Thursday, November 3, 2016

You Know What I Just Realized?

Okay so it's over... all of the Celebrations have been Celebrated and I'm always a bit Sad when it's over for another year.  But then I remember, hey, now that I have a little Free Time to be Online and am done Celebrating the Holiday, I can extend the Celebrations by visiting everyone else's Celebrations here in The Land Of Blog!!!  *Yay!*

Only you know what I just realized?   The absence of Halloween Inspired Blogs this year in The Land Of Blog!  *Gasp!*   Yep, it's True, in previous years there were a wealth of them, Halloween Blog Parties and Posts devoted to the Holiday... I'd spend days visiting each one and reveling in everyone's Shared Celebrations with them!

This year they were conspicuous by their absence or how few I could actually find in The Land!   That made me even more Sad, it is exactly what happened about the diminishing Coverage of many of the major 'Bucket List' Shows across the Land that I used to Live vicariously thru 'til I could check them off The List for Real!

In fact, many Favorite Bloggers barely Post anymore, so perhaps Blogging is dying out too and is going thru Death Throes, I dunno?  Mebbe I'll be one of the last of the Blogging Dinosaurs, tenaciously hanging on because I still dig it, even if everyone else has moved on to the next Tech site Trending?  Or perhaps Computers are now obsolete and I just don't know it yet?  I tend to be way behind the curve of such things until the Grands bring me up to speed.

Thank God for the Grands all being Old enough that they can bring me up to speed and not leave me in the Dark Ages I tend to reside in indefinitely until someone comes to Rescue me and drag me out!  *Smiles*  Because you see, I inhabit such Dark Age places Happily, they are Familiar.  I Like Familiar, otherwise I can Feel quite Lost.

Mebbe it's my Generation, we're in no particular hurry to get somewhere New if we're still Enjoying where we're at?   There are many others Like me, and I'm aware they tend to be at about this Season of Life as well, so perhaps that commonality is no mere coincidence? 

  And it's not like we're always sitting around Reminiscing about The Good Old Days... I'm talking about right NOW, the Present, it's just moving so FAST that I can't really keep up!  Nor do I necessarily want to Truth be told.  And I am finding many others Feel the same way, we're not in such a Rush to be on to the next New thing or quickly discard whatever we've been Enjoying for a different Thrill.

So Yeah, I was disappointed that Halloween in The Land Of Blog was rather at Footnote Status this year among whatever Bloggers are left in The Land.  I kinda felt like people were Celebrating, they probably just weren't Covering it or Sharing their personal Experiences much anymore perhaps?  It's like those Shows I told you about, I know people still GO, they just don't take us along vicariously anymore very much.

For those of us who are housebound most of the time, for whatever reasons, mine happens to be Caregiving, it's like not being Invited to the Party.  Because its a Given in Real Life that we probably couldn't attend anyway so Invitations just dry up and cease coz everyone knows this.  Perhaps they don't want us to Feel Bad that we can't go AGAIN and have to decline... but we know there still is a Party we're Missing.

It's a little bit Torturous to know Life is going on all around you and you're Missing most of it!  So, for me anyway, being sequestered so much of the time tending to the Caring of others, the only way I don't Miss as much of it is vicariously being able to go Virtually here in The Land.  Or extend things in the privacy of my own Home to Enjoy each Occasion longer and Sharing it here so I can visit with others who Enjoy the same things and want to Join me.  

This is kinda like having a Social Life in the absence of a Social Life if you catch my drift?  *LOL*  I'm a very Sociable Person you see, so Solitary Confinement doesn't suit me as well as it does The Man who could easily be a total Recluse.  He really could, and not just Survive but Thrive being a Howard Hughes Type of Guy nobody ever sees!   The Young Prince could move to Hermit Status easily too, he Tolerates People but he's not much of a People Person either.

But The Princess and I, we're not just Cordial to folks, we actually Enjoy Socializing and Love People... well, most People... lets face it, I ain't gonna lie, there are some that even the best of us People Lovers have difficulty Connecting to or Tolerating either.  *LOL*   But that wouldn't be any of YOU Guys, YOU ALL are Wonderful!  *Winks*

And I know that some of you might be Thinking, but Dawn, how does a Real Weirdo like YOU really Connect to the Majority of People, since Clearly your Passions are quite Odd and totally Eccentric?!?   Well, you WERE Thinking that weren't you?  *Winks*   In all Honesty I couldn't tell you, but I DO, it's just one of those Mysteries of Life I suppose that us Eccentrics at least Intrigue and Befriend more People than we seem to Repel and scare the shit out of!   Well, unless you're a Scary Psycho Weirdo. *Smiles*

And at least I don't think I'm one of those since I don't Repel and scare the shit out of too many People.  *Smiles*  In fact most People, even the really allegedly 'Normal' ones, are Fascinated by my Lifestyle and our Home.  It's kinda like a less Scary equivalent to visiting 'Fear Farm' or 'The 13th Floor' Experience I think... and there's no Cover Charge.  *Winks*

I've got a very Curious Nature and I'm Intrigued by a lot of Strange Things which I like surrounding myself with because they make me FEEL something. Take for Example that I found it quite Amusing that there is a Plant called a Hairy Yerba Santa!   I just found that to be a Name that brought a Smile to my face and therefore a Pleasant Feeling when I look at it and Wonder who Named it and did they NOT think that to be a Weird and rather Hysterical Name?

I don't like anything that Bores me and so something has to remain Interesting for more than a Minute... alas, including People.   So I do Enjoy Visiting the Blogs of the Bloggers I find to be consistently Interesting with what they're Sharing or how they Live Life in general.   It's like someone moved away that I really Liked and would Hope would stay in the neighborhood when one of those Bloggers suddenly goes off the Grid.  Especially if they don't say Good-Bye you kinda worry if they're OK?

And for Halloween it didn't have to be the Scary, Demented or Dark Blogs that I thoroughly Enjoyed Visiting.   I also Enjoyed the Whimsy of many and those that think outside of the Box and say did a Pastel or Colorless Palette Halloween Celebration that was Interesting.  Because it was Thought provoking on how to re-invent Holiday Decor from the norm, Traditional and expected.  I Love Experiments, even those that go awry or don't Gel long-term, so I'll try anything once, twice if I Like it, just to Experience it!

In fact, in the Retail World this year I did see a straying from the Expected and Traditional Pumpkins, there were so many Cool Designer Pumpkins to choose from this year.   I thought the Hollywood Regency Style ones were Cool, but I also saw Pastels, very Organic Fabrics like Burlap and Cozy Sweater Material in Neutral Tones, and Bright Gaudy ones that made me think of a Carnival they were so Festive and Fun! 

No, I didn't Photograph a bunch of them, tho' I Wish I had in hindsight, just for Inspiration Purposes for the Future.   I never know which direction I'm going in Decor to Celebrate a Holiday temporarily since you don't have to really Commit to it being a total Lifestyle Change.   It can be a one Season fling with a particular Style of Holiday Decor and be done with it.

Yes, I've had Temporary Love Affairs with a Style of Holiday Decor in the Past... and probably will again in the Future when one Intrigues me enough to do it for just that Holiday.   I'm not always into Themes but when I am, I can really get into it and pull together a complete Themed Holiday.  It's a lot of Work tho', and can get spendy, so I don't do it often and it's usually spontaneous and more of a whim than actually Planned out.

I mean have you ever seen ONE THING and then Designed a bunch of shit around it?  *LOL*  I Confess I have every once in a while when the Inspiration of that solitary Thing really sets the Imagination into hyper-drive to do an entire Theme around it.   I've done entire Christmas Trees totally different than anything I could have or would have Dreamed Up by myself just by seeing an Inspirational Ornament or Tree for example.   Doing a whole Tree is easy tho', doing a whole House, a lot more Work.

Did I ever tell you I'm getting totally Lazy in my Old Age?  *LOL*  Yes, I am, I know this and thus, when I do Decorate anymore it has to only involve a certain amount of Work or I'm really Over It when it gets to be too demanding.  *Smiles*  Actually it's a combo of Laziness and lack of Stamina to engage in anything that requires mega amounts of my very finite Energy at this Season of Life.  My Reserves of Energy now are seriously depleted.

So that can make me ambivalent real fast if I know that I really don't want to put forth that much effort, energy and time that I don't really have in me anymore.   Perhaps this is why Halloween particularly appeals to me since I'm already more than halfway there in the Ambiance of it, due to just how we Live normally... well, abnormally... you know... just sayin'!  *Winks*


For me it's more a Lifestyle than an actual Style or Seasonal thing.  But I sure do Wish that more Bloggers participated in the Sharing of this Season since I had anticipated visiting various Blogs that might have done Posts of their Celebrations.  Boo Hoo... what a Let Down.  Surely the Goths would do it up Royal... I was sure of it... so I've tried looking up Goth Style Blogs just to see what might turn up... not too much so far... dammit!

So I might just have to reconcile myself to the fact that Yes, it's over... all Celebrations have now been Celebrated, any Sharing that was to be done has been done as well.  So moving forward towards the next Celebrations is the task at hand.

After all, it's not AS IF there isn't a ton of more Stuff for me to do, right?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Well we have alot in common. My husband is not social and I am. I will keep blogging. It is free thearpy for me. I did find some Halloween blogs.

    1. Cheaper than Therapy indeed, which makes it priceless, right?! Winks I too will keep Blogging since I thoroughly enjoy it and am a pathological picture taker and love Writing even if nobody is reading it. I miss Letter Writing, when the Art Form of communicating that way died off I was heartbroken so Blogging filled that void of written Social Contact and Sharing of experiences. I do find commonalities and Kindred Spirits gravitate to one another here in The Land, which is Cool too, who knew there were so many like us out there!? Thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Keep the bloggin coming! I've been up at sisters so not doing blogging but will get back to it eventually!

    1. How is Sister my Friend? And how are YOU holding up under the strain of it all? Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I did one, but it just wasn't my stuff, as it has escaped into the land of storage, never to be seen again. Grins, I promise next year, a bit of fun for Halloween, Sandi

  4. I'm just getting caught up on everyone's Hallowe'en posts, but I've noticed a change in the blogosphere as well. I'd like to contribute the fact that I hardly get any readers anymore to the fact I'm a very inconsistent blogger, but maybe that's not it. I'm seriously considering only blogging in future when I have an event to talk about, because really - my life isn't all that interesting to warrant a post a month!

    PS, just starting to look up flights to Arizona at the end of February - start making a list of some of the best antique markets for me to buy all those creepy things I need to bring home for my markets, please? lol


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