Friday, October 21, 2016

Dia de los Muertos Ofrendas At The Gardens

This is the time of year where we have so much going on that I shall get behind in Sharing it all here in The Land Of Blog!  So be Patient my Friends... the coverage of everything we're doing and the oversharing shall begin this day!  *Winks*

In no particular Order or Sequence I'll begin Sharing some of this week's activities that are now overlapping and filling our days with Fun and Wonder!  With Seasonal Traditions and Rituals that we Celebrate and are near and dear to our Hearts every Autumn.

For this will be the kick-off week of numerous Events taking place here in the Valley that we look forward to every Autumn.  Today was Opening Day of the Ofrenda Altar Displays for Dia de los Muertos at The Desert Botanical Gardens here in Phoenix.

Since we had woken up super early so that I could take Princess T to the Pumpkin Festival and Pumpkin Patch at the Gardens to pick out her Pumpkin for this year's Family carving of the Jack-O-Lantern, it was handy that the Ofrendas were Opening as well so that we could make the one Pilgrimage across the Valley.  Though we will be returning closer to Halloween and Dia de los Muertos to attend the Mercado and Procession.

The Young Prince had a Football Game he was performing at Today so he didn't join his Sister and I this year.   The Man opted to stay Home since the building of Altars isn't something as significant to his Culture as it is to the Children's or mine.   So it's not quite as meaningful a Tradition or Ritual to him, tho' he's certainly used to there always being one in our Home since he's been with me.  *Smiles*  I haven't burnt my Sage Stick yet since I do that later than right now.

We will be covering our Pumpkin Patch picking adventure in a later Post, she and I actually spent a lot more time at the Ofrendas than we did at the Pumpkin Festival.   This year our arrival was very early on purpose so we were able to get choice parking and choice Pumpkin pick with no lines or crowds before leaving the Festival.  So it was very laid back and not too Hot yet either, since Today the temps were in the Nineties later on.

It also gave us much more of Cool of the Morning to walk around Enjoying the Desert Botanical Gardens and watching the Wildlife as we sipped Ice Cold Fresh Lemonade.   Before the heat of the day sets in the Desert's birds and animals are in abundance and those living within the boundaries of the Gardens aren't as timid of human presence.

And speaking of Presence, this particular Altar had a lot of Spirit Orbs dancing around it.   It was one of our Favorite ones since it was so Beautiful and Colorful, which is how we like to Create ours at Home too.

We really Enjoy the Creation of our Altars and paying Homage to whoever or whatever it is being constructed for to Celebrate and Honor.   So I also Love beholding the Altars that have been Created by others and reading the significance of each, it truly is a Beautiful and Symbolic thing.

This one had Amazing Construction and Lighting so it was much more breathtaking in person than my Imagery can do it justice.   It also Inspired me that those inexpensive plastic Skeletons can be embellished in such a way that they look exquisite as a Display that tells a Story.

There was also Beautiful Artwork in the form of Paintings and Drawings by various Artisans that had participated in this year's Ofrenda Creations.

This was another Favorite of ours, very Lifelike Calavera Mariposa Mask at the top, you would really think a person was behind the Mask.

This was another Favorite Altar.   I like to Create several layers and heights to our Ofrenda at Home as well so it is my Favorite form of Altar Construction with a lot going on.

But even the Simple Ofrendas can be quite Lovely and deep in Significance and Symbolism.

But I Confess that I tend to focus more upon our Personal Favorites to Photograph in more detail.

And get some of the Wonderful Close-Ups since close-up Photography is my Favorite form of Photography and so I'm better at it than the Panoramic.  *Smiles*

Of coarse Princess T was warning me about being too Pathological a Picture Taker.  *Winks*   And about over-sharing the results... ha ha ha... like that WASN'T gonna happen anyway, right?  *Winks*

I'm Wondering how many of you Create your own Altars at Home for various Celebrations, Traditions and Rituals?   And if you do, will you be Sharing here in The Land Of Blog so we can come take a look?   Be sure to Share your Link if you are so we can come for a Visit.

I am an avid Frida Kahlo Fan, not so much her Husband Diego Rivera who I don't know as much about or find as Interesting as Frida... tho' his Mural Style Art of daily Life is quite Lovely and Vibrant... but I did think this Artisan's Ofrenda to Diego was very well done.

I think this particular Ofrenda was quite Editorial for Photographing... I liked every Photo I took of it and in Person it was a Stunning Altar.

This Altar had some Lovely Sugar Art.

I have a Bunting Banner similar to this one for our Ofrenda at Home.  Though this year I neglected to grow some living Marigolds for our Altar so I'll probably have to buy some instead or use Silk Flowers for the Altar.  I was so far behind in planting anything Seasonal this year in our Gardens.

I did go to several Shops and Events this week too... so there will be Future Posts about all of that to Share.   The Sharing will be very random though and not in the Order that we Attended anything.  *Smiles*

Since some Events I Photographed even more prolifically than this one and so it will take several Posts to adequately over-share it!  *Winks*

I know my regular Blog Supporters are totally Okay with my over-sharing since they come often enough they know that's my Style of Blogging and Living!  *Ha ha ha*

I do Hope you've Enjoyed coming along Virtually to the Desert Botanical Garden's Ofrenda Dia de los Muertos Displays this year my Friends?  And I do Hope you'll come back for more of our Arizona Adventures we will be Sharing in the Future Posts?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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