Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Smallest Of Things... But What An Impact!

When I'm on The Thrill Of The Hunt quite often the smallest of things will have the biggest impact upon me!   Take for example this Antique Japanese Style Lantern Christmas Bulb I found for a mere Penny this Saturday!  You would have thought I'd Won the Lottery since I Collect these and not many survived once they quit being operational!

It was at the bottom of an enormous bin of heavy objects that I couldn't even lean into enough to touch the bottom of... so a Sweet Young Man got it for me when I pointed it out.  How it had survived that crushing weight, being so Old and so Fragile, is nothing short of a Christmas Miracle!

Tiny inexpensive Bottlebrush Trees are scattered thruout the house.  In fact I have a penchant for them in various sizes and am especially Delighted when I can find the Vintage ones with or without Ornamentation attached.  I have a variety of Colors as well but the Sepia and Off-White are my Favorite Hues.

My very Favorite are a matching pair of Vintage Flocked Sepia Hued mid-sized ones with tiny Glass Ornaments and Felt Christmas Tree Skirts.  I don't recall what I paid for them but it wasn't very much and my Wild Guess as to the Era they come from is probably around the 1950's.

Even the smallest of things adorning my Favorite Necklaces are why I fell in Love with them... I'm all about the small Details.   The more layers of small Details, the more in Love with something I can become.   I'm Intrigued by objects that have so many Fabulous little Elements that make up the Whole.

Another recent 'Score'... some Antique Mercury Glass Vases for only $1 and $2 apiece!   There were three different Styles that the Vendor had so I got one of each.  But I really should go back and snag some more at that price, even tho' some of the others had lost a lot more of their Mercury than this trio.

I Love Mercury Glass... not so much the Modern Versions of it, but the Real Deal Old Pieces when I can find them.   They remind me of the Foxing on an Old Mirror when they've Aged Beautifully like this.   I also Love Old Mirrors that have Foxing, the more of it the better actually!

I Collect Antique Loving Cups and when I can find any with Engravings that depict what they were Presented for... and especially what year... that smallest of additional Details is worth more to me.   I also like when they are more Ornate in other ways as well.

Things can be Simplistic though and still be impactful... especially if they're Small... I just have always had a preference for Small Objects.   A very miniature thing will almost always catch my Eye more than an over-sized piece no matter how Stunning.   Yes, a Good Statement Piece is Attractive and can 'make' a room.  But I don't often Feel the Need to Possess it like an Attractive Small that I can tuck away somewhere almost obscure to be Discovered!

Not to mention that the smallest of things don't take up very much room and so if you have a tendency to Excess like I do, well, you want an Impact but you don't want it to take up all of your Space!  *Smiles*  You want to be able to have the Rush of Hunting for the Objects to make up your Collection and add to it, but without Feeling Guilty that so many has completely overrun the house!

The smallest of things have a way of looking particularly Awesome en mass.  My Collection of Irish Horn Antique Rosaries for example was decades in the making and Collecting of them.  I would say this Grouping was about Thirty Plus Years in the making.  Finally finding the Perfect Old Dress Form to Display them en mass upon was just the Final Fabulous Find for 'The Look' I was Going For!!!

Sure you can Find and Buy the Instant Collections... and I have on occasion stumbled upon that Good Fortune which is even Sweeter if it's also a Great Deal.   But to me The Process of Building a Collection of Beloved Objects is most of the Appeal and Fun... The Thrill Of The Hunt for a Hunter-Gatherer is The Ultimate Rush!

I also tend to go thru Obsession Phases where certain things will Appeal to me strongly for certain periods of time and that's when I'm all about the Collecting of them and Sourcing them in earnest.   Then once the Collection seems Complete or I've lost Interest and Passion for it, then I'm Done and may never Buy another one again.

It won't mean that I'll always completely lose Interest enough to not Love that type of thing again... just that I've Found ENOUGH of it for me... or to Sell... and that will be enough of that.   Well, unless a Client asks for MORE... then I can rekindle the flame of wanting to strike out to Challenge myself in Finding it again. Fanning the embers enough to go Seek out MORE to fulfill that Special Request.  Because The Thrill Of The Hunt is ON again when I have a Mission Statement to Scavenger Hunt for!  *Winks*

Lately I've had numerous Requests for Vintage or Antique Militaria and so that has been what I've been Sourcing and on The Thrill Of The Hunt for recently.  This Lovely Sepia Hued Old Photograph of someone's Loved One in Uniform was just Perfect.  What a Handsome Young Man with Soulful Eyes... he is Showroom bound this Weekend and I just know he'll find a Good Home with one of my Customers. 

In fact, I've been spending about half of my time pricing Showroom bound Treasures almost as much as I've been Christmas Shopping for Family.  After consolidating the Showrooms into just one it had been overflowing... but I've Sold enough now to replenish with Fresh Inventory.

I sure have Enjoyed Sourcing some Fun and Funky things.  Had to Laugh at this Vintage No Dancing Sign!!!  The Man told me that in certain States it is not uncommon for Dancing to not be allowed, Imagine that... how Funny!!!  Yet rather Tragic and Oppressive too that something so Natural, so expressive and liberating could be Forbidden!!!  I couldn't Imagine Life without Dance!  I'd never seen such a Sign so hadda have it!

And how Cool is this Black Faces Vase?!?  I almost had the Temptation to Keep this one and have to Resist the Urge to bring it back Home!  *LOL*   I did Purge some of my Velvet and Satin Vintage Souvenir Pillowcases as well... I had so many so just kept a few Favs and the rest went to the Showroom.  Curating my Collections has been part of my Process to Cull Possessions.

This Cute Vintage Green Kitchen Trolley was just in time for Christmas, so I added some other Green and Red Vintage Finds on it to give it that Festive Holiday Vibe.

And since it's almost Christmas I've been madly Sourcing Vintage Toys, which always Sell well.   No, I don't have any Intentions of becoming Vintage Toy Lady at our Antique Mall, but who can pass up some Nostalgic Vintage Toys when you stumble across them while Sourcing Inventory?   This is a Vintage Monkey from Japan and I've added Vintage American Dolls from the 1950-1970 Era too just in time for Christmas and a Rush of Nostalgia.

And a couple of Euorpean Antique Dolls that I've recently Sourced at an incredibly ridiculous Bargain I just hadda Keep... coz, well... DUH!!!!!!!!  This one has Human Hair and a Crepe Paper Dress covering and disguising a hidden tall Canister for the Boudoir to hide things in.

Both of these appear to be French in origin and I got them from the same Vendor's Booth at different times and when I wasn't even looking for anything to buy or especially to Keep!  But, Hey... *Smiles*

The other one is a Pincushion and has a Fabric Dress and Bling Fabric Trimming.  I just Love the Antique Chalk and Bisque Half Dolls and the larger Boudoir Dolls from the turn of the Century.   When I do Find some that are affordable it's hard for me to part with them tho' so typically they are added to my small Collection of them.   Thankfully most are too spendy to buy and thus my Collection has remained Modest over the years.  *LOL*

They are one of those Coveted Collections that I don't have a complete Obsession with and thus I'll only pay a fraction of what I know they usually Sell for before I'll pop for any.   If I can get any at a Bargain Basement Price she'll be mine, because it would be stupid to Pass... otherwise I Admire and move on... *Winks*

And tho' I have recently Sourced a bunch of Cigar Boxes for the Showroom, I only Kept one... and you can clearly tell Why, right?  *Winks*    I Love the Graphics on most Cigar Boxes so I do have an ample Collection at Home housing many of my Smalls since they make great Storage Containers, but I now only Keep a Select Few.

I'm trying to Let Go of almost all of my Antique Adding Machines and Typewriters, I may only end up actually Keeping one for Display purposes at Home.    And Paintings... I've had to Purge some really Lovely Art because I just don't have enough Space to properly Display them all unless I make an Art Gallery Room.  *Winks*

The Fun thing about going thru my Stored Possessions is that most of it is Game for going into the Showrooms now because I have no place for it here at New Villa Boheme'.   Purging Excess that I don't need to Decorate our Home with has given me a great Source of good Inventory to re-sell.


We had so many Outbuildings at the Historic Homestead that a lot of Possessions just had been Stored away for a very long time, enough that you're not Attached to any of it anymore.  And oftentimes you even forgot you had certain things Sourced years ago that would make good Inventory for an Antique Mall Space now!   Cha-ching!

I decided to do some Fun Christmas Packaging for Vintage Smalls like these 1960's Era Game Pieces.   Don'tcha just Love the Graphics of Old Board Games and Books?   Sourcing Smalls to Sell is always Fun and they are the Bread and Butter of Sales typically since they're so affordable for anyone anytime.

I have not had the opportunity to completely remodel Showroom 114 before the Rush of the Holidays was upon us.  But most of the Walls are now done and only about 1/3 remain for me to Transform the way I want for them to be.  Eventually I Hope to clear enough Inventory out to have more room to Work at finishing the Project.

I've been Intending to do some Showroom Posts but since the entire Room isn't the way I want it I just took some Close-Ups recently to Share for the Holidays.  Unfortunately this year I just didn't have much time to Source enough Vintage Christmas to Create Seasonal Vignettes and this Week all of my Vintage Christmas items Sold anyway.

And I'm just not Motivated enough anyway to completely Style an entire Showroom for the Holidays.  I Wish I were, it always looks so Impressive when a Vendor does, but it's too much Work for me right now to even consider even if I didn't lack Motivation.  *Smiles*

I'm one of those that would probably spend way too much time foofing my Space if I didn't have too many other Commitments, so it's probably just as well... I'd overdo it!  Like everything else I do!   And I'd constantly be getting in the way of my Customers then!  *Ha ha ha*

But since I have so little time to devote to it I'm fortunate that it's even this presentable most of the time actually!   Actually this is my Corner Of Shame since it's the 1/3 of the Showroom remaining that I haven't done anything to, not a damned thing, and haven't remodeled the Walls of either.  *Hides Head in Shame!*   Do you ever have those parts of your Home or Retail Space that make you want to turn right around and walk back out?   This is it in this Room, but it will have to wait 'til after Christmas now!

Rather than trying to tear up a third of a Showroom to remodel it completely I'd rather be packing it to the rafters with some newly acquired Weird and Wonderful Inventory for the Holidays to bump up Sales!  *Winks*   Like this Creepy but Awesome CPR Baby!!!

I like to stock my Showroom with Unusual things and Oddities of any kind that I can Source.   So I thought this was way Cool when I Found it, deflated and inside of an Old Suitcase.  I've had to Source more Old Suitcases since they've Sold Out again and you never know what you'll find inside some of them!?!  I was Jazzed to Discover this!   I remember Training for CPR using one of these and had no Idea how spendy they were til I researched for a price point on pricing this one.  Holy Mother of God, better 'Score' than I ever Imagined!  *Happy Dance!*

Yes, Tempting again to Keep as one of our Adorably Creepy Oddities, and I had to Spirit it away quickly before Princess T spied it and fell in Lust with the little Creepy Guy even more than I did!  *LOL*   So, he's Showroom bound for this Weekend as well as numerous other things to replenish depleted Inventory.

And so before my Shift Tonight that's what I'll be doing... cramming Inventory into the Showroom for the Holiday Shopping Madness that is now beginning to ramp up at all Retail Shops.   So Glad I got mine done early... Whew!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Ha, Ha, I'm going to have to go in and do that with all my leftover kitchen wares. Seriously...culling and selling is the best option. I'm afraid, we might just swap crap---if we lived closer, all though I would pass on creepy baby, lol. Sandi

    1. Too Funny, yes, I do have Friends who I've mos def swapped crap with and we're always deliriously happy to! I mean, who doesn't Love a good Gypsy Trade, right?! *Smiles* And its so much more economical to work a good Trade as well. Right now I'm seeking a healthy balance of more going out than what will ever come back in... which is always easier said than done when you're a Hunter-Gatherer and Incurable Collector Type. But I'm making Progress and it's just been a Process I keep consistent about working upon. What? You didn't LOVE Creepy Baby?! *Bwahahahaha!* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Sorry Dawn, you know I love your style of décor, it is much like my own, but that last 'baby' was a step too far. That goes beyond the limits of acceptable. Sorry. really don't like that. but Blessings to you and your family,

    1. Well, it's actually a legit CRP Training Doll Baby so I knew that it's got value and thus I couldn't pass on it, besides, it came with the Vintage Suitcase that I was actually wanting and Creepy Baby was just an added bonus Surprise. Turns out it was worth more than the Vintage Suitcase when I looked them up Online for a price point! Who knew? *Smiles* Anyway, it's in the Showroom now and priced way lower than buying one retail or at Auction so for anyone looking for one... *winks*... Dawn... The Bohemian

    2. Oops, I meant a CPR Training Doll... sorry, got Home late from Work and am rather weary... Dawn... The Bohemian


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