Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

Yes, I will be my obligatory Sugar Skull Girl by Tonight since The G-Kid Force would have it no other way than Gramma participating and not just being a spectator when it comes to Costume.  Grandpa no longer dresses up, I miss that, he used to, he's Content to just hand out candy as himself nowadays.

The Young Prince will do some kind of Face Make-Up and Home-Made Costume as usual.  He's been experimenting in recent days since his Performances at the Competitions have required a Holiday Themed Make-Up and Look as his School goes to the State Finals now and does their 'Phobias' Routine in Color Guard.

He had sweat most of it off when he got Home late Saturday Night after a fierce Competition... they did well, they are definitely going to State Finals.  I had to capture his less than Pristine Make-Up since they apply it at the Colleges they're Performing at and I haven't been able to attend any.  I Wish I could, I've gone in the Past, alas this year they're too far away and too expensive to bring the whole Family.

And of coarse you might remember the mock-up we did previously for The Cheerless Leader.   We will have full on Face Make-Up I'm sure and I Hope she has not misplaced those striped Pumps since no other shoes match and you know how she is about that!  *LOL*

I am Glad that I shall be here to take her Trick-Or-Treating though since her Grandpa can't, he can't walk far and gets anxious if he's in unfamiliar surroundings and feels lost... and she didn't want her Big Brother to since she claims he's too Bossy.  And lets face it, there can be only one Boss... and that would be HER, right?!?   I would definitely miss not taking her since this could be the last year, she's thinking that next year when she turns 12 she'll be too Adult to Trick-Or-Treat?!?  Is that the Official Expiration Date of Childhood... these seem to think so!?!  *LOL*

I know I'll always Decorate for the Season and Celebrate it, even long after there are no more Children in the household to participate in every aspect of it.  I'm definitely a Child at Heart when it comes to the Holiday Seasons and I Confess that I might even Enjoy it more than they do at times!  *Smiles*

With the exception of putting some Decor out in front of the house near the Front Courtyard where The Man will be handing out candy to the Kids we're done Decorating now.   I don't do much on the outside, imagine that!  *Gasp!*

I used to, but it was off-putting to Trick-Or-Treaters since we're already the Scary Family *Winks* and Lord knows we don't need to eat all this Candy we bought!  So Mister Medical Cadaver will join The Man at the Bistro Table and some Whimsical Vintage Halloween Wooden Props will be moved outside near the faux Pumpkin Patch in a non-threatening Harvest Themed Villa.

You know, as a Family, we've always been more inclined to Decorate and Style on the inside of our Home for ourselves, rather than go all out on exterior Decor for the Holidays to impress others.   I thoroughly Enjoy seeing those that do both, or go Hog Wild on Exterior Decor for Holidays and Share it with everyone, but it's not been our Family Tradition nor Ritual to necessarily do so.

Mostly because we have so much we DO during the Holiday Seasons for Family Time and to Celebrate.  We have so many Personal Traditions and Rituals that I don't want to tie up too much of that precious time doing external Decorations in front of the house, it's not a high enough priority for our Holidays to feel complete.

Lavish Decor inside where we all Enjoy it every day just makes more sense to us... both during Halloween and Christmastime.   So you won't see our Home festooned with Lights, Buzzers, Bells and Whistles depicting our Celebrations.  Unless you're Invited into our World you probably will think we're Low Key and Simple folks when it comes to Holiday Celebrations, which couldn't be further from the Truth!  *Bwahahahaha!*

Okay, so I don't Suspect anyone whose actually glimpsed us in the Flesh would actually ever assume that... come to think about it.  *Winks*  Low Key and Simple Folks probably aren't Words ever used to describe any of us actually.  But if you come to visit here in the Land of Blog you've had a behind the scenes Invitation to join us in how we really Celebrate the Seasons and Life in general.

You actually know that this Season really is kinda like a pre-curser to Christmas for us and we actually Decorate more Elaborately for it.  Since we can get Wilder and more Weird and Wonderful about Styling for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos than we do for Christmas.   The Reason for the Season at Christmas takes more precedence for us than the Styling or Decor does... so this Season unleashes our Imagination more with no boundaries whatsoever.

Along with the Tricks of coarse are the Treats... so I spent some time debating which Treats we'll have on our Halloween Buffet Spread.   And which Stores had the best selection of Autumn and Holiday Inspired Confections?

Decisions... decisions... decisions!!!   Anything not too Sweet and with Fresh Fruit is always a forerunner with our Family so it will be something like that I'm sure and this Morning I'll be heading to our Favorite Bakeries to pick it up.

Last Night I made the last Candy Run to fill up bowls for The Family and for the Trick-Or-Treaters, of which we have an abundance of in this new neighborhood.  I like that, where a good ole' Traditional Halloween takes place and loads of Kids in Costume come by for their Treats.  In some neighborhoods it has sadly all but died out as a Tradition of going door to door in Costume!  So unfortunate... though some Communities do the Trunk Or Treat at various Churches and some Retailers also hand out Candies or do Harvest Festivals and Haunted Attractions.

So there are numerous Pre-Celebrations and ways to Celebrate effectively, but I am still Old School enough to still Enjoy handing out Candy and seeing all the Children in their Costumes going door to door having Fun in their neighborhoods.

I Hope it never quite dies out completely so that Future Generations can Enjoy it as much as we always have, and especially when we were Children doing it ourselves and coming Home with enough Candy to put us in a Sugar Coma or Blaze thru November and beyond!  *Smiles*

Since November won't have a lot going on in the way of Decorating and Celebrations except on Thanksgiving Day and you've all seen what Food looks like, right?  *Winks*   I'll continue some Posts thru the early part of November Sharing what we did thru this Holiday Season in October.

And Hoping that yours were Fun, Festive and Memorable as well my Friends?  If not, it's Okay,  you can Live Vicariously thru ours here in The Land Of Blog, we're Happy to have you join us!

You are always Welcome at The Villa Boheme'... Blessings and Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love your day of the dead collection. I love all your decorations but those caught my eye because I have a small collection myself.

    1. Yes, we thoroughly Enjoy Celebrating Dia de los Muertos. In my Mom's Gaelic Culture they do a very similar Celebration of All Saints and All Souls Day Nov 1-2... and of coarse Oct 31st being All Hallow's Eve or Samhain in the Celtic Culture. Thanks for stopping by for a Halloween Visit Rhonda... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. You Sure Make The Holidays Fun! I'm a child at heart too, especially during the holidays!


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