Friday, November 25, 2016

Post Thanksgiving Post ~ Black Friday

Thanksgiving Day was also our Oldest Daughter's Birthday this year, she said it was rainy and cold there in Pittsburgh.   It was breezy but in the high Seventies here in the Arizona Desert for Thanksgiving Day... but we didn't brag about that... much.  *LOL*

I hadn't been outside much even tho' the weather was Glorious because I'd been busily prepping the house for the Holidays prior to the big meal and Family arriving.  It was time to swap out a lot of the Autumn Decor and replace most of it with Winter Decor and Christmas Ambiance.

We like to have most of that in place either the day before Thanksgiving or the day after, in recent years I've been leaning towards before to Enjoy it all during Thanksgiving Festivities with Family.   Some Autumn Vibe lingers, but it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas now around New Villa Boheme'.

I want to be able to visit with Family all day, watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while we cook Thanksgiving Dinner earlier in the day, and sit around with the Guys watching the Cowboys versus Indians Game after the meal. Which I find to be a bit ironic on Thanksgiving Day... Cowboys versus Indians... get it?  *LOL*

Keeping the G-Kid Force away from the food prior to the rest of the Family arriving is always the particular challenge.  It's fantastic aroma is wafting thru the house for hours before we'll actually serve it after everyone is present.  And I don't Care if you did feed everyone a big Breakfast, you're still all Jonesin' to dig in to that Thanksgiving Feast!  *Smiles*

We do the whole thing very Casually, there's no Formality about our Holiday Meals.   This year I was also lazy and bought fancy Holiday paper plates so clean-up would be a breeze.    You could use or not use TV Trays since Guys kept wanting to see what was happening with the Game on and off thru the Meal so it had to be an individually portable Feast.  *Winks*

Kids were coming and going from the table too, since most of this Crew are 'Grazers' which is why they're all so slender I'm sure.  They eat a bit, go burn off all the calories they just consumed playing together... then come back and eat a bit more... and so on and so forth it goes all day long!  *LOL*

We all were so Proud of The Man preparing 99.9% of the Thanksgiving Feast this year, it was all delish.   He and The Son prepared the Spiral Cut Glazed Ham they'd brought with them... both the Ham and the Turkey were so succulent and plenty of Wonderful leftovers for both Families to enjoy later.

The Son has been pulling a lot of overtime so he was quite exhausted from Work, but Thankfully he had Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday off to recuperate.   Napping after the Meal at our Home is practically mandatory for anyone and everyone who needs it.  *Smiles*

Their Teenagers didn't join them this year since they were at other Maternal Relatives Homes for Thanksgiving.   The Son and DIL also invited The G-Kid Force to join them when they finally departed later that Evening to go to another Aunt's Home for another Thanksgiving Feast. They will also spend the Night at their Uncle's Home afterwards since the Cousins like spending time together Playing.

Though the DIL has to work Black Friday, since The Son is having the day off, I appreciated him inviting his Niece and Nephew to spend the day at their Home to give them more of an extended Celebration and other Kids to play with.  Since they are on Fall Break it's been rather boring for them around here so they couldn't grab their stuff fast enough to join their Uncle and Family as they departed!  *Smiles*

I could never Thank these two Loved Ones enough for all they do to Help out and to be our backup for The Force and even sometimes for The Man, so that I get some respite.  They are the only Family still in Arizona now since everyone else is spread out across the U.S. and Internationally.

So right now, since while I'm Creating this Post it's the Evening of Thanksgiving Day actually, it's Peaceful and Quiet here at Villa Boheme'.  Since The Man has fallen asleep in his recliner watching Football and The Force is now across Town at their Uncle's!   Listen, can you hear it... Silence?  *Winks*

Princess T had been such a Good Sport finally about my Abnormal Christmas Tree that I gave her a 'Normal' Christmas Tabletop Tree and Surprised her with it Thanksgiving Morning!  *Winks*  

  It's missing a leg on it's stand but it is an identical miniature version of our large Tree.  So we're propping it up this year and will look for a spare leg when I go Pickin', since this was 'Scored' during a Pick actually for under three bucks!

I had some Antique Family Heirloom Christmas Ornaments, most from Europe and over 100 years old, that weren't in Storage in the Hoarded Garage.  I keep the most precious Ornaments stored in our Master Bedroom Closet so they're in a climate controlled Storage setting.  Desert extremes in High and Low temps can reek havoc on delicate items otherwise.

Yes, you did hear me correctly say extremes in High and Low temps.  If you've never lived in a true Desert you might not realize that our Highs are very High during the Days and our Lows can drop very Low during the Evenings, creating quite a spread in fluctuation of temperatures.

New Villa Boheme' is near a very large Mountain range and thus we're at a higher elevation than the rest of the Valley so our Nights can get chilly even if our Daytime temps were quite High.  I don't need Antique Ornaments exploding due to fluctuations of forty degrees or more in a day!  *LOL*

I like that right now my hands still have the Delightful aroma of the Honey Glazing from the Ham... in fact, I like that the whole house still smells strongly of the Delightful aromas of Thanksgiving!   There's nothing quite like the distinctive aromas of the Holidays is there?  

I like that the Parades and other Holiday Shows are on the TV constantly now and that the Holiday Music Station is playing non-stop Christmas Music.   I revel in all things that are the Essence of the Holiday Season and I just don't understand those that loathe it all?????!!!

Yes, I happen to know quite a few Wonderful people who suddenly get quite Bah Humbug during the Holidays.   I can tell that there is just not much about it that they Enjoy or Connect to at all and they'd just as soon it all be over and done with.  

 Now, I don't presume to know anyone's Back Story that caused that Sentiment, but it's just hard for me to wrap my head around since I Feel the complete opposite during the Holidays.  No matter what my Circumstances I look forward to everything Holiday related with great anticipation and I'm always Sad when it's all over!!!

I don't Care how tough our Lives have been off and on over a Lifetime... and Believe me, we've had some tough times that were Epic... when the Holidays roll around I revel in them for as long as I can extend them!!!   Even with Mom and Dad each dying right at the Holiday Season I could still manage to look forward to the Holiday Season unfolding around me anyway.

All those that we have Loved and Lost I still Feel are with us in Spirit during the Festive Celebratory Seasons.   We Miss them terribly and our Memory Trees and Altars are often dedicated to their Memory and pay Homage to the Life we Shared with them when they were still here with us.

Certainly nobody can ever match the Holiday Chex Party Mix and Master Pastry Chef Confections my Dad Created every Holiday.   Nor the Famous Family Recipe Pumpkin Bread and Home-Made Irish Cream Liqueur Mom would Create every Holiday either.

Yes, it was a little bit of Heaven on Earth those Family Recipes that departed with them, since even if we have the Recipes it never tastes quite the same as when they made it!   What I wouldn't give to taste each, Lovingly prepared by each of them, just once more, you know... and to spend a final Holiday with them and any others that have departed.

But Life goes on and we keep Creating New Memories, both in Celebrating Timeless Traditions and Rituals that mean so much... and incorporating New Ones as we Adopt them as our own during the Holiday Season.   I like to hear my DIL explain how her Family embraced American Holiday Traditions and Customs when they first came as Refugees from Cambodia to America.

While still Honoring those of their own Culture that are so precious in the Traditions and Rituals handed down from Generation to Generation.   Isn't that what Life is all about anyway... the Metamorphosis we all go thru during this Life's Journey and what we choose to embrace or reject as our own along the way!?!

I still recall seeing my Mom come from another Cultural Experience and embracing the New Culture she would have as a G.I. Bride here in America.  Thanksgiving particularly was one of those American Holidays she had never Celebrated until she came here to live and didn't quite ever understand fully. 

 Mostly because it all began with a Feast the Native Americans Shared with the Pilgrims and those two Cultures had quite a mixed History of Clashing and Sharing.  She knew the History of it's early beginnings in 1621 when Plymouth Colonists and Wampanoag Indians Shared an Autumn Harvest Feast that is acknowledged Today as one of the first Thanksgiving Celebrations in the Colonies. 

But being a Foreign Bride of a Man of Native American Ancestry and seeing how deplorable almost all Tribal People were being treated here in America, she just didn't understand why Thanksgiving was still being Celebrated at all the way things had played out?!?  Had it morphed into something else beyond her understanding, she just wasn't having Clarity about it?!? 

And I think there is a Profound Message in that History too... that not always will Cultures get along all of the time without conflict... nor Share all of the time and have Harmony.  But when there is that interlude of Magical Peace and reciprocity among them, it can be quite Meaningful, Memorable and Beautiful, can't it?!  It CAN be something to Celebrate and make into a Tradition that can still be Meaningful!

With the present Post-Election Climate being such that it is our Family talked about that extensively and Non-Politically over Thanksgiving Festivities.  Since we're all Unanimous that we don't want this to be a Divided States of America, but to remain a United States of America... however that can be Healed and Managed in these uncertain and tense times?  We Solved all of the Problems of the Universe in one Afternoon Shared... LOL.

I want to Live in Peace and in Harmony with ALL people... as do every member of our Family.   That's more paramount to us than whatever differences may divide us as a Nation.  We would rather have Unity of Purpose in making this Nation a place where there is room at the table for one and all... and not just a select few, whoever they are deemed to be by some.

We personally do not Believe it is all that difficult really to treat every Human Being with Dignity and Respect if you have Love in your Heart.   Out of the abundance of the Heart the Mouth will speak, and if what is being spoken is not Kind, not Loving, not Lovely at all... Listen Carefully... and Adjust accordingly.  I'm hearing so many Negative and Hurtful things that have Polarized our Country and it still makes me quite Sad and sick in my Spirit.

I don't even Pretend to try to Understand how Hate and Negativity can overcome a Heart that was Designed by the Creator to be a place where Love and Positive sentiments should reside?   So I just Pray that for those afflicted with a Condition of the Heart not being in order, that a Transformation may take place to put things Right.

Yes, it might take Time and a lot of Healing for a New Heart to be fully Transformed, but I do Believe it to be entirely Possible.   And I also Believe that in the Breaking of Bread Together the early Native American Tribes had the Profound Wisdom to know that such Sharing and Caring for those who are not like us, can bring us Together rather than Divide us.

After all, how can you Host and Share a Meal with anyone and not get to know them better and Celebrate who they really are from just a Human perspective?  How can you extend Genuine Hospitality and NOT then see them as a Fellow Traveler on this Journey we call Life and Respect that commonality? 

Yes, I know that in our Frail Human Condition we can become so self-absorbed and so greedy if we allow Ego and self-righteousness to get out of hand.   We can become so blinded by our own perspectives and gravitate towards those who are just like us because, well... it's easier isn't it when someone is exactly the same and mirrors us?!?

And it's more complicated when there are differences, especially profound ones, and we have to try to see other perspectives and walk in shoes that are not our own and therefore aren't necessarily as comfortable as our own.   When our Journey takes a turn that is unexpected or foreign to us and becomes harder, more uncomfortable, not what we're used to and is out of our comfort zone so it stretches us.

Some people can handle being stretched more than others.  Some can tolerate more stretching and some resist being stretched at all.   I do Feel that those who resist the most are probably Feeling Pain at having to stretch. And I'm not saying that is right or wrong, or pointing fingers or placing blame, which does nobody any good at all actually and just tends to widen the gulf between people.

  I'm just saying I know that when I've remained in my comfort zone too long or don't have it my way... well, almost any Change is a stretch and I don't really like it and resist like Hell.  If I'm not Careful to realize all it will do is eventually wear me out resisting what I cannot Control and probably make me Unlovely and cantankerous, well... I can be in a Funk for a while.

I mean, I LIKE having things MY WAY, don't you?  *Winks*  It's pretty easy when we get OUR way and we don't have to consider anyone else... how they Feel... how our way might impact them... etc... etc... etc...   Yes, it can be ALL ABOUT US and that's Grand isn't it?  And rather Childish actually, not showing a level of Maturity that can consider others in a Thoughtful and Considerate way.

And when I was a Child I could throw my fits and be quite Selfish and people kinda expected that... when you're like two years old that is.  I could be Egocentric as I wanted to be when I didn't know any better because I had zero Maturity to even acknowledge the entire Universe didn't revolve around ME!

 And people might even enable you when you're two... because... well, you're only two and tho' annoying, most Adults try to be Tolerant of a Child just being a Child, no matter how Unlovely.   They will try to Guide you to a place of Growth and Maturity so that you become Aware of other people, Compassionate and Considerate of their Feelings, their Rights, etc. and so on.

But, on an Adult those same traits and flaws of Immaturity and Selfishness aren't so easy to Tolerate and so often we just don't.   I'm thinking upon it being Black Friday by the time this Post is Scheduled to hit the Land of Blog and how that particularly Chaotic Day can bring out the Worst in Humanity and why I totally avoid it because of that!   They don't call it Black Friday for nothin'!

Yes, it will be the Holidays and Cheerful Christmas Music might be playing in the background as Grown Adults smack down each other to scramble for the coveted few fifty dollar Big Screen TV... or some other Teaser Item that caused them to Camp Out on a Sidewalk in front of a Shop!!!   And push and shove or totally lose their Minds and go berserk as if it's really THAT Important... but is it?  Really... in the Grand Scheme of things???

I've lived without a TV and many Creature Comforts during my Lifetime.   The DIL Shared how much they had to live without during their years in the Refugee Camps awaiting Sponsorship and Political Asylum.   Now we have so much we realize we are no more nor no less Thankful.   Because even during the hardest of times we had much to be Thankful for if we dug deep and recognized it.

I Believe as a Nation we all have the Capacity to dig deep and become more Appreciative and recognize what we need to Fix about the way things are that are not so Lovely or Flattering.   I'll be most Thankful when that starts becoming more the Rule than the Exception among all of Humanity actually.

  And this was my Post Thanksgiving Post on a Black Friday to bring the discussion to the table.   A table at least at our Home, where everyone is Welcome, Respected and treated with Dignity, Genuine Love and as much Understanding as we can possess to get over differences and find common ground.

So... what's it like at YOUR table my Friends?   And you don't have to answer that if you don't want to... I just want you to Consider it for a Moment Privately and be as Introspective as you might Need to be....


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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