Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Wicked Faire ~ Part III

As you can see from previous Posts already, I Passed on some Treasures at SWEET SALVAGE 'Wicked Faire' Event that normally wouldn't have gotten away from me if the dreaded budget were not so spent and pressed with Medical expenses for The Man and I.  Getting Old really cramps my Style sometimes, but it sure beats the alternative of not being above dirt, right?   So more Medical expense to keep vertical is a necessary Evil I suppose to keep these Aging bodies holding up and pressing on... though soon to be with a limp for a while.  *LOL*   Yes, I passed on a Vampire Hunting Kit, Taxidermy Bats in Cloches, a Spectacular Laura Van enormous Mirror Creation, wooden Vintage Carved Santos and even a ridiculously low priced Stained Glass Window to die for!  *Le Sigh*  I reluctantly put the Window and two carved Santos back into stock, but I did Photograph the lovely Santos {will be shown somewhere in a Post of the Show}... though not the Window, which had Flowers and was very large.  I still have most of my Stained Glass Window Hoard in the Single Car Garage awaiting being Displayed someplace around here, so I just couldn't justify dragging another one in to just store away.  I really do miss my deep Windowsills of the Historic Property, New Homes have no Windowsills and it sucks for Vignetting against a great Natural Light Source!  So... Stained Glass Widows will evidently end up in some kind of Project for a Greenhouse or Arizona Room Addition some day... no place to suspend them to utilize this Home's Windows to shine Light thru them.  *Le Sigh*  Ah, well, Adapt and Improvise... that's my Mantra!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Gorgeous thought: the stained glass windows in a greenhouse or Arizona Room!


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