Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fast Forward To Everything Fall

I have already fast forward to everything Fall since Autumn is my absolute Favorite Season for Decorating.   Actually, many Autumn Vibe Elements actually remain all year round at our house because that Warm Earthy Palette just Appeals to me and Creates a Comforting Environment to Nest in throughout the year.

I used to be really big into Seasonal Decor and have had to scale back in recent years out of necessity and found that Curated Seasonal Decorating could be just as Satisfying.   The Ambiance of the Season is still evident even if you don't go all out anymore in the Seasonal Stuff and instead Appeal to all the Senses in a more subtle restrained fashion.

Me... restrained and subtle?  I know, it's a stretch... but I'm managing it and my preferences are becoming more refined... who knew?   I used to never seem to know when to stop, and often didn't... or even try to.   Now I'm getting better at stopping before too much is just, well... TOO MUCH!  I've still got my Muchness Mojo mind you, but I've reigned it in considerably in recent years.

It has helped that I've gotten rid of MUCH in recent years as well... and not really replaced it with more of too much.   But some Favorites do abide... I know that Toll Painting fell out of Favor in the Eighties, but I still Love the Whimsical Style for Faux Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern Faces.  So I held onto my Cherished 1980's Harvest Whimsy Jack-O-Lanterns and they still have Pride of place during this Season in our Home.

This one used to have a Gherkin Pickle looking Witches Nose which fell off and got lost years ago so I had to paint a replacement nose on that matched the original Artist's rendering.   I remember thinking I should have taken a Toll Painting Class so I could have Created some of my own Jack-O-Lantern Faux Pumpkin Whimsy, but I never did get around to it.

And now nobody does it much anymore so I can't just go out and buy some to add to this Whimsical Collection I've Cherished since my own Adult Children were little ones.   I bought them at 'Michaels' Craft Store when Toll was at it's height of Popularity and all the rage.  They were Display pieces to show what could be done with the Faux Pumpkins and I was so Jazzed when after the Season they were Selling Off their Displays.  I only Wish now I'd bought them all and not just four.

Don't you sometimes have those regrets too, when you waffled on something you absolutely Loved because you Cheaped Out at the time?  That's what I did regarding the Tole Painted Display Pumpkin Clearance.  They were still a bit spendy and so I Cheaped Out from Investing more in something I've now Enjoyed for decades with my Family.   These have not only paid for themselves, but if I ever did Sell them {doubtful} I'd certainly get more than I paid around three decades ago. 

They are lightweight enough I could Display them this year on that unfortunate Sofa Table whose top glass broke in transport over here.   The Son will eventually do measurements to replace the top glass that goes over the Antique Leaded Glass Window... with a safety glass for protection and added support for any future Vignettes that are heavier.

You have no idea how Crazy it's made me to leave that Sofa Table barren of a Vignette in that Entry Hallway!  *LOL*   My restraint and ability to be subtle isn't at that level yet of leaving anything devoid of being Decorated!  *Ha ha ha*  I just don't know how Minimalists do it... leaving completely empty Space?!?   I've tried doing it for this past first year we've been here at New Villa Boheme' to see how it Feels... and it just makes me Feel like I'm still Moving In!  *Winks*

So it's taking the Edge off for me now to have a little Autumn Vignette on said Entryway Table now.  *Whew!*   The only thing that would make me Feel even better is when I finally get around to Styling and Decorating that Inner Courtyard I Love so much.   But it needs a shade covering badly and we're still contemplating what Style of Shade Structure we want to build out there?  Some leave theirs open to the Sky, but it's too freakin' Hot and everything fries if you want Lush plantings in it... which I do... very Lush... Zen Tropical Lush in fact!

Not to mention we don't want to fry out there when we're Enjoying said Courtyard year round.  Right now we never use it and that grieves me since I absolutely Love a Courtyard and always wanted a Home with one.  I Fantasized about using it a LOT... however that Fantasy remains unfulfilled at this moment in time.  And when you finally get something you always wanted and can't or don't yet use it, it's bothersome as Hell!!!  Especially when you have a Gorgeous View of it, that should be Scenic, from three different parts of the house that have double entry doors leading into it!!!  *Le Sigh*  All in due time...

In the meantime I did busy myself with finding some inexpensive Seasonal Decor from 'Target's' new Line of Dia de los Muertos Inventory.  I've been wanting Dia de los Muertos Tea Light Votive Holders since we Enjoy putting Luminarias out during the Holiday Season. The paper bags with Sand are just messy, especially if it rains.  I just Loved the Styling of the ones from 'Target' and for only five bucks each I got an assortment of Colors.  BTW: For very inexpensive Dia de los Muertos Tea Light Luminaria Votive Holders the 99 Cent Store also had some but only in two colors and plainer.  Note: They all Sell Out quick at both Stores so I suggest you buy yours early.

These are very pretty and in dual-tone vivid Festive colors, so I got one of each color they had left.   I liked the scalloped rims and the very ornate cut-outs.  I am a Tea Light burning Fanatic so Tea Light Votive Holders are a staple in our Home!  I always buy the scented Tea Light Candles and for Autumn they have some of my Favorite fragrances that will scent our Home with delightful Autumn inspired aromas over the Holidays.

I can usually get about 2-3 hours out of each Tea Light, which is quite a bargain and especially if you buy them in bulk.  Tonight's scent is a Hazelnut Cream fragrance which came in a 30-pac for only a dollar!  I'm still seeking more of my Favorite Seasonal Fragrance put out by 'Yankee Candle' for Autumn delightfully called Purr-Chouli and with a Black Halloween Cat on the label.  Of coarse a lovely good quality Patchouli Fragrance is one of the preferred by Old Hippie's such as myself... or Nag Champa, my Signature Fragrance.  Yes, our Home often smells like you're entering an Ashram.  *Winks*

And now this is the first view that Greets you as you walk thru our front door... Welcome... come on it my Friends, we've been expecting you!   Autumn is such a Cozy Month and it always makes me Feel more like Entertaining as we prepare for the kick-off of the Holiday Seasons to begin.  I've been Nesting more lately... which I certainly needed to start Feeling more motivated to begin Styling, Organizing and unpacking again once it began Cooling off after the long, extremely Hot Summer months.   I had stalled out over the Summer, it was just too Hot and sapped my strength and quenched my ambition to do very much of anything really.   Yes, my Styling Mojo was extinguished... smothered... doused and snuffed out... so I need to fan the smoldering embers into flames again!

I had a Serendipity Moment at our Antique Mall on my Tuesday Night Shift.  I came in and was talking to my Friend Ken about my Fav Style of Butterscotch Striped Vintage Suitcases I Collect... and that some of the larger ones are even made into Tables... but as of yet I hadn't found one with those dimensions to add to my Collection.   Well, one of the Dealers JUST brought one that sounds exactly like that in less than an Hour ago he says!  I couldn't get to that Booth fast enough... but alas, budget being like it currently is, would the Dealer Negotiate with me I Wondered since he just brought it in, making it more affordable and within my paltry Budget?  He already had it at a good price after all... but if you don't ask... well... 

Well, Bless his Heart he did accept my modest Offer... and I Enjoyed hearing the provenance and back story of the piece which he'd just brought back three weeks ago from a Trip back Home to New Jersey.  He'd picked up several Vintage Suitcases during that trip and decided to make this one into a Table with rolling wheels since the dimension was Ideal for that Project.  I told him how I had JUST talked with Ken about this EXACT thing as I'd come in for my Shift that Night... talk about the Laws Of Attraction whipping into hyper drive!  It couldn't have been any faster, Perfect or coincidental, huh?!?  WOW, gave me Goosebumps in fact!!!

For it's Age this is in pristine condition as well... plus it has an interior Shelf which lifts up and out with more Storage underneath... along with two zippered Pouches in the lid portion.   Add the easy of moving it around now with the wheels he'd installed, along with raising it up to Table height... it's perfect for Blankets and Bed Linen Storage!  I have never seen one quite this large before... though I do have some oversize ones in my Collection, this is the Big Kahuna of them all... the Mac Daddy of Butterscotch Striped Vintage Suitcases!  *Winks*

I do Hope you have Enjoyed coming over and falling down our Rabbit Hole for the fast forward to everything Fall here at Villa Boheme'?   Update on the Surgery Transport thing... The Son is trying to get permission to come in to Work late that Morning so he can get me Home after Surgery, get any scripts filled for me and just Work later that day to make up his lost hours.  It would have just been a lot to ask of any Family or Friends to take an unpaid day off Work or use a precious Vacation day just to give me a ride Home.   I just Hate to ever put anyone on the spot... so I'm Glad it may work out well after all and not be a huge imposition to anybody.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So glad the ride seems to be worked out! How fortunate for you that the suitcase arrived just when you mentioned wanting one! You needed that piece of good fortune!

    1. Indeed it was a boost to the Spirit to balance out the slew of bad news we've been enduring lately. Autumn is my Fav Season and I always feel so inspired once it cools off to do more of what needs to be done and has languished over the long hot Summer. Dawn... The Bohemian

    2. Indeed it was a boost to the Spirit to balance out the slew of bad news we've been enduring lately. Autumn is my Fav Season and I always feel so inspired once it cools off to do more of what needs to be done and has languished over the long hot Summer. Dawn... The Bohemian


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