Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Spirit Store Pilgrimage

We love Autumn and officially Summer is now over, right?  *winks*  So when the appearance of the Spirit Stores signaled the kick-off to Hauntingly good Lines of new stuff for the Season, the G-Kid Force and I made our Spirit Store early Pilgrimage.   We always make an early one to have the best selection still available because the Popular stuff doesn't last long and goes fast!   I learned that the hard way when one year I waffled on purchasing a particular coveted item and had to hit four different Spirit Stores outside of our immediate area before finding one still left in stock!  

The Ouija Line always Sells Out quickly and even tho' our local Spirit Stores haven't been open but a couple days, they were already low on that particular Popular Inventory!   The Young Prince snagged one of the last two Votive Candles for me, he does quick Recon... moving stealthily like a Shopping Ninja!  I was Jazzed that this Season's Line was completely different so we could add several items to our Halloween Seasonal Collection of Fav Styles.  I am a Votive Candle Fanatic, I especially enjoy burning scented Candles for the Holidays.  And if they aren't scented I have my own Candle Essential Oils of our Fav Aromas to infuse them with.

They had some Adorable inexpensive Dia de los Muertos Earrings... hadda have 'em!   Typically on Halloween my preferred Costume of choice is to be a Sugar Skull Gal, so many endless and Creative variables on that Character.  And besides, I could look Dead pretty easily... since I often feel worn out enough with Mi Vida Loca to resemble the Walking Dead even on a Good day!  *LOL*  Plus, it is a Costume that doesn't scare the living daylights out of the younger Trick-Or-Treating Kiddos and that's important... for some reason a Festive Dead Gramma isn't so Menacing even to a Toddler, go figure?!?  *Smiles*

The G-Kid Force practically dived onto one of the last two remaining Ouija Line squishy soft Pillows to snag ours... graphics are double sided and it's really comfortable and goes with the plush Throw Blanket we got last year from this Line.   An Adorable Goth young Female Employee with multiple piercings and Green Hair instantly bonded with us when she saw our purchase stash.  I'm pretty sure she wasn't in Costume, this was clearly her every day look and she pulled it off Beautifully, what a Cutie, Proudly and boldly marching to the beat of her own Drummer. 

 Gotta love the Goth Kids, tho' it's rather Weird I have more in Common with them regardless of the Generation Gap than I do most other Seniors... and that any Goth Kid instantly seeks me out and strikes up an interesting conversation.   I just never thought I appeared like an Old Timer Goth... one of the Ancient Ones incognito. *winks*  Tho' The Young Prince swears all Goths can Sense each other even if you're not wearing the 'Uniform' and are flying under the radar of most peeps!?   The Morticia in me must just be that tangible to them, I dunno?   No Dawn... you probably just look like an obvious Weirdo... Okay?!  *Bwahahahahaha!*

Also Scored another Ouija Style Necklace... somehow my other ones keep disappearing into a certain Goth Child's Lair... tho' he swears it's his Wednesday Addams Style Sister that is swiping my bling.   To be Fair she does liberate me of many things, such is the down side of having similar tastes to multiple generations in the Family.  The 'Sharing' becomes permanent if I don't notice it's gone and they think I'm getting Senile enough I'll just think I misplaced it or won't notice what's missing?!  However, the up side is if they know they like it, Gramma is gonna Love it too, so Gifting me is Snap and they always choose the most Ideal Gifts to bestow upon me.  Besides... now they have all the more to try to permanently 'Borrow', right?!  *Smiles*

The ever increasingly Dark Princess T was on a Mission to be a "Cheerless Leader" and find that particular Style of Costume for this Halloween's door to door Trick-Or-Treating... AND to go Joyfully Rollerblading around our Community in daily.  Did I mention we have a lot of Fundie Religious Families in the area that probably say a Prayer every time this Child passes by their Homes, God Bless em'?   Yeah, we all don't really fit in here, being the Addams Family Clan that we are...  we might be a bit scary and misunderstood to the sheltered and overly pious amongst us, but whaddya gonna do?!  *Bwahahahaha!*   But a "Cheerless Leader"??????  I had no Idea what that even meant in the way of Costumes until we came to the section that actually had several Styles of such a creature!   Ohhhh, NOW I get it!!!  *Ha ha ha*  She will have full facial Make-Up for Halloween, compliments of her Brother who could easily already be a Professional Hollywood Make-Up Artist.

She really has been Cheerless lately so the Theme of the Costume is appropriate that's for certain!!   A Darling Sweetheart part of the time and a Dark brooding Beastly Princess the other part.  It's the hormones being all out of whack with pre-pubescent Angst and indignation over most things she deems or imagines as a Personal Injustice I think... almost anything can set her off lately!  Oy vey!   Yes, don't let that Cherubic Smile fool ya, she was defiantly turning on a dime shortly afterwards for no apparent reason any of us could fathom?   Hadn't we just had Fun with the Mock Up Costume Modeling just minutes ago?  What now??!???!?   I'm like, good Lord, Child... pick a Mood... any Mood... and just stick with it for a while would ya?!???!?   I can hardly keep up with the I Love you... I Hate you... I Hate to Love you... I Love to Hate you routine! 

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 Tho' this is not my first Rodeo raising Children and I should be a Pro at handling Pre-Teen and Teen Angst by now after raising two generations, it's always a rough Phase to move thru in Harmony or a measure of Tranquility and Peace!  Ommm... don't be baited, hold your ground and maintain your Zen and Calm!  You forget how rough it can be 'til you're going thru it again... kinda like the pain of Childbirth... where it all comes back to you once you're in Labor again!  *Winks* 

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 Tho' this too shall pass and they become Human again eventually.   I was however blindsided yet again... she was so Jazzed to pick out her Costume, Model it for us once she got Home... prance around in it for quite a while Happy as a Clam at high tide and then BAM... out of Left Field... where'd the Happy One go?!?  She was JUST here... when did her Wicked Twin manifest and take over, I didn't even see it happening!!!??!??  Just before bedtime she was not necessarily excited about MY existence lemme tell ya... as I had to become The Enforcer, not a role I relish.  Grammas prefer it if we have the luxury of Spoiling our Grands... but since she was targeting the Guys, well, I just couldn't let her toy with and torment them half to death like poor defenseless Mice around a Cat in full predatory mode!

And that my Friends was how MY Labor Day Holiday played out kicking off Autumn with a flourish and a Bang... so how was yours?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Glad you make sure you have some fun among the gloom! Some people just give in to a life of gloom! Cheers for You!!

    1. Life should be Fun and Celebrated despite the obstacles. Perhaps that's why the Macabre always appeals to me... things could always be much more disturbing than the common everyday life Dramas that in hindsight is only the Small Stuff we shouldn't sweat. Autumn is my Favorite Season so preparing for all it embodies is a Delight for me. Thanks for stopping by for a Blog Visit my Friend and Happy Autumn to you and yours. Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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