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Sweet Salvage ~ The Finale' ~ Comfort & Joy

We're back to Experiencing the Finale' at the SWEET SALVAGE Christmas Event.  Since it Inspired me to get into the Holiday Spirit full force I was able to get our own Home Decorated before Thanksgiving.   Being around Positive Energy always lights a Fire under me to jump into the Season with Exuberance.

With a mixture of Grief and Anticipation for the Holidays this year it's been difficult to come to a place of actual Exuberance.  With it being the Holiday Season when Mom passed I felt very conflicted about being Celebratory at all actually, I didn't want to marginalize my actual Grieving Process.


I knew the rest of the Family were handling it all better than I was, but in the Profound Wisdom of a Child one of my Grandchildren reminded me that it was because it wasn't THEIR Mom.  It was YOUR Mom Gramma, so its Okay to NOT handle it.  Valid point, it was MY Mom... and losing your own Mother is profound in ways that those she didn't give birth to won't necessarily experience in the Grief Process.

I keep thinking it would have been Nice if she'd gotten to Enjoy just one last Holiday Season... so close to being able to.   Mom always Shared my Magic for the Holidays, we'd often go together all over the City to just Experience an overdose of the Christmas Lights, the Decorations and the Atmosphere.

She and I were Secret Peepers... in that we both reveled in driving around Decorated Neighborhoods at Night and hoping to catch a Glimpse of the Christmas Magic that lay inside.   Often peeps put their best Decor spread and the Christmas Tree right in front of the most visible Window facing the Street for passers by to Enjoy. 


We were often chided in a good nature way by the rest of the Family that we shouldn't be Secret Peepers trying to catch that Magical glimpse inside the Homes of Strangers, it's intrusive they would joke.   Well, if they didn't want us to want to see inside, they would close the drapes and not Tempt us with so much Goodness almost in plain sight, Mom and I would banter back! *Winks*

We marveled at the Extreme Decorators, WOW, all that Work just to Share with the Community at large and leave you gobsmacked!   And we were equally impressed with those Simple Elegant and Tasteful Decorators that had exquisitely restrained touches of the Holidays.

We'd bake Cookies and fill a Thermos with a Hot Holiday Drink to take with us on our Drives around the City and the Country, just trying to find the best Displays.  We'd have the Holiday Station playing Christmas Music and we'd all sing along merrily and totally off key.  *Smiles* 

 Usually the Kids would fall asleep during the drive and then we'd have a Serene Holiday Moment Together.  It was a Holiday Tradition and Ritual we still do to this day and it was one that Mom often liked to take at least one Evening of the Holiday Season to do with us when she lived Locally.

Back in da day we'd usually have a Caravan of Family and Friends doing the drives Together, but in recent years it's just been us.  Since most Family and Friends are no longer local... or even with us as they too passed from Time into Eternity.   Our inner circle has shrunk considerably and so there's so many that I miss spending the Holidays with nowadays.

I do remember Mom telling me that tho' growing Old is a privilege not afforded to many and has it's Rewards, one of the biggest Challenges will be that you will lose many along the way that will be missed and cannot or will not be replaced.  Sharing a History takes Time... and at this Season of Life you become shorter on that commodity.

Any person I meet Today, no matter how Wonderful, I will not be able to have as much History with as my Lifelong Family and Friends that I've Shared so much Life with... well, unless I become an Immortal, which isn't likely.  *Smiles*   There just isn't that many decades of Time in front of me anymore to get to know someone New over the course of perhaps another 30-60 years.

So as we're losing those we Share THAT much History with, it's very hard.  We've always Cherished the relationships forged over many years of being close and having many Shared Memories with those individuals.  They remember you from way back when and every Season leading right up to the Present.

Some of us knew each other before we had Families, some knew us when we were still Single or even when we were Youngsters.  And of coarse Family have known us all of our Lives.   I suppose that is why we always dedicate spending most of the Holiday Season around Family and our Closest of Friends.

By the time you reach our Season of Life you have filed away so many Precious Memories in your Memory Banks that it could fill numerous Filing Cabinets with the Stories... and all of that is absolutely Priceless to recount and Share.

During the Holidays is when we tend to have more specific Memories of those Special Occasions spent in the Past during the previous Holiday Seasons of our Lives.   Day to day routines might become lost and not remembered, but very often Special Occasions like the Holidays... of Memories Past... will be more vibrant and particularly Memorable and Unforgettable.  

The G-Kid Force often recall some of our Special Memories of the Holidays and what was particularly Memorable about them.   I try to ensure that every year we try to make New Memories that will become those very Special ones to recall for years to come.

And I also suppose one of the reasons I like to take so many pictures is that over time we can have faded Memories of so many Enjoyable things that might just need a Visual Prompt to recall more vividly.   There are times I've almost forgotten how much Fun it all has been until I Nostalgically look back at all of the Imagery captured thru the Eye of the Lens!

The transformations and evolution of people and of places and things can be so profound!   While I have been preparing these Posts for example I decided to peruse the Photo Archives of Christmas Events of the Past few years at SWEET SALVAGE and I realize that my Photography has certainly improved tremendously and my Tastes and Style preferences have Evolved considerably as well!

And it was Fun to look back and see what was Trending during various years in the way of Styles, Colors and Found Treasures.   If you've ever taken a look way back you can forget what was On Trend during the various Eras until you revisit the Imagery of those times... and often Smile... or grimace!?   *LOL*  Have you ever found an old Catalog from back in da day and either had a Rush of Nostalgia or laughed hysterically at the Fashions and Styles?

The Interesting thing is, as WE Evolve too, we never really know what we will look back upon and say that was really Good... or really Bad... you know?  *Winks*   I've looked back upon many Eras of my Life and said the Styles and Fashions were either really Good... or really Bad... depending on my Perspective right now!?!  *Smiles*

Come on, you know you have too my Friends!!!   Aren't there some of the Fashions and Styles you fondly Reminisce about and still Love... and others that you now say, that was hideous or ludicrous and how could I EVER have Decorated with or worn THAT!?!   *Winks*

Sometimes I do Wonder what our Children and Grandchildren will look back upon and say that was really Good... or really Bad!?!  *Winks*   Some things I already know they now think was a very bad idea of an Era... think Mullets and Mall Hair to name just a couple from recent Eras!!!   *Ha ha ha*  Yes, we have those embarrassing Images don't we, of the faux pas Trends, of the Past!  *LOL*

It was Interesting to see what The G-Kid Force thought was way Cool or absolutely Hysterical from OUR Past and the Past of their Parent's Generation in the way of Home Decor, Styles and Fashion.   Some are Timeless and Classic and others we'd just as soon forget, right?!?  *Winks*

And I just realized I had taken such a wealth of Images at the Event that I still have enough left to Share in a Future Post... so we'll Save those for a Random Post Topic and Story shall we?  For now... we're preparing for Thanksgiving Day... and so I'll go ahead and Wish you a Happy and Memorable Thanksgiving Celebration my Friends, with much to Feel Thankful for!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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