Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Wicked Faire ~ Part II

By necessity, since I've got more Medical Bills that will be piling in soon, I had to Pass on a lot of really Cool possibilities at The Wicked Faire Event at SWEET SALVAGE, I even put some things back so I didn't go over budget, Yes I did!  *Le Sigh*   I wasn't feeling deprived tho' since my Mission Statement for this Show was to get some more OOAK Display Pumpkins Created by the Artisans, since once again, this year I'm clearly not going to get around to Creating some.  So Forgive me for the inordinate amount of Imagery of Pumpkinry, it was my Primary Focus and thus the first Images I actually took.  Since I had to be in Serious Shopper Mode to get the best selection for my Pumpkin Haul!!!  *Winks*  Then I went back thru the Show and took the rest of my Images, which by then a lot of Stellar Inventory was picked over lemme tell ya!   The SOLD Signs were everywhere... and Vignettes were getting ravaged and bare FAST, so I apologize for not being in Pathological Picture Taking Mode for perhaps the first half of my visit.  The Good News is I got two Medium and three Teensy OOAK Pumpkins!  *Yay, Mission Accomplished!*  I'll Share my Haul in a much later Autumn Post, see if YOU can Guess, from the various Posts of this Event as they unfold, which ones you Think I hauled Home?!?  It's gonna be tough, they were all so Fabulous!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. These are some of my favorite posts, when you do these SweetSalvage posts. Wow, there is always something for everyone...and the Glammed pumpkins are magnifique! Grins and thanks for sharing your posts...they make me know what I'm missing almost 1800 miles away..., Sandi


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