Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Comfort And Joy ~ Part I

Today was Opening Day of the 'Comfort And Joy' Holiday Event at SWEET SALVAGE... the line waiting to get in was the longest ever, snaking around until it was over spilling down the sidewalk of 7th Avenue!  But it was a Glorious Day to be outside, Cooler and Breezy with a touch of Sun, so I didn't mind at all that I'd arrived quite late and was pretty far back there in line and everyone else was Cheerful and in the Holiday Spirit as well.

Santa was in the House... and my Darling Friends Gail and Judy were giving him their Nice Girl Lists.  *Winks*   I Wonder if us Naughty Girls are still in the running for getting our Lists filled too?  *Bwahahahaha!*  Santa knows that it's hard to be Nice ALL the time, right?  *Winks*  I Confess I've been a bit Snarky lately and am repentant for not being able to take the Edge off enough at times to be Nicer... I mean, I don't wanna risk turning into a Mean Girl, Heaven Forbid!  *LOL*

Before the doors opened Santa was doing Meet and Greets in line and I think more of us Adult Gals were giving him our Lists than any of the Kiddos in line!  *LOL*  Well, we were at The Event after all... and could drop those Obvious Hints of what we'd like to Score from inside!   *Smiles*

I Loved my Friend Minnie's Vintage Show Ribbon festooned Christmas Tree.  I have my Vintage Show Ribbon festooned Champagne colored Tinsel Tree up year round in our Diningroom because I just like the way it looks and it displays my Blinged Out Show Ribbons so well!   They're just too Pretty to store away unseen after all!

Along with the Fabulous Winter Bedding from her 'Vintage Minnie' Line, the ever Creative Genius Imagination of Minnie also Created a Tutu Christmas Tree Skirt!!!    Seriously, how Brilliant is that?!?   LOVED IT!!!  Especially that top Tutu's Gorgeous Hue, which matched so many of the Show Ribbon Ornamentation on the Christmas Tree.  You wouldn't Believe how many Ladies wanted to just buy that entire Tree 'As Is' and take it Home!!!

I was smitten with the Taxidermy Deer with the Glitterized Antlers too... natch!  I might have to break out the German Glass Glitter and dust it around this Christmas on random things... everything looks more Festive with a Sparkle of liberal doses of Glitter!

Yes, clearly you can tell I had to borrow some Imagery from The Sweet's FB Page because ya wanna know Why?  The UNTHINKABLE happened... I was in full blown Pathological Picture Taker Mode when all of a sudden my freakin' Memory Card was FULL!   *Gasp!  Oh No, say it ain't so?!?!?!?!?*   I was almost in a Panic and going thru Withdrawal of what I thought I wouldn't be able to Photograph for Future Inspiration and to Share with ya'll!  *Smiles*

'Til I remembered the Marvels of Technology and that my Smart Phone also has a Camera, which I rarely use because No. 1: the Young Prince tells me it eats up Memory... and No. 2:  I can't figure out how to Save them to a Memory Card from the Phone for posterity so I have to delete them every so often and that Sucks... coz it takes really Great Images!   But Whew... Color me Relieved that I finished up my Photography Coverage of the Event with trusty Cell Phone Camera!

But Lord have Mercy that was a Close Call coz usually I have a spare Memory Card in my Purse but this day I didn't wouldn't ya know!  Note to Self: Buy another Memory Card for the Holidays!   I Wonder if I should add that to my List for Santa to fill my Stocking with... loads of Memory Cards?  *Winks*

So, disaster averted and between what I took with my Camera, my Cell Phone and borrowing a few Images from The Sweet's FB Page we have decent coverage of the Event to Share with you.  *Yay!*  Because the Christmas Event is one of my Favorites and really gets me into the Mood for the Holidays.

Christmas Music was playing and everything was Enchanting and lit up.  Many different Styles of Holiday Decorating gave a wealth of Ideas and Color Palettes to Consider for this Christmas.  It was really difficult to choose a Favorite Vignette because each evoked a Mood for the Season.

And the Adorable Winter Wardrobe Styles and Accessories in the Boutique were Eye-catching.   I know I say this every New Year as a Resolution, but I really Need to try harder to lose some weight again so I can more easily buy Wardrobe that I'm Attracted to in my Size.   Right now my Size is not Standard and is on the Far Side of Full Figure.  So hardly anything off the rack fits from anywhere! *Le Sigh*

But enough of that... I'll have plenty of time in 2017 to Work on Weight Loss, right now I want to remain upbeat and in the Holiday Spirit because the Event really made me want to finally Usher in the Holidays full force!  I may even drag the Christmas Trees out of Storage and set them up this Weekend!

In fact, the only Purchase I made at the Event this day was a tiny Sepia Hued Pencil Christmas Tree with a Burlap Base.  LOVE IT!!! I had been seeing these Trees but didn't know where to get one locally, so I was Jazzed that they had some of the Small Table Top ones... though in time I'd like to obtain a larger specimen.  Because hey, Sepia is my Non-Color Hue for Decorating isn't it?  *Winks*  If I can find a 4-5 Foot Specimen {that isn't priced in the Stratosphere} that would be Bliss!

And how stinkin' Cute was this Spoon Rest with the Kitty Cats?!?  Another Young Lady was standing beside me also Admiring the Vignette and told me she'd like to buy the whole shebang and take it Home with her as her Holiday Inspiration for a Theme this year!  Yeah, some Vignettes are like that aren't they?  *Smiles* It was loads of luscious Silver-plate and Greenery with Transfer-ware and Ironware on an enormous Vintage Hutch. 

Vintage Ice-Skates and Vintage Sleds were flying out the doors... you see, we live in a Desert, so they're not so easy to Source as parts of the Country that actually get Snow and use such things.  *Smiles*   But we still like to Decorate Seasonally with those Memorable things from our Childhoods in States where we might have used them during the Holiday Season... even tho' it be Eighty degrees outside here in November and December!  *Ha ha ha*

Our two youngest Adult Children and these two Grandkids we're raising didn't get to see Snow unless we took them up North of the State to actually Experience it while they were growing up.   So Winter Wonderlands are rather Conceptual to them since our Weather here in Winter isn't all that different than the other Seasons, just slightly Cooler.  But you don't have to shovel Sunshine so you won't hear me Complaining about basking in Eighty degree Winter Weather and Conceptualizing our Winter Wonderlands.  *Winks*

We don't have to be Freezing and digging our way out the doors to Feel Festive for the Holidays and in the Spirit of Christmas.   Sure, there are times the Four Seasons are Appealing... but mostly I'm Okay nowadays with just viewing them Online or in Postcards.   I lived in enough inclement Climates during my Lifetime to have had my fill of what I'm missing now by living in a more Temperate Climate environment.

And I do Hope you'll come back for Part Two of this Event's Posts... I still have plenty to Share with you all my Friends!   And the Event will run thru this Sunday Afternoon, so you have time to see it in Person as well and perhaps I'll even see you there, since I may need a Double Dose of Christmas Cheer!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. gorgeous Dawn....such great shopping/perusing/drooling you have here. I love the green snowflakes and the pheasant...very cool. Sandi


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