Sunday, September 11, 2016

So, Do The 'Normal' People...

I often Wonder about the Strangest of things... such as, do the 'Normal' People struggle as much as us Eccentrics do in those Challenges that are the bane of our existence?  Whatever the bane of your existence may be of coarse, since clearly it won't necessarily be what mine are, unless you are Unconventional and slightly Strange too?!  Okay, for me that would be a LOT Strange, but I'm asking you... and assuming you're different, even slightly?  When you are an Eccentric you are aware of it... and yet the peculiar, weird, bizaare, outlandish, freakish, odd and extraordinary way you live isn't necessarily the bane of your existence.  So the things that would bother you might seem the real thing that strikes one as Odd or should be bothersome, in the grand scheme of things, such that they are.  *LOL*

Like the fact that a box full of dismembered Pheasant Feather carcasses in a box, that a Friend thought was so 'Me' when she offered it up to me, isn't anything that bothers me at all... but the fact it is part of a random pile on a floor and should be somewhere else however IS bothersome!!!   Piles on the floor are a bane of my existence, what constitutes the piles can be Weird as Hell and that part doesn't bother me one iota.  But if it doesn't have a 'proper' place to BE... and that is very subjective lemme tell ya what constitutes 'proper' place to BE in my Home... then it becomes a source of irritation and even anxiety.  And yet, I'm chronically disorganized so there are always evolving piles on the floor and I just run damage control behind them when I can finally face my demons and deal with them successfully!  *Winks*


And unless I ride herd on myself... and the other chronically disorganized Loved Ones in this household... the piles will eventually return, with a different assortment of what constitutes them.  There should probably be some Scientific in depth research done on why certain things end up in those piles on the floor while others do not, so that I can get a handle on the Why they come to Exist?  My best Guess however is, when one of us doesn't know what to DO with something at that exact moment, into a pile on the floor... the table... or where ever the piles begin to take form, is where it ends up!!!  Until it becomes such an annoyance that it's finally dealt with properly.

Now, if random things can end up in what appears to be a thoughtfully arranged organized pile I'm totally Okay with it... no matter how very random or peculiar the placement of said pile happens to actually be.   Organization therefore, or the Appearance of it, is Key in my World.   If I can view it as somehow not so Chaotic, well, it can actually be Organized Chaos and yet it will no longer become a struggle to Cope with when my Eyes rest upon it all.  I won't be in despair when I walk into a room if the neatly organized piles look intentional.  The G-Kid Force have tapped into this anomaly of mine when they allegedly Clean and Organize their personal spaces.  Make it look intentional and thoughtful in the Strange arrangement or placement and Gramma will still give it a thumbs up when she comes to inspect it.  *LOL*

Case in point... if a Collection of anything is Grouped Together in any random Arrangement or pile... where ever it ends up, no matter how peculiar, I can Forgive it until it migrates to a more suitable placement.  Therefore a big ole pile of Antique Doorknobs that recently got unpacked and didn't have a place to BE yet, CAN BE in a random Grouping of like Objects even on the floor of the Guest Bedroom without it arousing an iota of irritation or concern.  I know, I probably need intense Therapy, since any 'Normal' Person Guest walking in and being escorted to the room they will occupy when we Host them is likely to Think WTF?!???!   Well, mebbe not if they've known me in like Forever, then it will seem abnormally 'Normal', FOR ME anyway, and validate my Eccentricity.  *Winks*

And I can only Hope that it won't Creep them out too much to also have a Native American Prayer Stick perched beside their Bed... sitting on top of an Antique folding Rocking Chair that actually is too Fragile to even be sat on anymore and thus serves no Purpose whatsoever?  *Smiles*   Yes, it's like one of those episodes of The Addams Family when a Guest first walks in and does not know what to Think or to say... or even if they should just turn around and run like Hell out the door?!?   And especially when the Residents don't find any of this the least bit Odd or troubling at all... except those bothersome piles on the floor that said Guest probably didn't even manage to look down and even notice!?! The priority on peculiar or troubling are indeed very personal, No?  *LOL*

Because it doesn't trouble me at all to Keep the useless Antique folding Rocking Chair because I Love everything about it.  The only reason it's not unfolded and Displayed as a functional Chair is because someone would likely then sit upon it and kill themselves when it can't hold their weight!?!  *Ha ha ha*  I've been wanting to suspend it from the ceiling of a room, along with other non-functional Antique seating I J'Adore and have Collected.  But even my Family draws the line there and says wait 'til I'm living alone one day... like THAT is ever gonna happen, right?  *Le Sigh*  So it is unlikely I'll ever have my suspended Chair Vision as a Quirky Art Form of Displaying Beautiful yet totally non-functional Antique seating in various stages of benign neglect.

Not that any of my Loved Ones living here are any less peculiar mind you.  The Young Prince just came in so Proud of the fact he'd waterproofed his Goth Boots by melting the wax wrappers from his Baby Bell Cheeses with his hair dryer and coating said Boots with it!!!  No, I can't make shit like this up, it really happens daily around here.   Okay... I didn't even flinch or wince... or find that a peculiar activity for this Child... all I asked was did he get any melted wax on the Bedroom Carpet?  And was he sure no actual flame or fire was involved in this Experiment?  No?  Bravo then, waterproofed Boots in a Desert are real important after all... just in case it ever rains enough to form a puddle or any other standing water that he might traipse thru, right?  *Bwahahahahaaha!*

Though I could bet Money on the fact that the next time the Monsoons dump any amount of rain that holds water anywhere, no matter how randomly he has to search to find it, he's going to traipse thru it just to see if his Invention worked?  Either that or the next time he takes a Shower, he'll do it wearing those Boots?!?  Now that's an image you'd never get out of your head!  *LMAO*   But more peculiar things than that have happened so that wouldn't even phase me if it did happen... just sayin'.   This is a Child that cannot stay awake in Class at School but can stay up all Night scheming new Inventions to try out when he's having Bipolar Insomnia and needs to quell the racing thoughts enough to wind down and eventually drift off into blissful slumber.  I'm sure he will Invent a Cure for something one day... or something totally Useful to all of Humanity... so it's all Good.

And once he and the Princess saw that Gramma had slaved away in the Guest Bedroom ridding it of all the annoying clutter and piles this Sabbath day, they liked how it looks now so much they want to take turns sleeping there!  Oy vey, Guys, I JUST got it in Order and all pretty and acceptable to me.  It could be one room of the entire house that doesn't get torn up again given we presently have no Guests to Host.  Can't you just refrain from and resist the Urge to sleep there and mess it all up, PLEASE?!??!??  

But a Bedroom SHOULD be slept in Gramma, that's the POINT!  Logic, they're trying to use Logic!!!  And you've made this so Inviting... there we go, Flattery... now they're trying to use Flattery!!!  Like I don't realize their Beds are probably piled so high with so much clutter they can't even find a place to sleep on there!?!  *Le Sigh*  No, I'm NOT gonna go upstairs and even look, I'm still basking in Guest Room being acceptable again.  Though now I've downloaded these Images I realize I never did open those drawers since the Epic Move... mebbe I shouldn't even Risk looking just yet?   And for God's Sake don't even open the Closet Doors coz I know there's a OOAK Pillow and Duvet Hoard in there of Epic proportions no Sane person would have Closeted FULL!  *Winks*

Did I ever Confide that OOAK Pillow Hoarding is a Weakness of mine?  I rotate them a lot and thus attempt to justify my obsession with Collecting them and not getting rid of very many.   Though during the Epic Move I did Cull the Hoard and Purge a great many and they Sold very well.  So I have to bring myself to release more, I know I have to.  Small steps though Dawn... small steps... I'm not quite there yet... but I'm on my way to a major Pillow de-stash one day.

So, do the 'Normal' People hold onto things they have Too Much of too I Wonder?   Or do they just never have Too Much and aren't inclined to Muchness?  Or to incurable Collecting of things they become Obsessed with?  Mebbe they never have Obsessions, I dunno?   Maybe if you are one of the 'Normal' People you don't have any Idea of what I'm even talking about?  Maybe for you owning ONE of something is sufficient and you Stop?  But that almost NEVER happens with us Eccentrics.  In fact, I don't know that I have only ONE of anything whatsoever... I probably have at least a couple, likely several... probably MORE than I actually realize I have in all Honesty?!?  *Winks*  And being able to just Stop... that's another of my Challenges... it is an On Purpose Occurrence if I do Stop... it does not come Naturally... I'm not Balanced like that, but I'm trying to be.

I usually need Help to be able to Balance myself more effectively, having the Objective Opinions of others since my Logic can be very skewed when it comes to what is Enough?  Or Too Much?  Just Enough is a long range Goal of mine, a lofty one at best given my proclivities to excess.  I mean, seriously, there is so much Cool Stuff out there isn't there, how does one effectively ignore so much of it?   I keep Selling Off in spurts what has become Too Much of a Good Thing... to attempt Sane levels of Just Enough.  But as a Hunter-Gatherer Type it is very, very unlikely I would just stop Hunting or Gathering, it would go against my very way of Being!!!

Besides, what Positive things could I or would I Blog about if it were not for my Love of Old, surrounding myself with my Time Worn Treasures?  I'd be at a complete Loss my Friends, I'm SURE of it!   I'm also Sure I need to organize this desk again since the Children have been occupying it playing Minecraft and watching U-Tube Videos on how to Invent or Create various things.  Since they Enjoy connecting with the online entries of their own Kindred Spirits online!  I'm sure The Young Prince is Creating a U-Tube Video now on how to waterproof Boots with Wax Cheese Wrappers!?   And then... wandering in here to interrupt me and peek at what WE are doing together my Friends, their Curiosity being thus Satisfied that it's all completely uninteresting and leaving me with an "I'm Bored..." lamentation as they mope off in a most Dramatic Fashion!  *LOL*  If they are not my entire existence they feel totally neglected you see... the Universe must revolve around their Lives, God forbid Gramma Secretly has one of her own!  *Gasp!*

Seriously I am hard pressed to organize or Style even a tiny corner of this New Home without hearing the whining of... we're hungry... we have Homework we need Help with {Okay so that's only her, I don't think he ever actually does his Homework?}... her hair is on my side... he's looking out my window... Grandpa just ate ALL the Rollos or the last slice of Fruit Tart... or Grandpa has been watching Football all day and won't watch anything else until Super Bowl... you know, stuff like that which apparently they think I actually Care about?!!  *Winks*   But if I ignore it and them long enough, well, I might just complete a tiny corner of this New Home's Decor and general Organization, stand back and Bask in a sense of minor Accomplishment that small slivers are Tidy and there are no longer piles of clutter seemingly everywhere Tormenting the living daylights out of me!  *Ahhhh, it Feels so Good!*

But my reverie is usually short lived as I hear them fussing with each other.  Did you know that in big Homes with very high ceilings and tiled floors fussing Echoes and the acoustics, tho' great for a Concert, are horrible for effectively ignoring people fighting or fussing with one another?   It's times like these I miss the Old Historic Homestead with catacombs of rooms and fourteen to sixteen inch thick walls where each room was Blissfully soundproofed against any of what was going on around you in the World!  *LOL*  Half the time they couldn't even FIND me at the Old House and it's many Rooms in the Main House... Acreage or Cottages and Outbuildings where I could effectively Hide Out and virtually disappear as if by Magic!

Tho' this house is big... locating me is not so much of a Recon Mission, they almost always know where to Find me, dammit!   Or know that I can HEAR them, even if I'm attempting valiantly NOT to... or Pretending NOT to anyway.  *Winks*   And do the 'Normal' People have that Issue with their Loved Ones I Wonder?  Or is there never Trouble in their Paradise... I'm just making broad assumptions of coarse that their Tribe can mostly and generally get along and play well with others so they're not in constant Mediation Mode?   Sometimes I do let them try to work it out with one another, unless someone might slip over the edge and require a hasty intervention when things escalate... which they usually will.   When one of mine says they are Killing somebody, they might actually mean it you see... and generally Homicide is frowned upon even if they're not wrapped too tight and it seems like a Solution.  *Winks*

Today tho' nobody seems to be feeling the Need to whack somebody and it's been rather Peaceful actually.   That could be because a certain Princess finally got her Birthday Wish to have her ears re-pierced again, so she's feeling positively Radiant in her new CZ Studs and Forgiving of the Guys.  *LOL*  She had them done as an Infant but due to a Child Care faux pas during her Toddler years we had mysterious and questionable expensive earring disappearances and an ear getting infected from someone messing with her ears.  So we just let them heal over, ended the Child Care arrangement and decided to wait 'til she was old enough to decide for herself whether or not to re-pierce.  Which now was that time and she is old enough she can protect her own expensive earrings from being messed with by others... and I'm Glad since I Love little Girls having Bling... natch.  *Smiles*

And on that Note of having presently no Trouble in my little slice of Paradise I shall draw to a close of my Random Musings for this Post.  Please feel free to weigh in on the Topic... of so, do the 'Normal' People ___________... you fill in your own Blank Wonderings?   *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I can't relate to the constant demands on your time and energy! I like organized clutter (I call it) Creative people require lots of stuff (anyway this creative person does!)

    1. Yes, creative minds are definitely messy as a rule... ha ha ha... having things unstructured is how I am most Creative actually... but I cannot work in absolute Chaos, there has to be some Method to the Madness and a semblance of Order. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I love the desk. My brother finds beautiful things on the streets of Brooklyn for free so you can imagine how future projects can pile up. He rents a storage unit. That is one way to have your cake and eat it to. So many beautiful pieces of furniture. So little time and space.

    1. Ah, yes, the Curbside Treasures... the best Score we ever had curbside was one my Grand-Daughter discovered when she was only about 5 years old, an Antique $35,000 Persian Kerman Tree Of Life Palace Rug! Hard to believe had we not rescued it that it would have ended up in a landfill! It takes an Artisan about 10 years of their Life to weave such an exquisite Work of Art! She will of coarse inherit that Rug and have a great back story to tell her future generations. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Wow! Literally one mans trash is another mans treasure.

    1. Absolutely... isn't it ironic how diverse we all are in what we find or place Value in? Thanks for coming by for a blog visit. And may you find some Treasures in the trash of another! Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. I'm a little creeped out by the concept of normal. But then, I probably wouldn't know it if I saw it. You are a treasure. Your ability to see and discern beauty is a wonder to me.

    1. Me too Colette... I think 'Normal' is very subjective really... so what DOES it allegedly LOOK like? *winks* And thank you for your Kind Words my Friend! Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. I'm trying to catch up on everyone's blogs...totally understand, lol, the hoarding effect---my kitchen is moved back into---sorta...and there are still 5 totes of PRECIOUS stuff, sitting in the living room...and no place to put it. UGH, I totally know...?

    Keep on trucking---and sooner or later we have to get rid of it, or take it with when we go to the great beyond. Grins, Sandi

    1. I do Wish I could embrace Simplicity more readily, it's just not my Nature I suppose... yet incurably Collecting is. *LOL* So I will just have to keep an ongoing de-stashing of the Precious Stuff of Life when it gets to clearly be too much. *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian


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