Monday, October 10, 2016

Grungy Galz ~ Galz Autumn Vibe

Take a seat my Friends, a nice comfy one, because this is a long Post ahead as we visit my Talented Friend Bridget's Fabulous Shop in the Far West Valley, GRUNGY GALZ.

Bridget has worked her Magic in the Shop, so Delightful Vignettes of Killer Inventory abound and right now is set up with the Galz Autumn Vibe.  It is a Destination Spot so a little off the beaten path, but well worth getting your GPS out and Head West my Friends!!!

The Son had worked in this mostly Industrial area years ago so hunting for it proved to be easy peasy for me, it was familiar territory not far from the Old Homestead.  You see, the Galz also Create and Fabricate a lot of their own Furnishings so your average Commercial Shop just would not do.

There is building and painting going on... and if you also happen to be the Creative Type for refinishing and refurbishing your own Fabulous Finds then this is also where you can pick up your necessary Supplies!!!

Ta-Da... see... Supplies Galore for the DIY among us!  Yes, you will find the Trendiest Paints in a Color Wheel of Dreamy Hues to Transform your Found Treasures!  Note to Self: Must go back to pick up Paints sometime.

Originally you see I wanted to cover the Shop and bring it to you here in The Land Of Blog as a Jewel of the West Valley you might not yet already know about?   But then I was Hooked... line and sinker!!!  *LOL*   I spied the Palmistry Hand... hadda have it!

As other Customers were streaming in I snatched it up... to ensure it came Home with ME and nobody else while I was in Pathological Picture Taking Mode!  *Ha ha ha*   Hey, it happens sometimes, I Photograph Lovelies I intend to buy, turn around... GONE when I make my 2nd sweep in Shopper Mode!  *Gasp!*

I WANTED this Creepy Doll Lamp... I Wrestled with myself about getting it too... I was having that Forbidden Love Affair with it that can throw my best laid plans not to spend to the wind... you know?   It was like WWF Smack Down 2016 going on in my head as I weighed what to put back that was already at the register in order to get said Lamp?

I turned it off I turned it on... Lustfest, it was so very ME, you know?  And Bridget's prices are very forgiving to the Bank account, so you can get a bit carried away before you know it!  *Smiles*   I walked away... since the 3 coveted items up at the register weren't being left behind... they won out!  Sorry Creepy Baby, mebbe next time if you wait for me?  *Pout*

You see, I already had one Vintage Creepy Baby Head stashed up at the register and at a mere five bucks, she wasn't going anywhere but Home with me!  With her little Toothy grin and Golden Brown sleepy Eyes she was a no-brainer to add to my Collection of Creepy Babies!  

See how At Home she looks already up on the Fireplace Mantle in this room I Blog in?   Yep, don't regret opting for this one and reluctantly walking away from the other... tho' it was difficult, I WANTED them BOTH... and you know how WANTINGS are?!  *Winks*

But... that wasn't the 'either slash or' Wrestling Match going on with my checkbook... this was!  You see, tho' Creepy Doll Lamp was very reasonably priced... so was this Killer Jill Harris Bag!   Jill of 'Gypsy Brocante' was a Friend I met thru The Land Of Blog and I J'Adore her Creations!  She once Gifted me with a spectacular Bag which was an Epic Surprise and I Cherish it!

Jill always used Quality Vintage Textiles, many from Europe, and so to find one of her Creations at a Killer Deal, well... duh... that was NOT being left behind, no way... HADDA HAVE IT!!!   This is the front of luscious Bag...

And the back... Trust me, the backs and interiors are just as luscious and Lovely as the fronts!   I LOVE this find, my Heart fairly skipped a beat when it was so affordable for me to scoop up!   Remember how Imelda Marcos had Shoes?  Well, I have Bags... more than any Sane person should... and I don't Care... Love my Epic Bag Collection Created by other Artisans!   Create some every so often myself, there's just something about a Lovely Bag that gives me the Warm Tinglies!  *Smiles*

So Yes, the Five To One Rule was adding up quickly as my three Purchases made their way to the register... knowing that now Fifteen things from Home have to go Out in my Edit and Purge Plan of attack to effectively downsize and Curate possessions.  *LOL*  It's the only thing that keeps me slightly accountable, ya know?  *Ha ha*

And when I walk into a Shop such at this it is too freakin' hard to walk out with Nothing... No, that's not entirely True... it's IMPOSSIBLE!!!  *Smiles*  Bridget has many Talents and Merchandising is mos def one of them!   All my Friend hadda do was Welcome me once inside and I was already reeled in! 

And you WILL Love the Ambiance and exceedingly Friendly Customer Service of this Delightful Family owned business, they are Lovely People offering up incredible amounts of Loveliness under one roof.   Several Favorite Artisan Friends of mine also have their Creations here, so I was in 7th Heaven finding yet another Source closer to Home than going into the Inner City to Source it.

Yes, you will find Bohemian Bling here... loads of it in fact... and many other Fashions and Accessories for the Fashionistas out there of you!  There is a Boutique Section of the Shop.

Though I was not in Bohemian Bling Buying Mode this day, I could have easily been... see, I CAN Resist Temptation... sometimes!  *Winks*

I do however want to apologize for not being in Top Form for Picture Taking... I dunno why, but sometimes with Fab New Camera I'm still in need of more Practice to get the Quality I'm aiming for... Sorry.  But you get the jist even if the frames of some Imagery are less than Ideal... in Person, it will WOW you!  So now you have yet another reason to go for yourself to Experience it!  Like you Needed another reason, right... I'm Sure you've already got it on your To Do List now! 

Great little Halloween and Autumn props abounded in the Shop... and this being my Fav time of year and all... I Love finding yet another Source that Decorates and Styles for the Holidays in such a way that I'm absolutely Enchanted by their Vignettes and Unique Merchandise.

As you already know, I'm not much of a mass produced Buyer... seldom will something mass produced come Home with me.  Over 90% of the time I'd much rather Support the Small Business Owner and Artisans that offer Vintage Finds Sourced with Care and Create OOAK Treasures!

I'm a bit of a Vintage Snob because I just think Antique and Vintage items or OOAK Fabricated Creations from Vintage are just WAY better Investments.  Not to mention your Home will look much more Unique, Interesting and display your distinct Personality even more than anything mass produced ever could.

And anything an Artisan Creates usually has much better Quality than the mass produced alternatives.   Take for example this luscious array of hand-made Soaps!   In Scents that just Transport you to a Soothing place even if you don't have an Antique Claw Foot Tub anymore.  *Le Sigh*   Yeah, I miss ours from the Old Homestead... even tho' Spa Tub and massive Party Shower here at New Villa Boheme' are pretty Awesome to have in a Master en suite, I ain't gonna lie!  *Winks*

This little Antique Day Bed with Fab Linens also made me think how Lovely it would be to curl up in, you know, up in the Juliet Room near the Balcony Of Death, but not too close lest my Phobia of heights and Vertigo kick in... looking out upon and surveying The Kingdom!  *Ha ha ha ha*

The Man is digging the Serenity of some of the European plain Linens in our Boudoir rather than it looking very Exotic Harem or Bedouin Tribal all the time, so we switch it up now.  *Smiles*   I like it too, for a Change to indulge my more Restrained side and sensibilities.  Yes, believe it or not I DO have them, apart from my Dark Side or Gypsy sensibilities I can go more Simplified and Refined in Tastes... TEMPORARILY of coarse!  *Winks*

You know, if Janis Joplin were to have visited the Farm and gone Little House On The Prairie or French Country for a Vacay... that's me... I CAN do it... and I'd probably Enjoy it immensely in fact for a Change of scenery... I just don't want to for extended periods of time... it's a conscious Choice I make!

But there is something Soothing and Spa-like about Simplicity and I do Enjoy it when I take those brief Respites into that Realm.   If I had a Vacay Home it might even be done up Minimalistic!  *Gasp!*  I know, you find that hard to believe, but it could be... I'm not saying it would be for long!  I'm pretty certain stuff would Migrate in bit by bit and not want to leave and end up on that extended Vacay there at the Vacay Pad!?!  *Winks* 

But the Look would be different in a Vacay Environment because I know I wouldn't have to be Exposed to it all the time.  I like to Experiment with different Environments and Surroundings in reasonable intervals.  But in the end I'd come back full circle to MY Style and Sensibilities... it just always plays out that way.

And so many of My Style of Lovelies abounded here... they really did... so I know I will be back now... OFTEN!  *Winks*   That might be a strain on my Restraint abilities, but hey, it's what might strengthen my resolve... who knows?  Right... you're NOT buying that either are you?   *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

But no matter what your particular Style might happen to be I think you could find it here and the Vignettes will Inspire you for Decorating your own Homes in a Fresh way.

And if you haven't yet bought everything for your Halloween or Harvest Vignettes at Home you could find it here too.  From the Whimsical to the Macabre.

If you're looking for furnishings I am certain you're going to Love the selection offered.   I particularly liked this Green Velvet Armchair.

And even the Powder Room was awash in Inspirational Decor!   This Vintage Dry Sink was really Lovely...

And look at this Unique Idea of surrounding a free standing Modern Sink with a Vintage piece of Furniture to give added Storage, Shelf Space and a very Vintage Vibe to a Modern Bathroom fixture without having to do a complete Remodel or extensive and expensive Plumbing Changes.

I am a big Fan of Cloche Displays, everything looks more Important under Glass... and the Cabinet of Curiosities Style is of coarse a Personal Favorite.

I had to go in to take a Close-Up look at this little Skully and Sea Fan under Glass.

And that little Doll Torso suspended in an Old Clock Case... so Clever for a Halloween Prop!!!

There were Seasonal Candles, Paper Arts Products, Laboratorie Props, Vintage Industrial Furnishings... you name it...

I kept coming back to da Bling... Natch!  *Winks*

I do Hope you've Enjoyed coming along with us Virtually to GRUNGY GALZ... it was my first visit but certainly won't be my last!!!   And Thank You Bridget for allowing me to Cover your Wonderful Shop to Share here in The Land of Blog with my Friends here.  Click on the Link to visit the Facebook Page and see even more!!!

And now it's time to go... 'til next time we take you with us on more Arizona Destination Adventures!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. As a previous owner of a vintage,OOAK shop----I wish everyone had that attitude. The worst thing that has ever happened to retailing was BigBox store chains...where you can get everything cheaper. So little is made in our country now, and foreign goods are inferior to what used to be made with pride in the US. So I'm with you---I shop vintage/resale/and artisans. Very little is purchased from those big boxes other than food and disposables.

    And your shopping trip posts always have me Sandi

    1. I fully Believe what WILL make America truly Great again would be to support Small Business and the Entrepreneur Spirit, the diversity then of what will be offered and the quality will be Superior. I personally WILL pay a margin more for quality and uniqueness that you just don't get from the mass produced market that utilizes 3rd World sweat shop labor to get their goods to the price point of alleged 'bargains'. The Grandson recently shared a FB Post with me that had the "Make America Great Again" T-Shirts being hawked, the label was revealed and it said "Made In China"!!! That is part of the Problem, not part of the Solution and even a Sixteen year old could clearly identify that and bring it to the attention of others to show how ludicrous things have become. I stand with you in defiance my Friend... winks... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Awe!!! Seriously you are just the best!! Thank you so much for this delicious write up, I'm so lucky to have you as friend!! Much love~ Bridget


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