Friday, September 23, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Wicked Faire ~The Finale' Post

Now that we've finally reached the finale' Post of my oversharing of this Month's Delightful Event *LOL* I'm struck by how out of Character my Focus was on the Inventory for this long awaited Show.   How Odd it was that I was much more Taken with the Sweet Decor of Autumn like the Pumpkinry, than of the Macabre!  *Gasp!*   Yes, it's True, the Draw for me this year was definitely the Harvest Vibe and I just don't know why?  Since the Weird and Wonderful, the Dark, Oddities and Macabre are still very much My Style and preferred Aesthetic as a Rule.   Do you ever do that my Friends, stray from your usual... to embrace something completely opposite, especially for a Seasonal Styling?  This Season the Harvest Styling is just very Appealing to me and so it was all about the Pumpkins and adding to my Pumpkin Stash for the Holidays.

As our entryway Vignette keeps taking form for the Holidays it has more of a sense of Whimsy than Morbid Curiosity or Horror this year.  And at least I have gotten a jump start on Decorating before my Surgery so that if I don't much feel like it afterwards, I won't get too far behind my usual early Decorating for our Favorite of all Seasons!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Lovin that entryway window treatment!

  2. Love the child's chair with the woven cane back, I would so snatch that up---also would be a perfect dog bed. Sigh, hope all goes well...and you are recovering. I've been collecting lace to do a window treatment, but it will have to wait until so many other things get finished.

    Here's hoping we both get to complete/use-up all our projects and doodads and ideas....grins Sandi


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