, the Competitor in you WANTS to... really... and besides, you'll Win the Contest and have bragging rights. And the neighbors won't think you bowed out with intimidation that they could do it better... yada yada yada... just DO IT! *Winks* You made me Smile, I often think I won't and them succumb, the Child in me is way more persuasive than the Adult in me. *Ha ha ha* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Congratulations on finding your Christmas Socks and caps too! Success!

    1. Yes, I was so Jazzed to finally recall where they were stashed! Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. I am so jealous you found your stockings1 I have not a clue where mine are!

  5. Love the Santa hats! I always find my "good" decorations AFTER Christmas. . .


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