Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pumpkinfest 2016

I know that the Kiddos will likely want to go pick their Pumpkins out of a Patch at some Festival or Farm and get the generic Traditional Orange Garden Style Variety of Pumpkin that is easy to carve and make into Jack-O-Lanterns.   But I'm always drawn to the Funky Heirloom Varieties at the Specialty Grocery Stores and in recent years the price has been so reasonable we'll probably do both just so we all get what we want!  I liked the Variety in the foreground with the Orange and Green mottled skin.

My dilemma of coarse is always which Heirloom Variety to choose?  The selection is so vast, so Interesting and visually Appealing that I end up wanting a few... maybe some of each!?  Each has their particular merits and all are pretty to me... though we learned from experience that they don't make very good Jack-O-Lanterns, they do last well into Spring as Decor, even in the heat of the Desert.  The Grey-Green ones would be great to Decorate with if you have a Francophile leaning and a French Country Style Home. 

I had one once that lasted clear into August, I thought maybe it had petrified?  *LOL*  We've never had any rot too early so long as you don't carve into them. We've often cut open and used the meat for recipes and roasted the Seeds, one year I even got ambitious and grew some in the Victory Garden from the Seeds of the Season before.  But it really is just easier and cheaper to just buy them, tho' the Vines really are lovely... as are the flowers, even if you don't have a bountiful Harvest of Pumpkins from your efforts.

I always look around early to see which Stores will have the best Variety selection and prices, this year it would have to be 'Sprouts'.   Last year oddly enough it was 'Home Depot', you just never know, so I begin Scouting early, though The Man has me hold off on buying too prematurely.  I would have bought some this day, the seas of Pumpkins of all Varieties, shapes and sizes was impressive and not yet picked over!

We always have a fondness for the warty ones... and this Ghostly shade of Salmon Pink is rather Lovely, so one like this would definitely be a contender if we had been choosing this day.   They were selling them by individual price and not by the Variety or by the pound so you could go big and Funky without breaking the Bank.

The flat Ghostly White ones are Cool and go with just about any Decor, so I usually end up with at least one Colorless Palette Variety every Season, though their Stems are usually too tiny to save for the Creation of Velvet Pumpkins with real Stems later on.   I'm a Stem Saver and have a Hoard of dried Pumpkin Steps for when I do get around to Creating my Fabric Pumpkins.

This year some of the Funky Gourd Varieties were different and Interesting, The Man liked these tall Green with White mottled skin ones.   I used to dry Gourds and make Art out of them back in da day... they are easy to grow and come in as many Interesting Varieties as Pumpkins.

But this day I resisted the temptation to buy early... though I may regret that if they have a run on them... which has happened in the Past.   And typically we will end up with some Traditional ones the Kiddos choose from a Pumpkin Patch somewhere and will carve into their Jack-O-Lanterns.  I'm Hopeful that again this year we will attend the Master Pumpkin Carvers Exhibits who will work their Magic and put on Shows across the Valley?

I mean Seriously, who can Forget such Pumpkin Mastery as this that we beheld last October at the Ray Villafane Exhibit in Carefree's Enchanted Pumpkin Garden?!?   They will be Hosting it again this year October 17-31 with Live appearances by Ray and other Master Carvers and this year they will be Creating Scarecrows for the first time, and have Autumn Foods available, I can hardly wait!!!

While out and about photographing Pumpkins we parked next to this Beauty... I Wonder if Coca-Cola was the Sponsor?  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Every year I say I am going to grow pumpkins and every year it does not happen. Next year for sure. I have a co-worker who has some land and she said I could come out and plant some. It is really hard to decide what variety's to plant. I am partial to the one called Fairytale pumpkin.

    1. They were not too hard to grow but I'd never done it before and our climate is harsh so perhaps that's why I got a light Harvest? Good luck next year and may you have a bountiful Harvest of them... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. These are amazing. I think now I might switch from traditional orange to something more interesting.

    1. I know... the possibilities are endless and so imaginative! Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. It would be hard to pick for sure! So you're out and about now?

    1. Only when I absolutely have to be... don't have my follow-up post surgical appt. til Oct 3rd so still taking it easy... Dawn... The Bohemian


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