Sunday, October 23, 2016

French Market ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part Un

Okay, so I know I've kept you in Suspense too long already because you know I was attending the long awaited 'French Market' Event at SWEET SALVAGE which was this Month's Theme.  I headed out early Thursday Morning, much earlier than usual since I didn't have to get Kiddos ready for School since they're on Fall Break this whole week.  Which gave me some Lead Time to get Downtown during Rush Hour and get a good parking spot and place in line for one of the most Popular of Themes.

And I ain't gonna lie, I was petulant that the dreaded Budget was strained and I'd have to use Uber Restraint and only make a token purchase at this most coveted of Shows.  Because I knew in advance that there would be things on the 'Want' List of Francophile Found Objects.  Yes, I don't Need another thing in this Lifetime, especially another Old Door to add to the Old Door Hoard... but damn... this Trio was Tempting!  *Smiles*

If Money were no object this Black one at least would have come Home with me and I would have lacquered that Lovely Chalkboard Art to set it forever.  I really have to Practice doing Chalkboard lettering of this caliber.

This one was my 2nd Favorite... and frankly I Liked the whole Vignette of the Trio as a backdrop though I don't know where in my Kitchen I could set up something like that?  But you know... who thinks about Practical stuff like that when you're Daydreaming, right?  *Winks*

And speaking of Daydreaming or even Blissful Slumber Dreams, I could Imagine myself curled up on this Wonderful piece doing either, couldn't you?  I could and would find room for this piece at Villa Boheme', perhaps in front of the French Doors at Home overlooking the Juliet Room Balcony Of Death?  *Winks*  I Loved the Hue of that overstuffed Upholstery on this Fainting Couch, it fairly made me Feel Faint in fact!  *Swooning!*

And the Urn with the Ornate tall Stand, that's what Courtyard Gardens are made of, right?!  High on my Dream List of Objects to go on the Thrill of the Hunt and Purchase when Budget permits are Vintage Metal Urns of the Old Manse Variety. I see them virtually everywhere now that I don't have the Budget to buy any, dammit!  *Le Sigh*

And you know how I am about deconstructed Furniture suspended from Ceilings... in my World that would be a totally acceptable Decorating Technique when you have ultra high Ceilings like New Villa Boheme' has.  But for the rest of the Family it is too Cray-Cray so I've begrundgingly refrained.  *LOL*

I was Delighted to see that the Stylist who Creates the Fabric Pumpkins for this Season kept churning some out for this Event and didn't speed past Autumn.  Because I felt like I Needed at least a couple more as my Token Purchase for this Show... so that one on the far Right is now Mine all Mine!

Last Show I had picked up some teensy and mid-sized ones, needed some inbetween those sizes and these were Ideal.  So this one also came Home with me to complete the Set.

Here's a better shot of it full on... mine is the one in the front.   Each was Gorgeous so it was definitely hard to pick Favorites since I J'Adored them ALL, but in choosing my two meager Purchases I had to go with which Bohemian Bling Appealed to me most?  So by a narrow margin it was this one...

And this one.  Though there was such an abundance of newly Created Pumpkinry that you were absolutely Spoiled for Choice!  I spent as much time agonizing over my Fabric Pumpkin Choices as Princess T had with her Real One for a Jack-O-Lantern specimen!  *LOL*

An exquisite array of Pumpkinry so Artfully presented so this year I was lazy and didn't make any... just bought 'em!  *LOL*  I happened to prefer the Satin Fabric ones to compliment my Velvet ones at Home.

But there were some Cute ones Created from Knit Sweater Materials with Natural Elements if your Style tends to be more Rustic and Organic rather than Showy and Exotic.

So there were Fabric Pumpkins for just about any Style Aesthetic you might Enjoy... whether you are a Colorless Palette Gal or a Colorful Gal like myself.  *Winks*

The very Talented Ki Nassauer was a Special Guest and doing a Photo Shoot of the Shop for the Spring Issue of "Flea Market Style".   What a Sweetheart she is and I so enjoyed visiting with her during the Event.  I'll be looking for my copy on the News Stands when it comes out in the Spring!

My Talented Friend Cyndie of VINTAGE ENVY had Created some more Fabulous Reliquary Necklaces.   I'm J'Adoring both the Sacred Heart one on the Left and the unusual Colored carved one in the middle, both very Unique.

My Adorable Sweet Friend Aliyah was my Cashier on the way out... she's gone Henna Auburn for Autumn, she looks Fabulous regardless of hair color though.  The Young Prince is Henna Auburn for Autumn as well... or is it Burgundy Red... I'm not entirely Sure, he changes it so often to suit his Mood or the Seasons.  *Ha ha ha*

I liked the little French Galvanized Pots on the Bottle Rack... I have a couple of those Bottle Racks at Home, one made into a Light Fixture, along with numerous Italian Olive Buckets, one also made into a Light Fixture.  Note to Self: Still need to get all Light Fixtures installed at New Villa Boheme'!  Anyone know a good Electrician not afraid of heights that would give me a First Cousin Estimated Cost?  *Winks*

I was told that some of the Vintage Wine Racks came from Round Top, Texas... Round Top Flea Market still being on my Bucket List of places to go on a Road Trip to one day.  I'm just not that Game for Texas Weather tho'... previous trips have left me positively wilted and miserable from the humidity.  Not a Fan of humid Climates at all, I'd be Showering so frequently I'd wither and Prune up like a Raisin!   So I'm Glad that Picker Friends do the Pilgrimages for me! *LOL*

The back and sides of this Wing Chair were my absolute Favorite... had the rest of the Upholstery not been in Blue, which I rarely Decorate with Blue... it would have been Impossible for me to Resist.  Eventually I Desire a Wing Chair in this type of Grain Sack Upholstery entirely with perhaps a Velveteen Rabbit Patchwork Fabric Cushion filled with Down Feathers.

Lord have Mercy I was in total Lust tho' with this particular Fabric on the back and sides of this Chair... and the Graphics... Ideal!  It would be difficult to match in the way of Perfect Fabric choices to Upholster my Ideal Armchair for the Juliet Room... which is on The List by the way.  *Winks*  The Party In The Back reverse side of this Chair was way too good to Waste turning it anywhere in a room where it might not be Displayed, Enjoyed and Seen... so I was very Conflicted about said Chair.

Good thing Budget did not permit so that I wasn't unduly Tempted to buy said Chair and then have the added expense of immediately re-upholstering all that Blue to something more palatable to me.  The Man would have had a Fit saying, what was wrong with keeping it Paisley and Indigo Blue?  It's not that you don't like Paisley or Indigo, right Honey?   He's Clueless about how OCD affects our Tortured Minds and compulsive Quirky and often Peculiar Viewpoint... and all the OCD amongst us says Amen!  *Ha ha ha*

So... for now I'll allow you to soak in the initial Post and put your Francophile On for the Sequel which is coming since we're Clearly not done yet my Friends... we'll be baaaaaaack...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Such pretty little bling pumpkins! I made some velvet and tapestry ones but no bling, satin , knit or lace ones yet! Sound fun though!

    1. Tapestry ones sound Lovely, very much a Style I would appreciate. I have so many Old Velvet Tapestries so perhaps some Tapestry Pumpkins would be a good future Project for them! I haven't seen anyone Creating Tapestry ones out here so it would be unique. Dawn... The Bohemian


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