Sunday, December 4, 2016

Asian Festival 2016

Saturday was a Glorious Day for an Outdoor Festival, it had warmed back up and was Sunny, so Princess T and I met The Son and most of his Family in Scottsdale for the Asian Festival.   Over a Dozen Countries from Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan and the Island Countries were represented so the Cultural diversity to Experience was Awesome!  It is still going on Today if you didn't get the chance to attend yesterday.

There were Dancers, Musicians, Martial Art's Demonstrations, Beauty Pageants, Fashion Shows, Crafts, Arts, Ethnic Foods and Vendor Booths Galore.   As well as Tents set up by each Culture giving a glimpse into the Traditional Dress, Music, Language, Arts, Customs and History... it was so Educational and Interesting. 

It was particularly Enriching for The Son's Family to introduce us to many of the Cambodian Community's contributions of their Culture to the Valley of the Sun.  The Traditional Dress and written language was very similar to me of many of the East Indian Culture's Fabrics and written language, which I personally have a strong affinity for.  Which was very Interesting that it had more of that influence to it than many neighboring Asian Cultures Traditional Dress and written languages.

Now the Gorgeous elaborate Headdresses of many of the Dancers was so heavy that I couldn't even imagine walking around with it never mind trying to Dance with it on... one must develop strong neck muscles!  *Smiles*  The Artistic Talent that goes into the Creations of the Headdresses and Costumes is Superb, so much intricate Hand Work!

My DIL said that as a Child she used to Perform the Traditional Dances for Audiences too as it is Customary to Teach Youngsters the Traditional Dances and Songs and to Perform them.   The Entertainment was off the hook, I Enjoyed all of the Performances that I was able to watch.

It was explained before each Performance the Significance of each, some, like this Fan Dance were only Performed for Royalty and you wouldn't see such Performances in the Villages nor necessarily ever get to Witness one unless in the company of Royalty.

Just knowing you were getting to Witness and be Entertained by a Royal Dance Troupe was really very Special.  Princess T was entranced by the Fan Dancers, she Loves to Dance and was watching intently how they utilized the Fans so Expertly during the Dances.

I of coarse was entranced by the Fashions and Art... especially all that Hand Work!  WOW!    The various Fashions were all so Beautiful and so Feminine.  Princess T was infatuated with the Gowns...

And Gramma was infatuated with the Exotic Wraps and Bling used to secure the Wrap and Accessorize the decolletage.  *Swooning*   The Beautiful Lady in the Gorgeous Green ensemble of the first Image of the Post actually showed me how to properly put on the Wrap.   I have some of these Wraps and was Delighted to learn how to Wrap them properly over any ensemble I might want to wear underneath.  Over a simple Black pair of Slacks and Black Top they are particularly Stunning and make you Feel Dressy yet Casual.  I would have liked to of added to my Wrap and Bling Collection had Budget permit.

This day we mostly indulged in the Exotic Street Foods prepared by each Country's Food Vendors for the Festival!   OMG, I had a Fab Sampling of Cambodian Street Food, Vietnamese Street Food, East Indian Street Food... I would have liked to have had the room in my stomach to Sample every Country's Cuisine!  *Ha ha ha*   I had my first East Indian Street Samosas and really loved them!   The Cambodian Street Food was a first for me also, the Lemon Grass Street Chicken was Divine!   All the other Foods I'd had before but knew I Loved so couldn't resist getting some Fav Staple Street Foods as well as experimenting with Foods I'd never had before.

The Oldest Teens weren't with us since The Son's Oldest and The Young Prince already had Plans for the Weekend so couldn't do anything spontaneous with the Family.   Hard to get everyone together when they get Older and have their own itineraries.  *LOL*    The Son and Princess T were here with us but were elusive for the Camera this day.   You can tell the Youngest Grand is reluctantly getting used to Gramma Dawn's Pathological Picture Taking!  *Smiles*  Her Mommy says I'm one of the only ones she'll actually be agreeable to being Photographed by... it's my 'Gift' to wear them down to be able to!  *Ha ha ha*

The Hot item for all the Kiddos at the Festival, especially Tween and Teen Girls was the Kauaii Squishy Bun Charms.  So the Grands present picked out theirs for Christmas, each Delighted with their instant Collections.  One dismayed Dad was asking his Tween Daughter what do they do, she wasn't sure what to say?!   I said, they Squish, and apparently that's enough!  *LMAO*  He too loaded his Tween Kiddo up with them and she went away grinning like a Cheshire Cat that I'd Sold her Daddy on just buying them.  *Winks*   Hey, it's an inexpensive Collectible and they are super Cute, each were only $3-$5 depending on size. {NO, these aren't all hers, she got only 5 to begin her Collection!  She Aspires to acquire this many!  LOL}

The only thing we were Sad to hear was that the Cambodian Dancers wouldn't be Performing until Sunday and I knew I couldn't get back to Scottsdale for the second day of the Festival.    Alas, I've had an Issue where later in the day at a Mall while Christmas Shopping I lost my Wallet with everything in it so Today has been spent running damage control and cancelling all Cards and getting them re-issued!!!   And Tomorrow I'll have to go to the DMV and The Base to have my Driver's License and Military ID re-issued as well.  *Le Sigh*

It turned the very end of an exceptionally Fun Family Day into somewhat of a total Panic Attack for me!   The Mall was very crowded and we're not quite sure if it fell out of my small purse or if I got pick-pocketed?   When you have Lost or Stolen ID you just Panic that someone else having it will commit Fraudulent Purchases or Identity Theft!   Thankfully we put out Fraud Alert, Cancelled everything and no attempts have been made to use the Cards or ID.  It happened late last Night and with it being Sunday of coarse Banks, DMV etc. are closed so I couldn't even get Cash or Gas to go in to Work Tonight and had to call in.

Don't things like that seem to happen at the worst possible times?  Not that there's ever a Good time for a Crisis like a lost Wallet containing your Identity and Credit to happen... but right now I'm way too busy during the Holidays for all this Drama and inconvenience.  Not to mention I did still have some Cash and a small Gift Certificate in the Wallet which cannot be replaced so that's a total Loss.  The Man and The G-Kid Force were so Sweet, I was in tears and so distraught they each came up to me this Morning and combined their Cash on hand to give me $23 to get some Gas for Tomorrow's errands of going to the Bank, DMV and Base Pass and ID, Bless their Hearts... that made me choke up all the more!

I have a Wonderful, Loving and Giving Family, it's times when there is a Crisis that you realize how richly Blessed you are and how very much they Love you and have your Back!   I was Glad that for at least most of Yesterday we had a Wonderful Family Time before the Lost Wallet Incident... I'm so Forgetful lately that I could have just laid it down somewhere actually and walked off... I HATE that about growing Older, don't you, the Memory Lapses and Forgetfulness?

I was actually Glad I paid Cash for just about everything we did at the Asian Festival so that I only Lost about eight bucks in Cash that was left in my Wallet... originally I'd had much more, whew, spending most of it was a Good thing this time, right?  *LOL*   Thank Goodness for Small Favors!

I was actually beating myself up about being so Careless and/or Forgetful, but The Family felt I was being way too hard on myself and that actually buoyed my Spirits, because I supposed I was.   Just not knowing what actually happened or where was frustrating.   We knew I still had everything when we stopped by a Starbucks before The Mall and got our Coffees... and I realized it was Lost just after entering a Dillards Store when we first got to the Mall... but retracing our steps was futile and turned up nothing.


Starbucks nor Dillards had anything turned in at their Lost & Found so no Lucky Breaks either and it could have fallen out in the Parking Lot.  I had almost left my keys in Starbucks so it was just one of those discombobulated kinda Nights where I think I was very worn out and tired after a big day and that means my Mind isn't so sharp by Day's End.   The keys thankfully were just on the counter next to the Register, but I hadn't left the Wallet with them... bummer, we were Hopeful I'd just set both down together and left them!  Lucky to at least recover the Vehicle Keys tho'!  Since clearly we wouldn't have had money for a Cab!  *Whew!*

Hopefully your Holiday Season has had no Hitches?  I'll be Sharing a few more Posts of other things Princess T and I did that same Morning before we met up with The Son and Family at the Asian Festival.   And afterwards when we drove around looking at Christmas Lights and went to The Christmas House.  {Also before the Wallet Incident}

Thanks for joining us at the Festival! 


 Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. This was fun to see. I love the Kauaii Squishy Bun Charms.

    1. I guess they really are a Big Deal... geez I shouldda Invented them! *Winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Everything is so beautiful. I am so sorry about your lost wallet! I hope something wonderful happens and it turns up! That happened to me at the Renaissance festival....pure panic!!!! I lost my keys in downtown Phoenix one time too after going to a Diamond Backs game! Obviously....I should never leave!

    1. Well, we now know it was stolen because a Landscaper Good Samaritan found ditched portions in the shrubs in the Mall Parking Lot and was kind enough to turn those in at my Bank... definitely wasn't him since he left his info. Thankfully I'd already closed everything and re-issued, now that I know that my Federal ID, some Cards and Cash is definitely Stolen I will file a Police Report so anyone possessing any of it will be up on Charges, likely Federal Charges since they stole a Military ID. You crack me up... and I agree, sometimes perhaps I shouldn't leave home either! *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Love the celebrations of different cultures. Our family is such a MISH-MASH, I will be making Lithuanian straw ornaments tonight, I think or tomorrow. Grins, lovely festival,Sandi


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