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The other day online while I was attempting to locate something I accidentally stumbled upon my first Snarking Site.  How Interesting... who knew that the unlovely act of making rude and critical comments about people one doesn't even know has been made into somewhat of a popular 'Sport' online!?!   Google even claims it's quickly becoming one of the most popular Activities in the World!!!  OMG, what a Revelation!!!  What that implies about the condition of the Heart of many and Society in general is rather tragic... since out of the abundance of the Heart the Mouth speaks.  I suppose it all comes down to context and intent though.  I was fascinated by this Subculture World I'd accidentally fallen down the Rabbit Hole of, I had to Explore and lurk about a bit out of pure Curiosity!   Who were these creatures calling themselves Snarkers?!

  Since Blogs are targeted a lot apparently... I couldn't resist... I wanted to see if mine came up anywhere?  {I can be a big Egocentric that way... Smiles}  It did!!!!  *Bwahahaha!!!* That was Hysterical to me actually... that any Snarkers actually took the time to read anything I'd written and tenure a response or dialogue in their World!  I'm so Honored to have had a brief Honorable Mention of a Snarky Critique!  {Insert me taking a Bow! Winks}  And so now Touche' I'll give my own Critique about Snark, how about that?!   It's just too tempting you see, I'm Weird and Wonderful that way {or Bat Shit Crazy... whatever... evil cackle}... I like dealing swiftly and mercilessly with a Passive Aggressive Personality or a complete Asshole, I can't help myself! *Winks* 

 I rise to the Challenge of any Sniping aimed my way, I can make a 'Sport' of that because it Amuses me to go toe to toe with the brash, the Critics and the Unlovely... so lets throw down shall we?!   It'll be FUN!!!!!  *Ha ha ha*  What if Snarkers leave unlovely Comments on the Post you might ask?  Splendid, then they Expose themselves for who they really are and what they're all about and we'll all know who they are... no more Anonymity limited to the Subculture World of Snark.   Well, unless they Cowardly Post an Anonymous Comment and who reads those anyway??!   If you don't have the cajones to own your own opinions and be Proud of what you have to say, we don't Care.   *LMAO*

Rudeness, Unkindness, Disrespect, lack of regard of another's Feelings, Character Assassination, a Critical Spirit... well, it really says volumes more about the Snarker spewing it all, that Toxic Venom,  than it does about whoever they're bashing and putting on blast, doesn't it?  I've always felt that Hurting People have a tendency to Hurt People, it's a vicious cycle often evident in the behavior and chronically Negative sentiments of a Tormented Mind or Tortured Soul's form of expression vented outwards towards others.  If what we're about to say isn't an improvement over Silence, perhaps it's best to refrain and have somewhat of a filter.  Since if you've not been busy building people up and delight in tearing them down instead, what condition are YOU in one should probably ask if they're the least bit introspective?  Sitting behind a Computer blasting folks indiscriminately and being disrespectful and loose with Defamation of Character is probably considered of less consequence and Safer than attempting it in Real Life or to someone's face.  It's risky though since there could be Legal repercussions of intent of harming or slandering another's reputation... just sayin'... we are also a litigious Society nowadays!  Getting hit with one of those Lawsuits could be spendy!

I delved deeper since clearly this is becoming somewhat of a Social Anomaly and Subculture online and I was Curious about what it's mass Appeal is all about?   According to {yes there IS such a site}...

Most snark slingers focus on the topic of fashion or celebrity or both, but there are so many snarking varieties that it's difficult to nominate any one category for the majority.
Snarking is best done with the emphasis on the snide portion of the snark portmanteau.  Often the snarkee, while the target of the snarking, is frequently not the intended recipient. The snarker, aiming for a distinctly separate audience, is best advised to apply liberal doses of humor in the form of snide witticisms in order to evoke the desired response.

Ahhhh, so it's allegedly supposed to be humorous and thus a form of humor and all done in Good Fun, much in the genre of say the intentionally offensive humor of insult comedians like Don Rickles or Denis Leary?  Or a Celebrity Roast?   Which I ain't gonna lie... can be funny at the expense of another... until it's YOU being the target ie snarkee if it's NOT done in the Spirit of Good Fun and is just plain Mean.   But wait, in the above description the snarkee is frequently not the intended recipient... so, it's more like talking smack behind someone's back then?  Probably under the cover of anonymity lest it be revealed you are a Snarky person by Nature and lets face it, a little bit of that would go a long way Socially I would think. Likely causing much avoidance by others since chronic Negativity, habitual Criticism and general Unloveliness aren't Positive personal attributes, are they?

Would I, could I, ever call someone who delights in being hurtful to others and a chronic Character Assassin my 'Friend'?   Nope, don't know about you, but I'd find that to be a definite irritating turn-off myself and I'd be constantly embarrassed for and of them.  Since it makes them look way worse than whoever they're satirically slamming... and maybe they aren't really a horrible person aside from the Snarky unflattering tendencies that reflect poorly upon their overall Character?   Would they be able to resist their Natural Impulse to be Snarky once it became a Habit or a 'Sport' as the Internet likes to describe Snarking?   Hopefully the Activity isn't so all consuming that it defines them I could only hope?  Unless they wear the Label and preference of being Snarky Proudly... and maybe some do... I dunno?  Courage behind a Computer Screen is quite different than Courage in Real Life though, but every behavior has Consequences and there's never a Good Excuse for Bad Behavior. 

 As for Fashion Snarking, I can totally 'Get It'... there are many polarities when it comes to Fashion and Style... and what defines Good Taste or Poor Taste in it.  Critiquing Fashion has been something I've partaken in, but knowing it's merely my own Personal Preference and therefore totally Subjective.  And if a Popular Designer or Stylist gets a Loyal following I can only be happy for their Success, I Celebrate anyone's Success.  Hell, may we ALL be wildly Successful in Life, much better than Failure or seeing someone Fail, huh?!  Whether or not I would personally wear or buy any of it matters not, free will in Fashion is my Mantra, to each his own... and mine borders on Eccentric Style so I know My Style is clearly not everyone's taste to put it mildly!  I'd very likely have a bulls eye on my back for Fashion Snarking for sure!   But as my Dear Ole' Mom always said, better to be looked over than overlooked!!!  *Bwahahaha!*   But Success in the Fashion Industry means folks are diggin' it even if I don't share that Aesthetic. But it's a fickle Industry and as Project Runway says, one day you're IN and the next you're OUT.  Having lived thru so many Trends in Styles I can look back and get hysterical about what we used to think was Fashionable during certain Eras!  *LOL*  And others are Timeless and have stood the Test of Time as Classic Style.

I thought about it all, this business of Snarking... because the online Activities Modern Society partakes in is ever expanding and not all of it is Positive.  I have Children, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren who will probably utilize it as a forum much more often than my Generation ever will.   What they become involved in regularly online will have an impact upon their Character development, their Reputation, their Loves, their Lives and their interactions with others in Real Life.   Because something Negative CAN be Amusing or outright Funny could appear to Justify the Behavior even if it's Mean, Cruel, Risky or Rude.  But lets face it, Behaviors Tolerated are Behaviors Accepted and we have to Guard ourselves in what we find to be Acceptable?  It's a slippery slope sometimes and can go far over the line or moral compass.  That's assuming one has a line they wouldn't cross or a moral compass of coarse?  And assuming you don't believe Bad Karma comes right back at ya?!

Did I find some of the Snarky humor to be Funny?  In some cases, Yes, absolutely, some could even be hysterical if the individual is inclined to write truly witty satire in the form of Snarking and the intent behind it wasn't obviously from a Dark place of displaced Hate, Anger or Self-Righteousness, which is never Pretty and may even need some Professional Counseling to work through!?!  Celebrity Roasts and Offensive Humor have been appreciated and popular forms of entertainment for a long time in fact.  It can even be quite Enjoyable if the recipient is able to laugh along and it's done in Good Fun... and not as a means to be just plain Mean and uncomfortably offensive or bullying towards whoever it's aimed at?!?  When nobody is laughing it ain't funny... when only equally Troubled Souls are laughing at something it's just Sad and rather alarming.

 And therein lies how insidious it could be for almost anyone to begin partaking of... so I could see why it's Popularity is likely increasing.   People like to laugh and to bond, it's Human Nature at it's best... well... unless what you're laughing AT and who you're bonding with could be questionable?   Some of the wittiest Snarkers might not be the Loveliest People in Real Life... people that most others might want to associate with, but online, they might have found their Niche for Acceptance and Inclusion, I dunno?  Maybe in Real Life they might struggle with feeling like nobody, a misfit and invisible, but in the World of Snark they're suddenly somebody, fit in and what they have to say matters in that particular forum?  Even Negative Attention for some can be better than no Attention at all.  If slinging insults at others is the only way to feel Good about yourself and justify your stance on topics as being somehow Superior, I guess it could Work for you and have that all important Pay-Off for doing it?  What people chose to do always has a Pay-Off, otherwise they wouldn't do it.

Maybe like Birds of a Feather they flock together in Real Life... gaggles of Snarks?   It's Harmless after all... or is it?  I think anyone who is different would be a likely target and Snarking Paradise... so are there Snarking sites specifically to assault segments of Society most vulnerable or at risk, I'm just Curious?  Is it more Acceptable to Snark some groups than others I Wonder, without backlash?   And therein, another potentially insidious slide... much like anti-semitism, racism, bigotry, bias against certain groups and other forms of discrimination and Hatred that became widely Acceptable, or perhaps still is in some circles, not because it was or is Right or 'Funny', but because it was Tolerated at certain times of our Human History and in some Groups with similar outlooks.  If Hate is being spewed thinly disguised as Humor, that's not good.

I would say you have to Guard against what Bandwagons you want to jump on... just in case where it's going isn't a good place.   I discussed Snarking with my Grandchildren because it was all new to me and since they have their fingers on the pulse of what's Trending and Popular, I wanted their Opinions.   I was rather relieved that the G-Kid Force viewed it as the entertainment form of those they knew who were labeled the Mean Kids or Bullies.  Those that generally try to build themselves up by cutting others down or being hurtful on Purpose to Show-Off or Showboat for Attention.  Maybe they don't get enough at Home, maybe they're being raised by Mean people, learning what they live, who knows? 

 They weren't interested in joining that Tribe, I'm relieved... mostly because clearly the condition of their own Hearts is more Sensitive towards others.   Yes, ALL of us has our Dark Side, every one... you just have to monitor that it's not becoming the dominant Personality at the expense of that side of you that is everything Wonderful and Appealing.   And that you're not leaving a mountain of collateral damage in your wake as you move through Life.  Or Mean Spirited things you said or wrote in haste hanging out there indefinitely in Cyberspace, things that will be regrettable if there is Negative backlash that will come back to bite you in the ass or Haunt you.  And at the end of the day, was it NECESSARY?  So I'm just weighing in on this new Trend of online Snarking... as a Dinosaur of a bygone Era where it didn't previously exist of coarse. *Winks*

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Coming to you from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. No morality anymore it seems. People can say whatever they want online without repercussions. Pitiful future I'm afraid.

    1. I would be in Agreement with that Donna... when basic Civility, Manners, Compassion, Consideration, Sensitivity, Respect, a Moral Compass and treating others how you would expect to be treated all fall by the wayside it reveals how much displaced Anger and a Tortured Soul remain in the shell of that individual... quite tragic actually... but I do believe there are repercussions to living Life with an unlovely way of Being. Karma is indeed a bitch when it comes to reaping what one sows... Thanks for weighing in my Friend... Dawn... The Bohemian


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