Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Wicked Faire ~ Part VI

Yes, I went back on Saturday with the Family, since by the 3rd day it's a Calmer Shopping Experience than Opening Day and so they can handle it.  *Smiles*  Of coarse Princess T is getting to that age where hanging out with us is a bore and she was already asking how long we'd be staying before we even arrived!!!  Damn Girl, can't you at least wait 'til we get there before wanting to ditch us and Family Time Together and bail?!  *LOL*   I miss my Little Princess that used to Adore hanging out with me and attending all of the venues I Enjoy so much.  *Sob*  Yes, it won't be long before she won't go at all... it's been years since the Young Prince has really WANTED to... she'll be next to totally Bail on 'Family and Together Time'.

I did have an Agenda, wanted one more Medium sized OOAK Pumpkin Creation. The selection was still fantastic, since they'd brought more Inventory in, and though difficult to pick a single Favorite, I finally chose this one with the Vintage Millinery, Seam Binding and Bling.  I had previously photographed a White one that in hindsight I Wish I'd snagged and failed to, so the Colorless Palette Gals had scooped that one up in a heartbeat.  *Winks*  She who hesitates is Lost during these Occasional Sale Events, you can't Waffle and think about it Later... and I know this but sometimes I'm still hesitant to pick up something I'm not entirely certain about buying.   So... this one came Home with me... and is probably more My Style anyway...

Than this one which Got Away because I'd Waffled that first day... due to I don't even know why?   I must have just had a Senior Moment or something where I got distracted and completely lost Focus, walking away and forgetting to just pick it up carry it around a bit after Photographing it... I dunno?  *Winks*

But you would be Proud of me that this 2nd Day there I only walked away with a single Modest purchase and didn't get carried away or go over budget!!  *Gasp*  Pesky budget... my delusions of Grandeur dictate that I shouldn't even be under the auspices of a budget, right?!  *Winks*  The Man and Brooding Princess got bored right away and were ready to leave, so that helped move me along quickly.  *Le Sigh*  I'm sure Glad I never bring them Opening Day.  One would think getting them out and about around Friends and a Popular Event with loads of Inspiring Visuals, engaging Socializing and the Promise of nice meals at Trendy Restaurants would be a good enough Hold?!

Nope, he's missing his Familiar Surroundings right away and the fact he's missing re-runs of Shows he's already seen numerous times.  *Good Lord!*   And she's having Withdrawal from the absence of Technology... knowing its waiting for her back at the house.  *Le Sigh, Young People and their reliance on Technology!* Since she can commandeer her Brother's Video Games while he's visiting with Friends for the Weekend she was having a serious Jones for Home!  So they can't wait to get back out to the middle of nowhere and in front of their gadgets and devices... being around Real People is just not their bag.  So they actually thrive out here in Rural Subdivision Hell!  *Shudder*  It's a way too Stepford Wive-ish Existence for Moi, I'm already Scheming for how and when I can flip this Dream Villa, get back to Civilization in the City and having a Life!  *Ha ha ha* 

But you said you'd TRY a more Rural Lifestyle if you got a Dream Home, The Man reminds me in frustration, since he Loves this Reclusive Hermit Lifestyle thang with no Sensory Overload and Neighbors who aren't one iota Social.  Okay, I did say that... and this is me TRYING for over a year now {See above Dolly's countenance and face, I Feel like THAT! LOL} and I'm now fully Convinced this is not the Life for me.  I Feel like Eva Gabor must have felt moving to Green Acres, and trying to embrace that Lifestyle which clearly wasn't for her but was Eddie Albert's Dream Life.   Granted, this is a much nicer pad than the hovel he convinced her to TRY to Live a more Rural Lifestyle in... but Honestly, it takes more than a nice House to Live Life fully lemme tell ya!  All I need is a freakin' Pet Pig out here and it's a Modern Version of Green Acres!  *LOL*

THE MAN'S CHORUS: Deserted Acres is the place to be. 
Rural livin' is the Life for me. 
Land spreadin' out so far and wide 
Keep Metro Phoenix, just give me that Countryside. 

MY CHORUS: Downtown is where I'd rather stay. 
I get allergic smelling hay. 
I just adore active Social views. 
Dah-ling I Love you but give me any Historic Trendy Avenue. 

...The chores. 
...The stores. 
...Fresh air. 
...that's Square 

You are my wife. 
Good bye, City Life. 
Deserted Acres we are there.  *Gak! I'm sure I'm coughing up a hairball!*

I'll give it five years I tell him, then if I still Hate it, I may have to bounce and move back into the City... even if we end up maintaining two Homes again, I don't Care.   I ain't getting any Younger, the Good School System Rating means zilch now that both Special Needs Kiddos still aren't thriving at Public School anyway and may end up Home Schooled... so what the Hell am I even out here for?!??!?   But you Love the Dream Villa Boheme' he reminds me... Yeah, I do, Great House, Idyllic Home in fact, Perfect in every way this HOUSE... if we could tow it the Hell outta here and into the City and a close knit Community I'd have zero complaints, I ain't gonna lie.  The Mountains, the Scenic View is Killer, but I ain't standing there looking at Mountains every day and Feeling Alive, you know!  We have this discussion almost every day now coz I ain't Feelin' it out here!!!

After we left 'Sweet' I drive him around the Trendy Historic Downtown Neighborhood I wanted to move to when I knew we had to give up my Beloved Historic Home... you know, the Neighborhood I spent over a year in Vain trying to convince him would be the better Forever Home Move decision IMO.  You can't see yourself Living here I ask yet again?   Where we would actually be near everything instead of near nothing whatsoever... and everyone, including People who LIKE to Socialize and want to get to know their Neighbors too... with lots to DO instead of nothing to do... public transportation in case we ever get to the place where I can't drive either... Neighborhoods with Character and Charm... and no HOA's, I Hate and resent them...  near Hospitals, Restaurants, Shopping, Grocery Stores, Entertainment, Culture, Museums?  NO... he can't see himself Living there ever... you'll have to wait 'til I die or try not to be so Social he suggests!   *LMAO... so, what, I gotta await your demise then? Coz I ain't never NOT gonna be so Social, right?!*  Seriously... I'm Screwed then!  Caregiver Burnout will be the least of my concerns a few years from now I suspect... Subdivision Hell Burnout will have overshadowed that and I'll be a Zombie... the walking dead!

Well, unless I turn into one of 'them'... you know, the Stepford Wives out here... and that my Friends is even SCARIER to contemplate than being a Zombie, Heaven Forbid!!!  *Winks*   So, if I start dressing in Yoga Gear and sneakers all the time, with my hair high up in a Ponytail and become totally superficially Social and pretentious, and trade my big Ole Truck in for a Beamer... it's happening and I'll need any of you to run an Intervention and Rescue me Stat Okay!!!?!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*  Otherwise I'm doomed and my Bohemian Spirit will have been suppressed, snuffed out by the Boringly and allegedly 'better' way of a Tedious and Mundane Life... which to me is more like Existing than Living, but I suppose that's a totally subjective point of view.  I once told the G-Kid Force I'd never been bored a day in my Life, anytime they lamented they're bored... then I moved out here... and well... I can't say that anymore!!!  I'm bored out of my mind... and restless ta boot!!!

Seriously Honey, you couldn't Live in any ONE of these in the Nice, well maintained Historic Neighborhoods of Downtown... Really?  I'll be relentless though... because I now know what is NOT the Life for me! {Strongly suspected it anyway, just had that instinctive gut feeling that I should not have overrode or been convinced otherwise to TRY... but now I can say I wasn't just speculating... I know for damn sure!!!  Winks}  So I'll bide my time...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Well that's a drag that you're not enjoying it out there in the sticks, Dawn! How long of a drive is it back into the city? Course, if we had such great markets as Sweet Salvage, I'm sure I'd miss being close too! :D

  2. Love your song....that was hysterical. Well, I do understand about sensory overload...and perhaps, if you survive five years, hubby will be better by then --to deal with a move closer. The fact you must get in the car to do everything gets old, too. Your house is gorgeous and sooner or later some person/neighbor will appear that is interesting, too. Have a garage sale---and all sorts of people will come out of the cracks, lol.
    Fun stuff, Sandi


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