Wednesday, October 26, 2016

French Market ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part Quatre

Well, if you didn't get there by Sunday you missed your chance my Friends, as it was a Wrap.  Being such a Popular Show most did make the Pilgrimage so there's probably a little more French Flair in everyone's Homes now.  *Smiles*

Just about all of the Religious Statuary Sold, along with most of the Antique Religious Reliquary Necklaces my Friend Cyndie Creates.  I'm not Surprised, those all happen to be among my Favorite merchandising at a Show like this one.   

I've always had a penchant for Spiritual Collectibles and when paltry budget isn't an issue who isn't Tempted to pick up some more OOAK Bohemian Bling, right?  *Winks*   I happen to Love the little Vintage Coin Purse Necklaces and don't yet own one.  That shall have to be remedied one day soon!  *LOL*

But if you just wanted a little Blinged Out Coin Purse and didn't want to wear it, well, there were plenty of those as well.  I really like the Aged Leather ones with lots of wear and obvious History like that little dark one on the Right.

And even though I have enough already, I still am drawn to the European Demijohns, the larger and more colorful the better!   I Enjoy how the Light coming in from the Inner Courtyard reflects thru ours, which I have in a line by the Arcadia Door Windows.

Even though I have not Decorated our Home in the French Grey Palette I am most definitely drawn to a Gorgeous Shade of French Grey.  I am considering doing the Juliet Room Upstairs in a French Grey and Black rather than my usual Deep Red and Black.  It's so Cool and Soothing an Ambiance as well as a very Classic and Classy Palette.

My Favorite Wing Chair had not Sold by Saturday and I was shocked, I was sure this one wouldn't last.  But The Man was in Agreement that though the Party In The Back and the Side Fabrics were mos def our Aesthetic in the Real European Grain Sack Material, the front def wasn't and would need to be re-upholstered or clearly it would drive me Crazy to leave it "As Is".  *Smiles*

Since we need another Project or an added Expense on a New Purchase like a hole in the head, I had to Agree that anything that would be in that realm would not be a Good Idea no matter how smitten we were with a piece.

I already have several "Project Chairs" at the house with Great Bones or partially Great Old Fabrics that are in need of Rehab, Re-Upholstery and Repairs!   Some I've even had for years so lets face it, stuff doesn't always get done around here in spite of the best of Intentions!  *LOL*

I'm even thinking upon Selling Off some of my long languishing Project Pieces of Vintage or Antique Furniture because I'm thinking what are the odds I will get around to the Project in Mind?  First I would have to de-stash and Remodel all of the Garages to make our Work Spaces to replace the Work Shop Areas we had at the Old Homestead.

And even with ample completed Work Shop Areas at the Old Homestead some Projects STILL languished considerably or never got Done!!!   So I'm trying to be more Realistic and Practical about such things... what I Intend to do and what actually gets Done are typically two different things!  *Le Sigh*

Now I keep a Mental Catalogue of Dream Pieces and just Hope I can find something very close to it to just Buy it and not have a Project of my own to Manifest it!   *LOL*   Does anyone else that has typically been an Avid DIY Type find you've ended up doing that as you've Aged or just no longer have the Free Time to devote to it anymore?

I don't like it since I'm very picky, finicky and specific in my Desires and what I have in my Head as a Vision for Dream Pieces.   I know this about me so it's always been a lot easier and more successful to just Create my own Dream Pieces.  It's hard to Share your Vision with another and have it turn out identical to what you had in Mind since they can't get in your Head and see your Vision.

But the Sweet Team come very, very close to many of my Dream Vision Pieces, especially with the Vintage and Antique Furniture Makeovers.   And better yet, the price point is NOT in the Stratosphere like it usually is with most Furniture Designers where it wouldn't even be an option unless you have deep pockets or win a Lottery.

The same with my Friend Minnie's Bedding, Accessories and Fashion Lines, very Affordable for the person who does have to stick to a budget but wants that Luxurious Look.    There are Linen and Bedding Lines out there I J'Adore but they will never be within budget and I'd be loathe to pay that much anyway.  So since Minnie's Line is just as Luxurious and Beautiful, she will be my Go To Source for it instead at a fraction of the cost but with equally Superb Quality of materials and construction.

In fact, just about everything at the Shows is a Labor of Love and it Shows, that is why it's a Thrill to behold.  It's quite Evident that these Designers, Stylists and Artisans LOVE what they do and they do it with Excellence, Superb Skill and Joy!!!

And what they Source... Lord have Mercy... I just want to tag along on a Pickin' Foray and see the Amazing places they must go to Source such Amazing Pieces!  As a Lover of Old Places and Salvage Yards that Rock, just GOING to such Destinations is part of the Thrill for me even if I personally don't get to buy a thing and just take Home my Memories of the Experience!

The Back Stories, the Provenance, that to me is Priceless and I Enjoy hearing the Stories from those that Source such Treasures just so I know how it came into being here!?   Some of the History of these pieces is as Interesting as the pieces themselves are and add Value.

When you see a Magnificent piece that has been Salvaged from somewhere you know had to be Grand or Interesting, don't you wanna know the Back Stories my Friends, if it is known?   I know I do, it gives that Story to Re-Tell.

And the Pillows... now, I personally have a Hoard of OOAK Pillows so I never Need another one in my entire Lifetime, tho' I probably will acquire more anyway.  *Winks*   I am a Pillow Addict I suppose and I even Create Pillows or Embellish the ones I have, so I fully Appreciate that many of the Artisans at The Sweet do too.

Right now I must be in my Grunge Phase of Pillowry, is that even a Word?  *Winks*   Because what is Appealing to me more and more right now are those pieces that look Fresh from the Farm... and Yes, I know that isn't for everyone, you have to be Okay with something looking decrepit and not freshly laundered.  *Ha ha ha*   In our Home it's probably gonna end up looking like this anyway so what the Hell, might as well GO for that Look Purposefully and say that was the Master Plan, right?  *Winks*

And Yes, even tho' I already have enough European Bottle Racks too, I liked this particularly tall specimen a lot.   Mebbe I Need a taller one someday?  *Winks*  But alas, not this Show..., I think I still owe a tonnage of Band Fees for the Young Prince's Passion for Music is Bankrupting the paltry budget!  *LOL*

And he's already now talking about Needing another New Hairstyle... with New Hair Color of coarse!  *Ha ha ha*   And while I'm at it I might as well Tidy Up The Man and take him to our Stylist Friend John too, so he won't look like part of the Duck Dynasty or ZZ Top Clan anymore.  He's more resistant to having a Makeover... The Young Prince on the other hand thinks he Needs a Makeover every Month to Reinvent himself!    Polar Opposites our two Guys are!  *LOL*

And I myself haven't been able to have a Makeover in a dog's age... tho' I know I desperately Need one.  Every so often John just does it for me Gratis, Bless his Heart, because he knows how spendy it's been to keep this Trio I'm Caring for looking Fabulous.  *LOL*    Yes, The Young Prince and the ever Vain Princess T simply MUST look Fabulous... and The Man, well, I Like him to look presentable, he Represents, you know?  *Winks*

His favorite Avoidance Technique now for a Makeover is to say he's not trying to Impress anyone to which I remind him, Yes, he IS... ME!  *Winks*  Okay then, he reluctantly becomes my Living Ken Doll to do with however I want him to look, because Lord knows he doesn't Care how he looks really and if Mama is Happy, well, you know the Old Saying.   *Ha ha ha*

Luckily Princess T is still too young to consider changing Hair Color and she's wanting to grow her hair out long again, she's 'over' the Short Hair thing now.  And since her hair grows like wildfire she has that luxury of changing her look and her Mind often about Hairstyles.  I should be so lucky, mine grows at the speed of Death so I have to really be Committed to a Style!  *Le Sigh*

But I know I Need a Makeover and eventually will get around to one when budget permits.  Well... unless I see something Killer I can't Live without, then I'll Pass on the Makeover thing because I DO have my Priorities, strange as they may seem?!  *Bwahahaha!*

Lately I've still been mulling over whether Dreadlocks should be in my Future?  I'm not sure I have enough hair actually to pull off the look... nor the Face for it... since it is a more Extreme Look so a Face for it helps.  *Winks*  We already know that Princess T and The Man look Fantastic in Dreads... but when I put that wig on, I'm not sure I'm Feeling it and that wig has way more hair than Moi!   So I'd have sparser Dreads unless I also bought extension Dreads and that sounds spendy and upkeep... who Needs that?


So I'm very Conflicted about my hair right now... and also finding out that as one Ages do you know your Eyelashes can thin as a Natural Aging Process?  I didn't know that piece of Aging Trivia... 'til I was putting on Mascara and though, WTF, why are my Eyelashes so much SHORTER than they used to be?!?  I thought I was Imagining it until I asked The G-Force and they Agreed, it was Unanimous, my Eyelashes were suddenly way shorter than they used to be, stubby in fact... full but suddenly dwarfed lashes!  Crap!  Now I Need Eyelash Extensions!  *Le Sigh*

Ah well, a bit of Retail Therapy could Help me Get Over that too, right?  And ditch the extension of lashes for something way Cool!  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. we have to wait how long for the next 'event'. So many beautiful things, they really outdoo themselves every 'event'. Grins and thanks for sharing, Sandi


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