Monday, September 19, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Wicked Faire ~ Part IV


So, in this Post you see the two Sweet Carved Santos I had to put back... but I was Okay with my Pumpkin Haul and three Decorating Books that I did 'Score' and could keep me well within Budget for this Show at SWEET SALVAGE 'Wicked Faire' Event.   I kinda Hate it when my all time Favorite Show just happens to fall when budget is leanest.   Normally I'd Save Up for the Autumn Show but this year's constant stream of Health Crisis and Hospitalizations plus Surgery made it so that all Savings have gone towards paying for some Docs Vacation or something.  *Le Sigh*   I'd rather spend it on us, just call me Selfish... Medical expenses are the Devil... so spendy they are, especially when crappy Insurance refuses to pay for and sticks us with portions we never expected to nor should have to pay.  But whaddya gonna do, I've spent six months of my Life I'll never get back just fighting the Insurance Company and Hospital Provider for The Man's April Medical Emergency and Hospital Stay.   The total Claim was over Forty Thousand bucks for his Cardiac Emergency in the Spring that the VA referred him to a Civilian Hospital for.  Finally got it down to under $100 we shouldn't have to pay at all... but that's better than the thousands and then hundreds they originally tried to stick us with!  The Provider took a huge hit and made more adjustments than the Insurance, this is likely why so many now don't take the Military and Veteran Insurance Plans I'm Guessing?  I'm just battle weary from that fight... so Hoping my Surgery won't be another lengthy Dog and Pony Show on the battlefield of getting the Claim Paid in full?!?  *Fingers and other body parts crossed!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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