Friday, September 2, 2016

Why Yodeling Won't Work...

Well, I won't be making any more Caregiver Support Psychologist Appointments, two was enough for me to realize this ain't working.  Besides, I figured it out that they had a nifty little handout for just about anything that might be troubling us Caregivers and causing our Burnout so I just cut to the chase on Visit No. 2 and asked for all of them.   With such Pearls of Wisdom as 101 Ways To Reduce Caregiver Stress.  Wanna know what one of them was that particularly Amused me?  Yodel.  No... I'm not making this up!!!

Now, if it was added merely to Amuse us as a Joke and just make us laugh out loud the first time and crack jokes about it to each other, it worked.   The Man and I were indeed laughing out loud when we read it... aw, hell, Honey, that's what we've been doing wrong, we're NOT Yodeling when everything is going totally Left in the household!  Like when those I'm Caring for are unraveling and going wheels off their rails... just Yodel my way thru it!!!   But the Psychologist said it was a Serious entry and maybe he wrote the handout and was upset I couldn't take this Seriously?  But in all honesty, Doc's Feelings set aside... unless we're all lost somewhere in the Swiss Alps, I'm gonna tell you why Yodeling won't work. Though it wasn't the trite Advice I'm used to receiving, since I would at least give it an 'A' in Originality of Useless Advice... because it was a new Fresh piece of worthless Advice.

And I know what you might be thinking... but, Dawn, did you even try it?  Yes... Yes I did.   With the Old House recently being seriously Vandalized to steal all it's copper and wiring, needing to clean all that up and trying to re-secure it like a Fortress... with the pending Sale falling thru with the Church on account of a very bad Appraisal tenuring a ridiculous offer I couldn't take Seriously... and Trust me that after decades in the business in my earlier Corporate Lives I know a bad Appraisal with ridiculously inappropriate Comps when I see one... with yet another super Negative E-Mail from the Young Prince's History Teacher... I thought what the hell, I'll Yodel thru it to relieve the build up of Stress and total Burnout setting in like a ton of lead weight. 

I Yodeled my arse off... and all it served to do was make me Feel like a now completely Stressed Out and Burnt Out Idiot... one that mebbe should be locked up for even semi taking that suggestion Seriously and giving it a go!   But that's how desperate I am to try anything anymore I guess... even the most ridiculous of Western Medical Advice!  I must say that Yodeling inside of an empty Historic Home does have some pretty impressive resonating sound effects echoing thru it!  And mebbe any Criminals within earshot will think an Insane Woman owns the place and stay away now?  She's f---ing YODELING after being our Victim again!  I can only Hope so, that now I seem and sound completely over the Edge!!!?  But it didn't make me Feel any better or less Stressed, I just felt like a total Nut Job cleaning up after even Crazier Criminals that would do that much damage for some Copper Wire and Century old Plumbing! 

The Young Prince has his Specialist appointment and Tests being done Today over at Phoenix Children's Hospital clear across the Valley.  So we called him in Sick from School, which ought to glean me at least another Negative E-Mail or Letter for too many Sick Days and the threat of Imprisonment if he doesn't get Well enough to quit missing School!?  After all, he should be there every day to receive all those Failing Grades and earn no Credits anyway, right... it will make all the difference in his Outcome!?!  And the threat of Jail Time for not sending a Seriously Sick Kid or one with Chronic debilitating Illness off to School anyway just isn't something I can wrap my Mind around.  It wouldn't be Responsible Parenting to send them so their Logic seems arse backwards!  I send him back when I can with documentation to prove why he legitimately wasn't there!  No... send us your Sick, your Chronically Ill... it's Okay, we'll then just immediately call you and ask you to come pick them up... forget about it's a Catch 22 you can't Win for Losing! 

And because I'm at wit's end about his Education going down the drain and running out of options... since we previously Failed at Online Schooling in a School that provided paid Instructors to assist during his Freshman Year... so I'm not sure doing it again, but at Home this time, will work... and so now him just trying to Test Out and get a GED might be the last resort... I dunno?  I've requested expanded Services from his Mental Health Provider again... since where he's at now is not in a good place in his Head and we don't need another Hospitalization... especially since he's having a serious Physical Medical Condition right now simultaneously.  So he might end up in Hospital anyway, but for some organ failures going on, we dunno?  And the furthest thing from my Mind in priorities is whether or not he's able to stay awake during the History Teacher's Class, which is lowering his Test Scores.  We got bigger Fish to Fry for this Kid than whether he passes History.  Mebbe I should just Yodel, right?!  *Winks*

My Foot Surgery is FINALLY Scheduled tho' with a Surgeon who will take my crappy Insurance and got it all Approved, set for the 20th... in the City, with a 6:00 A.M. arrival time.   That means The Man will be responsible for holding down the Fort and getting all Kiddos ready and off to School since I'll be long gone before they even wake up... yeah, that should be Interesting since his Coping skills with the TBI are still at about Second Grader level.  If I were a betting man I'd place odds on who melts down first that Morning... he or the Drama Queen?   Or whether The Young Prince runs out of the house early screaming he can't 'take' them anymore... or just can't or won't get out of bed due to his ongoing depression?   The odds either way in both scenarios are about even... but I won't Care, I'll be sedated and on an Operating Table by then... Mercifully!  Sedation probably works better than Yodeling to take the edge off all your Stresses I would suspect?!  *Winks*

And I called in again for Today and the 20th off work, since both days I'm running to Hospitals fall on my two Part-Time Work Days so I can't do my Shifts.   Which sucks since Sales have been particularly dismal for all Vendors this Pay Period, worse in four years actually, you have no Idea how pathetic mine are!!!   So... ya wanna know HOW pathetic just for Fun?  Okay, wait for it... in five days of this pay period I Sold one thing for four bucks!   That has never happened... ever... usually I'd be at a couple hundred or more conservatively.  Mebbe rather than Remodeling a Showroom I should just be Closing it down... but I kinda wanna weather it thru the Holiday Season and see if our Economy rebounds some after this "Interesting" Clown Show of an Election... Bwahahahahahaha!!!  I'm not even a Political Person so I won't even GO there lest some have joined the ranks of either Circus... but DAMN... is this shit for Real?!?!

I dunno, mebbe we can all rise from the Ashes... and if not... well, we could Yodel...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh Dawn!! I can't even imagine your frustration with all this!!! You have weathered so much already and I know you will weather this too, but it's not fair!!! Once things turn around your due for a whole lifetime left of good fortune!!

    1. I'll stand in Agreement with that! *Winks* Dawn

  2. I'm yodeling as hard as I can. Nope, doesn't help. This was a great post in response to so much struggle and frustration.

    1. Well, now at least Yodeling can be a vast inside joke between Family and Friends. *winks* Dawn

  3. about adding a little tap-dance with that yodel!! (O:(O:(O: That might bring a smile to those young'uns. In all seriousness, Dawn, hope all goes well with your surgery....please take care of YOU for a while.




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